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How Much Is Nc Unemployment

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How To Claim For A Benefits Extension

NC House passes bill to end federal $300 boost to unemployment benefits

If you are presently filing weekly claims for unemployment benefits, carry on filing your weekly claim if you are jobless or are working reduced hours. Thye will inform you by mail if you are eligible for the added benefits.

Usually, two programs will extend unemployment insurance benefits: Emergency Unemployment Compensation and Extended Benefits . It is beneficial for those that are out of work for a long period. The maximum benefits duration has increased from 26 to 99 weeks in some states.To be eligible for EUC benefits you must:

  • Have an unemployment claim that began on or after May 07, 2006.
  • Receive base period wages during the base period of this claim, and it should be equal to 40 times the usual benefit rate.
  • 0 times the usual benefit rate.Complete withdrawing your usual benefits, have finished your benefit year, or not be eligible for a claim in any state.
  • Be unemployed or working reduced hours.
  • Be able and available for work and looking for work.
  • ****The EUC expired on January 1, 2014, and since has not been renewed by Congress***

    To be eligible for Extended Benefits , you must:

  • Qualify for EUC and then exhaust all customary UI benefits and all available EUC Tiers.
  • Be out of a job or working reduced hours.
  • Be seeking work and submitting evidence of work search to DWD.Please note that EB is currently not available in any state.
  • What If My Claim Is Denied

    There are several factors that may cause your North Carolina unemployment claim for benefits to either be denied initially or denied for one or more weeks after you have been approved. DES will continue to monitor your claim to make sure you meet all requirements, but if a question does pop up, it could take up to several weeks to receive, review and make a determination of the information that is provided.

    If you are denied North Carolina unemployment benefits, you can file an appeal online. For general appeals inquiries, call 1-888-737-0259.

    Reasons why your claim might be denied could include:

    If you are denied benefits for one or more weeks, you have the right to appeal that decision. A determination letter will be mailed to you if your claim is denied, and to file an appeal, you must follow the instructions on the determination and file an appeal within the specified time frame. Also make sure to meet the stated deadline, as late appeals will be denied due process.

    While your claim is under appeal, it is critical that you continue to file weekly certifications unless you have returned to full time work. If you have returned to work, you must report your income in the week it was earned instead of the week it was received. Failure to do so constitutes fraud.

    How Do I Get A Chip Debit Card

    Bank of America is sending chip cards to new claimants starting July 25, 2021. If you already have a debit card, it will be replaced with a chip card when it expires.

    If your card has been lost or stolen, you must contact Bank of America at 1-866-692-9374 .

    If your card is damaged, you can order a replacement card online by visiting the Bank of America debit card website.

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    Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Have Expired

    Although additional money $300 extra per week was available under the federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, that program expired on September 6, 2021. For weeks of unemployment starting on September 6 or later, these extra benefits will no longer be paid.

    A different federal program Pandemic Unemployment Assistance made benefits available temporarily to workers who were not eligible for traditional unemployment benefits, including freelancers, gig workers, and other contractors. That program also expired on September 6, 2021.

    Am I Eligible For Benefits During A Leave Of Absence From My Job

    NC in Focus: Long

    Generally, you are not eligible for benefits during a leave of absence from your job. In order to be eligible for benefits, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own, be actively seeking work, and be able and available to accept work if it is offered to you. In limited circumstances, an exception may apply to the general rule. DES will make a determination in each case.

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    When And How Will I Be Paid My Weekly Unemployment

    The North Carolina DES uses a debit card as the default method to make UI benefit payments more secure and convenient for claimants. Users have access to their benefits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Bank of America, which administers the program, or anywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted. You do not need to have a bank account as the debit card is separate from any particular existing bank account you may have.

    Claimants who do not want to use a debit card have the option of choosing to have their benefit payments directly deposited into their own existing checking or savings account at any participating bank, savings and loan or credit union. Direct deposit is confidential, automatic and convenient and allows you to withdraw cash on the same date that payments are made to your account.

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    What Are The Requirements For Filing A Valid Claim

    You must have worked in employment subject to UI tax and received wages in at least two quarters of your base period. You must also have been paid wages totaling at least six times the average weekly insured wage during your base period. The exact amount of benefits and the duration of those benefits cannot be determined until you actually file your claim for benefits.

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    North Carolina Unemployment Calculator

    Calculate your projected benefit by filling quarterly wages earned below:

    We created this calculator to aid you evaluate what you might obtain if you are entitled. We make no promises that the sum you receive will be equal to what the calculator illustrates.

    To apply for North Carolina unemployment benefits click here

    The most recent figures for North Carolina show an unemployment rate of 4.1%.

