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How To Get Unemployment After Being Fired

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Other Types Of Misconduct

Video Request-Purposely Getting Fired to Collect Unemployment

In a number of states, the misconduct for which an employee was fired has to be quite serious to render the employee ineligible for unemployment compensation. An employee who is fired for poor performance, lacking the necessary skills for the job, or simply being a poor fit will still be able to collect unemployment in these states. An employee who intentionally acts against the employer’s interests, on the other hand, will not be eligible for benefits.

Other states are more strict, finding that an employee who is fired for violating a workplace policy or rule, or even for performance problems, won’t be eligible to collect benefits.

In most states, these types of misconduct will likely render an employee ineligible for benefits:

  • Criminal actions. An employee who engages in criminal behavior relating to the jobsuch as driving for work while under the influence, assaulting a customer or coworker, or selling illegal drugs at workwill not be eligible to receive benefits.
  • Theft. An employee who steals money, trade secrets, or other valuable property from the company, or who steals from coworkers or customers, will not be eligible for benefits.
  • Safety violations. An employee who is fired for intentionally violating an important safety rule probably won’t be eligible for benefits.
  • Excessive unexcused absences. Failing to show up for work repeatedly is likely to be seen as intentional misconduct, not the kind of mistake or inability to meet standards that some states will excuse.

Can I Get Unemployment Insurance If I Was Fired


Because of the Covid-19 emergency, many people are out of work and looking for unemployment insurance benefits. Many of the rules have changed because of this emergency. You may be able to get Unemployment faster and more easily than before. See Covid-19 and Unemployment Insurance.

If you are fired, you may be able to get Unemployment Insurance . But, if your employer had rules that were fair, rules that you knew about, and you broke the rules on purpose, you cannot get unemployment benefits. Also, if you purposely did something that caused serious problems for your employer, you cannot get unemployment benefits.

Your employer may not want you to get benefits because he or she pays the taxes for unemployment insurance. If you get unemployment benefits, your employer may have to pay higher taxes. So your employer may try to prove you knowingly broke a fair rule or policy on purpose. Or, your employer may try to prove you acted against his or her wishes.

Can I Collect Unemployment If I’m Fired

The Balance

Unemployment benefits exist to help protect workers if they lose their job through no fault of their own, so they can make ends meet until they find a new position.

Depending on the circumstances and the state you worked in, you may be able to collect unemployment if you are fired from your job.

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In some cases, an employee can collect unemployment after being fired. However, unemployment benefits are not available in all cases, and sometimes being fired for willful misconduct renders an employee ineligible for benefits. Individual state eligibility guidelines determine when an employee can receive unemployment and these guidelines may differ slightly from one jurisdiction to the next.

How Do I Apply For Unemployment Insurance Benefits

7 Reasons Why Getting Fired From Job Is Good For You

You can apply for benefits by phone, but the lines are often busy and you may be on hold for hours before reaching an operator. If you have internet access, we recommend that you apply online via the EDDs website at . Applying online is much faster, and provides you with written confirmation of your application. Most libraries and many community centers provide computers with free internet access.

To make the process smoother, we recommend that you gather all the necessary information before starting your application. See the EDDs checklistBefore You Start: Information you need to file a UI claim.

After submitting your application, the EDD may schedule you for a phone interview. This is a standard part of the process, so dont be intimidated. You should be prepared to clearly explain how you left your most recent job and why it wasnt your fault. You should also be prepared to verify that you have been actively seeking work. Its a good idea to keep a record of your efforts to find a job, and a list of all the jobs you have applied for.

If the EDD ultimately denies your claim for benefits, youll have 20 days to appeal the denial. Dont be intimidated about appealing denials by the EDD are reversed nearly half the time. Keep your written appeal short and concise, and dont miss the appeal deadline.

