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Life Insurance For Unemployed Spouse

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As self-evident as it may seem, a good way to help keep your family protected during your unemployment is to pursue an individual life insurance policy while you still have a job. Once you secure a policy, as long as you pay your premiums, it will continue without interference for the length of the term you designate. Planning ahead can save you a lot of headache when life deals you an unexpected hand.

Your spouse should also be an important consideration in the life insurance discussion. If you are not able to secure life insurance for yourself during your period of unemployment, it’s likely that your working spouse could. If they already have a policy, they can review and increase their coverage while you’re out of work. While this doesn’t offer full protection for your family, it is a good stopgap to help keep your family financially secure during hard times.

Losing a job is a difficult time, and just because you don’t currently have a salary doesn’t mean you no longer have a need to protect your assets or family. Life insurance during unemployment is possible. Get the process started now by trying our life insurance calculator tool or by requesting a quote online today.

Factors Affecting Life Insurance Of The Unemployed

There are two types of insurance plans available such as term life insurance and whole life plans. Term life insurance is affordable and has less premium. Unemployed people can get this type of insurance easily. The insurance company will consider the following factors, before approving insurance for them. These factors are as follows:

What You’ll Get With Income Protection Insurance

  • Regular monthly benefit if you can’t work due to incapacity caused by an illness, or an injury which results in a loss of earnings
  • Guaranteed premiums unless you make any changes to your plan or if you choose our Increasing Income Protection Benefit plan
  • Support with our return to work Rehabilitation Support Service
  • Flexibility to make changes such as the benefit amount
  • Wellbeing Support. We’ve partnered with RedArc Assured Limited whose registered nurses provide a wide range of phone-based wellbeing services. Find out more.

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What Is Spouse/domestic Partner Life Insurance

Purchasing supplemental life insurance for your spouse or domestic partner is doable, and sometimes you can also ask your employer to provide it. The coverage amount is low, up to $150,000 with premiums paid by the employer.

You may need an additional option of coverage if you feel that your spouse isnt protected under any other source of life insurance. This way a supplemental spouse life insurance will cover your spouse as well.

Experts say that it is better to go for a private supplemental life insurance because of portability. As long as the premiums are being paid, the policy will remain in force. Usually when an employee is covered under their employers plan, the policy is lapsed when they change jobs. So if the spouse wants to avoid this risk, opting for a privately managed plan is probably the best option.

Is Supplemental Life Insurance Worth It

Manulife LifeReady Plus Review

Now that you know what it is and how it works, the next step is to determine whether it is really worth the cost or not. There is no direct answer to this question because it fairly depends on several factors such as what is the current amount of coverage, why do you need additional coverage, do you have guaranteed expenses planned in the future etc.

The cost factor is one major reason for people to opt or drop this option.

This table gives an overview of the cost part with each coverage amount of supplemental life insurance plans.

Coverage Option

Note: Sample rates have been extracted online, courtesy of Iowa University.

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Should I Buy Life Insurance On My Spouse

Everyone provides a financial value to the household and a loss if theyre gone. Here are some common expenses you may want to consider when determining the amount of life insurance you need for your spouse.

  • Cost of childcare
  • Housework expenses
  • Food preparation
  • Any outstanding debts
  • Travel expenses and lodging
  • Counseling costs
  • Unforeseen medical billsBurial costs

Figure Out How Much You Need

Life insurance serves one single purpose: to replace the income of someone who dies OR to replace the value of the work done by an unemployed spouse . There are excellent life insurance needs calculators all at the tip of your google-finger. I like the one here at, but definitely try more than one to be sure your results are accurate. As much as I hate having to even think about it or mention it, I never recommend life insurance be purchased on children. Unless your child is the next Tiger Woods, what income would you be replacing?

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Funerals Are Not Cheap

Many people are shocked when they get the bill for a family members funeral and burial. In todays times, these processes can cost upwards of $10,000! This only adds to the stress of the already grief stricken surviving spouse, but this added burden can be avoided at the very least, a small life insurance policy should be taken out on the non-working spouse for these purposes.

Can I Make Changes To My Policy Or Increase My Monthly Payout

EXCLUSIVE: Audio recordings reveal how pastor and wife plotted murder for insurance payouts

To change your policy, just let us know and well be able to tell you if the change is possible and what your new premium will be.

