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How To Pay Taxes On Unemployment Benefits

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Effect On Other Tax Benefits

How unemployment benefits are taxed

Taxable unemployment benefits include the extra $600 per week that was provided by the federal government in response to the coronavirus pandemic, accountant Chip Capelli, of Provincetown, Massachusetts, told The Balance.

Not only is unemployment compensation taxable, but receiving it can also affect some tax credits you might be eligible for and are counting on to defray those 2020 taxes that will be due.

Something else to consider is if you usually get the Earned Income Credit each year, Capelli said. While unemployment benefits arent considered earned income, they do influence your adjusted gross income , which is used to calculate the EIC.

The American Rescue Plan Act also expanded eligibility for the EIC to include more households, including childless households, as well as increasing the maximum credit from $543 to $1,502.

Paying Unemployment Taxes At The State And Local Level

At the local and state level, the options to pay for your state and local taxes may differ depending on where you live. Contact your state, county, or local unemployment office to learn about the different options to pay your taxes. These options may include:

1. Requesting to have state and/or local taxes withheld. The steps to request state and local tax withholding differ.

2. Making quarterly estimated payments. The due dates for estimated payments at the state and local level may differ from federal due dates.

3. Paying your taxes in full. If you need your full amount of your unemployment benefits and cannot make quarterly estimated payments, you can pay your taxes all at once when they are due. However, you may receive an underpayment penalty for not paying enough taxes throughout the year.

Paying Unemployment Taxes At The Federal Level

There are 3 options to pay your federal income taxes on your unemployment benefits. If you dont expect your benefits to add much to any tax you owe, it may be easiest to pay the full amount at tax time. The following options can help you avoid having a large bill at tax time.

1. Request your state employment agency to withhold your federal taxes. Withholding your taxes means that a flat 10 percent of each of your unemployment checks will be used to pay federal taxes, similar to withholding taxes on a regular paycheck.

Usually, you can choose to have your taxes withheld when you first register for unemployment benefits. You can also complete and give Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request to the agency that is disbursing your unemployment benefits to start withholding your taxes. Request Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request from your unemployment office or find it on the IRS website. If your agency has its own withholding form, use that one instead.

Use the Estimated Tax Payments Calculator to make sure that you are withholding enough taxes from your unemployment benefits. If too little tax is withheld, you may also have to make quarterly estimated tax payments to avoid an underpayment penalty.

Depending on the amount of your unemployment benefits and your other sources of income, you may choose to make quarterly estimated payments and withhold your taxes if your total tax withholding does not cover enough of the income taxes you will owe.

Income from:

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Do I Have To Pay Taxes On My Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Insurance benefits are subject to federal and Oklahoma state income tax.

Additionally, you are required to report the unemployment benefits you receive when you file your income taxes.

Also, if you are concerned about owing taxes, you may elect to have federal and state taxes withheld from your weekly unemployment benefits.

However, if you choose to have taxes withheld, federal taxes of 10% and state taxes of 3% will be deducted from the gross amount of your payment each week.

Repayment Of Unemployment Compensation


Sometime, you might be required to repay unemployment compensation for example if your eligibility is denied or through some error you receive an overpayment of benefits. If you repay unemployment compensation you receive in the same year, you can adjust your income accordingly on your 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ.

Repaying unemployment income claimed in a previous year doesnt get you an adjustment in this years income you only get to deduct it on your Schedule A if you itemize deductions. If the amount is more than $3,000, you may be allowed a deduction or credit for the year it was repaid if the repayment qualifies as an expense or loss incurred in your trade or business, or in a for-profit transaction.

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What Can I Do If I Cant Pay My Federal Taxes

If you owe taxes and cant pay them in full, it is important to pay what you can and make a plan. Consider using a payment plan, but note that unless you pay the amount owed in full, you will be charged interest and penalties.

To learn more about your different payment options based on your financial situation, read What to Do if I Owe Taxes but Cant Pay Them.

What Is Unemployment Compensation

You have to pay federal income tax on all unemployment compensation. This includes everything listed in Box 1 of Form 1099-G, which you should receive in the January or February before you file your income taxes. If you receive multiple types of unemployment benefits, like unemployment insurance in addition to California’s Family Temporary Disability Insurance, you may receive a 1099-G for each type of benefit.

Examples of unemployment compensation include

  • Unemployment insurance benefits from a state or local government

  • Federal Unemployment Trust Fund benefits

  • Railroad unemployment insurance benefits

  • Disability insurance or paid family leave payments sent to you as a substitute for unemployment compensation

  • Disaster Unemployment Assistance

To combat the economic fallout from the coronavirus , Congress has expanded unemployment insurance benefits for 2020. These benefits are treated the same as other unemployment benefits you receive from your state.

