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How Much Does Unemployment Pay In Illinois

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What Is The Unemployment Extension In Illinois

How will unemployment payments affect your taxes?

In Illinois, eligible partially employed and unemployed workers can file for regular unemployment insurance benefits for up to 26 weeks. If the Illinois Department of Employment Security approves an applicant’s claim for benefits, he may receive benefits after a one-week waiting period. After exhausting his standard benefits during any benefit year, he may apply for extended unemployment benefits under the Extended Benefits Program and Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program.

What If I Quit My Job Because I Am Concerned About Covid

An individual who leaves work voluntarily without a good reason attributable to the employer is generally disqualified from receiving UI. The eligibility of an individual in this situation will depend on whether the facts of his or her case demonstrate the individual had a good reason for quitting and that the reason was attributable to the employer.

Overview Of Illinois Taxes

Illinois has a flat income tax of 4.95%, which means everyones income in Illinois is taxed at the same rate by the state. No Illinois cities charge a local income tax on top of the state income tax, though.

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You can’t withhold more than your earnings. Please adjust your .

Gross Paycheck
FICA and State Insurance Taxes –%
State Family Leave Insurance Tax –%
State Workers Compensation Insurance Tax –%
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Will Illinois Unemployment Be Extended Again In 2021 Or End Early

With several states ending federally funded unemployment benefits earlier than planned to encourage workers to return to work, there was a concern this action could spread nationwide. But the good news for unemployed workers in Illinois is that most of the states cancelling unemployment benefits are Republican led, which Illinois is most certainly not.

IDES has confirmed that Illinois claimants will keep ALL eligible pandemic unemployment benefits, including the extra $300 weekly payment, until the current program end date which would be the week ending September 4th, 2021.

However it should be noted that work search requirements are being more rigorously enforced by IDES and there will be a lot more scrutiny of job rejections if not for pandemic or health related reasons. I will post further updates as they come to light and you can stay connected via the options below.

Unemployment Overpayment Forgiveness

New Legislation has been put in place to forgive unintentional overpayment of unemployment benefits by and signed into law by Gov. JB Pritzker. Nearly $125 million of benefits are estimated to have been overpaid, covering around 76,000 claimants. If claimants are approved for the repayment waiver, they wont have to pay back any unemployment overpayments. Past repayments wont be refunded however.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements

Illinois Unemployment Insurance Rates Rise

You must be unemployed through no fault of your own. You also must:

  • be able and available for work;
  • register with the state employment service; and,
  • be actively seeking work.
  • Undocumented immigrants are not eligible at this time. To be eligible, you must be authorized to work in the U.S.

    If you have reduced hours which results in your wages being less than what your unemployment benefit would be, you may qualify for some assistance.

    For a full listing of eligibility requirements please review pages 4 through 6 of the IDES Unemployment Insurance Handbook at .

    COVID-19:;There are different eligibility requirements if you were temporarily laid-off due to COVID-19 .

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    Calculating Weekly Unemployment Benefits

    To receive benefits in Illinois, unemployed workers must have earned gross wages during the first four of the last five quarters. These quarters are known as the base period. At least $1,600 in gross wages are required during the base period. Additionally, at least $440 of the $1,600 must get earned outside the highest quarter in the base period. The amounts of benefits unemployed workers receive are based on their gross wages. Earning higher gross wages during the base period helps unemployed workers to receive higher weekly unemployment insurance benefits.

    Are You Out Of Work Through No Fault Of Your Own

    You must be out of work through no fault of your own to qualify for unemployment compensation. If you are laid off, lose your job in a reduction-in-force , or get downsized for economic reasons, you will meet this requirement. In Illinois, employees who are fired for theft or committing a felony will not qualify for unemployment benefits. If you are fired for other types of work-related misconduct, you also may not be eligible to collect benefits.

    If you quit, you will remain eligible for unemployment if you had a good reason relating to your job, such as sexual harassment. If you left the job because of domestic violence, for health reasons, or to accompany a spouse in the military, you may still be eligible for benefits. And, if you quit your job to take another position , you may still be eligible to collect unemployment.

