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How To Apply For Unemployment In Sc

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What You Need To File For Unemployment In South Carolina

Unemployment claims skyrocket in SC how to apply

You can complete your South Carolina online application for unemployment faster if you have certain information and documents within your reach. Before you file for unemployment, please be sure to gather documents displaying the following information:

  • Social security number or alien registration number
  • Work documents from the last 18 months with each employer address, phone number, and name
  • Income history
  • Personal contact information

When providing personal contact information, please be sure to use your current mailing address and phone number. Failing to provide current information can result in your benefits being sent to the incorrect location.

What Do I Have To Do While Receiving Benefits

You must remain able and available for work and register for work two weeks after yousubmit your initial claim. You may report your job hunting contacts by telephone throughthe TelClaim number at your local office or online via MyBenefits Portal each week. Update your résumé every 90 days. SC Works will help you with your job hunt and has job listings. You are responsible forseeking work on your own behalf, at least twice a week.You must accept any reasonable offer if the job is similar to the one you just lost. You mustreport any part-time or temporary work.

Contacting Your Local Job Center

Local job centers sometimes called One-Stop Career Centers or American Job Centers can help you with cover letters, resumes, and job search efforts. Some job centers may provide assistance in filing for unemployment benefits. You may be required to register with a job center as part of your ongoing obligation to look for work while collecting benefits.

Contact your job center to find out about services and availability. Although some job centers provide unemployment services , others offer only job search assistance. And, some centers are closed, have limited hours, or are available only online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Call or email your local job center to find out about their offerings.

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How To Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits In South Carolina

If your claim for unemployment is denied, you have ten days to file a Request for Reconsideration with the Appeal Tribunal. Your request for appeal must be in writing and mailed or faxed to the DEW’s Appeals Division.

After receiving your appeal request, the Appeal Tribunal will schedule a hearing, either by telephone or in person. An administrative hearing officer will conduct the hearing and receive evidence from both you and your employer. After considering the evidence, the hearing officer will issue a written decision. If you disagree with the hearing officer’s decision, you may appeal to the Appellate Panel within ten days. And, if you disagree with the Appellate Panel’s decision, you may file an appeal with the South Carolina Administrative Law Court within 30 days.

The DEW provides additional information on the unemployment process at its website. Select “Individuals” to apply for benefits online, find out current eligibility requirements and benefit amounts, learn about the appeals process, and much more.

Apply For Pua Benefits

How to File for PEUC on South Carolina

If you are not elegible for regular unemployment, you may be elegible for PUA. The system will present the PUA application questions.

You will answer the following questions regarding your unemployment:

  • Is your unemployment a direct result of pandemic?
  • Were you working fulltime? If you answer No, you will be required to enter the amount of hours you work and the customary amount for your last occupation.
  • Personal Injury Insurance: You answer Yes or No if you are receiving personal injury insurance.
  • Date when you first unemployed: You´ll provide the last day you phisically worked.

You must check the acknowledgement box indicating you are applying for PUA benefits. Then, click Next.

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Eligibility Requirements For South Carolina Unemployment Benefits

In South Carolina, the Department of Employment and Workforce handles unemployment benefits and determines eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must meet the following three eligibility requirements in order to collect unemployment benefits in South Carolina:

  • Your past earnings must meet certain minimum thresholds.
  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own, as defined by South Carolina law.
  • You must be able and available to work, and you must be actively seeking employment.

How To Register For Work In South Carolina

Within two weeks of completing your South Carolina unemployment EDD application, you will need to register for work searches. If you fail to register, you will not receive benefits until you do so. You must register to job hunt via the SC Works Online Services site, where you will also be required to update your resume every 90 days. Once you create a unique username and password and post your resume, the state will consider you officially registered for work. If you lack access to a personal computer or internet connection, you can use a computer at your local Career Center.

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How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits In South Carolina

In order to apply for South Carolina unemployment, residents must meet specific requirements. If you lose your job it is recommended that you apply for South Carolinaunemployment benefits within a week in order to maximize what you can be paid. Benefits will not begin until your South Carolina unemployment application is received and processed. The approval process can take at least one week.

To learn where you can apply for South Carolina unemployment and what happens after you submit your application, read below.

  • Preparing the required documents.
  • How to apply for South Carolina unemployment benefits online.
  • What to do after you filed your application.

