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Will Unemployment Pay For Truck Driving School

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Company Grants Or Loans

I Should DO WHAT To Pay For CDL School Training?

Another option, if you are currently employed, may be loans or grants made available through your company. Some of the larger companies offer their employees incentives to get training or education, and truck driving courses fall under some of these approved programs. Contact your Human Resources Department and ask them if they offer funding for truck driver training.

Georgia Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Act

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is a federally funded program. WIOA provides access to join training for dislocated workers, low-income individuals & out-of-school youth. The funds are administered specifically through services geared toward helping disadvantaged citizens obtain meaningful employment, such as truck driving.

To Apply For Ctb Through Single Credential Training For Teachers Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Meet Single Credential Training for Teachers eligibility.

You must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Attend a program to earn a single-subject teaching credential in math, science, or special education for grades kindergarten-12.
  • Have a permanent layoff from a permanent or probationary teaching position with a public school employer within three years of the start date of the credentialing program. Note: A permanent layoff means you received a notice specifically stating that your services are no longer required.

Journey level union members who participate in industry-related school or training programs may be eligible for CTB. The training must be sponsored and funded by one of the following:

  • Union trade association through a Joint Apprenticeship Committee or Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee .
  • Non-union trade association through a JAC or JATC.

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How To Pay For Truck Driving School

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Heres the dilemma

Picking a good truck driving school sets you up for a great career and your pick of the best truck driving jobs.

But a good, accredited school isnt cheap. Our AZ license course is over $8500. So you think, Ill just go to this cheap trucking school, pay $1500, get my license and learn on the job.

In the trucking world, you really do get what you pay for. And in this case, its just barely enough to get a license. Many graduates of these schools cant even pass the test given to them by a potential employer.

They cant back up or perform the proper pre-trip inspections, and before you can say Git-R-Done theyre heading home without a job.

On the flip side, we find many students getting jobs within a couple of weeks of graduation. Some even get hired while still in the course.

Once you realize how important the quality of a truck driving school is, the question becomes

How do you pay for it?

If you feel like you just cant afford to pay for an accredited, quality truck driving school, keep reading.

We hope to help you answer that question by giving you the top 10 ways our past students have funded their truck driver training.

How To Inform The Unemployment Insurance Program That You Are In School

Local driving school says low unemployment contributes to ...

If you are registered or attending school at the time you apply for unemployment benefits, answer “Yes” to the question in the, “Are you attending school now?”

If you register for school after you applied for unemployment benefits, the next time you request your weekly benefits answer “No” to the question, “Were you able, available and actively seeking full time work?”

You will be provided a questionnaire or talk to a representative so you can inform the unemployment office about your schooling. If it is determined to be full-time reemployment assistance training, you will be informed that you do not have to seek work. Each week when you request benefits, you will be asked, “Did you make satisfactory progress in training?” instead of the questions about seeking work and being available for work.

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To Apply For Ctb Under Wioa Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Complete a WIOA Assessment.

To meet the eligibility requirements for CTB under WIOA funding, visit the nearest Americaâs Job Center of CaliforniaSM to receive an assessment of your training needs. Once your assessment is complete, your career planner will work with you to determine your best training or re-employment option.

Step 2: Report school or training.

Your training representative must fax and submit a Training Enrollment Verification form to the EDD when you begin attending WIOA funded or sponsored training.

You must also report school or training to the EDD the same week you begin attending. For more information, visit How to Report School or Training.

Step 3: Process the Training Enrollment Verification form.

We process the Training Enrollment Verification form within a few business days. If we need more information, we will send you a Notification of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Eligibility Interview to schedule a phone interview.

Important: Provide all necessary information to help us determine your CTB eligibility.

Step 4: Receive a notification of your CTB eligibility.

Your CTB eligibility is based on the information you provide on the Training Enrollment Verification , or during the eligibility interview. You will receive a Notice of Determination/Ruling that contains your CTB eligibility, rights and responsibilities, and appeal rights.

Ways To Pay For Cdl Training

One of the big stumbling blocks for becoming a truck driving is deciding how to pay for CDL training.

First the bad news.

In some instances the cost of CDL training can be prohibitively expensive.

But the good news is theres more than just a few ways to not only pay for truck driver training. But in some cases, you can get the whole deal paid for!

There are plenty of options that dont require taking on exorbitant debt or a big outlay of cash.

Here were talking about:

  • Federal and state CDL grants
  • Personal loans
  • Company sponsored CDL training with pay

Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for every program.

But researching every option before making a decision, is a great way to evaluate which is best for your particular situation.