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    Lost Wages Assistance Program Now Expired

    IDES has now paid out the $300 weekly payment under the;LWA program, which provided supplementary payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who were unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. The new LWA payment would be in addition to Regular Unemployment Insurance , Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation payments currently available to unemployed workers

    IDES has updated their systems to process LWA applications and validate eligibility for benefits under this program with payments starting during the week of . They will be retroactive to the week of August 1st and only available for 6 weeks due to FEMA funding limitations. Payments are being made in batches with the first round covering 3 weeks based on the original FEMA grant. Subsequent weeks will be paid in separate batches or in one additional 3 week lump sum depending on claimant eligible weeks.

    There is no new application for LWA. Claimants eligible for LWA will automatically receive LWA funds in addition to their weekly benefit amount. Eligible claimants;will get the extra $300 supplementary payment;at the same time as their unemployment benefits payment. See more on the IDES LWA page.

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    How To Apply For Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    You should apply for unemployment compensation as soon as you are unemployed. Most states will make you wait for one week before you are able to apply for unemployment benefits. However, this is currently waived due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    Start by starting your personal information, such as your Social Security Number, previous two years of employment history , the last date you worked, your wage history, and if applicable, information for your union. You may need additional information, such as your education level, military service history, or other information.

    Try Applying online first. Most states allow you to apply online, in-person, or over the phone. However, states are currently overburdened with applications and many are not accepting in-person applications. So your best bet is to try online first. Be patient, as many states are running antiquated systems that are not designed to handle the flood of applications they are receiving.

    Once approved, you may be required to meet with an employment counselor at some point. You will also have to certify your attempts to continue your job search. Most states require this on a weekly basis.

    To 2022 Maximum Weekly Unemployment Benefits By State

    Listed in the table below are the latest maximum weekly unemployment insurance benefit/compensation amounts;by state. The Unemployment compensation program is designed to provide benefits to most individuals out of work or in between jobs, through no fault of their own.

    Note, the table below contains the the maximum regular weekly unemployment insurance compensation; including adjustments for dependents where applicable. It does not include federally funded enhanced and supplementary benefits which expired on September 6th.

    In many states the number of dependents you have and your average maximum weekly wage will impact the unemployment benefits you are eligible to receive. Please check the respective state unemployment page or website referenced in the table below for state specific UI details, benefit eligibility and process to claim/file for benefits.

    Get the latest on the federal enhanced unemployment programs and associated extensions. This includes Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for self employed and independent contractors and extended state UI benefit coverage under the PEUC program.

    In addition, various supplementary weekly payouts like the recent $300 FPUC and $100 Mixed Earners Compensation are now available to unemployed or underemployed workers. Also see which states are ending these benefits early.

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    Maximum Weekly Unemployment Insurance Benefit Amounts by State

    extended unemployed benefits

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    Unemployment Benefits Comparison By State

    The Unemployment Insurance benefits are given to those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Though the U.S. Department Of Labor oversees the UI program and ensures compliance within each state, the state governments administer and determine the eligibility criteria, benefit amount and duration.;

    In this post, we will tell you how much UI benefits each state offers and for how long. Before we get to the details, you can now check your eligibility and determine if you qualify for unemployment benefits in your state.

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    Unemployment Back Pay Reddit

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    Estimated Weekly Benefit Rate

    The calculator returns your estimated WBA based on your average weekly wage during the base period.

    Your WBA is approximately 47% of your average weekly wage, based on your two highest-earning quarters. You receive an additional 9% if you have a dependent spouse and an additional 17.9% per a dependent child. You cannot claim both a dependent spouse and dependent child.

    The maximum WBA varies depending on the number of qualifying dependents. If you have no dependents, your maximum WBA is $484. If you have a dependent spouse but no dependent children, your maximum WBA is $577. If you have dependent children , your maximum WBA is $669.

    These maximums are recalculated annually on July 1 based on the statewide average weekly wage.

    The calculator will return an estimated weekly benefit rate of $0, if it appears that you do not meet the eligibility requirements described above.

    Your WBA may be reduced by other compensation that you receive and certain mandated payments, such as delinquent child support payments.

