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How To Win An Unemployment Appeal In Illinois

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What Are Good Causes For Misconduct

How an Unemployment Insurance appeal hearing sounds TIPS to WIN

Although it is your employers responsibility to prove your misconduct and you technically dont have to prove anything, the right information can help refute your employers claims.

The idea is to have justified reason for any accusation of willful misconduct that your employer might bring against you. Also, employees who engage in self-defense at the workplace may still be entitled to unemployment compensation benefits. Below reasons are listed that can justify an employees misconduct. If any apply to your situation, be sure to note the item so you can gather information to support your claim.

If an employer cites your misconduct as violations of company rules or tardiness, the following lists are considered good causes for an employees misconduct.

How To Appeal An Unemployment Overpayment

If your state unemployment agency sends you an overpayment notice, it means it believes you received unemployment benefits for which you were not entitled. The alleged overpayments may have occurred if the unemployment agency believes you didn’t report part-time earnings while collecting benefits, or went back to work and continued to collect benefits after starting a full-time job. Although each state’s laws and procedures for appealing overpayment differ, most unemployment departments require you to prove you were entitled to the benefits or that you didn’t receive the overpayment due to fraudulent activity on your part.

What Should I Do If I Cannot Attend The Hearing

You should contact the hearing department to find out how to request an adjournment of your hearing. Make sure to follow up any such request in writing in order to make a paper record. You should explain why you are unable to attend and ask for it to be rescheduled. In some states , the agency may deny your request for an adjournment, but will still allow you to request a new hearing after the first hearing goes forward without you.

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How To Generate An Esignature For The Ides Appeal Form On Android

In order to add an electronic signature to a ides illinois typed, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Log in to your signNow account. If you havent made one yet, you can, through Google or Facebook.
  • Add the PDF you want to work with using your camera or cloud storage by clicking on the + symbol.
  • Select the area where you want to insert your eSignature and then draw it in the popup window.
  • Confirm and place it by clicking on the symbol and then save the changes.
  • If you need to share the appeal unemployment decision illinois with other parties, it is possible to send the file by e-mail. With signNow, you can eSign as many papers daily as you require at an affordable price. Start automating your eSignature workflows right now.

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    What Happens If I Win My Appeal

    If you win the appeal, you will be entitled to collect benefits in the future. You will also be entitled to collect any benefits that you certified for but were not paid following the initial determination of ineligibility. Therefore, it is critical that you continue to certify for benefits while you are awaiting your appeal. Your employer may still appeal the new decision to a higher level. Watch for any correspondence from the employer or the unemployment agency. You may be required to submit a written letter explaining why the appeal decision was correct.

    Protecting Employers Since 1985

    There are many strategies that an employer should use to increase its chances of winning when protesting an Illinois Department of Employment Security claim for unemployment insurance benefits by a former employee .

    The unemployment insurance system is set up in such a way that the Claimant will usually get unemployment insurance benefits unless the employer effectively protests the claim. In other words, employers police the Illinois Unemployment Insurance system. Unless the employer puts forward a good reason why the IDES should not give the Claimant unemployment insurance benefits, then the Claimant will be successful in obtaining the unemployment insurance benefits .

    There is a strong motivation for employers to protest unemployment insurance claims. With each claim that is charged to the employers unemployment insurance account number, the employers unemployment insurance rate goes up. For 2013, the lowest rate an employer can have in Illinois is .550% and the highest rate an employer can have in Illinois is 8.950%.

    The employers unemployment insurance rate is multiplied times the amount of money an employee earns for 2013 up to the wage base of $12,900 . An employer can significantly decrease its overhead as far as what it pays in contributions/premiums to the IDES by aggressively and intelligently protesting unemployment insurance claims.

    The following list comprises my 10 best strategy tips on how to successfully protest an IDES Claim:

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    Maintaining An Orderly Call

    The ALJ will maintain order on the call. He opens the call with the name of each party involved in the appeal, details of the case and the reason for the appeal. The judge presents an opportunity for each party to state the facts of the case. These facts include details surrounding your unemployment, including who is at fault and why the party is at fault. Only one party is permitted to speak at once. When speaking, only speak directly to the ALJ, not the other party, unless the ALJ gives you permission to cross-examine your employer. You are allowed to have attorney representation on the call. In this case, the attorney speaks on your behalf.

