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What Is Pa Unemployment Rate

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Pa. Unemployment Rate Stable As Payrolls See New Record

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What Is An Unemployment Claim

According to Investopedia, the term unemployment claim refers to the request for cash benefits made by an individual after they are;laid off;from their job. Claims are filed through state governments, in this case, through the PA unemployment office for temporary payments after people lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

An unemployment claim is a request for monetary compensation made by an employee after being laid off or for other circumstances covered by the law, such as the COVID-19 epidemic.

Unemployed PA residents who lose their jobs due to no fault of their own may be eligible for unemployment compensation.

PA state pays unemployment insurance by collecting payments from employers, while the federal government covers administrative expenditures.

Individuals who are eligible for benefits can get up to 26 weeks of payments if they file regular claims.

Unemployment payments for people who were laid off during the COVID-19 outbreak will expire on September 5, 2021.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Rate Down Payrolls Up 29k In July

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvanias unemployment rate dropped to a new post-pandemic low and the labor force shrank in July as payrolls jumped by nearly 29,000, according to state figures released Friday.

Pennsylvanias unemployment rate dropped three-tenths of a percentage point to 6.6% from June’s adjusted rate, the state Department of Labor and Industry said.


The national rate was 5.4% in July, more than a point below Pennsylvanias.

The figures come out as the federal government prepares to end supplemental payments of $300 a week to people who lost jobs or self-employment income during the pandemic. The $300 payments last through the week ending Sept. 3.

In a survey of households, the labor force shrank by 16,000 in July, closer to 6.3 million. However, the number of employed grew slightly while the number of unemployed slid by 19,000. The state hit a record-high labor force of almost 6.6 million just before the pandemic hit.

In a separate survey of employers, payrolls in Pennsylvania grew in July by 28,800, to above 5.7 million.

Pennsylvania has regained about 65% of the 1.1 million jobs lost in the pandemic. It hit a record high for payrolls of 6.1 million just before the pandemic hit, according to state figures.

The leisure and hospitality sector led all gainers, adding 16,000 jobs.

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What Happens If Benefits Lapse

Stettner says while the focus remains on ending the $300 boost, allowing PUA and PEUC programs to end would cause a “unemployment cliff” for roughly 7.5 million people and their families after September 6.

As of mid-July, roughly 9.4 million people were drawing benefits from one of these programs, making up more than 72% of Americans collecting unemployment insurance overall.

Some long-term unemployed people claiming PEUC could move over to Extended Benefits, a federally funded aid program that triggers “on” depending on their state’s unemployment rate.

How To File A Claim For Unemployment Benefits In Pennsylvania

Animated Map Shows Unemployment Increases in PA

You may file your claim for unemployment benefits online, by phone, by fax, or by mail. You can find online filing information and contact information at the DLI’s website. Once you file, you must continue to file weekly claims with the DLI for each week for which you are claiming benefits.

Once it receives your application, the DLI will send you some documents, including a Notice of Financial Determination indicating your potential benefit amount and duration.

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Pa Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly But Labor Force Shrinks

HARRISBURG, Pa. Pennsylvanias unemployment rate dropped to another post-pandemic low, according to state figures released Friday, but the labor force shrank in August and payrolls remained virtually flat as employers, such as restaurants and school bus companies, struggle to find enough employees.

Pennsylvanias unemployment rate dropped one-tenth of a percentage point to 6.4% from Julys adjusted rate, the state Department of Labor and Industry said.

The national rate was 5.2% in August, as Pennsylvania straggles at tied for 41st among states.

The figures come out after the federal government ended supplemental payments of $300 a week to people who lost jobs or self-employment income during the pandemic, as well as expanded unemployment benefits to self-employed people who wouldnt normally receive them.

In a survey of households, the labor force shrank by 7,000 in August, to below 6.3 million, as the number of employed and unemployed both slid. The state hit a record-high labor force of almost 6.6 million just before the pandemic hit.

In a separate survey of employers, payrolls in Pennsylvania grew in August by 5,100, to above 5.74 million.

Pennsylvania has regained about 65% of the 1.1 million jobs lost in the pandemic. It hit a record high for payrolls of 6.1 million just before the pandemic hit, according to state figures.

The hard-hit leisure and hospitality sector lost nearly 9,000 jobs.


Can I Pay Rent To My Parents

Paying rent You can pay rent to your parents by transferring money to their bank account or pay via a cheque. Rental income is taxable for parents Rent paid by you to your parents shall be taxable for them. They will include this income under the head income from house property in their tax return.

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Eligibility Requirements For Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Labor & Industry handles unemployment benefits and determines eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must meet the following three eligibility requirements in order to collect unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania:

  • Your past earnings must meet certain minimum thresholds.
  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own, as defined by Pennsylvania law.
  • You must be able and available to work, and you must be actively seeking employment.

