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How To Make Money When Unemployed

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Ways to Make Money While Unemployed

Thank you for your interest in working for Richmond Hill. We offer many rewarding employment opportunities in a number of different fields. You can be a part of the municipalitys growing team of talented people.

The benefits of working for us include:

  • competitive salaries

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Resources For The Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak has placed additional strain, both in the U.S. and globally, on many peoples financial security and employment situations. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 30 million workers in the U.S. lost their jobs or crucial work hours, at least temporarily, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are some crucial resources for those struggling with COVID-19 and unemployment or the coronavirus pandemic’s financial impact.

Where Do I Submit My Claim For Unemployment Benefits

Minnesota unemployment applications are accepted Sunday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. You should apply for unemployment online as soon as you become unemployed or your work hours are reduced significantly. You must apply on the day of the week that corresponds with the last digit of your Social Security number:

  • Last digit is 0, 1, or 2: Monday
  • Last digit is 3, 4, or 5: Tuesday
  • Last digit is 6, 7, 8, or 9: Wednesday

If you miss your assigned day, you can file on Thursday or Friday.

Minnesota offers limited phone support for unemployment claims filing. You can reach a customer service representative with questions about your application on Fridays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the following numbers:

Customer service lines are open Monday through Friday with limited hours for application assistance. Call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Friday for help filing a claim. Weekday customer service hours vary for questions about claims payments, passwords, and account access.

Online assistance can be accessed at //

You can also receive assistance by visiting one of several Minnesota unemployment office locations.

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Legitimate Ways For College Students And Young Adults To Make Money From Home

College is all about building your resume and learning what you do and dont want to do as you grow into your career. To learn new skills, take on jobs from home to learn what you want to pursue as a young adult. Not only can you discover what interests you, but you could also earn money while doing it.

Add Your Drawings To T

how to make money while pregnant and unemployed (28 ...

If you have an eye for fashion and art, sell your drawings on a t-shirt. Create an Etsy account or start up your own website, with your guardians permission, to sell your items. Before creating your t-shirts, you will have to purchase blank ones and invest in an ecommerce store.

  • Time: Low to high
  • Earnings: Pay varies by item
  • Extra tools: Camera or phone, art materials, t-shirts

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Here Are A Couple Of Examples Of Our Teacher Using The Principals Of Leverage:

Example 1: Our teacher decides to starts a tutoring business. Because most of her students are in school during the week, most of her billable hours land on weekends. She charges $25 per hour and finds she can tutor 20 hour per week. Not bad for a part time venture.

Example 2: Our teacher knows that she could probably make even more money but she can only be in one place at one time. So she uses her spare time to learn how to market her business. She soon realizes that she can hire more part time tutors. 6 months later she has 10 tutors working 20 hours per week. That is 200 billable hours at $25 per hour. Her business is now bringing in $5,000 per week. She pays her tutors $15 per hour. So, after paying her tutors she is clearing $2,000 per week!

I dont know how realistic these numbers are. This is just an example of the power of leverage.

Like I was saying before, I had no such marketable skills. I needed to develop some new skills. Skills that would allow me to leverage the knowledge and work of others. It took some time but I eventually did find a greatcommunity of entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge.

I want to help you learn how to make money while youre unemployed. Not by replacing your job with another job but by learning the skills you need so youll never need another job.

How To Make Money Without A Job

Are you one of millions of Americans who’ve lost a job, been furloughed, closed a business or seen a decline in household income over the past year? Or, like many parents, maybe you’ve had to take a step back to stay home with kids while schools are closed to in-person learning. If so, you’re not alone.

Planning your budget without a formal “9 to 5” job and the steady paycheck that comes with it is often a challenge. Fortunately, you may be able to make money that supplements your income now, and could possibly even lead to future career opportunities. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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How To Get A Job

Making a little extra money is great to help make ends meet, but it should only be a temporary fix. Ideally, youll want to start earning a regular and predictable income again so you can rest easy knowing youre getting a consistent paycheque to help you comfortably cover all your bills.

While youre making extra cash with a side gig, youll also want to find a job. Here are a few tips to help guide you in the right direction.

