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How To Get Money While Unemployed

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Turn Down Appropriate Employment Offers

10 Ways To Make Money Online While Unemployed in 2022

If you are offered a job that is determined to be suitable and you turn it down, you could lose future unemployment benefits. Of course if the pay is far too low, or there are unreasonable demands associated with it, you may be able to decline the offer and maintain your benefits. Be sure to stay updated on the requirements specific to your unemployment benefits.

Resources For The Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has placed additional strain, both in the U.S. and globally, on many peoples financial security and employment situations. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 30 million workers in the U.S. lost their jobs or crucial work hours, at least temporarily, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are some crucial resources for those struggling with COVID-19 and unemployment or the coronavirus pandemic’s financial impact.

How To Get A Job

Making a little extra money is great to help make ends meet, but it should only be a temporary fix. Ideally, youll want to start earning a regular and predictable income again so you can rest easy knowing youre getting a consistent paycheque to help you comfortably cover all your bills.

While youre making extra cash with a side gig, youll also want to find a job. Here are a few tips to help guide you in the right direction.

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Get Back On Track To A Successful Career Path By Learning New Things

When you are waking up each day with a sick feeling in your stomach knowing work duties call, there is a hard reality you have to face: Its your responsibility to make the necessary changes. It is no one elses responsibility to make you feel happy or satisfied with your work. At the end of the day, its yours.

If you want to have a successful career, you have to take charge of the direction and types of experiences you want to have on your journey. Where do you want to go? How far and why? What training or opportunities might give you this? Is it executive coaching? Perhaps undertaking an MBA? Allow yourself to think laterally, too.

Lets say project management is a skill set you need to learn, or an incompetent boss snidely commented you would never make it without these skills. Could volunteering to crew for an event speaking company platform fast-track your learning as to whats involved? Financial forecasting, marketing, resource, and supplies management, working with different team member personalities, and managing client relationsyou could never gain hands-on experiential learning like this via a classroom or online course.

The e-learning industry is forecast to reach $325USbillion by 2025. With the quality of online learning gateways growing exponentially with very affordable costs of access to world-class teachers, golden opportunities to increase your skillset and knowledge are at your fingertips.

Available For Work Option

How to Make Money While Unemployed: 10 Methods You Need to Try

Let employers know that youre available so you can find your next job faster. Indeeds Ready to Work option shows employers that you can start work immediately. All you need to do is check the box so hiring managers can find you.

LinkedIns Open to Work feature is another way to show recruiters that youre open to new job opportunities and available to work right away. LinkedIn reports that job seekers who selected Open to Work on their profile doubled their likelihood of getting a message from a recruiter. Additionally, members who added an Open to Work frame to their profile picture were 40% more likely to receive InMails from recruiters.

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Take Part In Market Research

Companies like to conduct market research to gain feedback from consumers about their products or services. And theyre always looking for new survey participants.

The best part is, companies are willing to pay to get your opinion.

If youre looking for an easy way to make money without a job, signing up for online surveys can be a great option. I recommend joining several survey websites to help you earn the most money. They are free to join so you have nothing to lose.

Taking surveys isnt going to make you get rich without a job, but if you want to do a few paid surveys for fun check out Survey Junkie.

Sell Stuff On Amazons Fba Program

With more consumers choosing to do the majority of their shopping online, its no surprise that selling on Amazon can be an excellent way to make money in your spare time.

If youre good at shopping and finding deals, then buying and reselling items on Amazon can be a great opportunity for you. The amount you can make will depend on a variety of factors. It can be fun way to make money without a job.

Jessica from The Selling Family started her business on eBay making $1,000 per month. When she switched to fulfillment by Amazon, she was up to scale her business to over $5,000 per month while working part-time.

If selling on Amazon FBA sounds like a fun opportunity for you, consider checking out Jessicas course, . Youll walk away from this course knowing exactly how to find items that will sell for high profit on Amazon, using the FBA program. Youll also learn how strategically price your products and get your listings on Amazon in front of eager buyers.

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Earn From Watching Videos

What if you can get earn extra just by watching videos day after day?

You can actually earn good money online by watching online videos. You can do this and make money while unemployed or even employed.

For example, InboxDollars is one that pays you to watch funny videos, latest news, and events, movie previews, etc.

You could earn up to $200 a month.