You can increase your monthly payout at any time without needing to provide any further medical details if the section Changing Your Policy is shown in your policy booklet.

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How Private Unemployment Insurance Works

Unemployment coverage provides an ongoing contribution of an individuals regular income, usually for around three months. Private policies fill in the gaps of a persons income after the states unemployment insurance pays out. What to expect for employer or individual policies:

Employer supplemental unemployment benefits policy

A few insurance companies specialize in supplemental unemployment insurance for employers. The benefit of this type of employer policy is offsetting the costs of a traditional severance package as much as 50%.

  • Amount of coverage: The amount the employer takes out depends on the employees pay and how much the state unemployment pays. The more the state pays, the less coverage the employer needs. However, employees with high wages may need more coverage than low-wage workers.
  • Type of payment: The employee receives the benefits monthly and cannot take the amount as a lump-sum payment.
  • Time period insured: The employee receives benefits until the benefit period ends, usually 12 weeks, or until the employee finds another job. Some policies offer a bonus to those who are re-employed before the benefit period ends.

A separate layoff insurance policy

Individual layoff insurance policies may supplement the states benefits or work separately from the government. A policy that works separately from government benefits may not require you to file for state unemployment before cashing out for job loss.

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Life Insurance For Spouses Faqs

If both spouses provide some level of support for the family, then both people should have life insurance coverage. The amount of life insurance needed varies based on each spouses income or contribution to the household , and outstanding individual or joint debts.

The cost of life insurance isnt impacted by marital status. It depends on factors such as your health, age, lifestyle, and gender.

If you or your spouse would lose each others financial support in their absence, both of you should consider getting life insurance. Spouses and domestic partners usually share financial responsibilities, from everyday expenses to a mortgage to the cost of raising children if they have them. A life insurance policy would provide continuing financial stability and peace of mind to both spouses and their dependents.

As long as you can prove insurable interest in other words, proof of the financial loss the dependent will face if the insured dies you can take out a life insurance policy on someone else, including your spouse. But your spouse needs to participate in the application process and sign the policy.

Your spouse needs to be a willing participant in the application process and sign the policy. Trying to get life insurance on someone else without their consent is considered insurance fraud.

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What Is The Difference Between Life Insurance And Spouse Life Insurance

The best spouse life insurance will be a policy that offers the most comprehensive coverage for a competitive price and is easy to be approved for. For most couples, regardless of their marital status, buying two separate life insurance policies will provide that option. Each spouse can purchase the policy that offers the best premiums and benefits based on their health, gender, age, and lifestyle, and then name their spouse as their primary beneficiary.

Joint life insurance a policy that covers both spouses on the other hand, is a unique option for couples, and in some particular cases, it can be the right choice. However, separate life insurance policies are more popular because they are cheaper and offer more robust coverage for couples. Plus, in case of a divorce, splitting up joint policy can get tricky.

A joint policy is rarely a good idea, says Policygenius senior sales associate Warren Robbins. By buying separate policies for you and your spouse, you ensure each of you is getting the best premium rates for your specific health profile, age, and gender. With a joint policy, you could end up paying more to accommodate one persons older age or health status.

Can You Get Life Insurance If Youre Disabled And Unable To Work

Life Ready Plus

Having a disability doesnt prohibit you from buying life insurance, but if youre also unable to work, you may not qualify for a traditional policy. Whether a provider insures you depends on the specifics of your disability.

If your disability is related to a medical condition, you may be declined coverage due to your health history. If youre permanently unable to work, its likely youll face coverage denials because its difficult to prove financial justification for a policy without a current or future income.

If you dont qualify for traditional life insurance coverage, guaranteed life insurance is one way to get some protection for your family. Coverage amounts are lower and premiums are higher than traditional coverage, but guaranteed issue policies offer near-certain acceptance as long as you can afford it.

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How Much Life Insurance Do Spouses Need

The coverage required will depend on how much income or assistance the insurance would replace for dependents, such as future education costs for children, home mortgages, debts, etc.

For example, many households buy life insurance for the primary income provider. But it doesnt imply the non-earning spouse shouldnt consider getting life insurance coverage. The spouses life insurance may cover the homes upkeep expenses.