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What To Know About The Unemployment Tax Break

The first thing to know is that refunds would only go to taxpayers who received jobless benefits last year and paid taxes on that money before the provision in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The tax break is for those who earned less than $150,000 in adjusted gross income and for unemployment insurance received during 2020. At this stage, unemployment compensation received this calendar year will be fully taxable on 2021 tax returns.

The $10,200 tax break is the amount of income exclusion for single filers, not the amount of the refund . The amount of the refund will vary per person depending on overall income, tax bracket and how much earnings came from unemployment benefits. So far, the refunds have averaged more than $1,600.

However, not everyone will receive a refund. The IRS can seize the refund to cover a past-due debt, such as unpaid federal or state taxes and child support. One way to know if a refund has been issued is to wait for the letter that the IRS is sending taxpayers whose returns are corrected. Those letters, issued within 30 days of the adjustment, will tell you if it resulted in a refund or if it was used to offset debt.

If the IRS continues issuing refunds, they will go out as a direct deposit if you provided bank account information on your 2020 tax return. A direct deposit amount will likely show up as IRS TREAS 310 TAX REF. Otherwise, the refund will be mailed as a paper check to whatever address the IRS has on hand.

Way2go Debit Card About To Expire

Unemployment benefits taxed as ordinary incomeHow to avoid the tax hit

If your Way2Go is about to expire, there is nothing you have to do.

Way2Go will mail you a new card automatically prior to the expiration date of your current card.

However, if your card has already expired and you did not receive a replacement card, you should call customer service at the number listed below.

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Way2go Debit Card Oklahoma Login Instructions

Follow the steps outlined below to successfully complete your Way2Go Oklahoma login.

Step 1 Visit the Way2Go Oklahoma Website

To log in to your Way2Go Card Oklahoma online account, the first thing you need to do is visit the GoProgram website. You can visit the Go Program website for Way2Go Card Oklahoma can be found at

The Go Program OK Way2Go Card website should look like the screenshot provided below:

Step 2 Enter your Oklahoma Way2Go User ID

On the GoProgram website, enter your Oklahoma Way2Go Card User ID information. Once complete, click the click the green Login button to proceed.

For help, see the screenshot below:

Forgot your Way to Go Card Oklahoma User ID? Dont worry we can help you retrieve that information in the next section.

Step 3 Enter your Way2Go Oklahoma Password

On the next page, enter your password for your Oklahoma Way2Go Debit Card account.

When complete, click the green Login button. If youve entered the correct Oklahoma Way2Go password, you will be taken to your Way2Go Oklahoma Account homepage.

Once logged in, you can use your account to access your Oklahoma Unemployment Card balance, Unemployment payment schedule, transaction history, and more.

Forgot Your Ok Way2go Card User Id

If you lost your Way to Go Card Oklahoma User ID we can help walk you through the steps on how to recover that information so you can log in to your FL Way2Go account.

How to recover lost Way2Go OK User ID

Follow these steps to recover your lost Way2Go Card Oklahoma User ID login information.

  • Visit the Way2Go Card website at
  • Click the blue Forgot User ID link below the login.
  • Enter your 16-digit Oklahoma Way2Go Card Number and 3-digit CVV.
  • Once you are logged into your Oklahoma Way2Go Debit MasterCard account, you can:

    • You can check your card balance online.
    • Set up Direct Deposit
    • Review transactions and any fees that might have been applied to your account.
    • Manage your automatic alerts, including receiving email or text alerts when you get a deposit.

    You can also set up alerts by calling 1-866-320-8699.

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    Protecting Your Credit When You’re Unemployed

    While unemployment benefits can help you cover basic necessities, they won’t necessarily be enough to cover all your bills. While being unemployed doesn’t impact your credit directly, it can indirectly hurt your credit if you fall behind on bills.

    Many creditors recognize that you could be unemployed because of circumstances outside your control, and may work with you to temporarily waive or lower your payments. These hardship options can make it easier to manage your bills, and working with the company rather than skipping a payment without an explanation can help protect your credit.

    How To Call The Irs If You’re Waiting On A Refund

    Is Unemployment Taxable?

    It’s best to locate your tax transcript or try to track your refund using the Where’s My Refund tool . The IRS says that you can expect a delay if you mailed a paper tax return or had to respond to the IRS about your electronically filed tax return. The IRS makes it clear not to file a second return.

    The IRS says not to call the agency because it has limited live assistance. The agency is juggling the tax return backlog, delayed stimulus checks and child tax credit payments. Even though the chances of speaking with someone are slim, you can still try. Here’s the best number to call: 1-800-829-1040.

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    What Are My Obligations For Paying Suta

    To determine if you are required to pay SUTA tax and submit any attendant reports, take these steps.