County’s Jobless Rate Rises In August

PA’s Unemployment Rate is Above National Average
  • 3 hrs ago

More Crawford County residents entered the labor force in August, but not all found jobs during the month,;pushing the county’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate up to 6.8 percent for the month.

The county’s total labor force rose by 400 from July to August, but with only 200;people;finding employment. The 200 others who entered the labor force but didn’t find a job caused the county’s rate to increase by 0.3 percent for the month, according to Lauren Riegel, a state labor analyst.;

“When employment goes up, unemployment should go down, but that;wasn’t the case,” Riegel said Tuesday. “It’s hard to say why more people entered the job market. There was no big event to point to.”

The state bases a countys unemployment rate on its total labor force the number of people who live in a county and are in the workforce either employed or unemployed, but they may work in another county.

For August, Crawford County’s total;labor force was 37,700 with 35,100 employed and 2,600 unemployed, Riegel said. In July, the county’s total labor force was 37,300 with 34,900 employed and 2,400 unemployed.

The number of jobs based in Crawford County did increase in August to 29,500, up 200 from the 29,300 recorded in July.

At 6.8 percent, Crawford County’s rate tied with three other counties Carbon, Lehigh and Schuylkill as 38th lowest out of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.;

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Pas August Unemployment Rate Down For Sixth Consecutive Month

HARRISBURG On Friday, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry released itsemployment report for August 2021.

Pennsylvanias unemployment rate was down to 6.4 percent in August, a decrease by one-tenth of a percentage point. Julys rate was revised down one-tenth to 6.5 percent, while the U.S. rate fell two-tenthsof a percentage point from Julys level to 5.2 percent.

The Commonwealths unemployment rate was 3.8 percentage points below its August 2020 level, and the national rate was down 3.2 points from a year ago.

Unemployment in Pennsylvania fell for the sixth consecutive month, which resulted in the civilian labor force decreasing by 7,000.

Jobs increased in 8 of the 11 industry supersectors. Pennsylvanias total nonfarm jobs were up 5,100 over the month to 5,743,000 in August. The largest movement was a drop of 8,800 leisure and hospitality jobs, while the largest gain was tied between professional and business and other services, which all rose by 3,200.

Over the year, total nonfarm jobs were up 191,100 with increases in 10 of the 11 supersectors. Leisure and hospitality had the largest 12-month gain, adding 66,700 jobs. However, all supersectors are still lower than their February 2020 levels as of August 2021.

Additional information is available on the L&I website HERE.

Do You Meet The Minimum Earnings Requirement

Virtually all states look at your recent work history and earnings during a one-year “base period” to determine your eligibility for unemployment. . In Pennsylvania, as in most states, the base period is the earliest four of the five complete calendar quarters before you filed your benefits claim. For example, if you filed your claim in October of 2021, the base period would be from June 1, 2020, through May 31, 2021.

During the base period, you must meet all of the following requirements in order to be eligible for unemployment:

  • You must have earned at least $116 per week during at least 18 weeks in the base period.
  • You must have earned at least $1,688 during the highest quarter in your base period.
  • You must have earned at least $3,391 in total wages during the base period.

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Benefits Have Been Extended During Other Recessions

“We’ve extended unemployment benefits before,” Stettner says. “They’re usually kept in place several years into a recovery period with the understanding unemployment happens fast, but reemployment takes time.”

While he sees little political support for continuing the $300 weekly benefit, “that doesn’t mean we have to cut off everything.”

Following the 2008 financial crisis, Congress created and extended emergency unemployment pay through , at which point 1.3 million people were cut off from jobless aid.

Even so, critics have said the 2013 cutoff was too early, based more on calendar dates than economic conditions for some of the most vulnerable workers. At the time Congress let aid expire, the Black unemployment rate was over 10%, and the national rate was elevated too, Stettner says.

As far as today’s conditions, the overall unemployment rate fell to 5.4% in July, according to the latest jobs report, but is higher for Black and Hispanic workers.

Lawmakers have set expiration dates and extended pandemic unemployment benefits several times since March 2020, leading some economists to advocate for setting a phaseout period based on economic conditions, like the unemployment rate, rather than a calendar date.

How To Use The Unemployment Rate

Animated Map Shows Unemployment Increases in PA

Keep in mind that the unemployment rate is a;lagging indicator. It tells you what has already happened, since employers only lay off workers after business slows down.

The unemployment rate isn’t lagging as much as usual because the pandemic is still creating sudden changes.

When a recession is over, companies resist hiring new workers until they are sure the economy will stay strong. The economy could improve for months, and the recession could be over before the unemployment rate drops. Although it’s not suitable for predicting trends, it’s useful for confirming them.

