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How To File For Unemployment In Indiana

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Where To Register For Unemployment Benefits In Indiana

How to File for Unemployment Benefits (Indiana)

Unemployed workers should file for an unemployment claim as soon as possible. When it comes to where to apply for unemployment in IN, applicants can either choose to file their unemployment claim at the local WorkOne or enter an online application for unemployment. Unemployment applicants who want to learn how to apply for unemployment online can simply follow the prompts online. The unemployment EDD application process is explained in an online filing tutorial, which should prevent you from making errors that can delay your claim. The online application for unemployment, includes important information that may appear in pop-up windows, so you are encouraged not to block them.

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Creating A Claim For Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Some of this wording hasnt been updated since the COVID-19 outbreak started, so dont feel bad if you get confused. (Example: Theres a part where it says you cant receive unemployment if youve been hospitalized. This doesnt apply to people who have been hospitalized because of COVID-19.


  • Youll get to a screen that says To Do at the top. Click on the link to start filing your claim.
  • When you get to a screen that says What You Need To Know, that is where youll start filling out where youve worked. Note that any claim you start will be automatically erased Saturday night at 9 p.m. So if you dont finish, youll have to start over. At this point, you have the option to save and logout but you shouldnt have to do this unless you need to get more information to fill out your work history.

Employment History:


Ability To Work:

  • Once you get to the Ability To Work tab, where it says again What YouNeed To Know, youll notice it says that you have to be able to work and actively looking for work. This is outdated and no longer required because of new federal laws that sprung up during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • If youre filing because your job was affected by the outbreak, click I have some other issue that prevents me from searching for or accepting a full-time job. Fill in how your job was affected by COVID-19.


Filing For Unemployment Benefits Because Of Covid

Posted: Q1. How do I file for unemployment insurance benefits? A1. Online, using a computer or smart phone. Go to www.Unemployment.IN.gov to file, and to see Frequently Asked Questions, the Claimant Handbook, and video tutorials. Q2. What information do I need when I apply for unemployment insurance benefits online? A2. You will need the following information to file

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Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Application Process

Posted: Apr 30, 2020 · PUA applications are now available on Indianas Department of Workforce Development UI application system to those who have already applied for and been denied regular UI benefits. PUA applications will be available to others as soon as they apply for and are denied regular UI. If you applied for traditional UI after April 4, 2020

How Long Will My Unemployment Benefits Last In Indiana

Indiana Department of Workforce Development Workforce ...

In Indiana, you can receive unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks under state law.

In times of high unemployment, additional weeks of benefits may be available under a different federal program, the Extended Benefits program .

Each state sets its own rules for how long unemployment benefits last. Until quite recently, virtually all states offered a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits. In the last five or six years, however, some states have changed their rules on duration of benefits .

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Appeals Process For Denied Claims

To file your unemployment appeal, follow these steps:

  • Pick up an appeal form from a Work One center, fill it out , sign your name, and add your mailing address, telephone number, and Social Security Number
  • Mail your appeal to the Appeals Division within 10 days of the date it was mailed out
  • The staff will review the appeal, establish the case, and enter it into the computer system this will take up to a week or so
  • Receive your appeal hearing notification
  • Attend the hearing with information that proves your case, including written warnings, witnesses, and anything else that can help
  • You may attend the hearing via telephone if you can prove you have a just cause, such as a medical concern or an inability to get transported to the hearing. After the hearing is over, wait at least a week to receive your determination.

    If your appeal was denied, you can appeal to the Review Board within 18 days after the mailing of the decision. Make sure your appeal is in writing, signed, contains the case number, your Social Security Number, and an explanation for your appeal. If new evidence is available, you must also submit it with the letter.

    How Much Will I Collect In Unemployment Benefits In Indiana

    In Indiana, you can earn up to $390 per week in unemployment benefits under state law.

    Although additional money was available under the temporary Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, that program expired on September 6, 2021 . For weeks of unemployment starting on September 6, you will not receive these additional benefits.

    Every state has its own rules for calculating unemployment benefits. Typically, the amount you receive each week is based on your earnings when you were employed. After all, unemployment benefits are intended to replace some of the income you lost along with your job, and tide you over until you find new work.

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    How To Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits In Indiana

    If your unemployment claim is denied, you have ten days to appeal the decision to an administrative law judge. A hearing will be held on your appeal, typically by phone. You’ll receive information on the hearing, including how to participate and present evidence. If you are unhappy with the judge’s decision, you may file an appeal with the Unemployment Insurance Review Board within 18 days. If you are still dissatisfied, you may file an appeal in court.

