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How Can I Get Partial Unemployment

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File Partial Unemployment Insurance Claims

How workers with reduced hours can collect partial unemployment benefits

Partial unemployment insurance claims may be filed by employers for full-time employees who work less than full-time during a pay period due to lack of work only. The employees must still be attached to the employer and must have earned wages that do not exceed the weekly benefit amount plus $50.00.

  • Partial Claims should not be filed when an employee is out of work due to disability, workers compensation or medical leave.;;
  • Partial Claims should not be filed when an employee is not able and available to accept all work offered by the employer.

Partial claims may be filed via the Internet, on tape or diskette, or by mail. Filing Internet claims requires the employer to access the Employer Portal.; Filing partial claims electronically via the Internet results in faster payment. Paper filed partial claims require manual review and processing; therefore, payments may be significantly delayed during peak periods.

The Georgia Department of Labor Employer Portal provides self-service options with a single sign-on for UI services.; UI tax-related and partial claims filing services will now be accessible only by registering and using the Portal.

  • Partial Claims Filing for Employers
  • Maintain and change employer address
  • Reset password

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Eligibility For Partial Unemployment

The eligibility rules for unemployment, including partial unemployment, are set by state law. Generally, however, you must:

  • meet your state’s minimum earnings or work requirements
  • be able and available to work full time; and
  • be underemployed through no fault of your own. In other words, you won’t be eligible if full-time work is available but you have chosen to work part time for personal reasons.

For more information on these rules, see Eligibility for Partial Unemployment.

Avoid Cutting Hours And Pay

To avoid increases in employment tax rates, great care should be taken to hire good people and to avoid layoffs, pay cuts, and reducing hours.

Of course, you cant always avoid these things. Companies go through periods of hardship where pay cuts and layoffs are inevitable. Sometimes employers reduce a troublesome employees hours in hopes that the employee will resign. Its a reasonable strategy for avoiding legal difficulties, but it could mean that the employee starts collecting unemployment benefits. Thats one of many reasons why good hiring strategies and retention efforts are important for employers. It helps keep costs down in the long run.

There are all sorts of reasons that employees dont work out or dont work out in the way initially hired. Many of them are inevitable. But by offering a good company culture, decent working conditions, amicable management, living wages, and even severance packages, many issues can be avoided.

Being aware of where the unemployment money comes from and when employees can collect it can help employers make better business decisions and avoid most unemployment claims.

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Have questions, comments, or tips? Start a discussion on the KingMaker Society Forums. Its a great place to collaborate with business owners and employees.

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How Are Partial Unemployment Benefits Determined

Partial unemployment benefits are calculated in the same way as full benefits are. The state looks at the applicants earning history and length of employment to determine a base period. It will also consider the date they became unemployed and the number of hours theyre currently working at a part-time job. It plugs this information into a formula to calculate the benefit amount that the applicant qualifies for.

The benefit will also be determined by how much the applicant is currently making in their part-time job. Some states specify that those who make more than a certain dollar amount are ineligible for benefits, while other states have created a table of earnings that determines how much will be paid. You will need to check with your state to see what formula will be used to determine your benefit.

How To File For Partial Unemployment

Can I Get Unemployment With A Part Time Job

The process of filing for partial unemployment is the same as filing for regular or full-time unemployment. To file a new claim or check eligibility, visit your states Department of Labor site. Most states have an FAQ page that is a great resource to confirm any questions you have about eligibility which, according to Tayne, is often easier than calling the organization directly.;;

Call centers have had extraordinarily high wait times since the pandemic started, so try calling when you have time to spare if you need to speak to a live representative, Tayne explained.;

Prior to filing for partial unemployment, it helps to gather all necessary information in advance, including your tax returns from the previous year, addresses and dates of former employment, and the exact amount of your gross wages.

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How Unemployment Claims Impact Employers

When employees claim these benefits, employers could start paying higher employment taxes due to an increase in their unemployment insurance tax . Its similar to car insurance rates which rise when you make a claim. The employers tax rate is higher when they lay off more employees who claim unemployment. Partial unemployment claims also affect the unemployment insurance tax rates.

No Gaps On Your Resume

Working part-time also allows you to demonstrate a continuous work history on your resume, avoiding the possible red flag of significant gaps in employment for potential new employers.

NOTE: The information contained in this article is not legal advice, and it’s not a substitute for such advice. State and federal laws change frequently, and the information in this article may not reflect your own states laws or the most recent changes to them.

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Who Qualifies For Partial Unemployment

You would normally not qualify for partial unemployment benefits if you’ve scaled back your work hours for family or personal reasons. State guidelines vary though, so it’s important to check with your state department of labor office for qualification criteria in your location.