    • Follow your state’s guidelines. Each state has its own qualifications for employers who must pay SUTA tax. Check with your state’s unemployment tax office to learn these requirements.
    • Fill out the appropriate forms. In addition to filing your SUTA tax return, you’ll need to fill out a wage report that details the total amount you paid your employees each quarter. To file your payroll taxes and fill out your report, visit your state’s website and download the SUTA quarterly tax and wage reports.
    • Calculate your payment. Determine your business’s SUTA contribution based on your state’s wage base and tax rate. Consider using top payroll software, such as those in our Paychex review and our review of ADP, to keep track of your employees’ quarterly wages and accurately calculate your SUTA payment. Doing so automates your SUTA calculation process and saves valuable time.
    • Submit taxes and reports on time. In most states, you’re required to file your reports and payments each quarter of the calendar year. These documents are due by April 30th, July 31st, October 31st and January 31st. Submit on time to avoid late fees.

    Last Resort: Do Nothing

    Technically, you could collect your full unemployment check without withholding and ignore your tax liability until you file your returns next year. There’s no good reason to do this, however. You will eventually have to pay the taxes, along with penalties and interest from the IRS and, possibly, your state.

    The IRS penalty is based on prevailing interest rates and was 3.398% of your underpayment in the 2019 tax year, or about $34 for every $1,000 of estimated taxes you should have paid. If you live in a state that taxes unemployment income, you could face additional penalties at the state level.

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    How To Avoid A Large Tax Bill

    Whether or not to withhold depends on your financial situation. If you’re barely getting by, it can be appealing to put off paying taxes in the hopes of being in a stronger financial situation later on. That noted, it can be devastating to get hit with a big tax bill in the spring. Your options include paying when you file your tax return, making estimated quarterly tax payments or having your taxes automatically withheld.

    Many sole proprietors and freelancers make estimated quarterly tax payments, which lets you spread out what you owe into four annual payments. That noted, because these payments are based on your estimated total income, you could end up paying too much, resulting in a refund, or too little, which would require an extra payment come the April 15 deadline.

    You can elect to have your unemployment checks taxed like a regular paycheck by filling out Form W-4V. The government will withhold the taxes due on each check, which both reduces your cash in hand — but also lessens the impact of a major tax bill coming all at once.

    Do You Have To Pay Taxes On Unemployment Benefits

    Do you pay taxes on unemployment benefits?

    Overall, there is no such thing as free money. The IRS views unemployment benefits paid by state and federal governments as income and taxes it accordingly. An individual receiving unemployment benefits needs to pay federal income taxes and state taxes as well in some jurisdictions. Unemployment benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance of the CARES Act are also taxable at an individuals ordinary income tax rate.

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    Dont Forget To Pay Income Tax On Your Unemployment Benefitsheres How

    If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you should know that those benefits are considered income and are therefore taxable. You may need to make a plan for paying the additional income tax so that you wont face a large, surprise tax bill next April. This is always an issue facing people who receive unemployment benefits, but the situation is more confusing than usual in the midst of COVID-19.

    The CARES Act created the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, which provides additional unemployment insurance to Americans who are out of work. This additional income is also taxable, adding to the tax liability for those receiving unemployment. Also, states handle taxes on unemployment income differently, and some states have struggled to incorporate FPUC into their normal unemployment processes. In this article, we will explain the basics of how these benefits are taxed and what you can do to make the tax burden more manageable.

    The Basics

    Money you receive as an unemployment benefit is considered to be income. Therefore, it is usually subject to the same tax requirements as income. However, unemployment is not subject to payroll taxes, which include the taxes for Social Security and Medicare that are usually withheld from your paycheck.

    Three Options to Pay the Tax

    One Complication: Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Withholding

    Bottom Line

    Most Don’t Have To File An Amended Return

    Most taxpayers don’t need to file an amended return to claim the exemption. If the IRS determines you are owed a refund on the unemployment tax break, it will automatically correct your return and send a refund without any additional action from your end.

    The only reason to file an amended return is if the calculations now make you eligible for additional federal credits and deductions not already included on your original tax return, like the Additional Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income Tax Credit. If you think you’re now eligible for deductions or credits based on an adjustment, the most recent IRS release has a list of people who should file an amended return.

    The average IRS refund for those who paid too much tax on jobless benefits is $1,686.

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    If You Havent Filed Your Taxes: Wait

    Hold on and wait is also the IRS message to taxpayers who have yet to file.

    The IRS said it will provide a worksheet for paper filers and work with software industry to update current tax software to make it easier for people to report unemployment benefits. Tax pros say it will take at least a few days, if not longer, for tax software to reflect recent changes in the law.

    I have two stacks of returns that I cant file right now, said Rob Seltzer, a CPA based in Los Angeles. I have one client that got $15,000 in unemployment. If I filed her return, it wouldnt work, he said.

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