    Non-Monetary Eligibility Requirements

    You can collect benefits if you meet a series of legal eligibility requirements:

    • Have earned qualifying wages
    • Are unemployed through no fault of their own
    • Are able and obtainable to work full-time and
    • Are keenly looking for full-time work

    In addition to having adequate earnings, you must meet other eligibility benefits to be entitled for UI benefits. Some instances of issues that may influence eligibility for UI benefits comprise:

    • Reason for job separation
    • Self employment or corporate offices
    • Strike or labor disputes
    • Denial of a job offer
    • Alien status

    More details on UI eligibility can be found in the unemployment eligibility article.

    Monetary Eligibility Requirements

    The claimant must have at least $780 in the last two quarters to establish the minimum weekly benefit amount of fifteen dollars . NC Employment Security law limits the maximum WBA to three hundred fifty dollars .

    For more information on unemployment eligibility,visit article.

    What Is The Difference Between Eligibility And Qualification

    South Carolina unemployment benefits are coming to an end

    Eligibility involves working and earning enough money within your base period to establish a claim for benefits, and meeting the requirements of searching for work and being able and available for work. Eligibility is determined weekly. Ineligibility is a postponement of benefits until you meet the weekly requirements. Qualification involves being separated from work through no fault of your own. Disqualification is a loss of benefits. It is possible to be eligible and disqualified for benefits. It is also possible to be ineligible and qualified for benefits. You must be both qualified and eligible to receive benefits.

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    How Is My Weekly Benefit Amount Determined

    Your weekly benefit amount is the amount of money you may receive each week. This is calculated by dividing your total of wages in the last two quarters by 52. That number is then rounded to the next lower whole dollar. In order to receive a payment, the total must equal to or exceed $15. The exact amount of benefits and the length of time that you may get benefits cannot be determined until you actually file your claim for benefits.

    Unemployment Benefits Imposter Fraud

    DES has detected a recent increase in suspected imposter fraud in the unemployment benefits system. Fraud safeguards put in place by DES flagged suspicious claims to prevent payments from being released.

    Imposter fraud occurs when a persons stolen identifying information is used to file a fraudulent unemployment claim. The stolen personal information is often obtained through outside data breaches, phishing scams and schemes that were part of larger criminal efforts unrelated to unemployment. DES has not experienced a data breach.

    If you receive communications relating to an unemployment claim and you did not apply for benefits, you or your employer should report the suspected fraud to DES.

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    Report: North Carolina Unemployment Policy A Model For Other States

    North Carolina’s decision to tie unemployment benefits to economic conditions saved taxpayers money and helps safeguard the state’s trust fund during the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent report found.

    While recovering from the recession in 2013, North Carolina borrowed $2.7 billion from the federal government to replenish its unemployment insurance trust fund. Lawmakers decided then to change the duration of unemployment benefits.

    Unemployment tax collections support the state’s unemployment trust fund, which is used to compensate unemployed workers in the state. North Carolina’s policy calls for 12 weeks of unemployment benefits if the state’s unemployment rate is below 5.5%. Claimants can get another week of benefits for every half a percentage point the rate increases, up to 20 weeks.

    According to the Foundation for Government Accountability report, workers left North Carolina’s unemployment program nearly twice as fast as before the new policy was implemented. Researchers found unemployment costs in the state declined by 87%, and employer taxes were cut by nearly 75%.

    FGA researchers also found North Carolina’s unemployment trust fund grew by $5.7 billion because of the policy change in five years. North Carolina’s unemployment trust fund also withstood the COVID-19 pandemic better than states without the limitation.

    “The impact of this reform cannot be understated,” researchers said. “Since 2013, North Carolina has become a nationwide model for sensible policy.”

    Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation

    Unemployment Level for North Carolina (UNEMPLOYNC)

    Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation is a supplemental benefit that is paid on top of an individuals weekly benefit amount for state unemployment insurance benefits, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, Extended Benefits or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

    The American Rescue Plan Act, signed into law by the President on March 11, 2021, extends the FPUC program through September 2021.

    FPUC provides a $300 per week benefit from Dec. 27, 2020 Sept. 4, 2021.

    FPUC provided a $600 per week benefit from March 29 July 25, 2020.

    Note: If you do not receive at least $1 in benefits for a week because you earned excessive wages, you will not be eligible to receive FPUC for that week.

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    Whats The Difference Between Social Security And Unemployment

    Unemployment and Social Security disability are two different programs with different rules Both unemployment and SSDI benefits provide financial support to those who are not working, but the rules for these programs differ greatly. There is a contradiction in applying for and receiving both unemployment benefits and SSDI benefits.

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    What Is A Benefit Year

    Your benefit year is the 52-week period from the date you register for work and first file a valid claim. If you are still attached to your employers payroll, your benefit year begins on the Sunday before your payroll week ends. If you are not attached to an employers payroll, your benefit year begins on the Sunday of the calendar week that you file a valid claim and register for work.