  • Most states provide partial benefits to individuals whose work hours have been reduced through no fault or choice of their ownfor example, when a company is sold, liquidated, or restructured.
  • Many states also cover employees who have lost their full-time jobs and have partially replaced the lost income with one or more part-time jobs. Some states even cover individuals who were working two or more part-time jobs and lost one of those jobs.
  • Workers who are not technically laid off or terminated but placed on zero-hour schedules are eligible for unemployment compensation in most cases, according to Andrew Stettner, a senior fellow at The Century Foundation.

Eligible workers must meet the requirements within their state for minimum earnings during the unemployment base period. They must also satisfy the minimum time-of-employment state requirements. Check with your state unemployment office for guidelines.

Progress Toward A Full

Can I get unemployment if I work two jobs? | Your Coronavirus Finances

Working part-time while you’re collecting unemployment can be beneficial not only to your bank account, but also to your long-term job search. You’ll make contacts, gain experience, and develop new skills in every job you hold, even if its not in your chosen field. You can use the opportunity of part-time work to explore other fields of interest or to get training and experience that would be helpful to your career goals.

The department of labor website for your state can direct you to important information that can help with your job search, including job postings, job fairs, effective job-interview preparation and techniques, and supplemental job training, education, and seminars.

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How Partial Benefits Are Calculated

Most states calculate the total amount of your benefits by first figuring out what you would have been entitled to if you were still fully unemployed. The amount you’re earning through part-time employment will usually be subtracted from this figure.

For example, in New York, you can work up to seven days a week without losing unemployment benefits for that week if you work 30 hours or fewer and earn $504 or less in gross pay, excluding earnings from self-employment. Benefits will be reduced in increments based on your total hours of work for the week rather than on the number of days you work.;

In New Jersey, you must earn a minimum of $220 a week to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Partial benefits are calculated based on the hours you work and how much you earn.

May Employees Who Work Reduced Hours Receive Partial Unemployment Benefits

Yes.;As noted above, an individual is considered unemployed in any week of less than full-time work, if the wages payable to them with respect to the week, when reduced by $25 or $25% of the wages payable, whichever is greater, do not equal or exceed their weekly benefit amount. Once it is determined that the individual is unemployed and qualifies for partial UI benefits, then the EDD will calculate their weekly benefit amount and reduced weekly benefit amount. The following example is used to illustrate how a reduced weekly benefit amount is calculated.

Assume that the individual earns $13 per hour and has worked five days a week or 40 hours for the previous 15 months .

Determine if the individual can establish a valid UI benefits claim based on their previous wages. To establish a valid UI claim, the EDD looks at the highest base period quarter to see if the individual earned at least $1,300; or the highest base period quarter to see if the individual earned at least $900 and whether the total base period earnings added together equals 1.25 times the individual’s highest base period quarter earnings

Using the standard base period method, the individual’s highest base period quarter is:

  • $13 per hour x 40 hours per week = $520 per week

This individual is earning $6,760 in their highest base period, which is more than the $1,300 needed to establish a valid UI benefits claim.

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Instructions For Partial Claimants

A partially unemployed person is one who, during a calendar week, was employed by a regular employer and had earnings that were less than his weekly benefit amount and who worked less than his normal customary full-time hours because of a lack of full-time work.; A person who does not work, but is paid holiday or show up pay in a week, is not considered a partially unemployed person.; Each person who files for partial benefits must be aware of the following:

  • Your employer will be sent a notice that you have applied for partial benefits and your weekly benefit amount.; During any week you earn less than your weekly benefit amount because of a lack of work, your employer is required to give you a Statement of Partial Unemployment, Form VEC-B-31, stating your wages for the week. ;In order to obtain your partial benefits, you must complete your portion of the form, sign it, and return it to the VEC address contained on the form within 14 days from the date the employer gives it to you.;
  • Failure to forward each Statement of Partial Unemployment to the VEC address contained therein may result in a loss of benefits for the week shown on the statement.;
  • It is your responsibility to obtain the Statement of Partial Unemployment from your employer.; If you are partially unemployed during the week and the employer does not give you a Statement of Partial Unemployment, you must contact the VEC by Friday of that week.;
  • You must report any offers of employment.;
  • Calculating Partial Unemployment Benefits

    why does my unemployment claim say $0

    To figure out your partial unemployment benefit amount, most states use your average weekly wage to calculate the weekly benefit you would receive if you were fully unemployed. Typically you’d receive from half to two-thirds of your average weekly wage in full unemployment benefits.

    Once your full unemployment benefit amount is determined, you subtract some percentage of that amountfor example, 20 percent from your weekly wages. Then subtract that amount from the weekly full benefit to come up with your weekly partial benefit.