What Do I Need To File For Unemployment

Filing for unemployment in SC

Generally, you will need to provide personal information about yourself like your social security number and information about your previous employer like their business address, your start and end dates, your previous supervisor, and why you are no longer employed at that company. Check with the unemployment insurance agency in your state to find out the specific information eligible claimants need in order to file.

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How To Look For Suitable Work In South Carolina

If you file for an unemployment claim in South Carolina, you will need to search for suitable work if you wish to receive financial benefits. Looking for suitable work means seeking out a job that is similar to your previous one or that requires a similar set of skills. If you are offered a job that pays at least 90 percent of your past salary within eight weeks of submitting an online application for unemployment, or a job that pays at least 75 percent of your salary after the initial eight weeks, the you must accept the position.

Each week you file for unemployment in SC, you will use the Record of Work Seeking Activities form to keep track of your potential employee contacts, and you will need to note the following information about each contact:

Name of employer

What Are The Alternatives To A South Carolina Unemployment Extension

If there is no way to get an unemployment extension in South Carolina, individuals will need to rely on their own funds. This may sound like a daunting task to some, but there are ways to ensure that your needs are met after your unemployment funds expire.

If you have exceeded your maximum benefit amount or your benefit year is coming to an end, try following some of the following tips if you cannot get an unemployment compensation extension in SC:

  • Have you tried registering with a temporary employment agency? These agencies help jobseekers find temporary employment, and you will be matched to a job that utilizes your particular skill set. Many of these temp positions have the potential to become permanent.
  • If you cannot get an unemployment extension in SC, you may need to take a job that pays slightly less. Even though this is not the most ideal option, the job can provide for you and your family until you find a better position.
  • State-sponsored career development classes are held at Career Centers across South Carolina. These classes will show you how to find the perfect job, and state representatives can even help you look for work. Attending one of these classes will count as a job contact for the week.

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How To Claim Weekly Benefits

After filing your unemployment application, you must certify that you still meet the eligibility requirements every week by filing a weekly claim. You must file your weekly claim within two weeks of the ending date of the claim week you are filing. When filing your weekly claims, you will be asked if you worked, received any money, looked for work, were available for work, and if you turned down any job offers. Answer honestly to avoid potential disqualification, overpayment, or possible criminal penalties for fraud.

To file a weekly claim for unemployment insurance benefits online, log in to your MyBenefits account, and select File Your Weekly Claim. Follow the instructions on the Online Claimant System to submit your claim.

To file your a weekly claim for unemployment insurance by phone: Set up an account with TelClaim using your Social Security number, and select a four-digit PIN, making sure you write your PIN down and keep it in a safe place where you can find it.* You can also use TelClaim to check your claim weeks ending date and check your payment status. Listen carefully, and follow the instructions, using the phones numbers to answer all of the questions. Do not hang up until you hear, Your claim has been accepted. If you dont hear that message, your claim has not been filed. If you make a mistake, you can call back until 6 pm the same day to file another claim.

How To File For Unemployment In South Carolina

How to File for PEUC on South Carolina

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Losing your job without warning can be an extremely stressful experience. However, if you were let go through no fault of your own, you may be eligible to receive temporary unemployment benefits while you look for a new job. In South Carolina, you can file a claim relatively easily online through the states Department of Employment and Workforce website.XResearch source

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How Much Money Will I Receive In Unemployment Benefits

The maximum weekly unemployment benefit in South Carolina is $326 and the minimum is $42. It’s important to mention that unemployment benefits can be considered taxable income, so these are pre-tax amounts.

To determine your benefit, DEW uses a somewhat complex formula based on your recent earnings, but the goal is to replace about 50% of the average worker’s weekly wage, up to the maximum. In other words, if you earned $600 per week before becoming unemployed, you should get about $300 per week from unemployment benefits.

However, the recent economic stimulus bill added $600 to every state’s maximum unemployment benefit from AprilJuly 2020, so your benefit could be much higher than the standard maximum during this time. And since the stimulus is designed to replace as much as 100% of workers’ lost income, it’s likely that a different benefit formula will be used during that time.

Can I Receive Unemployment Benefits

You may be eligible if: you earned enough wages to qualify you are able and available to work and were unemployed for one week before applying your job was covered by the state unemployment fund you were laid off or unfairly fired you quit for a good reason connected with your work. There are only a few reasons thatqualify therefore it is important to get early advice.