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How Do I File A Claim For Unemployment

You have one week after you have lost your job or had your hours reduced to file your claim otherwise you may be subject to reduced benefits. Here is the information you will need to include in your claim:

  • Your last employers company name, supervisors name, address, and phone number
  • Last date you worked and the reason you no longer are working
  • Gross earnings in the last week you worked
  • Information on all the employers you worked for in the last 18 months
  • Citizenship status, and if youre not a US citizen, information from your employment authorization document

If you were accepted to receive benefits, you will asked to continuously prove your eligibility every two weeks via a Continued Claim form. You can receive benefits for up to 26 weeks with a weekly payment of $450.

Do I Qualify For Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance benefits provide income to workers who are temporarily unemployed or whose work hours have been reduced to a very low level. To be eligible, you must have lost work or wages through no fault of your own. You are almost always eligible for benefits if you were laid off due to lack of work, and you may even be eligible if you were fired or if you quit. You must also meet certain criteria, such as a requirement that you must be looking for another job. The California Employment Development Department administers Californias UI program. For more detailed information on Unemployment Insurance , please see our Fact Sheets UI BenefitsAn Overview, UI: Ability to Work, UI: Availability to Work, UI: Eligibility After Being Fired from a Job, UI: Eligibility After Quitting a Job, UI: Overpayments, UI: Partial Employment and Reporting Earnings, UI: Past Earnings Requirements/Weekly Benefit Amount, UI: Temporary Workers, and UI: Work Search and Suitable Work. Also contact the EDD at or call 1 300-5616.

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How To Get Unemployment Benefits Even If You Quit Your Job

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Could You Get Benefits Anyway

How can I collect unemployment benefits after being fired from my job for failing a drug screen?

Oregon employers only get a limited window to respond to your unemployment claim, so its possible that your former employer may miss it due to mail delivery problems or being overwhelmed with business tasks. If this happens, the state may give you benefits by default. However, if its ever discovered that you misrepresented your job separation on your application, you will have to pay back your benefits to the state. In some cases, you may also receive criminal charges for intentionally falsifying your application.

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We Can Help You Fight For Justice

When your employer wrongfully discriminates against you or harasses you, and you lose your job, you can feel hopeless. Employers should not get away with it! By standing up for your rights, you are standing up for yourself. You are also standing up for everyone who has ever suffered the injustice of an employer keeping earned wages.

Please make an appointment for a free consultation in our Newport Beach office. You can contact us by email or phone. We want to help.

Can My Employer Ask Me To Sign A Release In Exchange For A Severance Payment

Sometimes employers ask employees to sign a release giving up their claims, including discrimination claims, under federal or state laws in exchange for a severance payment. Such releases are normally enforceable, and it is up to you to decide whether its better for you to pursue a claim or accept the severance payment. If you are 40 years old or older and your employer asks you to release your age discrimination claim in exchange for a severance payment, you may have special protections under the Older Workers Benefit Protect Act that ensure that older workers are not unduly pressured into waiving their age discrimination rights. .

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Interviewing For Jobs After Being Fired

Here’s where getting fired is going to matter most. You can be sure you are going to be asked the question “Why did you leave your last job?” The best bet is to keep it brief and to the point and avoid badmouthing your former employer.

Sometimes it’s truthful to say “the position wasn’t a good fit, and we parted on good terms” instead of saying “I was fired.” However you address it, don’t lie, because it may come back to haunt you if a potential employer checks references or conducts a background check.

Take some time to prepare answers to questions about being fired, so you know exactly what you’ll say, instead of trying to come up with an answer on the spot. The more prepared you are, the less the firing will create a negative impression for an interviewer.

The Quick Answer: It Depends

Making a Quick Recovery After Being Fired

Sometimes, good workers get let go for reasons outside their control. For example, if your company experiences financial problems, it may have to lay off some of its staff. Similarly, if things shift within your company so that your department is eliminated, you could find yourself out of a job, even though you didn’t do anything wrong.

The good news is that if you do find yourself out of work due to such circumstances, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. Though those benefits won’t replace your entire paycheck, they will provide some income for a number of months while you look for another job.

But what happens when you’re fired for cause — meaning, you were terminated because you either violated a company rule or did a poor job? Are you still entitled to unemployment benefits, or will your income truly take a turn for the non-existent?