Thankfully, were here to help you find the best deal possible.

Lets jump in.

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How Much Does Cdl Training Cost

The cost of CDL training can range from $3,000 to $10,000, and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. You should focus on the value of the training delivered rather than the money amount. Do your research to ensure that every penny counts, and go through the following aspects of a CDL training course:

How fast did they get a job?


What was their starting salary?

How long did they work for the company?

How many people launched their own trucking company and how long did it last?

  • Services for job searching include: Although not every CDL training school provides job placement aid, it is definitely worth the extra money to have a skilled, experienced trucking expert lead you through the employment process.

How Do I Get A Grant For Truck Driving School

Paid CDL Training – How to get a truck driving job (Expired Version)

Before you apply for a grant for truck driving school, you need to find a truck driving program to attend. There are many CDL training programs to choose from, so you shouldnt have trouble finding a CDL truck driving school near your home. Once youve found a school youd like to attend, you can start applying for grants.

If youre eligible for a grant for CDL school, it can save you thousands of dollars on your educational expenses while you prepare for a career in the trucking industry.

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Borrowing Back Accelerated Mortgage Payments

If you own a home and have ever taken advantage of the feature that allows you to make lump-sum payments to help pay down the mortgage faster, you may be able to borrow back some of that lump-sum money.

According to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

If you have made prepayments, your lender may allow you to re-borrow the amount you have prepaid on your mortgage. These newly borrowed funds will be added to the balance of your mortgage principal. The interest rate may be different from the rest of your mortgage for the remaining term.

Aid For Military Veterans

There are truck driver programs that specialize in truck driving for military veterans. Some companies even offer low-cost tuition just for veterans. Your military benefits may cover the cost of CDL training. The Montgomery G.I. Bill, for example, can help cover the cost of truck driving school.

Read the Guide To The GI Bill: What It’s Used For & How To Apply

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The Toll Unemployment Takes

Its not just a financial hit. For the unemployed, the toll also comes in the form of emotional distress, stress-induced health problems and the increasing difficulty of getting a new job the longer the unemployment period drags on.

Ive seen people transform after graduating from EZ Wheels, says the recruitment liaison, its incredible to see the look on their faces when Ive told these guys Ive got a job waiting for them. Its like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

No one who can drive, confirms Clive, ever has to be unemployed. Im your proof.

The Ez Way Out Of Unemployment And Into Work

How to Get the Best Paid CDL Training and Earn $3,500 ...

Man, I really thought Id never make more than minimum wage, says Clive Carter, a 35-year old New Jersey native who worked at a fabric store until the family-owned business where hed worked since high school shut its doors.

I did whatever needed to be donemop floors, make deliveries, unload boxes, Clive remembers, but when the store closed, I couldnt find anything but part-time minimum wage jobs and no benefits.

He ended up at EZ Wheels Driving School when a One-Stop Career Center counselor told Clive how much money he could make as a commercial truck or bus driver.

My eyes lit up, Clive chuckles, I never thought I could ever make that much money in a yearat least not without three jobs!

Still unsure about how hard it would be to get a commercial driver license, the unemployed Clive decided to stop by the Passaic office of EZ Wheels Driving School and liked what he saw:

They were all so friendly and explained how I could study at my pace, and that the instructors would work with me one on one when it was time for me to practice driving, says Clive, so I figured, with Workforce paying for it, this is my best chance to move up in my life.

Today, Clive is a proud holder of a Class B Commercial Driver License and a full-time Charter Bus Driver for a private company, making close to $50,000 a year.

Smiling, the New Jersey native figures losing his job and finding EZ Wheels Driving School mustve been my blessing in disguise.

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Military Grants And Financial Assistance

Many trucking companies, schools and financial institutions offer grants and assistance to ex-servicemen and women.

Though finding suitable programs, establishing eligibility and navigating the application process arent easy, for those who do, the rewards can be well worth it.

To get up to speed quickly, check out Job and Training Resources for Veterans.

Its not so well-known, but those who operated commercial vehicles while in the service may be able take advantage of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Military Skills Test Waiver Program, which allows some applicants to forego a number of the requirements for obtaining a CDL.

You can download an application here.

Truck Training Programs And Costs

Truck driver training programs are invaluable to getting you the experience driving heavy vehicles. Programs prices will vary, but Valley Driving School offers a Class 3 standard transmission program at a reasonable price . A full Class 1 training program can cost a bit more but all of the Class 3 and Class 1 programs do have interest-free payment plans available through our school. Payment plans can be arranged around your training schedule, and can be paid throughout the term of your training period. We offer flexible, individualized options for each one of our students to ensure that the financial toll is not too hard on them!If you’re looking for some more options for paying for a training program, you can also find outside sponsors that provide funding.