Mid Penn Bank Can Help You Manage Money While Unemployed

Ways to Make Money While Unemployed

Having money in the bank can give you peace of mind when you experience job loss or reduced income. Mid Penn Bank offers savings accounts to help you set up an emergency fund and credit cards to help you make ends meet when money is tight. To learn more about our accounts, loans and other offerings, contact us today or open an account.


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Never Delete Your Emails

It turns out deleting your emails especially email receipts can cost you money. I didnt know that before.

The lesson here: Never delete your email.

Believe it or not, many people are simply losing money instead of making more because of deleting their emails. Dont be that person.

Theres an app called Paribus, which gets you some back for your online purchases. In simple terms, you can get money even when unemployed or employed just by letting Paribus look at your receipts.

If it finds you a refund that is, when the products price drops) for an eligible purchase it will request a refund on your behalf.

Heres another benefit:

If your shipment is late , youll get some refunds, too. Alright, youre not going to generate more from this. That said, youre going to get refunds. Its that simple.

That in itself is worth trying this app.

Become A Voiceover Artist

No, you might not be on Kristen Bells level, but youve gotta start somewhere. Voiceover work is a flexible way to make some extra money on the side and from home.

Not sure where to start? Look into, an international online voice-over acting marketplace that helps vocal talent both professional and amateur find clients who need them.

Success story: Janna Polzin, a stay-at-home mom in Toronto, earns money as a voiceover artist. She finds gigs through I often walk away from my computer thinking, I cant believe I just made money from that! she says.

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Personal Loan Alternatives For The Unemployed

A personal loan is attractive because it doesnt require collateral. If the lender approves your loan, all you need to do to get your money is sign the loan agreement.

However, some folks wont qualify for personal loans, whether due to bad credit, unemployment, or some other reason. Luckily, consumers have alternatives beyond personal loans that can help address a temporary cash crunch:

All of the alternatives listed above require serious consideration evaluate each carefully if you do not qualify for a traditional personal loan to determine which may work for you.

How To Make Money Without A Traditional Job: Conclusion

Some Earning More Money On Unemployment Than While Working ...

You can start them now using your social media. Whether its pet sitting or teaching or something else, there are ways to produce more money fast. You could even turn this hustle while being unemployed into a million-dollar business later on.

Each of them will likely be effective for you only if you have time, commitment, and passion in them. That said, what works for one may not work well for others. Thats just how it goes.

Now, are you ready to make money while unemployed? Have you tried any of them before? Are you willing to try even the silliest ones to make cash and more of it on the side?

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How To Get Emergency Cash Assistance For Unemployed

If you need some temporary funding, make sure that you can qualify for the emergency cash assistance for unemployed. Find all things in yourself to make you eligible. Never look down just because you are a single parent, a person with a disability, a veteran, or other things that can meet the requirements. In fact, there are many types of the unemployment assistance programs available for the specific needs.

Your state government website is the valuable source to get some information about the emergency cash assistance for unemployed program you may qualify, therefore you have to check it. Get assistance to cover bills, rent, and other.

Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Are you creative and enjoy writing? Do you wish you could turn those writing skills into a successful career?

Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money online. And the best part is, you dont need to have a background in English or writing to get started. This can be a great way to make money without a job.

How much can you make freelance writing? As of May 2011, freelance writers earned a mean of $97,300 per year , according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To help you stand out from the crowd and jump-start your success, I recommend checking out Hollys e-coure: Earn More Writing. In her course, Holly will teach you the exact strategies she used to go from making $0 to over $225,000 from freelance writing.

Holly Johnson is a professional blogger and columist. Her course is different from other freelance writing programs because she actually teaches you how to find and land the type of work you want.

She also earns a living from freelance writing, not just selling courses. Youll learn from someone who knows the business and writes for a living. If youre serious about getting into freelance writing, you can learn more about her program and sign up here.

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Ways To Make Money Without A Job

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

You don’t need a job to earn income. Regardless of age, profession or education, there are ways to make money without a job in the traditional sense if a 9-to-5 doesn’t suit your needs. Some people want to make extra cash by working flexible side gigs or freelance work. Others may be able to capitalize on their profitable hobbies.

So whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or unemployed, we’ve got you covered with alternative ways to make money.