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Being Fired Is Bad News

There are several negative consequences that can result from being fired. For one thing, you may have a hard time finding a new job when you have to tell employers that you were let go for cause . Additionally, when you’re fired due to your own poor performance or misconduct, you’re generally not eligible for severance — something laid-off workers often get.

Furthermore, getting fired can kill your chances of collecting unemployment benefits — but not always. Generally speaking, you can’t collect unemployment if you were fired due to serious misconduct, like stealing from your employer, lying about your hours, or doing something that clearly violates the rules set forth by your company. However, if you were fired due to poor performance, the laws are a little hazier.

Whether you’ll be eligible for unemployment benefits is determined on a state by state basis. This means that what’s considered serious misconduct in one state may not hold true for another. Therefore, if you’re let go for cause, and you file for unemployment benefits but have your claim denied, it could pay to speak to an attorney who specializes in employment law for guidance, assuming you didn’t do something blatantly wrong that would bar you from getting benefits.

Another thing to keep in mind is that depending on why you got fired for cause, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits after a certain waiting period. But again, the rules depend on your state.

Rules For Unemployment After Being Fired

If you are fired for a serious issue at work, and you are the cause, then unemployment may be denied. Larger problems, called infractions, can include treating other employees poorly, not doing your job, stealing, or breaking the law.

If you are let go or laid off for a general or neutral reason, then unemployment should be pretty straight forward for you. These situations might include:

  • Laying off employees because of a business reason
  • Being fired for small issues like being late or making a mistake

You will also quality for unemployment if:

  • Your manager or HR person is discriminating against you
  • Your company is punishing you for being a whistleblower

You have certain protections and if your rights are violated, then you can file suit. You will need to prove these claims. Your attorney will walk you through the process and gather the evidence needed to fight for your benefits.

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You Meet Requirements For Time Worked And Wages Earned

To get unemployment, you must have worked for a certain amount of time and earned a minimum amount of money. Typically, the unemployment office looks at your employment and earning history in the previous year. Every state sets its own requirements. Check with your state to learn about its policy.

Most states also require that you were a part-time or full-time employee. If you were an independent contractor, like a freelancer, then you probably cant get benefits. Thats because your employer may not have paid unemployment taxes while you were working.

With that said, during the coronavirus pandemic, federal relief was offered to self-employed and gig workers. Although these benefits are often temporarily extended to freelancers, its wise to check with your states unemployment office for the most up-to-date information.

How Do I Apply For Benefits If I Was Fired For Not Getting Vaccinated

â¶ï¸?How to Get Paid after Being FIRED, Collect More (30 TIMES ) Money than your even OWED, BACK PAY

If your state has mandated a vaccination requirement for your industry and you’re fired for refusing to comply — you might not be eligible. You’ll want to check if there’s an exemption you qualify for based on state or company law. You can apply for benefits by filing a claim with your state’s unemployment insurance program. You can find the contact information to start your claim here.

If you do apply for unemployment benefits and the employer challenges your claim, you will likely end up in court. As such, you should contact an attorney to pursue a claim or file an appeal.

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Can My Employer Fire Me Because Of My Age

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act forbid employers from discriminating based on an employees age. If you are at least 40 years old, you are protected by these laws.

During a time of layoffs, your employer cannot intentionally single you out for unequal treatment because you 40 years of age or older. However, even a supposedly neutral layoff policy can still be illegal if it disproportionately affects persons over 40. See our Fact Sheet Employment Discrimination for additional information on age discrimination, including how to file a claim of age discrimination against your employer.

How Do I Get Unemployment If I Was Fired

If you were fired or quit, part of the process of filing an unemployment insurance claim is being scheduled for a . Once you have sent in all the required documents, you will be asked to conduct an interview with an EDD interviewer in order to resolve the separation issue. For your phone interview you should be prepared to provide accurate information on why you no longer work for your employer. Do your best to remain professional, not present hostility to your former employer, and keep answers brief and relevant. This is your chance to clarify your situation and make your case for receiving benefits.

The interviewer will document information from both you and your employer and make a decision based on what they have found. The EDDs decision will be mailed to you and your employer.

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