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Where Do I File For Unemployment

Interested and eligible claimants can file for unemployment in person, online, or over the phone, though it is important to note the options available to file will differ from state to state.

The US Government has created this interactive map to guide claimants to the website of their states online unemployment assistance department, agency, or bureau. Use this map to find more information about how to file for unemployment in person, how to file for unemployment online, or to find the number to file for unemployment in your state.

For your convenience, weve combed through the above map and linked the unemployment insurance agency information for each state, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia in the following list.

*claims must be filed in person in West Virginia

Claimants May Need To Reapply For Unemployment Insurance Benefits

SC residents applying for unemployment complain about website, wait times

From the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce

As we enter a new quarter on July 5, you may be required to reapply for unemployment insurance benefits. The CARES Act, specifically states that anyone who is potentially eligible for state UI and is currently on a federal program like PUA, must reapply so their regular UI benefit eligibility can be re-determined. If this will affect you, you will receive an alert within the MyBenefits Portal with instructions to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits. We encourage you to utilize the resources available on our YouTube page and website.

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Who Is Eligible For Pandemic Unemployment Assistance :

The federal PUA program was created through the CARES Act to expand eligibility to those who are self-employed, 1099, gig workers, contractors, and those who lost their job as a direct result of COVID-19, but were not eligible for regular UI under South Carolina state law. The program also includes individuals who are unable to work as a direct result of one of the following COVID-19 reasons:

  • They have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking a medical diagnosis
  • A member of their household has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • They are providing care for a family member or a member of their household who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • They are the primary caregiver for a child who is unable to attend school or daycare because the school or daycare has closed due to COVID-19, and the school or daycare is necessary for them to work
  • They are unable to reach the place of employment because of a quarantine imposed as a direct result of COVID-19
  • They are unable to reach the place of employment because a healthcare provider has advised them to self-quarantine due to COVID-19 concerns
  • They were scheduled to start employment and could not or are unable to reach the new job as a direct result of COVID-19
  • They have become the breadwinner or major support for their household because the head of the household has died as a direct result of COVID-19 or
  • Their place of employment is closed as a direct result of COVID-19.

File For Unemployment In South Carolina

To file for unemployment insurance, you must submit an initial claim on the DEW website. DEW will review your claim and determine whether or not you are eligible to receive benefits and how much you will receive. South Carolina requires that all initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits be filed online. If you dont have access to the internet, DEW suggests visiting your local library or any SC Works Center to use a computer free of charge.

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Individuals Filing For Unemployment

Individuals who need to file for unemployment related to COVID-19 must do so through the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce . To apply, follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Review information about how to apply for benefits, including step-by-step instructions and links to FAQs related to the COVID-19 unemployment process, on the SC DEW Apply for Benefits page.
  • Step 2: Visit the Claimant Self Service Portal login screen to begin filing an unemployment insurance claim. Begin the filing process.

Preparing To File Your South Carolina Unemployment Application

How to File a New Claim on South Carolina

In order to file for South Carolina unemployment assistance, all applicants will need to gather the necessary documents.

In order to verify your South Carolina unemployment claim, the documents submit must match the South Carolina database. If you fail to fill out your South Carolina unemployment application correctly you can be denied benefits.


To fill out the South Carolina unemployment application you should have the below documents ready.

  • Identification ( Can be a driver’s license, Government issued ID, Social Security Card, birth certificate or Passport.
  • Employer contact information.
  • The dates that you worked for that employer and how much you earned in wages during that period.
  • Bank information. ( Can be a voided check or a deposit slip.

South Carolina residents who use the online system should plan on the process taking roughly 45 minutes to complete all forms. Legal South Carolina immigrants can file for unemployment benefits if all eligibility requirements are met.

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I Quit My Last Job Can I Still Receive Benefits

If you quit your last job, you are probably not able to receive employment benefits.However, if you can show that you left your job for good cause, you may still be eligible.Good cause means that you had a significant reason to leave your last job. Some examplesare racial or sexual harassment at work, large decrease in wages, or major changes inworking hours. If you can demonstrate that you left your job for a good reason, you may stillbe able to receive benefits.

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