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File New Jersey Unemployment Claim

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Division Of Unemployment Insurance

NJ unemployment claims top 1M, but 305K still unpaid

“My benefits are ending. Are other resources available?”

See links to assistance with food, housing, child care, health, and more.

“Why canât I claim my remaining UI balance?”

For PUA/PEUC recipients, the balance represents the maximum that was available for weeks of unemployment before 9/4/21.

“How do you verify my identity?”

To reduce the risk of fraud, many unemployment claimants must verify their identity using the security vendor

“How can I reset my PIN or password?”

We can help if you’re having trouble with your online account password and/or PIN to certify for weekly benefits.

Federal benefits created during the benefit expired September 4, 2021.

You will still be able to receive benefits for eligible weeks prior to September 4, 2021.

“What does it mean if my claim is pending, or not payable at this time?”

Many claimants see these messages and aren’t sure what, if anything, they need to do about them.

“How do I complete an application?”

Get step-by-step instructions for our application process and find out what happens after you file.

“I want to certify for and claim benefits.”

You must confirm each week that you are still eligible for benefits in order to get paid.

“I need to update my information.”

You can change your address, phone number, and other information from the online dashboard.

You can have your benefits deposited directly to your bank account, or loaded onto a prepaid debit card.

When And How Will I Get My New Jersey Unemployment Compensation

You can receive unemployment insurance benefits either by debit card or by direct deposit. When you file your initial claim you will be asked to decide which method you prefer. If you do not specify, you will get your benefits by a debit card issued to you by Bank of America.

If you want direct deposit, which places money directly into your savings or checking account, you will need to provide banking information when you file your claim.

If you choose the prepaid debit card form, your benefits will be made available in your account within two business days after you claim your benefits.

How Do I File For Unemployment Benefits In New Jersey

To file a claim for unemployment benefits in New Jersey, the easiest way to do so online. However, people who have military, federal or out-of-state wages, and those employees who earned wages while working for a maritime employer, will need to file by calling a Reemployment Call Center as follows:

If you are filing a New Jersey unemployment claim and do not have access to a computer, you can go to one of the states One-Stop Career Centers to use a computer.

Before you file an initial claim, youll need to gather the following pieces of information:

  • Social Security number
  • Alien registration number of you are not a U.S. citizen
  • DD Form214 if you were are active military duty within the past two years
  • Wage information, including W2 forms and paystubs from the past 18 months
  • A New Jersey drivers license number or a similar photo identification card
  • Banking information is you want to receive your benefits by direct deposit
  • Your previous employers information, including the date you last worked for them for all employers within the past 18 months
  • The reason you left your previous employer

When you file an initial claim, you will be asked to create a Personal Identification Number . You will use this PIN to certify for your benefits and to access your account, so it is important that you write it down and do not share it with anyone.

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Why Does Florida Unemployment Take So Long

Its due to glitches that are CONNECT-based and technology-based, and theyre just sitting there waiting for the system to catch up with them. Brito said she has assisted a wide range of Floridians in need of assistance during her years in the state.

Florida Unemployment Still Pays Out Unemployment Benefits

Florida will continue to participate in the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program through September 6, 2019. Individuals unable to find work due to a pandemic receive a $300 weekly supplement through the program. The program will end on June 26, 2021, as part of the DEOs Return to Work initiative. As a result, the state of Florida pays unemployment benefits. As a result of the federal funding allocation, the state unemployment agencies are obligated to pay any eligible new or existing claim payments as soon as they become available.

How To File For Unemployment Benefits

Leeann Russ  Page 3  Middle Township, New Jersey

by Yuri Shwedoff | Oct 31, 2022 | UI & UX

The process of filing for unemployment benefits can be lengthy, and the amount of time it takes to get approved for benefits can vary depending on the state in which you reside. The first step in the process is to file a claim with your states unemployment office. Once your claim is filed, it will be reviewed to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for benefits. If you are determined to be eligible, you will begin receiving benefits within a few weeks. The length of time it takes to get approved for unemployment benefits can be frustrating, but it is important to remember that the process is designed to ensure that those who are truly in need of assistance are the ones who receive it.

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Federal Enhanced Benefits Have Ended In New Jersey

The NJ DOL has confirmed that claimants on the PEUC, PUA, MEUC and FPUC programs will file/certify for benefits for the last time covering the week ending September 4, 2021.

