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What Time Does Unemployment Deposit Money Indiana

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How To File For Unemployment Insurance In Indiana

Unemployment benefits extended payment delay expected

Create an account with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development by clicking “New User Registration.” If you already have an account, sign in to your account.

To create an account, users should enter their first and last name, Social Security number and date of birth, in addition to their email, password and security question. The account will be created once users agree to the terms of service and verify their email address. You should then be able to log in to your account.

Once logged in, you will be asked for your phone number, mailing address, and demographic information , in addition to the information present on your driver’s license or valid ID.

Creating A Profile On Uplink

  • Be aware that lots of people are applying all at once. Youll most likely see some error messages like The connection must be reset. Dont worry: Just keep refreshing the page in your internet browser until it works.
  • Go to Indianas Department of Workforce Development unemployment webpage and find the Uplink unemployment application.
  • When you start, it will ask for a lot of personal information. According to Stephen Woodbury at the Upjohn Institute, most of this is to verify that you are who you say you are.
  • When you are asked to select a WorkOne region, pick the region that matches where your main employer is located.
  • It will also ask you to enter personal information like height and weight. It’s used to verify your identity so make sure this matches your drivers license information.

About Filing Your Weekly Ui Claim

After you have established your unemployment claim, you must certify that you are fully or partially unemployed each week to receive an unemployment payment. This is done by filing weekly claims over the internet, telephone, or thought the mail.

Important: If you are filing your claim by phone DO NOT hang up prior to the system telling you good-bye your claim will not be processed!!

Your eligibility to receive unemployment compensation is determined every week you file a claim for benefits.

Am I eligible for Benefits?

To determine your eligibility, we ask eight questions:

1). During the week ending ______ were you able to work and available for work?

2). Did you refuse an offer of work or referral to a job?

3). Did you quit a job during the week ending ______?

4). Were you fired from a job during the week ending ______ ?

5). Did you receive a back pay award or settlement?

6). Did you receive Workers Compensation, vacation pay, or wages in lieu of notice?

7). Did you look for work as directed during the week ending ______ ?

8). Did you perform any work or earn any wages?

Depending on how you answer these questions, other questions may also be asked. Please answer these questions accurately. A misstatement of fact made in connection with filing a claim for unemployment benefits will result in liability to repay the benefits received to the Department.

Penalty Weeks

Timeframes for Filing Your Weekly Claim

What to Do if You Make a Mistake:

Ways to File My Weekly Claim

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You Asked About Filing For Unemployment Insurance In Indiana We’ll Walk You Through It

A WorkOne center in northeast Indiana. Re-employment services are no longer required to receive unemployment benefits.

Justin Hicks/IPB News


Across the country, almost 17 million workers filed for unemployment benefits in the last three weeks due to COVID-19. That includes more than 300,000 people from Indiana. If you lost your job, had hours cut back, or have to stay home due to illness or childcare, theres a good chance you are eligible for unemployment insurance money meant to help ends meet while youre out of work.

Weve received tons of questions from people asking whos eligible, when benefits begin and how to apply. Well try to answer those questions below. If you cant find the answer, you can check the Department of Workforce Developments constantly or email us.

Schedule Of Releases For The State Employment And Unemployment

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Reference Month

Online calendar subscription automatically updated:

If you use a recent version of an electronic calendar, you may be able to subscribe to the BLS Online Calendar. See details below for users of different types of calendars.

  • Instructions for Google Calendar, Mozilla, and Evolution Users:
  • Copy and paste the URL address https://www.bls.gov/schedule/news_release/bls.ics into your calendar.

NOTE: We do not recommend using this online calendar with Outlook 2003 or older versions. The calendar will not update automatically in those applications.

The BLS calendar contains publication dates for most news releases scheduled to be issued by the BLS national office in upcoming months. It is updated as needed with additional news releases, usually at least a week before their scheduled publication date.

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When Do Unemployment Benefits Get Deposited Answers By State

Unemployment payment schedules vary by state. Your state may pay benefits weekly, bi-weekly, or use a combination of weekly and bi-weekly disbursements depending on the applicant.

Regardless of how often your state disburses benefits, you must file a claim or certification online or by phone before you receive your unemployment payment for each period.

When it comes to unemployment payment methods, most states allow you to either set up a direct deposit to your bank account or receive a prepaid debit card specifically for your unemployment benefits. Some states offer paper checks as an option as well or may mail a paper check for the first unemployment disbursement while your direct deposit or debit card is being set up.

For unemployment payment deposit details listed by state, see below.

What Time Does Unemployment Direct Deposit Hit Your Account

Many people are trying to find a short, simple, and straight forward answer to the question, What time of the day do direct deposits hit your bank account?

If you opted for direct deposit, most direct deposits hit your bank account in the evening portion of the day.