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Workforce Innovation And Opportunity Grant

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act a replacement for the Workforce Investment Act earmarks training grants for job seekers who are unemployed, facing layoffs or in need of in-demand skills like truck driving. You can apply for a WIOA grant for CDL training by contacting your local American Job Center to initiate the grant application process. A program manager will assess your skills and identify truck driving schools in your area that are approved for federal WIOA funding.

Workforce training funding for CDL schools gives priority consideration to low-income applicants and veterans. Another source of federal funding, mentioned by Career School Now, is the GI bill available to military personnel on active duty, Selected Reserves or the National Armed Forces, provided the truck training school is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

How Much Does It Cost For Truck Driving School

#1 Job No Degree – Paid Training | Prime inc | School for CDL | Truck Driver College

CDL training costs dont run cheap. The average truck driver training program will run anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 on average. Just because a school is more expensive doesnt necessarily make it better, and just because a school is less expensive doesnt make it less qualified. What matters most when determining which school to attend is how long the training program is and whether the school is accredited. Extremely short programs wont give you the experience or education you need to get a good job after you complete your truck driver training program.

Before choosing a school, consider the following:

  • School reputation
  • Financial aid options
  • Classwork intensity

Your program shouldnt just breeze you through with the goal of getting you in and out of your CDL training as quickly as possible. Truck driver training is an investment, and you want to make sure youre getting as much out of your education as possible.

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Financial Aid For Truck Driver Training

In this Article

Ways to get financial aid assistance for truck driving school include the Workforce Investment Act, student loans, scholarships, tuition reimbursement, and company-paid training. Military veterans also have their own options to consider.

Even though CDL training programs are relatively short, only lasting a few weeks to a few months, the total cost of CDL training can be more than most people have on hand. Read on to learn about some of the financial aid options that may be available to you.

Eligible Training Types For California Training Benefits

If you are eligible, California Training Benefits allows you to receive Unemployment Insurance benefits while you attend school or training. On this page, youâll find:

  • A complete list of training types for each category.
  • Eligibility requirements for each program.
  • Instructions on how to report school or training to the EDD.
  • Information on how to apply for CTB.

If approved for CTB, you will be exempt from the requirements to be available for work, to actively seek work, and to accept work, while attending school or training. It is important that you continue to certify for UI benefits while you attend school or training.

If you are not eligible for CTB, you may continue to receive UI benefits while attending school as long as you meet all other UI eligibility criteria. You must be able to work, available for work, actively seek work, and accept work each week you certify for benefits.

Note: The EDD does not pay for any educational or training-related expenses such as tuition, fees, books, supplies, or transportation. However, there are state, federal, and employer assistance programs that may fund your school or training. Self-arranged training may require that you pay your own expenses.

For more information, visit Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

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Adult And Dislocated Worker Program

As part of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the Adult and Dislocated Worker Program provides employment and job training assistance to eligible workers, and help employers find skilled employees like truck drivers.

In order to qualify for the program, applicants must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A dislocated worker
  • Applicants from low income families
  • Residents of particular geographic areas
  • Members of trade associations and their family members
  • Women

Scholarships may cover lodging, meals, and all or some portion of truck driver training tuition, so read the fine print carefully and know the repayment terms in case you dont complete the course.

The Women in Trucking Foundation accepts scholarship applications twice per year, and is a good resource for women looking to get into the industry.

Likewise, Swift Transportation offers CDL training to veterans and first responders that may significantly reduce tuition costs.

North Carolina Unemployment Job Training

What You Need to Know About Paid CDL Training

The Division of Workforce Solutions NC JobConnector, the official state Labor Exchange system. Whether you are an employer seeking to post and fill openings or a job seeker looking for suitable employment, you can take advantage of online job search, posting and referral services.

NC JobConnector is an automated system that matches job orders and job seekers based on job order requirements and job seekers experience.

Using NC JobConnector you can preview thousands of job openings throughout North Carolina. The unique auto matching feature cross references your experience, education and other qualifications helping to ensure you meet the employers basic qualifications.

NC State Employees Career Transition Center

The Division of Workforce Development and the Division of Employment Security within the Department of Commerce and the Office of State Personnel have partnered to set up the State Employees Career Transition Center. Staffed by a dedicated transition team, a comprehensive variety of services including job search, resume writing, internet and computer access, interviewing skills and more is available at the Career Transition Center.

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