Things To Do While You’re Unemployed

8 Ways To Make Money While Looking For A Job

If youre unemployed and worried that employers will turn you down for taking on unimpressive work during the recession or for the large employment gaps on your résuméyou neednt panic. A survey released by the careers website last year revealed that the vast majority of employers are actually sympathetic to such circumstances.

Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder, said at the time of the survey, more than 40% of unemployed job seekers had been out of work for six months or longer. Theres a sense that such a long gap on a résumé negatively affects a candidates chances, but the survey shows that is not true, she said. Thats very positive news for this group of job seekers. If you fill the gaps with activities and experience that illustrate how you are still developing your skill sets, the overwhelming majority of employers will look past your unemployment and focus on what you can bring to their team.

Eighty-five percent of those surveyed employed had reported that they were more understanding of employment gaps post-recession. Ninety-four percent said they wouldnt have a lower opinion of a candidate who took on a position during the recession that was at a lower level than the one he or she had held previously.

Take a temporary or contract assignment.

Take a class.


Start your own business.

Start a professional blog

Follow stories on hot industries and job functions.

Make connections.

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Become A Wedding Officiant

Do you love love? Are you good at speaking in front of large crowds? Why not try your hand at officiating a wedding? After all, you can get ordained online for free.

Success story: We talked to Yvonne Doerre, who got ordained online for free. It took about five minutes. At the time, shed officiated about 20 weddings in the Washington D.C. area and charged between $300 and $500 per wedding.

Cut Back Where Possible

Reducing your spending and expenses goes hand-in-hand with keeping track of them. Once you review your expenses and see how youre spending money, decide where you can or need to reduce spending. It could be that youre buying many convenience foods at the store or that you buy a lot of fresh produce only to have it spoil before you eat it. Cutting back on either will help you reduce your spending and minimize food waste.

You can also make cuts to spending in other ways. One option is to combine your shopping trips or errands to use less gas, reducing your fuel and transportation costs. Carpooling with coworkers is another way to reduce commuting and transportation expenses. Turning your thermostat up or down a few degrees, depending on the season, will help you reduce your home energy use, saving money on your utilities.

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Consider Starting A Business

Is now really a good time to start a business? Opportunity sometimes springs out of extraordinary circumstances. For many who have been furloughed or laid off during the pandemicor who’ve needed to stay home with school-age childrennecessity has been a motivator. If you have in-demand skills to share, a sure-fire product or service idea and the resources to launch and market a business, starting your own business could be more feasible than you think. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have a skill you can market? Suppose you’ve been laid off from your job as a human resources manager. Could you outsource your skills to local businesses by the hour? You might be able to recoup your income and retain the flexibility to work from home and set your own hours.

Do you have an idea that solves a problem? Maybe you’ve invented a marketable product. Or you’ve cooked up the perfect recipe for a mobile, contact-free dessert delivery service. You may even see an opportunity to step into a local business someone is trying to sell. While it’s essential to think through the market challenges of starting a business in 2021, viable markets still exist. Your pandemic business idea may still have legs once the pandemic is over, or you may be able to evolve as the market changes.

Become A Virtual Assistant

10 Ways to make money while you are unemployed video

Do you have a knack for organizing? Individuals, groups and businesses often need administrative support. A virtual assistant helps businesses with day-to-day tasks like email management, bookkeeping and social media from a remote location.

Virtual assistant work can provide flexibility at a low startup cost to you. The average pay in 2021 for virtual assistants in the United States is about $19 per hour, according to in a midyear update.

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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

For recently unemployed people, they surely have the biggest burdens. One of the burdens is the loan debt they have to pay. Now, they have no income. Therefore, you have to focus on two things, the first is to find the cash assistance for unemployed. The second is to make sure that you are participating in student loan debt forgiveness. By doing this way, you should not worry to get bankrupt just to try to keep up with all payments when you are unemployed.

Make sure that you are qualified to get some kinds of student loan debt forgiveness. It does not take your time to check if you qualify, does not it? Therefore, it is easier for you to focus on finding income to deal with your debt.

Just because you have lost your job, the bills stop to come. You have many burdens that make you overwhelmed, especially with all the responsibilities. Therefore, you must calm down yourself. There are some programs to join. The programs are valuable to get cash and resources to keep your things well managed. Below, there are some programs you can try to get a help.

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