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What To Do When Unemployment Benefits Are Exhausted In Ny

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Cares Act Unemployment Compensation Enhancements For Coronavirus / Covid

What happens when unemployment benefits are exhausted?

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020 expands Reemployment Assistance benefits. Benefits will be paid from the date they became eligible under the CARES Act. Programs included in the CARES Act are:

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation provides an additional $600 per week to any eligible individual until 7/31/2020. The $600 would be paid the first week of your unemployment claim period but no earlier than 4/5/20. Program Expiry As of 7/31/20 the $600 FPUC benefit has ended. Any supplementary benefits would be subject to Congress passing an unemployment benefits funding extension.

Restaurant Cook Or Waiter/waitress

Restaurant workers are in perpetual demand. Cooks earn a slightly higher salary than waiters or waitresses, but waiters and waitresses earn tips that can increase their weekly earnings substantially. Full-service restaurants are always on the lookout for people who can serve food and drinks with a positive attitude to create a pleasurable dining experience for guests. Cooks must be able to prepare excellent, flavorful food that guests want to enjoy again and again. Waiters and waitresses must be willing to sell products like desserts to guests by making menu suggestions.

Restaurant work involves working closely with the public, so in order to succeed in this environment, itâs important that you enjoy people. For waiters and waitresses, a large part of their compensation comes from tips, so the ability to relate and show sincere concern for customers is essential in order to make a good wage.

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Refusal Of Employment During First 10 Weeks Of Benefits

During the first 10 weeks of benefits, a claimant generally must accept any employment for which he or she is reasonably fitted by training and experience. Nonetheless, a claimant has good cause to refuse employment where the wages or compensation or hours or conditions offered are substantially less favorable to the claimant than those prevailing for similar work in the locality, or are such as tend to depress wages or working conditions, which the Department of Labor interprets to mean less than 90% of the prevailing wage . If the offered wage is less than the UI cutoff wage, the claimants previous acceptance of the wage is irrelevant. Conversely, if the offered wage is greater than or equal to the UI cutoff wage, the fact that it is less than what the claimant previously earned is irrelevant. A claimants desire for permanent full-time employment does not constitute good cause to refuse temporary employment.

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Who Will Be Impacted By These Federal Benefits Ending And How

Gig workers and the self-employed

People receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA, will lose their weekly benefits. This is the program created for workers who dont fit within the bounds of traditional unemployment insurance, like gig workers and independent contractors. As of Aug. 7, more than 916,000 New Yorkers were claiming PUA benefits each week, and in the week of Aug. 21, nearly 1,200 people filed new claims for the program.

Workers who have been unemployed for more than six months straight

If your unemployment insurance claim has reached or surpassed the originally allotted 26 weeks, your benefits will end. This is because two federal programs called Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or PEUC, and Extended Benefits, or EB, will be expiring on Sept. 5. These programs extended the length of time someone could receive unemployment benefits in New York to account for the economic challenges of the pandemic. As of Aug. 7, more than 713,000 people were claiming PEUC benefits, and more than 7,000 people were claiming EB benefits.

Anyone receiving unemployment benefits and getting the extra $300 a week

That weekly boost from the feds will disappear on Sep. 5, too. That means anyone receiving any kind of unemployment benefits will drop back down to their normal payments from the state, which are a maximum $504 a week.

Check On Extended Benefits

I Have Exhausted My Unemployment Benefits Ny

First, check with your state unemployment office to ensure you are receiving all the benefits you qualify for. During periods of high unemployment, the federal government may provide funds allowing the states to expand unemployment benefits.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a website to help you locate your state’s unemployment insurance office.

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What Is The Extended Benefits Program And When Does It End

The Extended Benefits program, or EB, is a federal program that became available on July 5, 2020.

It was meant to continue providing income for those whod already exhausted two other state or federal unemployment programs state Unemployment Insurance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or PEUC.

Initially, New Yorkers could access up to 20 weeks of EB. But the amount of EB available was dependent on New Yorks unemployment rate. If the rate ran less than 8% for a three-month period a threshold set by the federal government the EB amount available to New Yorkers would decrease to 13 weeks.

Thats what is taking effect Aug. 9: The decrease from 20 weeks to 13 weeks of EB eligibility.

New Yorks average unemployment rate between April and June was 7.9%, triggering the change, according to the most recent unemployment data from the U.S. Labor Bureau of Statistics.

So what does that mean for you? If youve been receiving EB for 13 or more weeks, it means you will stop receiving it on Aug. 9. If youve been receiving EB for less than 13 weeks, you may receive it until Sept. 5, when the program comes to a full stop for everyone around the country.

If you become eligible for EB after Aug. 9, your EB benefits will cease on Sept. 5.