Any active claims, with or without remaining balances, will expire after this date and any weeks after Sep 5th will NOT be paid. The only exception are retroactive payments for validated claims after a successful determination or appeal.

While there has been a lot of discussion around extending pandemic unemployment benefits, the Biden administration has confirmed that states will have to use already allocated stimulus funding to expand or extend traditional state unemployment programs.

The NJ DOL has not indicated that is planning to do so at this stage and Governor Murphy recent stated the following in recent remarks confirming this position:

Some claimants may be eligible for State Extended Benefits , but after September 4th all claimants must have a regular UI claim to continue receiving benefits.

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New Jersey Unemployment Weekly Claims

In order to keep receiving an unemployment check every week you must file a weekly claim or continued claim or weekly certification.

The purpose of filing a weekly certification is to tell the unemployment agency that you:

  • Are presently looking for a job
  • Did not do any work this week
  • Did not make any money this week
  • Did not find another job
  • Still want to receive an unemployment check or payment this week

Therefore, it is very important to file your weekly certification every week to keep obtaining your unemployment check.

If you delay in filing your weekly claim, you may not get your unemployment check on time.

  • Farhad Q Yousufzaisays:

    I try to reopen or file my claim online. It wont let me it says I have a claim already its been all exhaust but its my old claim and Im trying to open a new one which will not allow me too. I file a claim on the phone but it says for my claim to go through I need to speak to a agent which I cant get ahold of. Im getting nowhere and getting no help. I emailed them its been 3 weeks. Ive been trying to open a claim over a month and getting no help.

  • When trying to file my weekly benefits, the website is unavailable or tells me to call.When I call it says its busy and to call back. This is the second week that I have not been able to get in touch for my benefits. What should I do now?

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    Who Is Eligible For Benefits

    Important update: Federal extended unemployment benefits expired September 4, 2021. Learn more here.

    When you first apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits, we look at a few different factors to see if you qualify.

    We need to know why you’re out of work, and whether your recent earnings meet the minimum required by law.

    After you first qualify for benefits, you will need to meet some additional requirements in order to keep receiving them.

    Some workers, like school employees and business owners, have their own unique qualifications. If you are self-employed and do not pay for Unemployment Insurance through your paycheck, you may not be eligible for benefits.

    Read out FAQs on who is eligible for benefits here.

    Why are you unemployed?
    Did you earn enough during your “base year period” of employment?

    To receive benefits, you have to meet a minimum earnings requirement during your base period. The base period is the timeframe used to determine if you qualify for UI benefits and to calculate your benefit amount. The regular base year period consists of the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the week you file an initial claim.Your regular base year period consists of 52 weeks and is determined by the date you apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits, as outlined in the chart below:

    If your claim is dated in: Your claim is based on employment from:
    Are you a teacher or other school employee?
    Are you a corporate officer or business owner?

    Amount And Duration Of Unemployment Benefits In New Jersey

    Problems Persisting For New Jerseyans Trying To Collect Unemployment Benefits During Pandemic

    If you are eligible to receive unemployment, your weekly benefit rate will be 60% of your average weekly earnings during the base period, up to a maximum of $713. This number is then multiplied by the number of weeks that you worked during the base period, up to a maximum of 26 weeks. For example, someone with a weekly benefit rate of $300 who worked for 26 weeks will be entitled to a total of $7,800 .

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    New Jersey Unemployment Tips

    1 Q: Where do I apply for unemployment?A: In general, you should apply for unemployment in the same state in which you work. So even if you live in New York, if you work in New Jersey, you should apply in New Jersey.

    To create an account to apply for unemployment online go to:

    • North New Jersey Reemployment Call Center
    • Central New Jersey Reemployment Call Center
    • South New Jersey Reemployment Call Center
    • Out-of-State Claims:

    We want to know how many hotel and gaming workers who work in New Jersey are having trouble getting their unemployment benefits processed. We will attempt to use the information we are getting from you to communicate with the state so that they can continue to make improvements. Please come back and fill out this survey to let us know if you have any issues filing your unemployment claim: NJ Unemployment Link and Union Survey.

    2 Q: Can I apply for unemployment if I have been temporarily laid-off?A: Yes, you can and it is crucial that you apply as soon as you are laid-off.If you apply before you are laid off , they will very likely reject your application and that will delay when you can start collecting your benefit.

