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Verify My Identity For Unemployment

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Verifying Your Identity for Unemployment Benefits | ID.me

Updated by Aaron Hotfelder, J.D., University of Missouri School of Law

If you have recently lost your job, you are probably anxious to start collecting unemployment benefits. Unemployment is available to those who are temporarily out of work, through no fault of their own. To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must file a claim with your state unemployment agency. The agency will then review your application, perhaps interview you , and make an eligibility determination. If the agency finds that youre eligible for benefits, it will calculate your benefit amount and begin paying your benefits.

This article explains how the process generally works. However, each state follows its own procedures for handling unemployment claims. To find out how long you should expect to wait to start receiving benefits, contact your states unemployment agency.

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California Employment Development Department

  • Sign in with your existing Benefits Program Online account or register for a new one.
  • Select the UI Online button.
  • Answer questions regarding your eligibility and when prompted, click Verify with ID.me.
  • Done! Your ID.me and California EDD profile are now connected. You can proceed with the application process.
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    What Is A Trusted Referee Video Call

    If your self-service identity verification attempt was unsuccessful, you can verify your identity on a recorded video call with a Trusted Referee instead. This process consists of a short video call with a trained ID.me employee where you present acceptable documentation to verify your identity.

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    Do It Right The First Time

    Many people sent in their documents and then after waiting for a few weeks found out that there was something wrong. Keeping to the 5 points below should avoid much frustration:

    • Take photos of the front and back of your ID. This applies to all documents, including birth certificates. A number of people sent just the front of the birth certificate and were told they need to send the back too. Now, this does not seem logical, as the back of the birth certificates donât usually have any person-specific information . However, better be paid than be logical ðIf you are sending in your passport, make sure the picture includes both the page with your information as well as the signature page.
    • All ID that has a signature line needs to be signed Check your Passport and Social Security card
    • Signatures need to be visible in the photos
    • No expired documents
    • If you changed your name when you got married, and have different last names on your work or ID, you should send the marriage license as one of your ID documents in order to prove the authenticity of both last names.

    How Do I Verify My Identity For The Georgia Department Of Labor

    California Unemployment Identity Verification Fax Number

    Claimants are directed to verify their identity when it is a requirement to use an online service. Once you have navigated to the ID.me verification website, click the green Verify with ID.me button to start the identity verification process. Please continue to follow the instructions until you have verified your identity. Make sure you use an accessible email for ID.me and the GDOL to ensure you receive important information. Claimants under the age of 18 cannot verify their identity through ID.me and will receive an email with alternate directions for verifying.

    Tips and best practices for selecting and uploading acceptable identity documents can be found in the ID.me article Troubleshooting Identity Verification.

    For more information on how to create your ID.me account and verify your identity, watch these ID.me YouTube videos:

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    Requirements For Identity Verification

  • Your State-Issued ID. You can upload a photo of your ID by phone or by computer. Dont have a state issued ID?
  • A phone or computer with a camera to take a photo of yourself
  • Social Security number
  • Your phone number
  • If we cant verify your phone number, you can verify by mail instead which takes approximately 3-5 days.
  • If you are missing any of this information, please contact the government agency you are trying to access.

    How To Use Idme

    TWC uses ID.me to verify the identity of a person who filed a claim for unemployment benefits. If you did not file the unemployment claim, you must not use ID.me because that will verify the fraudulent claim.

    TWC partnered with ID.me, an identity verification service, to verify claimant information and prevent unemployment benefits ID theft. The process is fast, easy, and secure.

    Most claimants can verify their identity using the ID.me self-service webpage. You will need to use a smart phone and submit photos of your:

  • An unexpired government-issued ID .
  • Financial and utility records .
  • Biometric verification .
  • You might not be able to have your identity verified using the self-service webpage if:

    • The photos of your government-issued ID or your personal photo are blurry or shadowed.
    • If you have credit issues, such as no credit or frozen credit or your credit information is incorrect.
    • Or if the phone number you submit is not associated with your name.

    If you cannot use the self-service option, you may be able to verify your identity during a video conference call with ID.me. To verify your identity using a video call, you will need:

  • Two primary forms of valid, unexpired IDs.
  • A smart phone or tablet to take pictures.
  • A device that will allow you to join a video call, such as a computer with a webcam and microphone or a phone with a camera.
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    The Irs Sends You A Notice That Your Identity May Have Been Stolen

    If the IRS notices any discrepancies in your tax return, they may send you one of the following three forms:

    • CP01E – Employment Related Identity Theft. You will receive the CP01E form if the IRS believes that someone has used your SSN to obtain employment.
    • CP2000 – Request for Verification of Unreported Income, Payments, or Credits. The IRS will send the CP2000 noticeif your tax return doesnât match the information they received from employers and financial institutions.
    • CP2057 – Check Your Records to Confirm the Income you Received. The CP2057 notice is sent when the IRS receives information that you havenât reported on your tax return.

