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How To Make Money While On Unemployment

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Pick Up A Delivery Job

Ways to Make Money While Unemployed

Yes, newspaper routes still exist, and they arent just for teenagers. With a good earning potential, a delivery gig can really help your bills while youre unemployed. Online job listings typically have several openings for drivers to deliver newspapers, real estate flyers and other materials to both residential and business addresses. Deliveries are usually completed in the early morning hours, leaving you plenty of time to pursue job hunting and schedule interviews during the day.

There may also be opportunities in your area to pick up freelance delivery work with sites like Amazon, Uber Eats, Shipt and DoorDash. While this is an option that allows you to make some fast cash on a flexible schedule do your research before signing on and make sure youll get a decent profit out of your time and energy.

Become A Customer Service Representative

While companies outsource this type of position overseas, some companies choose to hire stay-at-home moms or dads to do such an opportunity.

According to Ziprecruiter, the national average pay for this type jo is $17/hour or $35,934 per year plus bonus and other incentives.

While the pay isnt that high, this can be rewarding if you like providing services to people or interacting with them.

Where do you look for these kinds of opportunities? Indeed is a great platform for this. As of this writing, there are over 845 openings for CSR positions.

Sign Up With Doordash They Need Help

The global pandemic has people afraid to go to the grocery store or out to eat. Actually, in many places, grocery stores are low on supplies, and restaurants are shutting down.

The result is that many people are not able to find what they are looking for at the store. And, many are just afraid of catching the virus at a restaurant. Thats where youll come in.

Help support your community while making some extra cash by applying to work for food delivery and meal services like Uber Eats, Postmates, or Door Dash.

Sam, a personal finance expert and co-founder of How To FIRE says, Even the cheapest meal delivery service will make a tough situation easier for those stuck at home. If they cant find the food they are looking for, help bring it to them. Also, many kids are home from school right now, so make a hectic situation easier for parents!

Make sure you follow all federal and state guidelines for staying safe and healthy, but you can expect to make upwards of $12 per hour with this side hustle.

Just remember to keep your hands and car clean with frequent washing, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes!

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Am I Eligible For Florida Unemployment Benefits

To qualify for unemployment compensation in Florida, you must be out of work through no fault of your own and have earned a minimum of $3,400 during a 12-month period. Its important to note that for the first four of the five quarters before filing your Florida unemployment benefits claim that you are :

  • a U.S. citizen or have a permit to work in the United States
  • have worked for an employer covered by the states unemployment insurance law
  • are able and available for work

If you quit your job, you are not eligible for Florida unemployment compensation unless you quit because:

  • of illness or disability
  • of unsolvable problems at work, such as discrimination, harassment, or unsafe working conditions
  • your spouse is in the military and was ordered to relocate permanently

If misconduct led to your firing, you are not eligible for unemployment compensation. Florida defines misconduct as:

States Waiving Work Search Requirements For Unemployment Benefits

how to make money while pregnant and unemployed

People applying for unemployment benefits would usually be required to look for a job on a weekly basis and log their work search activities.

This could be a pointless undertaking if your industry isn’t hiring right now, or if you have your own job to return to once businesses start opening up again. A number of states, including New York, are exempting furloughed employees from their unemployment work search requirement that means you wouldn’t have to look for a job if your employer has told you it expects to rehire you as the coronavirus slows down. But like many states, New York is only extending this leniency to workers who are out of work as a result of the coronavirus.

Other state programs are waiving the job-search requirement for a limited period of time . In Florida, for example, the waiver applies only to unemployment claims filed before May 30. If you live in a state whose waiver expires, shown in green in the map below, you should check back as the scheduled end date approaches. Many places have extended any time limits, as uncertainty around the pandemic continues.

Note that, even if you live in a place like Texas or California where the job search requirement has been scrapped completely you might still need to register through your state’s job search portal to receive benefits. To find out for sure, head to the link in your state description in the map above.

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Talk To Friends Or Family

Your loved ones may be able to provide you with some support and assistance while youre out of work. Even if they cannot give you money, they might be willing to help in other ways. A sibling can give you clothing to cut some smaller costs. A friend can give you rides to and from places so you dont have to pay for fuel or wear and tear on your own vehicle.

Your social circle can also help you with the job search, giving you leads or helping you network.