With so many people claiming unemployment now due to being laid off from the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of worry, frustration, and fear going around. And you cant blame us for being scared during this time. There is a lot of uncertainty.

But knowing what time of the day your unemployment benefits are supposed to be deposited into your bank account if you opted in for direct deposit can make a big difference in your confidence for day to day life going forward through this crisis.

Part of our mission here at The Survival Journal is to financially prepare for the future. In order for all of us to do that, you need information. You need the facts.

People are waiting for what seems like an eternity for their first unemployment check to arrive in their bank account. Some are checking their account multiple times a day to get that relief of financial security.

After researching and digging for straight answers from government websites and other news sources most unemployment insurance benefits should be directly deposited into your bank account during the evening posting routine.

This is due to the lower amount of major transactions that typically occur in most banks.

About Bill Steele

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Who Is Eligible For Unemployment Insurance In Indiana

If you are unemployed due to no fault of your own, you are eligible for unemployment insurance in Indiana. This applies to those who were furloughed, laid off or lost jobs due to the pandemic or other causes.

You may still be eligible for unemployment if you quit your job for “good, work related reasons,” according to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, such as being harassed at work, or if you were terminated due to lack of skill. However, if you were fired or quit, you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Indiana unemployment during pandemic:What to know

You also must meet a minimum income amount to qualify. Indiana looks at a four-quarter “base period,” in which quarters consist of three months each, to determine eligibility. The base period is four of the last five calendar quarters before the week a new claim is filed. To be eligible, you must have earned at least $4,200 during the entire base period and at least $2,500 during the last six months of the period.

You may receive unemployment benefits while working part-time, as long as your part-time wages do not exceed 20% of your weekly benefit amount. You also must report this work and income in your weekly claims.

Using A Debit Mastercard

What you can do to advance the unemployment, direct deposit process

Your first Unemployment Insurance benefits payment will always be in the form of a paper check. You will receive this check approximately 3-4 weeks after you apply for unemployment benefits.

After the first paper check, you will receive benefits via the debit card unless you sign up for direct deposit to a checking or savings account. You must activate your debit card when you receive it. The DUA Debit MasterCard® is a safe and secure method of receiving your unemployment benefits.

With the DUA debit card, you can:

  • Get quicker access to your benefits
  • Avoid overdraft fees
  • Pay for items everywhere that MasterCard® debit cards are accepted at no charge, including:
  • In stores
  • Online
  • Get cash and check your balance at any Bank of America or Allpoint ATM at no charge Charges may apply if you dont access your money at one of these ATM locations.
  • Get cash back with your purchases at many grocery and convenience stores at no charge
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    Who Cant Get Unemployment Insurance Right Now

    People who are self-employed like small business owners, independent contractors, and gig workers are not eligible for unemployment insurance right now. However, the state still requires you to file a state claim even though you will be denied. When you are denied, you shouldnt need to appeal the claim, but you should save that denial document.

    This is because you need to prove that you cant receive state money in order to access federal funds. And although the federal CARES Act was passed, Indianas Department of Workforce Development hasnt updated its electronic system to handle self-employed claims.

    Most people who have quit their job for reasons including safety concerns other than child care or dealing with COVID-19 illness when your employer is deemed essential and still operating are typically not eligible. Theres a chance you might be eligible, but youll have to prove that a reasonably prudent person would quit in your situation.

    You have to do everything you possibly can to work it out with your employer ahead of the fact and youve got to make a decision based on your own health and safety, says Josh Richardson, the Department of Workforce Developments chief of staff. Were going to have to look at it after the fact to determine if youre eligible.

    I Was Denied What Do I Do Now

    You can file an appeal for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge if you disagree with the eligibility decision. Under state law, you must do so within 10 days from the sent date of the determination eligibility.

    You can find instructions on how to file an appeal online or .

    Contact IndyStar reporter Alexandria Burris at or call 317-617-2690. Follow her on Twitter: .

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    What Happens If My Unemployment Claim Is Denied

    If your unemployment insurance claim is denied, you have up to 10 days to make an appeal to a judge, where a hearing will be held. To make an appeal, mail a written document containing your name, contact information, Social Security number and reason for appeal to the Appeals Division of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development at this address:

    Indiana Department of Workforce Development

    Attn: Appeals Division

    10 North Senate Avenue

    Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204

    If your appeal is denied in court, you may appeal the decision of the judge to the unemployment insurance review board within 15 days of the judge’s decision.

    Unemployment Benefit Deposits By State

    Tax refund: IRS says 2.8M early filers will get overpaid ...

    We viewed official unemployment documentation from Departments of Labor in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to compile the payment details for each state. Find the payment frequency, time frame, and method of each states unemployment payment in the table below. You can sort the table by selecting the arrows at the top of each column. You can also select any state to be taken to the most relevant page on its Department of Labors website.