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    What Is A Wage Transcript And Monetary Determination

    A Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination is a document that itemizes your quarterly wages paid by each base period employer. This form also shows your weekly benefit amount, duration, and effective date of your claim. If monetary eligibility is not established, the reason is shown on this form.

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    How Do The $300 Unemployment Benefits Work

    NC makes cuts to unemployment benefits

    Anyone getting state unemployment has been getting the federal money since the CARES Act passed in March of 2020. But the federal bonus was $600 in that original COVID-19 relief package.

    That expired in July of 2020 and was replaced by a $300-a-week federal bonus. President Donald Trump signed a bill in December that extended that program through March 14, 2021.

    ARPA essentially picks up where the last bill left off. As with the previous benefits, you must be unemployed because of COVID-19 and, depending on where you live, you may need to complete regular work search requirements to remain eligible.

    You need to apply for the extra benefits through your states website. That has proven a challenge in many states where antiquated computer systems were overwhelmed and started wheezing like a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron with 593,842 miles on the odometer.

    Those problems have been mostly resolved, though a little patience might still be called for. New applicants will need to provide income and unemployment records.

    ARPA allocated $300 billion for unemployment payments, but the Labor Department warned it might take a few weeks for states to tweak their computer systems to account for the extension.

    The period between March 14 and Sept. 6 spans 25 weeks. If the payments were to pick up immediately, thats $7,500 extra in federal money for individuals. ARPA also increased the maximum period of benefits from 50 weeks to 79 weeks.

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    Other Unemployment Insurance Provisions Under The Cares Act:

    The CARES Act improved unemployment benefits in the following ways:

    • It provides an additional $600 per week in benefits and payments through July 31, 2020.
    • It adds an additional 13 weeks of benefits through December 31, 2020. Most states currently offer 26 weeks of unemployment benefits .
    • it expands benefits for part-time, seasonal, self-employed, and contract workers .
    • Offers to reimburse the cost for states that waive the one-week waiting period before paying benefits.

    How Much Unemployment Will I Get That Depends On Your State

    • Jobless Americans filing for unemployment insurance due to COVID-19 will likely have drastically different experiences depending on where they live.
    • Some states are more generous and some less so when measured by factors such as the amount and duration of benefits.
    • Differences arent solely attributable to cost of living, according to economists.

    Americans are filing for unemployment benefits in record numbers as the coronavirus pandemic continues to crush the U.S. economy.

    Those applying for jobless benefits likely have two simple questions: How much money will I get, and for how long will I get it?

    Unfortunately, the answers arent so simple. And they depend on the state where you were employed.

    Here are some ways benefits can differ around the country.

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    State Income Taxes On Unemployment Benefits

    It may not be just the IRS you have to worry about. Many states tax unemployment benefits, too. There are several that do not, though California, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia do not charge taxes on unemployment benefits. Arkansas and Maryland will not charge state taxes on unemployment benefits received in tax year 2021.

    Eight states dont tax any income at all, so youll be spared if you live in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, or Wyoming. New Hampshire doesnt tax regular income it only taxes investment income.

  • Apply online at call DES at 1-888-737-0259
  • File a claim
  • Once you have applied you will need to start completingweekly certifications . To find out more on how to file your weekly certifications go to
  • DES recommends that you apply online because the telephone system is often overwhelmed with calls. If you apply online, it is best if you use a computer instead of a phone.

    A Look At The Numbers

    The Carolina Comeback continues: North Carolinaâs unemployment rate ...

    According to the latest report from the North Carolina Department of Commerce of Employment Security , July numbers continue to improve in many areas across the state.

    The states seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen to 4.4% in July 2021 below the 5.4% national average. The states statistic decreased by half from 8.8% a year ago.

    Courtesy NC Department of Commerce click to enlarge.

    Some industries have experienced job growth, including:

    • Government 53,800

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    Can I File A Claim If I Am Not A United States Citizen

    If you are not a citizen or national of the United States, you must have legal authority to work in the U.S. You must present either:

  • Alien registration documents or other proof of immigration registration from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service that contains your alien registration number or alien file number or
  • Other document the State determines provides reasonable evidence of satisfactory immigration status. If you have not provided any acceptable form of documentation showing satisfactory immigration status, you will not be eligible for benefits.
  • What Is Ncworks Online

    NCWorks Online is a one-stop online resource for job seekers and employers in North Carolina. Job seekers can search for jobs, create resumes, and find education and training. Employers can find candidates, post jobs, and search labor market information. According to North Carolina law and Federal law, Unemployment Insurance claimants must be registered for work. This registration must be accomplished by going to and building a resume using the Resume Builder tool which details your employment history and occupational skills.

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