    For more information on the unemployment process, including current eligibility requirements and benefits amounts, visit the website of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

    Eligibility Requirements For Indiana Unemployment Benefits

    Self-employed Indiana residents can now file for unemployment

    The Indiana DWD determines eligibility for workers claiming unemployment benefits in the state. You must meet the following three eligibility requirements to collect unemployment benefits in Indiana:

    • You must have earned at least a minimum amount in wages before you were unemployed.
    • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own, as defined by Indiana law.
    • You must be able and available to work, and you must be actively seeking employment.

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    How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Indiana

    In order to apply for Indiana unemployment, residents must meet specific requirements. If you lose your job it is recommended that you apply for Indianaunemployment benefits within a week in order to maximize what you can be paid. Benefits will not begin until your Indiana unemployment application is received and processed. The approval process can take at least one week.

    To learn where you can apply for Indiana unemployment and what happens after you submit your application, read below.

    • Preparing the required documents.
    • How to apply for Indiana unemployment benefits online.
    • What to do after you filed your application.

    Learn The Rules For Unemployment Eligibility Benefit Amounts And More In Indiana

    By Lisa Guerin, J.D.

    Indiana workers who have recently lost their jobs might be eligible for unemployment benefits: payments available to employees who are out of work temporarily, through no fault of their own. Although the basic rules for unemployment are similar across the board, the benefit amounts, eligibility rules, and other details vary from state to state. Here’s how unemployment benefits work in Indiana.

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    Required Documents To Complete An Indiana Unemployment Registration

    Unemployment applicants need to provide the Indiana Department of Workforce Development with the following information to file their claim:

    Unemployment applicants visiting a WorkOne need to bring the above information on their first visit. The unemployment registration process is made easier when the applicant submits the latest check stub from their most recent employer.

    Claim Your Weekly Benefits During The Appeal

    How To Apply For Unemployment In Indiana ...

    You should claim your weekly benefits while you are appealing the decision and for as long as you remain unemployed, even if the decision found you ineligible for any benefits. That way, if you win the appeal, you can receive retroactive benefits. For information about weekly benefit certification, see What Do I Have to Do to Keep Receiving Benefits?

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    What Happens After I File My Indiana Unemployment Application

    The claimant can check on the status of their Indiana unemployment application but should wait at least a week before doing so, as it takes at least a week or two for the office to verify information and to upload it into the database. Once Indiana approves the application for unemployment in, they will notify the beneficiary by email and by regular mail with a case number or PIN. To receive benefit payment, the Indiana unemployment registration process requires approved enrollees to submit a claim biweekly to claim their benefits. Applicants denied unemployment insurance by their employer will also receive a notification indicating the reason and the next steps they should take.

    During the time that the claimant is receiving funds from the Indiana unemployment, he or she will be required to adhere to the rules and regulations. Failure to do so could result in a denial of benefits for the duration of the claim weeks.

    Information You Must Provide

    You will need to provide DWD with the following information to file your claim. In case you are visiting a WorkOne Center, please bring this information with you on your first visit.

    • Your complete name, address and zip code
    • Your Social Security number
    • Personal identification
    • Name, address and telephone number of your last employer
    • Dates worked at your last place of employment
    • The reason you are unemployed

    TIP: Bring your latest check stub from your most recent employer with you.

    Want to know about how much you will receive?? > Calculate your benefits here

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    Claim Denials Or Discrepancies

    All unemployment claims are carefully checked by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. They will examine information presented in your claim and compare it with that of what your past employer presents.

    If there are discrepancies or if your claim has been denied, you will receive notification by mail and in your Uplink account. These discrepancies can be appealed to the Appeals Division, which is made up of a variety of legal professionals, in eight different offices located throughout the state.

    What If I Am Not Satisfied With The Administrative Law Judge Decision

    Claimant Self Service Tutorial: Weekly Claim Voucher

    The Administrative Law Judges decision will become final unless you appeal the decision to the Review Board within fifteen calendar days after the date the decision was sent. You must do all of the following:

  • Legibly write or type why you are appealing to the Review Board.
  • Sign your name and indicate whether you are the claimant or the employer.
  • Be sure to include the case number, your mailing address and your telephone number on all correspondence that you send. Claimants must also include the last four numbers of your social security number.
  • If you have additional information or documents that were not available at the time of the Administrative Law Judge hearing, please include the information or documents with your appeal and provide an explanation for why you did not give the information or documents to the Administrative Law Judge.
  • File the appeal within 15 days from the date the Administrative Law Judge decision was sent by one of these methods:
  • Mail the appeal to ATTN: Review Board, 10 North Senate Ave., SE018, Indianapolis, IN 46204,
  • Fax the appeal to 233-3348
  • Deliver the appeal in person to the DWD Lobby at 10 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204.NOTE: Please keep documentation of the date you sent in your appeal .
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    Workforce Development To End Indiana Unemployment Benefits Sept 4

    INDIANAPOLIS The Indiana Department of Workforce Development says that people receiving pandemic-related unemployment benefits will be paid through Sept. 4.