    Note that none of the states have a set deposit time for bank accounts or prepaid cards the deposit time will vary depending on when you complete your weekly or bi-weekly reporting and how fast the department is able to process your disbursement.


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    How To Avoid Unemployment Fraud In Indiana

    You can report unemployment fraud on the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s website.

    Someone may be reported for unemployment fraud if:

    • They are receiving benefits while incarcerated
    • They are receiving benefits while currently working
    • They are receiving benefits and not reporting cash earned from side jobs
    • They are receiving benefits and not reporting worked hours or earnings.

    The Indiana Department of Workforce Development will never text you about your unemployment. If you receive a text that claims to be the department asking about your claim or asking you to provide your Social Security number, it’s a scam, and you should not reply.

    Unemployment scams: This is what to do if you fall victim to an unemployment scam

    To receive payments you may have lost due to an unemployment scam, fill out State Form 57068, in addition to a state police report, which can be sent to [email protected]. The department will then investigate and reimburse your benefits.

    Indiana Unemployment Weekly Claims

    After you file your initial claim, Indiana law requires a one-week waiting period for which you cannot be paid.

    Continue to file your weekly claims online at Uplink. Through the Uplink Claimant Self Service System, you now have access to enhanced services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Apply for unemployment benefits and file for weekly benefits on-line.

    It is very important to file your weekly claim every week to keep receiving your unemployment check. If you delay in filing your weekly claim, you may not get your unemployment check on time.

    Watch the UI Weekly Claim Voucher before filing to prevent errors, which may delay your claim.

  • Kennysays:

    I havent been paid because of some Normal Customary Shutdown issue. Anyone know how and how long this takes to resolve? I need to be paid as my child support payments come from it and Im not being paid from work because Im not working Really could use some answers right now.

  • Brandy,

    As long as youre checking within the stipulated time, it should be visible. Please call the Claims Center if the issue persists.

  • Jeff unfortunately, when I call the customer service number I cant get to a live person. I checked again this morning and still no voucher form available for me to fill out. Not sure whats going on.

  • Jeffsays:

    Mr. Moore,

    The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

  • Deondra Fordsays:
  • I havent received my pay has anyone had issues this week

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    Sign Up For Direct Deposit Or Receive A Reliacard

    Due to potential fraud, U.S. Bank has started freezing Reliacards believed to have been involved in identity theft.

    If yours has been incorrectly frozen, please contact U.S. bank. If you believe you are a victim of UI fraud please report it here.

    First Payment

    For all new claims, the first payment is usually sent by paper check.

    Payment options

    The Employment Department pays benefits electronically either by a U.S. Bank ReliaCard® Visa debit card or direct deposit. If you dont apply for direct deposit, you will be sent a ReliaCard®.

    Direct deposit

    With direct deposit, we electronically transfer your weekly benefit payment into your checking or savings account at your bank, credit union, or savings and loan. To apply for direct deposit you will need your routing and account numbers.

    To apply:

    • Use the Online Claim System and select electronic deposit,” or
    • Print the Authorization for Electronic Deposit Form and send it to us. Note: Due to our current workload, mailing or faxing these forms to us will delay your direct deposit. Using the Online Claim System is the quickest way to receive direct deposit.

    How To File For Unemployment

    Claimant Self Service Tutorial: Weekly Claim Voucher

    Each state handles its own unemployment insurance program. Find your state in the Department Of Labors website to get started.

    Pro-tip: Before you file, make sure you have at least the following handy:

    • Your Social Security number
    • Your drivers license or state ID card number
    • Your mailing address
    • Your phone number
    • Your previous employment information

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    Creating A Claim For Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    Some of this wording hasnt been updated since the COVID-19 outbreak started, so dont feel bad if you get confused. (Example: Theres a part where it says you cant receive unemployment if youve been hospitalized. This doesnt apply to people who have been hospitalized because of COVID-19.


    • Youll get to a screen that says To Do at the top. Click on the link to start filing your claim.
    • When you get to a screen that says What You Need To Know, that is where youll start filling out where youve worked. Note that any claim you start will be automatically erased Saturday night at 9 p.m. So if you dont finish, youll have to start over. At this point, you have the option to save and logout but you shouldnt have to do this unless you need to get more information to fill out your work history.

    Employment History:


    Ability To Work:

    • Once you get to the Ability To Work tab, where it says again What YouNeed To Know, youll notice it says that you have to be able to work and actively looking for work. This is outdated and no longer required because of new federal laws that sprung up during the COVID-19 crisis.
    • If youre filing because your job was affected by the outbreak, click I have some other issue that prevents me from searching for or accepting a full-time job. Fill in how your job was affected by COVID-19.


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