    Covid 19 Enhanced Benefits

    Under the CARES act, there are three types of federal unemployment assistance now available: Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation : provides an additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all recipients of Unemployment Insurance; retroactive to the week ending April 6, 2020. They will see the additional supplemental income applied to their weekly benefit amount. This increase is available through the week ending July 25, 2020. Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation :;provides an additional 13 weeks of Unemployment benefits to all recipients. If you have exhausted regular unemployment benefits, a Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation claim will be filed for you and up to 13 additional weeks of PEUC benefits will be added to your balance. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance :;expands eligibility for individuals who are typically ineligible forUnemployment benefits, for example independent contractors, and self-employed and gig workers. IDES began accepting applications for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program beginning on May 11. Here are the steps to follow to apply:

    1. Apply for regular unemployment before you apply for PUA

    2. If you applied for regular unemployment and have been denied between April 1, 2019 and today, do not reapply. Go into your regular unemployment account and set up direct deposit for payment.

    3. Have your 2019 tax return or proof of income ready and available

    4. Be prepared to certify

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    Weekly Minimum And Maximum Unemployment Benefits

    Illinois has minimum and maximum weekly unemployment benefit amounts. As of May 2011, the least amount of benefits unemployed workers can receive is $51 a week, and the most they can receive is $385 a week. If unemployment benefits claimants are married and their spouses are not working, they can receive as much as $458 a week. Furthermore, if claimants have dependent children, they can receive up to $531 a week.

    There Are Some Resources Available For Those Who Need Assistance

    Unemployment Basics from IDES (July 7, 2015)

    Norington-Reaves says the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership is here to help. She touts the nearly 15,000 job openings her organization has received from employers, as well as on-the-job training that provides stipends as people learn new skills. The Partnership is also partnering with the city, county and state to do targeted events, virtual job fairs and sector-driven hiring initiatives.

    IDES encourages Illinois residents to seek help from the state through agencies like the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Illinois Housing Development Authority, which administer programs like food assistance and rental assistance.

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    How Your Illinois Paycheck Works

    When you were a teenager you may have had a part-time job that paid you under the table. In that case, your paycheck, whether in the form of a check or cash, was simply your hourly wage multiplied by the number of hours you worked.

    But once you start working on the books, calculating your paycheck isnt that straightforward. Your employer will withhold money from your paycheck, which means you cant simply multiply your hourly wage by the hours you worked, or divide your annual salary by the number of paychecks you get per year.

    For each pay period, your employer will withhold 6.2% of your earnings for Social Security taxes and 1.45% of your earnings for Medicare taxes. Together these are called FICA taxes, and your employer will pony up a matching contribution. Any earnings you make in excess of $200,000 will be subject to an additional 0.9% Medicare tax .

    Your employer will also withhold money from each of your paychecks to put toward your federal income taxes. The percentage thats withheld will depend on things such as your income, your filing status and any tax credits you indicate on your W-4 form.

    These updates primarily apply to those adjusting their withholdings or changing jobs, as those hired before 2020 don’t need to fill out the updated form. The tax return you file in 2021 will account for any adjustments you made in 2020.

    How Monday’s End Of Federal Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Will Affect Illinois

    • ROBERT CHANNICKChicago Tribune

    America’s employers added just 235,000 jobs in August, a modest gain after two months of robust hiring at a time when the delta variant’s spread has discouraged some people from flying, shopping and eating out. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.2% from 5.4% in July. The August job gains the government reported Friday fell far short of the big gains in June and July of roughly 1 million a month.

    After more than 17 months of expanded benefits, federal pandemic unemployment programs are set to end on Labor Day, cutting off weekly payments to 7.5 million people including 452,000 in Illinois.

    The sudden expiration of emergency federal assistance, which some economists have likened to a fiscal cliff, could precipitate everything from a flood of job seekers to a plunge in consumer spending in Illinois, which is expected to be among the hardest-hit states.

    For many families across the state, the loss of pandemic unemployment benefits just as the COVID-19 delta variant surge threatens to derail the economic recovery portends financial hardship ahead.

    Its going to be a calamity for a lot of people a very quiet calamity, said Andrew Stettner, senior fellow at the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank based in New York.


    In Illinois, the maximum regular unemployment payment is $484 a week for up to 26 weeks.

    Its premature, said Stettner. Its way more people than weve ever cut off before.



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