Love To Write Proofread For Some Cash

How to Make Money when you’re Unemployed

If you love to write and read, you could be qualified to proofread copy by the hour. To find proofreading side hustles, create an account on a freelancing website like Upwork. Set your desired hourly wage and take on projects whenever you have free time. Your skills could help improve someones resume or research report.

  • Time: Low to high
  • Earnings: $2550 an hour

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How To Make Money Without Getting A Real Job

We are going to list a lot of great ways that you can make money without working a traditional job.

We are going to start with online opportunities, then well cover options for making money without a job, offline.

So if you need money today but are unemployed, this is for you.

Here are some of my favorite ways to earn money without a job:

Connect With Local Resources

Your local community can be an excellent resource if you need assistance paying for food, personal care items or other necessities. In recent years, individuals have begun working together to create community fridges, which provide food to people in need. Area food pantries or food banks might have pantry items to give to you if you need them.

If you need medical care, a local clinic might provide preventative or urgent services for free or reduced prices to individuals without insurance.

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Research Your States Guidelines Before Moving Forward

If youre collecting unemployment benefits, earning extra income may affect your eligibility to continue doing so. Make sure to research the unemployment policies relevant to your location before you even start considering any supplemental income opportunities.

As of early 2021, there are currently no federal guidelines that restrict your unemployment eligibility based on how much supplemental income you earn. Instead, states set their own rules on this matter.

For example, these are the basic unemployment eligibility policies in the states of:

  • New York.New York will begin reducing your unemployment benefits once you work at least four days each week and earn $504 or more.

    Any additional day you work during the week will reduce the benefits youre eligible to receive by a quarter.

  • California. For anyone earning under $100 per week, each dollar they earn over $25 is reduced from their weekly unemployment benefit amount.

Ways To Make Money While Pregnant

How To Make Money When Unemployed

I would like to start by first saying congratulations and if you are looking for ways to make money while pregnant, this is the right place to be.

In fact, you will find a lot of amazing posts on the blog about different making money from home.

For those that are pregnant and need money, we hope this post inspires you to earn some extra money during your pregnancy safely.

When one of my long-time readers emailed to tell me she was pregnant, I was more than thrilled.

And then she went on to ask me this question:

How can I make money while pregnant?

Typically, I am always prepared and direct readers to a post that I have previously written about the topic.

Although I had one about ways to make money while on maternity leave, I wanted to write a new post on how to make money while pregnant and unemployed as well.

I totally get this as I too was once pregnant and unemployed .

It was a tough and rough moment in my life, one I do not wish to ever go through again.

You definitely need to learn how to organize your finances, adjust your finances and learn how to live on a tight budget.

And since you are pregnant you definitely need to find a way to increase your income quickly if you are currently unemployed.

Learning how to make extra money while pregnant and unemployed can completely change your life now and well into the future.

Starting to make more money now can help you and your new addition:

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Sell Your Favorite Stock Images

Have an eye for photography? Side hustle your passion and earn passive income for your favorite pictures. Post each photo on websites like , Dreamstime, Shutterstock, and to earn royalties. Each purchased photo could earn you anywhere from $0.250.45. If you post photos frequently, you could earn more as your online portfolio grows.

  • Time: Low
  • Earnings: $0.250.45 per image
  • Extra tools needed: Camera

What To Know About The 2020 Unemployment Tax Break

The first thing to know is that refunds would only go to taxpayers who received jobless benefits last year and paid taxes on that money before the provision in the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The tax break is for those who earned less than $150,000 in adjusted gross income and for unemployment insurance received during 2020. At this stage, unemployment compensation received this calendar year will be fully taxable on 2021 tax returns.

The $10,200 tax break is the amount of income exclusion for single filers, not the amount of the refund . The amount of the refund will vary per person depending on overall income, tax bracket and how much earnings came from unemployment benefits. So far, the refunds are averaging more than $1,600.

However, not everyone will receive a refund. The IRS can seize the refund to cover a past-due debt, such as unpaid federal or state taxes and child support. One way to know if a refund has been issued is to wait for the letter that the IRS is sending taxpayers whose returns are corrected. Those letters, issued within 30 days of the adjustment, will tell you if it resulted in a refund or if it was used to offset debt.