    Employer May Contest The Claim

    The top 10 ways to win an unemployment compensation hearing

    After an employee files a petition, the employer has a right to contest the unemployment claim. Often, the employer alleges that the employee was either fired for misconduct or left voluntarily, and therefore is not eligible for benefits. IDES will provide a contest form for the employer. The employer has only ten days from the date of the letter to respond. If the employer misses this deadline, the case is over and the employee gets benefits. This is a very strict rule, and it is enforced very aggressively by IDES.

    If the employer’s protest is filed on time, the case goes to an IDES caseworker. The caseworker has absolute discretion in deciding the issue. The caseworker might schedule an interview with the employee or make a decision based on the evidence presented. At this stage, the main question is whether the employee’s claim is trustworthy and accurate. No evidence is required from the employer.

    The caseworker will mail a letter of determination to both parties. From the date of the letter, the losing party has 30 days to appeal this decision. The letter explains how to appeal. Usually, appeals must be filed with the local office where the employer is located. Also, the quickest and easiest way to file an appeal is to send it by fax. If you submit your appeal by fax, make sure you print out a confirmation page and attach it to the appeal letter. If you mail your appeal, make sure you make a copy of the envelope with a postmark reflecting the date you mailed it.

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    Taking The Process Seriously

    Even before a claim is filed, employers should have a system in place to help them decide which documents to retrieve and review, whom to interview, and how to quickly gather relevant information. Winning unemployment hearings depends on devoting the proper time and effort to preparing. A lack of preparation by the employer will not go unnoticed by the hearing judge.

    Getting Fired For Misconduct

    In Illinois, you are not eligible for benefits if you were fired for misconduct. For example, if you were fired for drinking on the job or stealing from the company, you will likely be disqualified from receiving benefits. On the other hand, if you were simply a poor fit or lacked the skills to perform your job, you will probably still be eligible for benefits.

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    Filing For Unemployment In Illinois

    Employees who are terminated can file for unemployment benefits with the Illinois Department of Employment Security . This can be done online or in person at an IDES office. Filing is free, and every application will be accepted. There are several procedural stages that might take place after the employee files a request for benefits.

    How To File A Illinois Unemployment Appeal

    Unemployment Appeal To Circuit Court

    If you feel like you need to file an unemployment appeal, you can do so by:

    1. Go to the Illinois unemployment website and click on Appeal. 2. Contact your unemployment counselor. 3. File a claim directly with the Illinois Board of Labor. 4. Contact a labor attorney.

    What are some reason that you might need to file an unemployment appeal?

    1. You feel like you did not receive the full amount of your unemployment benefits. 2. You feel like you were treated unfairly or discriminated against. 3. You feel like you were denied for unemployment benefits inappropriately. 4. You feel like your employer is trying to block you from receiving unemployment benefits when you are legitimately entitled and eligible to receive them. 5. You think that your unemployment benefits ran out too soon. 6. You believe that your unemployment application was incorrectly or unfairly judged or handled.

    The staff of the Illinois unemployment offices are very diligent and professional counselors who genuinely want to help you, but sometimes mistakes are made. If you feel like something has gone wrong during your unemployment case that has affected the benefits that you receive, you can file a Illinois unemployment appeal in order to have your case reviewed. Do this as soon as possible. Do not let too much time pass, or it may be too late.

    Still Have Questions?

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    Only Focus On What You Can Prove

    Like a court of law, circumstantial evidence is not enough to prove misconduct in an unemployment claim dispute. Its not sufficient for there to be a dotted line to the claimant, but a solid bold line.

    This issue often comes into play in cases where the employee was fired for theft. It is only natural that employers take this personally, due to the intrusive nature of the offense. However, strong emotions can lead to a loss of objectivity. Can you really prove that the employee committed the offense? Or are you going more by assumption? If you cant prove it conclusively, is there another policy that the employee violated that you CAN prove, such as failing in his or her duty to secure the safe or violating a cash handling policy?