Check All Your Options

It’s never easy to figure out how to survive unemployment. However, with a plan in place and when you know all your options, you have a better chance of figuring how to survive without a job â at least in the short term until you can find new employment.

If you lost your job due to COVID-19, check to see if you qualify for any benefits. Talk to your creditors about postponing your loan payments. Look for other ways to get money, such as a side hustle. And consider dipping into your retirement account and other funds. While it’s not fun to be unemployed, with the right budget and patience, you can hopefully be back in the workforce in no time.

So You Want to Learn About Investing?

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Buy And Sell Domain Names

A domain name is just a website address and there are lots of extensions .

They cost as little as $0.99 to register with GoDaddy.com yet premium domain names can fetch $1,000s if not millions when sold on. In 2007 VacationRentals.com went for a cool $35m!

Now youre probably not going to come across anything like that, but you can still turn a quick profit with a bit of searching. The trick is to find available domain names which have some commercial value, snap them up and then list them for sale on a site like Sedo.com.

Where Do I Submit My Claim For Unemployment Benefits

10 Ways to make money while you are unemployed video

Minnesota unemployment applications are accepted Sunday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. You should apply for unemployment online as soon as you become unemployed or your work hours are reduced significantly. You must apply on the day of the week that corresponds with the last digit of your Social Security number:

  • Last digit is 0, 1, or 2: Monday
  • Last digit is 3, 4, or 5: Tuesday
  • Last digit is 6, 7, 8, or 9: Wednesday

If you miss your assigned day, you can file on Thursday or Friday.

Minnesota offers limited phone support for unemployment claims filing. You can reach a customer service representative with questions about your application on Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the following numbers:

Customer service lines are open Monday through Friday with limited hours for application assistance. Call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Friday for help filing a claim. Weekday customer service hours vary for questions about claims payments, passwords, and account access.

Online assistance can be accessed at //uimn.org/applicants/help-support

You can also receive assistance by visiting one of several Minnesota unemployment office locations.

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Can You Claim Maternity Allowance If You Are Unemployed

When you can get Maternity Allowance

You might be able to get Maternity Allowance if you cant get statutory maternity pay. It comes from the government rather than your employer. You can usually get Maternity Allowance if youve been employed or self-employed for 26 weeks in the 66 weeks before your due date.

Work On A Side Hustle

Figure out how to make money while unemployed. Depending on your state, you might be able to bring in money with a side gig while still collecting your unemployment benefits. Working on a side hustle helps you bring in a little extra money while keeping you afloat.

Signing up for delivery services like Instacart and DoorDash, and working on your own business can help you bring in money. Look at gig-economy jobs like UberEats as more people order in. Plus, you might be able to grow a side hustle â like freelancing, consulting, or something else âinto a full-time income down the road.

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Getting By In The Great Resignation: How People Who Quit Or Retired Are Making Ends Meet Many Are Counting On Their Savings And Social Security

In discussing the surge of workers quitting or retiring during the coronavirus pandemic, one question that I keep hearing, and that I asked last week, is: How are people who abruptly quit or retired from their jobs getting by financially?

Some retirees said that although the pandemic nudged them into retirement faster than they expected, it also brought relief from the expenses incurred in pursuing their careers.

I need to buy clothes or shoes for work, fill the gas tank three times a week, pay for parking, etc., wrote Sandy Marasco in an email. After being laid off from her pharmaceutical industry job in Cambridge, Mass., early during the pandemic, Marasco used her severance package to pay off her mortgage.

She then lived off her savings and state unemployment benefits through 18 months of unsuccessful job-searching before realizing that her earlier goal of working full-time until age 70 no longer appealed to her. Marasco now gets by on Social Security and a 401 retirement plan.

Kathleen Corcoran had concerns about giving up the golden handcuffs of a full-time job in the high-cost D.C. metro area when she retired from her communications career. But no full-time salary could allow her to buy what she really wanted: time.

How I Survived Unemployment

Need Some Cash? 10 Ways to Know How to Make Money While ...

I have never lived through a Depression, and I was not in the workforce during the last recession . I have been unemployed, though. Some of my experiences are not the same. For example, the chances are that we are in this for the long haul. Whole industries are being upended, and the long-term ramification will be felt for a while. However, I do have some tips that can apply regardless of the terms of unemployment. Recession or no recession, the rules remain the same.

