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What Bank Card Does Unemployment Use

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What You Can Do With Your Reliacard

Unemployment payment changes, DETR to begin use of new WAY2GO debit cards

With the ReliaCard®, you can:

  • Get quicker access to your benefits.
  • Avoid overdraft fees.
  • Make purchases* everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, including:
  • Visit to activate the card and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • When prompted, create a 4 digit Personal Identification Number to use at ATMs.
  • Sign the back of your card as soon as you activate it.
  • Your debit card is valid for 3 years after activation. Keep it in a secure location even after you stop claiming benefits. If you need to reopen or file a new claim, your benefits will be deposited on the same card.

How Do I Transfer Money From An Unemployment Debit Card To A Bank Account

If you want to move your unemployment funds off your debit card and into your checking or savings account, you have the option to do this. Transferring funds can be helpful when it comes to paying bills that you generally cant pay with a debit card, like your rent or mortgage. Before you make a transfer, however, check with the card issuer to see if they charge fees, and check with your local bank to see if it provides this service.

If I Want To Utilize The State Issued Debit Card What Must I Do

A state issued unemployment debit card is automatically mailed to you after filing your first initial unemployment compensation claim, along with information telling you how to activate the card and select a four digit PIN number. Once you activate the card, you can access available funds.

If you enrolled for direct deposit and want to change back to the unemployment debit card, contact your local office to tell them you want to use the debit card as your method of payment.

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Getting Your Unemployment Benefits On The Reliacard

Many states offer the choice of receiving unemployment benefits on the U.S. BankReliaCard.1 The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a surge in unemployment claims and a sharp increase in requests for this card.

To help you find information about using the ReliaCard for unemployment benefits, weve pulled together this FAQ list. For more general questions, visit our general ReliaCard FAQ page.

Watch Out For Potential Unemployment Scams

AL Vantage Card for Unemployment

During times of emergencies and natural disasters, the rates of scam activities increase. Its important to stay vigilant and aware of scammers who may pretend to be a government agency in order to gain access to your personal information.

Possible scams include emails, texts, phone calls, or social media messages that appear to come from the U.S. Department of Labor or your states unemployment office, asking you to verify your personal information, including your name, Social Security number, or bank account information. Scammers often also ask for up-front fees in order to process your payments or application.

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How To File For Unemployment

Each state handles its own unemployment insurance program. Find your state in the Department Of Labors website to get started.

Pro-tip: Before you file, make sure you have at least the following handy:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your drivers license or state ID card number
  • Your mailing address
  • Your previous employment information

What Time Will My Unemployment Benefits Be On My Card

Once your claim has been approved, your benefits can be deposited into your account as early as 2 business days after you request your weekly benefits. But each state ultimately works with a different payment schedule, so always check with your states unemployment office to find out the exact timeline.

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Whats An Unemployment Debit Card

An unemployment debit card is mailed to you after you apply for unemployment benefits through your state and can be used just like regular debit cards. For example, you can make purchases, withdraw cash, and pay your bills. But, once all of the money on the card has been spent, you cant use it again until you receive another unemployment payment deposit.

When you sign up for unemployment benefits, you can usually decide how to receive your payments. One payment method is via direct depositdebit payments made to your bank account. Another is by receiving an unemployment debit card. This card can also be referred to as a direct payment card or electronic payment card. The debit card issuer will also depend on what state your unemployment benefits are coming from. Most states use Mastercard, while some still issue Visa debit cards.

Option : Activate Your Card Online

Where is my unemployment debit card?

You can activate your debit card online on the Bank of America Maryland Unemployment Benefit debit card website.

Once there, click on Activate My Card as shown in the image below.

Next, you will be asked to enter your debit card number, as shown in the image below.

Once you have entered your debit card number, click Continue and follow the instructions to activate your card.

For security reasons you will need:

  • the 16-digit number that appears on the face of the card
  • the 3-digit card security number that appears on the back of the card
  • the last four digits of your social security number.

During the activation process, you will be asked to create a personal identification number .

The PIN can be used to make ATM withdrawals and PIN purchases

Once the card is activated, you will be given the account balance and may begin using it immediately.

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Us Bankwhich Administers The Atm Debit Cards For Maine Unemployment Benefits

Bank Card Information

How will I get my ReliaCard?