    Instructions And Help About Illinois Notice Appeal

    unemployment insurance is a complex government program and each case is different there are many varying circumstances that can lead to an individual claim being denied if you’ve been disqualified from receiving unemployment insurance and believe a mistake has been made you have the right to file a written appeal the same day you file for unemployment we send a copy of your claim to your employer that’s why it’s always important to be truthful when filing your unemployment claim make sure you list the real reason why you’ve separated from your employer because if there’s a difference between what you say happened and what your employer says happened we’ll investigate some common reasons for being denied include you lost your job due to misconduct you quit your job without good cause you’re not able to work you have a medical condition that prevents you from working you don’t have transportation you don’t have someone to care for your children while you work you’re not a US citizen and

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    How To Protect Your Claim

    The more documentation you can provide to support your claim for unemployment benefits, the more likely you will be to prove your eligibility successfully. You should assemble any doctors notes, emails, HR files, letters from supervisors and colleagues, and any other supporting evidence of the legitimacy of your claim.

    Your employer will be required to do the same, and the appeals board will make a determination of whose claim will prevail.

    Be sure to file your appeal before the deadline, and continue to file for benefits while the appeals process plays out, or you will not receive benefits during that time.

    Both parties are allowed to appeal the decision, and the appeals board will determine the outcome during a hearing. You will need to attend every meeting, or have a written legitimate excuse, or you risk losing your case.

    How Do I Appeal

    How to apply for unemployment in IL

    The best way to appeal is online. Log into your eService account, select the claim that has the denial on it, then select the Decision status tab, look for the decision you want to appeal, and choose Appeal.

    You can also use our appeal request template or write a letter requesting an appeal. You can fax it to 800-301-1795 or mail it to:

    Claims Center Appeals

    You cannot appeal over the phone or by e-mail.

    Employers may also appeal

    Your last employer, any base-year employer, or any employer you refused an offer of work from also has the right to appeal any written decision we send them about your unemployment benefits.

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    For What Reasons Can You Be Denied Unemployment

    If your unemployment claim is denied, you will receive a Claims Adjudicator’s Determination from the Illinois Department of Employment Security . The determination will explain why your claim was denied and provide information on the appeals process.

    Common reasons why unemployment claims are denied include:

    How Long Does An Unemployment Appeal Take In Illinois

    The Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act provides that the Board of Review must make its judgment within 120 calendar days of the date on which the appeal was filed with the Board, with the exception of the circumstances indicated below. The majority of Board decisions are released far in advance of the 120-day deadline.

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    What Is Fault In Causing The Overpayment

    Fault is lying to the DUA or intentionally not telling them all the information they need to calculate the right amount of Unemployment Insurance for you. This includes failing to tell the DUA information that you knew, or should have known, that would change whether you should get Unemployment Insurance, or how much you should get. Fault would also be accepting a UI benefit check you knew, or should have known, was incorrect.


    If you began working while you were collecting Unemployment Insurance benefits and you did not report your wages to the DUA, you would be at fault in causing the overpayment. Or if you dont have any children but you claimed a child as a dependent in order to collect the extra $25 weekly dependent allowance, you would also be at fault.

    DUA has the burden to show that you were at fault. But be sure to submit to DUA whatever proof you have to show you were not at fault.

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    Failing To Meet The Earnings Requirements

    Letter To Protest Unemployment Benefits / Sample Letter Protest ...

    To qualify for benefits in Illinois , you must have earned a minimum amount in wages from employers who are covered by the state’s unemployment laws during a 12-month stretch called the “base period.” In Illinois, you must have earned at least $1,600 in the base period, and at least $440 of that must be earned outside of your highest-paid quarter.

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    How To Win An Unemployment Appeal Due To Misconduct

    When your job is terminated or has its hours reduced, you are eligible for unemployment compensation in many instances. Two primary reasons an unemployment claim may be denied are because you quit your job or because you were fired by your employer because of misconduct. If you dispute your employer’s accusation of misconduct, you can appeal the denial of your unemployment claim and present facts, testimony and evidence to a judge at an unemployment hearing. If you win the case, you will be awarded your unemployment benefits.

    Review your unemployment case file. Your local unemployment office will have access to this file or provide you with details on how to view the information. Some states have limits on the amount of photocopies you can make of pages within your case file, but you can view the entire file and take notes as needed on all the included content.

    Write down your own version of events or situations that were reported in your case file as misconduct. Putting your own recollections down on paper immediately will help keep conversations fresh in the days and weeks leading up to your hearing, and will help you prepare for the questions the judge will ask.

    Outline the points you want to make at your hearing on a notepad. Consult these notes during your hearing to ensure that all relevant information is brought forward.




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