According to the ascent, as a general rule, multiply annual income by ten and add it to all debts. For instance, someone earns $50,000 yearly and has $250,000 in debt. Then, they should increase their salary by 10 to obtain $500,000 and add the $250,000 in debt to get $750,000 insurance.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need

In most cases, if you have no dependents and have enough money to pay your final expenses, you dont need any life insurance.

If you want to create an inheritance or make a charitable contribution, buy enough life insurance to achieve those goals.

If you have dependents, buy enough life insurance so that, when combined with other sources of income, it will replace the income you now generate for them, plus enough to offset any additional expenses they will incur to replace services you provide . Also, your family might need extra money to make some changes after you die. For example, they may want to relocate, or your spouse may need to go back to school to be in a better position to help support the family.

You should also plan to replace hidden income that would be lost at death. Hidden income is income that you receive through your employment but that isnt part of your gross wages. It includes things like your employers subsidy of your health insurance premium, the matching contribution to your 401 plan, and many other perks, large and small. This is an often-overlooked insurance need: the cost of replacing just your health insurance and retirement contributions could be the equivalent of $2,000 per month or more.

Of course, you should also plan for expenses that arise at death. These include the funeral costs, taxes and administrative costs associated with winding up an estate and passing property to heirs. At a minimum, plan for $15,000.

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What Happens If I Cant Maintain My Life Insurance Policy Premiums

If you can no longer pay the premium on your life insurance policy, its important to be upfront and honest with your life insurance carrier. Due to the global pandemic, many life insurance companies are offering a grace period or special assistance to help those experiencing a temporary loss of employment or income.

How Would You Pay Your Bills If You Couldn’t Work

Quirk In Illinois State Law Voids Life Insurance Benefits For Ex-Spouses Upon Divorce

For most of us, being unable to work for medical reasons would present a serious financial challenge. What would happen to you or your loved ones if you couldnt work due to illness or injury which resulted in a loss of earnings? How would you cover your outstanding bills like rent, mortgage or other living costs.

Income protection insurance can give you the peace of mind you deserve. A loss of earnings could have a real financial impact on any familys lifestyle, and income protection insurance is designed to meet the needs of people who want to protect against this, by paying out a regular monthly amount.

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How Does An Insurance Company Know If Someone Died By Suicide

When a policyholder dies, and their beneficiaries file a claim, the insurance company will request a death certificate. The death certificate would describe the cause of death and note if the persons death was self-inflicted.

If the death certificate is inconclusive or includes a questionable cause of death, the insurance company may require additional documentation, such as an autopsy report, a medical examiner report, an EMS report, or the persons medical records.

Because deaths by suicide can take longer to investigate, the beneficiaries might experience a delay in receiving the life insurance policys benefit.

While the claims process can be more complex and time-consuming, beneficiaries shouldnt let that deter them from filing a claim. They may be entitled to benefits that could help them financially as they try to recover from the tragedy.

How Spouses Can Shop For Life Insurance Together

After you and your partner determine how much life insurance you need, the rest of the buying process is the same as it is for single shoppers.

  • Determine how much life insurance you need as a couple By figuring out the right amount oflife insurance you need and a term policys length that makes sense for your family, you can avoid overpaying for coverage.

  • Choose a beneficiary Most spouses shopping together choose their partner as the primary beneficiary, though you also have the option of choosing your children or even an institution.

  • Consider community property laws If you live in Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, or Wisconsin, you need your spouses consent to name someone other than them as your beneficiary.

  • Decide between term or whole life insurance A term life insurance policy offers coverage for a specific period of time, anywhere from 5 to 40 years, while a permanent life insurance policy lasts your entire life.

  • Pick the right life insurance company The health status of both you and your spouse will likely determine what life insurance company you purchase your policy from. Some are better than others at accommodating health conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol and providing lower premiums for applicants with those conditions.

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  • What Is A Spouse Life Insurance

    42 Life insurance quotes that

    Essentially, spouse life insurance is life insurance coverage purchased for a spouse or partner. Depending on the type of insurance you purchase, spouse insurance may cover a husband, wife, common-law spouse or domestic partner. … It’s purchased by your partner or spouse, who is usually the primary beneficiary.

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    How A Life Insurance Company Views Different Types Of Unemployment

    Unemployment isnt a simple yes or no question to a life insurance company. When looking at the application of a prospective policyholder, theyll also consider things such as the reason and the length of their unemployment. Depending on your circumstances of unemployment, you may still have good chances of qualifying for protection.

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