A ReliaCard will be sent to you when you complete an application for benefits unless you opt to sign up for Direct Deposit at the time of filing. If you are re-activating a previous claim and dont already have a card, youll be sent one at that time. The card will arrive in 7-10 business days in a plain, white, unmarked envelope with an Indianapolis IN return address. Please watch for it, and carefully go through your junk mail so that it is not accidentally thrown away.

Am I required to get a ReliaCard?

No. If you do not have a previous payment method established at the time of filing and opt to be paid via Direct Deposit, you will not receive a ReliaCard. Please store your ReliaCard in a secure location even if you later change your payment method to Direct Deposit so we can continue to get a payment to you as quickly as possible in the event that a deposit is returned by your financial institution.

What does the ReliaCard cost?

The ReliaCard is free. Some fees and surcharges may apply to certain transactions. In general:

  • Purchases : Free
  • ATMs: In-network Free at any U.S. Bank, MoneyPass or AllPoint ATM.
  • U.S. Bank ReliaCard In-Network ATM Listing
  • Find the nearest at: or
  • Out of network: 1 free per month. $1.75 thereafter.
  • A full fee schedule will also be included with your card packet and available on the cardholder website.

Where Can I Withdraw Money From My Unemployment Debit Card

You can use your unemployment debit card to withdraw cash using an ATM. But, beware: There may be fees if you withdraw money from a bank thats out of network. For this reason, its important to read the fine print on your state unemployment card before using it at an ATM. In general, youll have an unlimited number of fee-free withdrawals at ATMs listed with your unemployment debit card information and with in-person tellers at any bank that displays your card carriers logo.

You may also be able to use your unemployment debit card to make a purchase at millions of businesses, like grocery stores, that might even allow you to get cash back with your purchase.

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Benefits Of Maryland Unemployment Debit Card

There are several benefits to receiving your Maryland Unemployment benefits via the Bank of America issued debit card, versus via a check in the mail.

Here are the key benefits of the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Benefits Debit Card and why it is a great alternative to paper checks:

Benefits of the card include:

  • No more check-cashing fees
  • Use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in-stores, online, or by phone
  • Get access to cash at point of sale terminals, ATMs, and at Visa banks and credit unions
  • Use your cards to pay bills in person or online
  • Improves control over money take only what you need, when you need it
  • Account information and customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can transfer funds from your debit card to your own bank account.
  • Also, you can take the debit card to any Visa bank nationwide to make a cash withdrawal.

Protect Your Card Information

Unemployment Debit Cards

U.S Bank will not ask for sensitive account information such as your PIN, password, or account number via e-mail, phone, or text message. Beware of e-mail scams that try to steal your personal banking information by claiming there are problems with your unemployment payment, with your debit card, or with your account.

If you receive a phone call, e-mail or text asking for any such information, forward the note to and then delete the message. If you believe you may have accidentally shared your information, or if you have questions about your debit card, call U.S. Bank ReliaCard customer service at 800-657-6343.

For more information regarding schemes that target debit card users, or to learn how to recognize common scams and what you can do to avoid them, visit:

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Debit Card Benefit Payments

If you are eligible for unemployment benefits, it takes at least three weeks to process a claim for benefits and issue payment. We appreciate your patience.

If you choose to receive payments via a debit card, Bank of America will mail you a card once benefit payments are available. Due to the high volume of claims being processed, it may take a few extra days to receive your debit card in the mail.

If you received Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, or Paid Family Leave benefits on a debit card in the last three years, you will receive your benefit payments on that card.

  • If your card has been lost or stolen, you must contact Bank of America at 1-866-692-9374 . You do not need to have your old card number or speak to a representative. Choose the lost or stolen option in the automated menu.

Note: Bank of America representatives cannot answer questions about your claim or pending payments.

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Receive Your Unemployment Benefits By Debit Card

Please note: You may choose to receive your unemployment benefits by direct deposit or on a debit card. Prior to choosing, you must review the debit card disclosure information that explains all the fees relating to the benefits card program.

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard® is a reloadable, prepaid Visa® debit card issued by U.S. Bank. It provides an electronic option for receiving your benefit payments. It is not a credit card but works similarly to other debit cards.