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Is There A Pa State Tax Withholding Form

Pennsylvania does not have a form exactly like the federal W-4 form, since Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax is based on a flat tax rate and everyone pays the same rate of 3.07 percent. If you meet these criteria complete form REV-it it to your employers payroll office along with any required documentation.

What Is The Unemployment Rate Throughout Pennsylvania

Note: Hover over to each county to see its unemployment rate. County data is not available with seasonally-adjusted rates.

Characteristics of Pennsylvania’s unemployed population, shown below, are reported by the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey . Unlike the Census, which is an exact count of people and households every ten years, ACS statistics are estimated based on a representative survey sample.

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Philly Leaders Vow Action On Tangled’ Home Titles Tied To Crime Poverty

In the first week of August, roughly 640,000 people were receiving the extra $300, according to figures from the state Department of Labor and Industry.

About 388,000 of them were in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program for freelancers or the self-employed and almost 175,000 were receiving an extra 13 weeks of assistance through the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program.

About 78,000 people were receiving benefits through the states regular 26-week unemployment compensation program, which will continue running, but without the extra $300 federal benefit on top.

The American Rescue Plan Act, signed by President Joe Biden in March, extended those federal benefits and set them to expire after this week.

State Unemployment Rate Drops To 66 Percent

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate at a all-time low since 1976

The state Senate and House together spend on average $50 million per year, not including generous salaries and benefits.

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rated dropped for the sixth consecutive month in July according to the state’s Department of Labor & Industry employment situation report for July.

The report was issued this morning. It noted that Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate was down three-tenths of a percentage point over the month to 6.6 percent in July. The U.S. rate fell one-half of a percentage point to 5.4 percent. The commonwealths unemployment rate was 6.4 percentage points below its July 2020 level and the national rate was down 4.8 points over the year.

Pennsylvanias civilian labor force the estimated number of residents working or looking for work decreased 16,000 over the month due to a drop in unemployment which fell for the fifth consecutive month. Employment rose for the fifth time in the past six months.

Pennsylvanias total nonfarm jobs were up 28,800 over the month to 5,731,800 in July.


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Groups Are Calling For Unemployment Insurance Reform

Many worker advocacy groups, including Unemployed Action, ExtendPUA and Unemployed Workers United have been working with policymakers to improve unemployment benefits throughout the pandemic with the ultimate goal of more long-term systemic reform, Jerry says.

Advocates say permanently expanding the pool of workers eligible for jobless aid can improve an inequitable unemployment insurance system. Americans most likely to be supported by today’s temporary PUA and PEUC programs â the long-term unemployed, self-employed, freelancers, gig workers, part-time workers and caregivers â are also disproportionately Black, Hispanic, Asian, women and low-income earners.

“Unemployment insurance is an essential program,” Jerry says, “but it was created in the 1930s and exclusively left out predominantly BIPOC workers. Over the years we’ve made some progress toward reform, but the need for PUA, PEUC and FPUC further demonstrates how much further we need to go.”

How Much Does Pa Unemployment Benefit Pay

Wages are usually one-half of your full-time wage.

However, If the weekly benefit rate shown on your Notice of Financial Determination is not one-half of your gross full-time weekly wage, and your rate is not the highest benefit rate on the Rate and Amount of UC Benefits chart, you may qualify for a higher weekly benefit rate.

You will need to file an appeal, and so on time if you want your benefit calculated based on your full-time wage. This appeal will be addressed to the Notice of Financial Determination.

You must also obtain a redetermination from the UC service center.

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The Unemployment Figures In Detail

The total number of unemployed is 8.4 million, lower than July’s 8.7 million. The number of;long-term unemployed; dropped to 3.2 million.;A smaller number, 2.1 million, lost jobs within the last five weeks. This number declined by 174,000 from July’s 2.3 million.

The;real unemployment rate was 8.8% in August, 0.4 percentage points lower than in July. This alternate measure of unemployment, known as U-6, gives a broader definition of unemployment. It includes people who would like a job but haven’t looked for one in the past month. It also includes those who are underemployed and marginally attached.

The real unemployment rate contains 392,000 discouraged workers, down from 507,000 in July and 617,000 in June. Discouraged workers are people who have given up looking for work but would take a job if offered.;They are not counted in the unemployment rate because they haven’t looked for a job in the past four weeks.

The labor force participation rate;was 61.7%there was no change from July. The labor force doesn’t include those who haven’t looked for a job in the past month. Some would like a job, but others dropped out of the labor force for different reasons. They may have retired, gone back to school, or had a baby.

Who Is The Unemployment Insurance Meant For

Pennsylvania EB

Its meant for everyone eligible for it. Such person or a number of persons must be a resident of Pennsylvania. He or she must also be unemployed, must have worked in Pennsylvania during the past 12 months or more in some cases.

Additionally, such a person must have earned a minimum amount of wages determined by Pennsylvania guidelines. He or she must also actively seek employment while collecting the benefit.

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