    You may also receive a notice that an online account has been created in your name or that your account has been accessed or disabled without your permission.

    All of these forms are signs of employment-related identity theft, but the CP01E is the most critical as it means that your SSN is under investigation by the IRS. If you receive any of these forms, contact the IRS to receive further information about what to do next.

    Identity Verification For Unemployment Claims

    ID.me: Colorado unemployment verification system doesn’t work for everyone

    The Louisiana Workforce Commission is partnering with federally certified identity verification provider ID.me to streamline the identity verification process on new unemployment claims.

    Individuals filing new unemployment claims on LWCs HiRE website are briefly redirected to ID.mes website to create an ID.me account to verify their identity before being allowed to proceed with the claim registration. Users should save the recovery code provided in case they do not complete the verification the first time or need to change devices to complete the process.

    The automated ID verification process takes about five minutes to complete for about 85 percent of users. For the others, ID.me offers video chats with trained representatives who assist with the ID verification.

      Common reasons for self-service failure include:

    • ID document photo may be blurry or shadowed, or otherwise unreadable.
    • Data sources – like credit bureaus – may have incorrect, insubstantial or outdated information. Common reasons include thin credit files, individuals with name changes and individuals without a permanent address.
    • Phone number may not be associated with their name.

    Individuals who use the ID.me verification when filing their new unemployment claim will have their identity verified much faster, eliminating extra steps in the claim review process. Identity verification for COVID-related unemployment claims is a requirement, per federal regulations.

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    Nurse Waiting Six Months For Uia To Verify Her Identity

    MUSKEGON, Mich. A nurse who was laid off during the pandemic is still fighting with Michigans Unemployment Insurance agency trying to verify her identity.

    Shes waited six months so far and still no answers, despite sending her ID documents in several times to the agency.


    Why dont you believe who I am, LaDonna Yandell said with a chuckle. Thats probably my biggest question: What else can I do to prove I am who I say I am?

    Yandell is a pastors wife who cannot seem to get a response from the UIA.

    I do not have a familiar name, and if you Google my identity, theres not another LaDonna Yandell in the United States that Im aware of, she said.

    Shes sent in her identity documents several times but still no movement on the claim and no money.

    Its like how what are they doing to try to verify who I am? Ive sent them everything that I have, said Yandell. Nobody else has my social security card or my marriage license or my birth certificate.

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    Yandells been a nurse for more than three decades. She applied for benefits after her former employer shut down entirely last summer.

    We closed down due to COVID, completely closed the doors. In fact, this last week they tore the building down, she said.

    Yandell tells FOX 17 that dealing with COVID is one of the scariest things of her life.


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    Idme Is Not Processing The Photos Of My Government Id What Should I Do

    When taking a picture of your document, make sure all four corners are visible, turn off your flash to reduce glare, place your document on a dark surface, and match the orientation to the document . If youre still experiencing difficulties, Locate and click the Verify identity on a video call button to join a video call with a Trusted Referee.

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    Unemployment Insurance: Identity Verification

    For your protection, Iowa Workforce Development uses data provided by LexisNexis® Risk Solutions to help verify and validate your identity. Such data may include public records from federal, state and local government sources, and/or non-public data from government, utility, or education sources. LexisNexis® may also use limited information from credit reporting bureaus, but no credit check is conducted and no inquiry of any kind is incurred. This process will take place when filing your claim.

    IWD must be able to verify your identity to be paid unemployment insurance benefits. When filing an unemployment insurance claim, you will be asked to verify your identity. You will be provided the option to go through the online process to verify. If you decline this online verification process, you will be required to send in documentation for proof of identity prior to receiving any payments. The online verification process will take you through a series of questions which you will be required to answer. After completing those questions, if your identity was unable to be verified, you will be required to send in documentation for proof of identity. If your identity was verified, you will be able to continue through the claims filing process. A deadline will be set of when you will need to respond. That deadline is usually five business days from the date you filed your claim.

    Your identity must be verified or your benefits may be delayed and your claim may be canceled.

    You Cant File Your Tax Return Because Of A Duplicate Ssn

    Unemployment Identity Verification Florida

    If you try to e-file your tax return and the attempt is rejected due to a duplicate SSN, this might mean that someone else has used your information to submit a tax return already.