Once funds are added to the card, you can use it to pay bills and make online, phone or mail-order purchases. You can also get cash back with purchases at participating merchants or withdraw cash at U.S. Bank ATMs, ATMs in the MoneyPass network and at participating Visa member bank branches. The amounts of purchases, bill payments or cash withdrawals are automatically deducted from the available balance on the card.

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Two Options For Receiving Benefits

The Unemployment Insurance Agency offers two options for receiving unemployment benefit payments. Claimants may choose to receive their benefits through a prepaid debit card, once they have read the pre-acquisition disclosures, or by direct deposit into their savings or checking account. Claimants must provide the necessary information to set up one of these two payment options in order to receive their benefit payments.

To use the direct deposit option, claimants must have an existing account with a U.S. financial institution. Benefits may be deposited into either a checking or savings account. Claimants will need their account number and the nine-digit routing number for their financial institution. Once the Direct Deposit option is set up, unemployment benefits will be electronically deposited into the claimant’s checking or savings account.

When You Will Receive The Card

How to use the Unemployment Prepaid Debit Card – Guide and Explainer Video by

If you are eligible, we will issue your first payment approximately four weeks after you apply for benefits. You should receive your ReliaCard in the mail within 10 business days after we send your first payment to U.S. Bank. After the first payment, you should receive payment on your ReliaCard account within two business days after we process your payment requests.

If you qualify for unemployment benefits, you will receive a ReliaCard if:

  • You do not sign up for direct deposit or you selected debit card as your payment option, or
  • You signed up for payment by direct deposit, but there was a problem verifying your bank account information.

Go to Changing Your Payment Option to change how you receive your benefit payments.

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Important Debit Card Information: Money Network Debit Card

Missouri has changed to Money Network® Visa debit card for unemployment benefit payments.

If you have an active unemployment claim or file a new claim and you choose your payment method as debit card, you will be mailed a Money Network® Visa debit card to the address on record at

If you did not receive a card, verify your mailing address is correct by visiting or contacting a Regional Claims Center.

Claimants with a balance left on a Missouri Access MasterCard debit card may still use the remaining balance on that card.Do not destroy your old card if theres a balance remaining.

Option : Log Into Your Account

The first option to checking the balance on your debit card is to log into your account.

to be taken there.

Once there, select sign in to your account by clicking the Sign in link.

Next, follow the instructions to enter your Username and password

If you do not remember your Username, click on the Need Username? or Forgot Username link as shown below.

Then follow the instructions to retrieve your username.

You will need your card number and the email address on file to successfully retrieve your username.

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Customer Service For Bank Of America Debit Cardholders And Lost/stolen Cards

How To Apply For Unemployment Debit Card

If your card is lost or stolen, the Bank of America Zero Liability Policy protects you against fraudulent transactions . Contact the North Carolina DES Debit Card Customer Service Center at 847-2026 to report your card lost or stolen and to request a replacement card.

If the card has been used, the bank will issue the replacement card in the amount of the remaining balance.

If the post office is unable to deliver a North Carolina DES Debit Card, it will be returned to the bank. Contact the North Carolina DES Debit Card Customer Service Center at 847-2026 to update your address information and request a new card be mailed to you.

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How Will I Know When Money Has Been Deposited Into By Account

You may choose to receive electronic notification that funds have been deposited into your account. You can request the notification to come via telephone or email. You may request telephone notification using the IVR at the time you activate your card or at any time after card activation. Follow the prompts to set up your phone notification preference. For email notification of deposits to your account, go to Set up your web ID and password and enter your email address. Each time a deposit is made on your account you will receive an email notification. Funds are available for withdrawal at 5:00PM the day they are deposited into your account.

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Final Thoughts: Get More Information

Your states unemployment office will have the most accurate and reliable information about their unemployment debit card and the answers to FAQs specific to your state. While most unemployment debit cards work in a similar way, there may be differences in fees and payment schedules, depending on which state you live in.

When using your unemployment debit card, its also a good idea totweak your budget to help keep track of your monthly expenses and spending. From there, you can put together a financial plan to help get ahead for the future.

This page is for informational purposes only. Chime does not provide financial, legal, or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for financial, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own financial, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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