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Always Negotiate A Severance And Get Laid Off

Hopefully you have not been laid off yet and are just planning ahead. But if you have been laid off, you absolutely should claim unemployment insurance ASAP. You have every right to collect unemployment insurance every week for ~26 weeks from your state because your firm and you paid into your unemployment benefits while working.

If you havent been laid off yet, good. Never quit your job, get laid off. If you get laid off, you can collect unemployment benefits. If you quit your job, you cannot qualify for unemployment benefits because the government will rightfully reason that you dont need unemployment benefits since you quit.

Further, you should always try and get laid off and negotiate a severance. Not only can you collect unemployment benefits, you can potentially get a severance check that pays you 1-3 weeks of salary for every year you worked. You may also be able to receive all your deferred compensation as well.

I negotiated a severance in 2012 and received a six-figure severance check and ALL my deferred stock and cash compensation that paid out until 2017. Thats 5 years worth of income. If I quit, I would have got nothing!

Am Usually Paid In Cash

In most states, you can file a good-faith attestation of what you were paid, which is how tipped workers like servers and baristas generally qualify for UI, Evermore says. Since these workers have to claim tips to pay taxes on them, there are generally already records available they can refer to.

You can still file a good-faith attestation if you don’t have documentation, but your odds of getting UI is slimmer.

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Should You Start Investing

Investing has certainly been in the news this year, which has put a spotlight on scores of individual investors trading stocks for fun and maybe even profit. In fact, it’s not just short-term stock trading that is in play: From Bitcoin to foreign exchange trading, investing has become a hot topic and a potential source of income among everyday people.

Could this be for you?

Investing can be a valuable source of passive income, but it’s also a risky way to make money. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of making money on investments, be sure to take the time to understand the full range of options available and what their pros and cons might be.

Traditional long-term investmentslike the ones that help you save for retirementdeploy a few common tactics to reduce risk:

Short-term trading doesn’t really operate on these principles. Instead, they rely on quick wins that can be turned into bigger investments. Can you make money doing this type of trading? Potentially, yes. But you can also lose a lot of money, which is especially catastrophic if you’re already in financial straits.

If you’ve considered all the risks and are still interested in this type of investing, you might first try your hand using a simulator and fake cash. Be prepared to invest a lot of time learning how trading works and keeping up with news about the market. Start small. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. And be ready to track your earnings so you can pay taxes on them.

Talk To Your Employer About Leave

Ways to Make Income While Unemployed

You should discuss your plans for taking leave with your employer before your baby is born. You should give them written notice at least 10 weeks before you plan to start your leave.

If you plan to get Parental Leave Pay, you should tell your employer. They may need to provide the Parental Leave Pay funds to you.

Read about your rights and how to take leave from work on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Use the Supporting Working Parents website to find out about your rights in the workplace:

  • while pregnant
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    Can I File For Unemployment Benefits If I Am A Freelancer

    Under normal circumstances freelancers wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment benefits. However, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Congress passed the CARES Act which includes a provision allowing states to extend special Pandemic Unemployment Benefits to self-employed individuals through July 2020.That means freelancers are temporarily eligible to receive unemployment benefits, so long as they can document their income. Check with your state unemployment offices for more information on how to apply.

    Side Businesses To Set Up From Home

    If you are one of the rising number of people working part-time, earn some extra cash in dog walking or rampant veg growing Top tips for working at home

    Happy days are here again or so you might assume from a recent wave of optimistic reports about the economic outlook and rising consumer confidence. But while unemployment is down, the latest labour market figures reveal a surge in part-time jobs as employers remain anxious about long-term recovery prospects, suggesting it may not be time to hang out the bunting just yet.

    With more of us working fewer hours and with a resulting earnings gap to close, theres arguably never been a better time to set up a business you can run in your spare time from home. Whether its to help make ends meet, or to follow your passion, or maybe even both, weve asked the experts to come up with 50 practical and cheap ways to make some extra cash.

    Our list may not be exhaustive, nor may it put you on the path to riches and early retirement, but hopefully it will get you thinking. And if you have any better ideas, let us know by emailing .

    1 Antiques/collectibles dealing Know your stuff when it comes to certain kinds of collectibles? If so this can be a great way to make money from a hobby. Trading sites such as eBay make it easier than ever to reach your target market, according to Trent Hamm, author of US money-saving blog thesimpledollar.com. I had some success with this myself in the past, trading cards and video games, he says.

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