    To make sure:

    • Check that you entered your name and SSN correctly on the return.
    • Double-check that you didnât e-file a tax return already.
    • Ensure that no one else couldâve claimed you as a dependent on their tax return â your return will be rejected in this case.

    If your information is correct and no one has submitted a tax return for you that you know of, you need to contact the IRS immediately at 800-829-1040.

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    What Employers Can Do If You Suspect Id Theft

    Employers may receive a Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits, a Request for Work Separation Information, or other form from TWC requesting information on a claim. If you receive a notice for an employee who is still working, or for a person who never worked for you, please respond to the notice immediately. See Responding to a Notice of Application for more information.

    If your employee receives material from TWC for an unemployment claim they did not file, you should advise your employee to report the ID theft claim using TWCs online portal. While either you or your employee may report the suspected ID theft using the portal, we prefer that the information comes directly from the person whose identity was stolen. Your employee can find information about how to report ID theft in the section above.

    Choose How To Submit Photos

    Step 3 After sending in photos of your ID, we will need you to take a video selfie using your phones camera feature. Ensure you are in a well-lit area before you begin. The instructions on your phone screen will lead you through the process. You will be asked to look at the colors on your phone screen while ID.me takes a short video selfie to verify that you are really you. See a Larger Screenshot

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    What Does It Mean When Your Identity Cannot Be Verified

    If your identity verification attempt was unsuccessful, it simply means that the information you provided did not match the authoritative sources we use for verification. Unsuccessful verification attempts may be due to many reasons: You may have recently moved. You may have answered security questions incorrectly.

    Your Ssn Monitoring Service Informs You Of Misuse

    Unemployment claimants express identity verification frustrations

    Aura monitors your most sensitive information â including your SSN â for signs of fraud or identity theft. For example, if someone opens a bank account using your SSN, Aura will alert you so that you can close the account immediately.

    If someone has stolen your SSN to commit employment fraud, theyâre likely using it for other purposes, too.

    For example, your SSN monitoring service may inform you that:

    • There is unauthorized activity in your credit file.
    • Your SSN is for sale on the Dark Web.
    • Someone has opened a bank account in your name.
    • Your SSN was used to apply for a passport or driverâs license.

    Check if your SSN is on the Dark Web or being used by criminals. Try all of Auraâs features free for 14 daysâ

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    You Receive Irs Notices For Wages You Didnt Earn

    Employers must file Form W-2s and Form 1099s with the IRS for every employee who fits certain criteria . If you receive one of these forms from an employer or government agency that you didnât work for, itâs a sign that your identity has been stolen.

    What to look for:

    When you receive an IRS notice, check that:

    • The employerâs name, address, and ZIP code are correct.
    • The employeeâs name or SSN is yours.
    • The amounts reported are accurate.

    If any of these arenât what you expected, contact your employer for verification. If they didnât submit the W-2, contact the Social Security Administration immediately and report the suspected identity theft.

    Take action:

    How Long Does It Take To Verify Your Identity For Unemployment In Michigan

    Verify Your Identity You will have 10 days from the date of the notice to submit the requested documents to establish your identity. If you do not respond or the documents you provide are not sufficient to verify your identity, your benefits will be stopped, and you may be required to repay benefits already received.

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    There Are Unrecognized Background Checks On Your E

    E-Verify is a service that verifies whether a person is legally employable. If someone has stolen your identity to obtain work, E-Verify may have been tasked with checking your background for the potential employer.

    However, employers can only request a check between the time a job applicant accepts their offer of employment and the third business day after the employee has started work. So, if you notice a background check outside of this time, someone has probably stolen your identity.

    How to check:

    You can verify your personal information and case history using myE-Verify. To do so, log in to myE-Verify and select âCase History

    Here, you will see all of the instances in which employers have checked your employment status over the last ten years. If these donât match your employment history, itâs likely that someone has stolen your identity.

    Certify For Your Weekly Benefits Online

    How To Check My Claim For Unemployment

    Refer to this step by step process on how to certify for your weekly benefits:

  • Enter your NY.gov username and password.
  • Then click Certify to Claim Your Weekly Benefits Here and follow the instructions.
  • Note: If you have a service that makes your internet address anonymous, please turn it off when claiming weekly benefits. Otherwise, your certification may be blocked.

    Ready? Make sure you have with you:

    You will need an NY.gov ID to sign up for an online account. If you already have an NY.gov ID username and password, you can use it for our system. If you do not have an NY.gov ID, follow the instructions on our website at labor.ny.gov/signin to create one.

    If you have difficulties with NY.gov ID, call the Contact Center at 800-833-3000 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday Friday

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