    Example. Jack lives in Missouri and works part-time earning $102 per week. Based on his previous earnings, his weekly benefit amount for full unemployment is $279. To calculate partial unemployment benefit amounts in Missouri, you subtract $20 or 20 percent of the weekly benefit amount from the weekly wages of $102. That amount, called the deduction, equals $46.20 . Then, take the weekly full benefit amount of $279 and subtract the deduction to arrive at a weekly partial benefit of $232.

    Of course, the rules for calculating partial benefits vary by state. Consult your state labor department’s website for further details.

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    How We Calculate Benefits

    If you qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits, the amount of money youll get each week is called your . This amount will depend on how much you earned in the;before you applied for Unemployment Insurance benefits.;

    There are other factors that may reduce your WBR,;like whether you are working part-time or collecting a pension.

    Note: To be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits in 2021, you must have earned at least $220 per week during 20 or more weeks in covered employment during the base year period, or you must have earned at least $11,000 in total covered employment during the base year period. For more information, .

    Weekly Benefit Rate

    The weekly benefit rate is capped at a maximum amount based on the state minimum wage. For 2021, the maximum weekly benefit rate is $731. We will calculate your weekly benefit rate at 60% of the; you earned during the , up to that maximum. We determine the average weekly wage based on wage information your employer report.

    If you are not entitled to the weekly , you may be able to increase your entitlement with .

    If after we calculate your weekly benefit rate, you realize that we did not include wages because they were not reported by your employer, contact us for a . You will need to provide pay stubs as proof of your earnings.

    Dependency benefits

    If your;weekly benefit rate;is;less;than the;maxium weekly benefit rate and you have;dependents, you may qualify for .;

    Maximum benefit amount
    Part-time work

    Unemployment And The Coronavirus Pandemic

    The first program, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation , extends unemployment benefits by an extra 13 weeks when state unemployment payments expire.

    The second program, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , allows self-employed workers to qualify for benefits if they meet certain criteria. In addition, the program makes eligible those who can’t work because they have COVID-19, those under quarantine, and those caring for a child whose school has closed due to Covid-19.

    Both programs close to new claimants on March 14, 2021, and expire for existing claimants on April 5, 2021.

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    Understanding And Calculating Partial Unemployment Benefits In California

    In the midst of the current crisis, many employers are looking for ways to reduce operating costs without losing valuable employees.; A common approach to this is providing reduced work schedules. Under such an arrangement, a current employee, still earning wages and receiving benefits, can be considered unemployed under the definition contained in Section 1252 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code.; The key provision of this is that:

    An individual is unemployed in any week in which he or she meets any of the following conditions:

    • Any week during which he or she performs no services and with respect to which no wages are payable to him or her.
    • Any week of less than full-time work, if the wages payable to him or her with respect to the week, when reduced by twenty-five dollars or 25 percent of the wages payable, whichever is greater, do not equal or exceed his or her weekly benefit amount . . .
    • Any week during which he or she performs full-time work for five days as a juror, or as a witness under subpoena.

    Calculating Partial UI Benefit Amounts

    It is never advisable to try to provide specifics to an employee as to how much they will be eligible for in UI benefits.; In the end, the EDD will decide.; The full description of the process is found in Section 1279 of the California Unemployment Insurance Code.

  • Clarify how much the individuals hours and pay will be cut, and how much they will still be earning in total wages per week.
  • CA Work Sharing Program

    How Partial Unemployment Benefits Are Funded


    Partial unemployment benefits are funded in the same way that full benefits are. They are taken from the state taxes that employers withhold from all employeesâ paychecks. As with federal tax withholdings, state tax withholdings are based on the level of the employeeâs wages. Every state has its own unemployment insurance fund. The amount collected varies from state to state, and the Department of Labor also helps out at the federal level with financial assistance for states when they need it.

    When a former employee files for benefits, the state will contact their former employer and give them a chance to contest the benefits. This helps prevent fraud and ensures employees who are not eligible for benefits do not receive them. Employees who were discharged due to misconduct, terminated for cause, or simply changed roles within an organization are not eligible to receive benefits. For example, an employee who was fired with cause is not eligible to collect benefits because their job loss was due to their own actions. Their lack of work was not beyond their control.

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    Who Is Eligible For Partial Unemployment

    It can vary from state to state, but in general, the main requirement is that you’ve either earned enough or worked enough time to collect unemployment. In most states, you usually have to have worked a full year before being eligible for unemployment.

    Generally, you are eligible for unemployment benefits, partial or full, when you are fired, furloughed, laid off, terminated or whatever your word choice is for losing a job. If you quit your part-time job or suggest to your employer that you would like to work fewer hours, generally you will not be eligible for partial unemployment benefits.

    Still, if your employment situation has changed, and you think you aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits, it can’t hurt to contact your state’s unemployment office. The pandemic has changed a lot of rules, and there’s no harm in asking.

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