    The announcement came Tuesday after the Indiana Court of Appeals unanimously overturned a decision that forced the department to resume pandemic-related unemployment benefits.

    However, not all are claiming victory.

    State Sen. Fady Qaddoura says the ruling will put many Hoosier families in a hole he called for benefits to be extended beyond September.

    I think its heartless that we take money away, federal dollars that are not costing the state a penny, to take it away from hardworking families at the time when they needed the most, he said.

    Many receiving benefits tell I-Team 8 that they fear having to repay the money back after seeing weeks of overpayment issues from the department, which says no eligible claimant will pay any money back.

    Still the over 1,000 complaints I-Team 8has collected over recent weeks have shown otherwise.

    I think were creating a legal cliff for really desperate families who are dealing with financial stress, Qaddoura said. I dont think that the citizens should be punished for the mistakes done by government agencies.

    As the state senator calls for a full assessment of the departments policies and operations, it is sending resources to claimants looking for work. Below is a list of those resources:

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    What Happens If My Unemployment Claim Is Denied

    If your unemployment insurance claim is denied, you have up to 10 days to make an appeal to a judge, where a hearing will be held. To make an appeal, mail a written document containing your name, contact information, Social Security number and reason for appeal to the Appeals Division of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development at this address:

    Indiana Department of Workforce Development

    Attn: Appeals Division

    10 North Senate Avenue

    Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204

    If your appeal is denied in court, you may appeal the decision of the judge to the unemployment insurance review board within 15 days of the judge’s decision.

    Preparing To File Your Indiana Unemployment Application

    How To Apply For Unemployment In Indiana ...

    In order to file for Indiana unemployment assistance, all applicants will need to gather the necessary documents.

    In order to verify your Indiana unemployment claim, the documents submit must match the Indiana database. If you fail to fill out your Indiana unemployment application correctly you can be denied benefits.


    To fill out the Indiana unemployment application you should have the below documents ready.

    • Identification ( Can be a drivers license, Government issued ID, Social Security Card, birth certificate or Passport.
    • Employer contact information.
    • The dates that you worked for that employer and how much you earned in wages during that period.
    • Bank information. ( Can be a voided check or a deposit slip.

    Indiana residents who use the online system should plan on the process taking roughly 45 minutes to complete all forms. Legal Indiana immigrants can file for unemployment benefits if all eligibility requirements are met.

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    Indiana Delays Unemployment Benefits Despite Judge’s Ruling

    INDIANAPOLIS NOTE: The above video is from a previous report on the lawsuit.

    Indianas Department of Workforce Development said Wednesday that it still hasnt decided how to continue payment of federal unemployment benefits more than a week after a judge ruled that the state must restart the extra $300 weekly payments to unemployed workers.

    An agency spokesperson declined to comment on if or when the state plans to rejoin the programs that expanded unemployment benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    It could still be nearly three weeks before a judge rules on Gov. Eric Holcombs appeal to drop Indiana from the national programs before theyre scheduled to end on Sept. 6.

    A Marion County court ruled in June that Indiana shall notify the U.S. Department of Labor immediately of its continued participation in the CARES Act program while the court considered the lawsuit against the state.

    The lawsuit was filed against Holcomb over his decision to end extended unemployment insurance benefits on June 19. The lawsuit was filed by various Hoosiers and clergy.

    The lawsuit pointed to Indiana law 22-4-37-1 that requires the state to procure all available federal insurance benefits to citizens.

    “These benefits have provided life-sustaining and crucial assistance to many Hoosiers during the pandemic,” said Jon Laramore, executive director of Indiana Legal Services. “The legislature passed a law creating a right to these benefits, and were asking Governor Holcomb to follow the law.”

    What Is Staying The Same

    Online services: DWD said Monday it will continue to provide and maintain resources for job seekers during the outbreak, and it encouraged those seeking benefits to first apply online at www.in.gov/dwd/2334.htm. Information about payment, benefits, claims and vouchers, and answers to frequently asked questions, are available at www.in.gov/dwd/3704.htm.

    Job services: Job seekers will still be available to receive the following services:

    Job search assistance

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    How Can I Find A Good Unemployment Lawyer In Indiana

    There are several ways to find a good lawyer to help with your unemployment claim in Indiana. The best way to find a lawyer is always through a referral from someone you know. Ask family members, friends, and other professionals you work with whether they can recommend a good employment lawyer.

    Lawyers specialize, so your friends divorce lawyer wont be the right person to handle your unemployment appeal. However, lawyers also know other lawyers, so dont hesitate to ask a well-recommended lawyer in a different field for an employment lawyer referral.

    If you cant find a lawyer through personal referrals, here are a couple of other options:

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