Refunds will go out as a direct deposit if you provided bank account information on your 2020 tax return. A direct deposit amount will likely show up as IRS TREAS 310 TAXREF. Otherwise, the refund will be mailed as a paper check to whatever address the IRS has on hand.

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Become A Social Media Influencer

You can literally get paid to be on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. How? Well, by becoming a social influencer. If you have a good size following on a popular social media platform many brands will be willing to pay you to showcase their products/services followers. Think Kim Kardashian and the fit tea. You can become a mini version of this and make money for being on social media. Read more about becoming a social influencer here.

Your turn

Are you going to take advantage of at least one those great ways to make money at home?

I would love to know which of those opportunities interest you, so please leave a comment down below!

Side Hustles From Home For Stay

Two ways to make money if you can’t file for unemployment

If youve suddenly become a stay-home mom because of being laid, there are a few side hustles you can do to make extra on the side while being unemployed.

Heres a stat:

Stay-at-home moms and dads account for one in five U.S. parents. This is the reason why now more than ever, companies are willing to hire this demographic.

Anyhow, if youre looking for income-generating ideas from home, check the following list:

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Get Paid To Do Random Tasks

Did you know that there are websites out there that will pay you to do a variety of tasks, from watching videos to reading emails?

Check out these websites and you could get paid to do quick and easy tasks, which youre probably doing already!

This is a rather new online rewards and loyalty program that is quickly becoming one of the best ones.

They pay you to take surveys, play games, watch videos, clip coupons, and more.

You can request a payment once you have 1000 Station Dollars .

You have a few options for getting paid PayPal, and gift cards for most major online and offline retailers.


Swagbucks is one of the biggest rewards sites out there.

It rewards you with Swag Bucks for completing tasks, like playing games, browsing the web, watching videos and shopping.

These Swag Bucks can be redeemed for gift cards or for cash via PayPal.

The best part is that you can get a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Get paid just for reading emails with Inbox Dollars.

Through the site, you can also earn money for playing games and completing offers.

InboxDollars also gives you a free $5 sign up bonus.

If youre broke and need money, you should check it out.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a micro-task platform.

It pays you to complete random tasks, like categorizing search terms and writing product descriptions.

You get to choose which tasks you complete.


Fiverr is a platform where you can buy and sell services, from editing to sign-making.

Sign up for websites

Inexpensive Luxuries To Enjoy During Unemployment

Oftentimes people forget their worth when they become unemployed or earn less than theyre used to. It is important that you remind yourself of your worth. Here are inexpensive luxuries you can enjoy:

  • Practice Breathing Techniques Therapy is another expense you unfortunately cant afford right now. You can practice breathing exercises to calm mild effects of stress and anxiety. If this doesnt work, you can call The South African Depression And Anxiety Group.
  • Exercise Forget expensive gym memberships and the extra costs that come with going to gym. Create your own makeshift gym at home. Now is the perfect time to create healthy and good habits. Why not go for a jog or walk every morning?
  • Join the Library Yes, buying books is expensive. But do you know where you can rent books for free? The library. Get excited about reading again and discover new genres and titles.
  • Visit the park Enjoy a relaxing day at your local park. You can just go there when things get too much and you need fresh air. Not sure what to do at the park? You could always take the books you got from the library, and read.
  • Get Some rest Make up for all those times you had to wake up early for work. Get your well-deserved rest. Sleep in a little late, take an afternoon nap. Unemployment and everything that comes with it can be exhausting.

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Earn From Watching Videos

What if you can get earn extra just by watching videos day after day?

You can actually earn good money online by watching online videos. You can do this and make money while unemployed or even employed.

For example, InboxDollars is one that pays you to watch funny videos, latest news, and events, movie previews, etc.

You could earn up to $200 a month.

How To Calculate Your Unemployment Benefits

How Unemployed People Can Make More Money

The Balance

Unfortunately, theres no easy way to calculate exactly how much money youll receive through unemployment benefits or for how long youll be able to collect those benefits unless your state has an online unemployment calculator. However, there are calculators you can use to estimate your benefits.

Each state has a different rate, and benefits vary based on your earnings record and the date you became unemployed. Once you find out whether you are eligible, you can file a claim for unemployment benefits. If youre not sure about your eligibility, check with your state unemployment office. You dont want to lose out on unemployment compensation because you didnt think you would qualify.

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