    3 Q: Am I eligible for unemployment in New Jersey?A: To be eligible, you must meet the following two requirements:

    First, your employment must not have ended for cause . If you were laid off due to the impacts of the coronavirus, you meet this requirement.

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    Am I Eligible To Claim

    In order to claim UI in New Jersey, the NJ Department of Labor stipulates you must have:

    • Worked only in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
    • Worked in New Jersey and any other state in the last 18 months, or
    • Worked for the federal government and in New Jersey in the last 18 months, or
    • Served in the military in the last 18 months and be physically present in New Jersey.

    In addition to the above, you will need to have met minimum earnings requirements during your base period. If you claim during April, May or June 2020, your base period will be determined as January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019. If you claim between July through September 2020, your base period will be determined as April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020. If you claim between October 2020 through December 2020, your base period will be determined as July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020.

    If you have earned at least $200 per week for 20 or more weeks during your base period, or have earned a minimum of $10,00 in total during the same time, you will be eligible for UI providing your meet all other criteria. If your income isnt sufficient, the department will review your earnings over two alternate base periods. More details on how alternate base years are calculated can be found at the Departments website.

    Under normal circumstances, you would also need to demonstrate you are:

    • Out of work through no fault of your own

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    Lost Wages Assistance Program

    Unemployment Weekly Claim: Unemployment Weekly Claim New Jersey

    NJ has made all final payments under the LWA program, which provided supplemental payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who were unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. Roughly 800,000 workers in New Jersey were eligible for up to $1,800 in LWA benefits.

    The NJ Labor Department has confirmed that LWA payments have been successfully processed on October 21st and disbursed for payment. It could take 1 to 3 business daysfrom this date to actually receive payments in your financial account or debit card due to processing times across financial intuitions,. As such, I expect payments should start appearing in accounts and cards from . This off course is for the first batch of payments. People who verified late or have had their account flagged may see payments a few days or weeks later.

    Latest Update It appears that the majority of New Jerseyans are now seeing LWA payments in their bank accounts or debit cards. Check your pending transactions online as well, because that means your payment will be there shortly . If you havent got your payment yet, dont panic as they are still being processed in batches and could take till Monday or Tuesday to get to your account. Calling the NJ DOL/DUI is not going to help at this stage . See comments on this article for reader confirmations of the LWA payment across various banks.

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    New Jersey Unemployment Rules

    • Did you quit your job or were you laid off?
    • Have you refused work that was offered to you after losing your previous employment?
    • Are you physically able to work full-time?
    • Were you self-employed?

    All filing applicants are required to include whether or not they have applied for retirement compensation in the online application .

    Claim Denials Or Discrepancies

    If your claim is denied, you can always appeal the decision by filing with the Appeal Tribunal. This group assesses all unemployment appeals to ensure that a person’s claim was denied for a just reason.

    If it is found that the denial was wrong, benefits can be restored. However, the appeal is based on potential filing mistakes or misconduct by the employer. Denials cannot be overturned based on willful misconduct by the filing employee, such as misreported wages or other types of fraud.

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    How To Change Payment Method

    If you decide that youd prefer to have your benefits delivered via direct deposit, you may log into your account and change your payment method within your dashboard. Please note that this type of change is processed only once each week, so the change may not take effect until the Tuesday after you initiate the change through your account.

    When you submit your application, its important to apply for every state program that might prove helpful for example, New Jersey disability benefits, state unemployment benefits, workers compensation, or Temporary Disability Insurance.

    Its important to note that in addition to weekly unemployment compensation, New Jersey offers health insurance subsidies for unemployed New Jersey residents as long as you dont have other options for affordable health coverage through a former employer, a spouses employer, New Jersey Medicaid or federal Medicare.

    How To Apply For Ui Benefits

    Troubles Continue For N.J. Unemployment Website

    You may file for UI benefits online or at a local IowaWORKS Center.

    NOTICE: New Legislative Changes to UI system: All new claims filed on or after July 3, 2022 will fall under new changes passed by the legislature. The changes include a reduction in the maximum length of an unemployment claim and new percentage guidelines for suitable work requirements… read more.

    AVISO: Nuevos cambios legislativos al sistema de UI: Todas las nuevas reclamaciones presentadas a partir del 3 de julio de 2022 caerán bajo nuevos cambios aprobados por la legislatura. Los cambios incluyen una reducción en la duración máxima de una solicitud de desempleo y nuevas pautas porcentuales para los requisitos de trabajo adecuados … leer más.

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