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Issues With Ui Benefits

The DOL has begun a new initiative to proactively inform New Yorkers of the status of their unemployment benefits application through emails and text messages. This initiative is designed to keep New Yorkers informed throughout the process from submission to approval. Once you file a claim you will get further information on this.

Missing Payments If you are entitled to UI benefits, all benefits will be backdated to the day you were out of work.

Pending Claims: If you recently filed a new claim and everything is in order, you should generally receive your first payment about 2-4 weeks after you apply for benefits. It takes 2-3 business days for a payment to appear in your bank account once it has been released from our system. If you are experiencing issues with your account and claim get help online or call 1-800-833-3000.

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How Do I Know What My Benefits Will Be Come Sept 5

You should go to your Unemployment Insurance dashboard at to see your effective days remaining for benefits and your benefits types and payments.

You can also call the Department of Labor for claim help at 888-209-8124, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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How Many More People Will Go Back To Work Now That Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Have Ended

Extended unemployment benefits set to end September 6

Even the experts have different opinions on this one. While some say that theres an unavoidable increase in applicants for various jobs others say that the competitiveness of those opportunities will not outweigh the number of workers that return. In other words, until there are fewer open jobs especially if businesses are going to expand hours then there will likely continue to be a workforce shortage.

Employers are focusing on building sustainable teams with benefits that entice them to apply- then stay long-term. Experts say this is the recipe for success. Even if its an entry level job giving workers the opportunity to grow or do more with their career down the line has proven to be a winning method to getting top talent. Even if wages are higher due to that competition.

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Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

Often, elderly individuals who live on their own feel more comfortable receiving care from people they trust, like family or friends. Recently, the New York State Medicaid system implemented a new program that makes it possible for family and friends of elderly individuals to receive care in exchange for compensation.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program or CDPAP matches elderly or disabled individuals in need of personal or home health care with able-bodied men and women who are interested in this kind of work. Indeed, through this program, even relatives or friends of people who are in need of care can work for pay through Medicaid. In other words, if you have an elderly or disabled relative who receives Medicaid benefits and who is in need of at-home care, you can work through this program as a personal care or home health aide.

If you donât have an elderly friend or family member in need of personal care or home health aide services, you can still be matched up with people who are not relatives or friends who are in need of at-home caregiving services. Employment through the CDPAP program is always in high demand and for those who enjoy caregiving work, this program provides a great opportunity to get back into the workforce after a period of unemployment.

To be eligible to apply to work through the CDPAP, you must be at least 18 years of age and not the parent, spouse, or designated representative of the person who is receiving care.

End Of Federal Enhanced Benefits In New York

The PEUC, PUA, MEUC and FPUC programs expired on the week ending September 4, 2021. From September 5th, all federally funded enhanced unemployment benefits, including the extra $300 weekly payment ceased. Only traditional state unemployment benefits will be available, up to a maximum of 26 weeks.

Any active claims, with or without remaining balances, will expire after this date and any weeks after Sep 5th will NOT be paid. The only exception are retroactive benefit payments for validated claims after a successful determination or appeal in line with US DOL guidelines.

While there was a lot of discussion around extending pandemic unemployment benefits by states using already allocated stimulus funding, this was not done. The NY DOL instead is supporting return to work programs.

Some claimants may be eligible for State Extended Benefits , but claimants must have a regular UI claim to continue receiving benefits. Otherwise claimants will need to apply or reapply for UI benefits when they reach the end of their current benefit year . They must also have worked and earned enough qualified wages in the benefit year to qualify. Applicants who received no wages from covered employment during the past five quarters will not be eligible for a new UI claim. Further they must be actively looking for work to keep getting benefits.

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Income Tax Relief Under The American Rescue Plan Act

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 provided additional relief to middle- and lower-income taxpayers by waiving federal income taxes on the first $10,200 of unemployment benefits received in 2020. This relief applied to benefits received through both state and federal unemployment programs for individuals or couples with an adjusted gross income of $150,000 or less in 2020.

Though many states have decided to mirror the federal exemption, CNBC reports that some are offering partial relief while others have decided to tax unemployment benefits. Check with your state tax authority to find out how it plans to treat unemployment benefits in regard to state taxes.

Outline of Programs in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
Extends benefits to self-employed, freelancers, and independent contractors. Extended PUA to March 14, 2021. Extended PUA until Sept. 5, 2021.
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Provided a federal benefit of $600 per week: Expired July 31, 2020. Added $300 per week until March 14, 2021. Extended FPUC until Sept. 5, 2021.

: H.R. 748, U.S. Department of Labor, H.R. 1319

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation , Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , Extended Benefits , $300 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation , and $100 Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation programs all expired on September 5, 2021.

How To Make A Claim

I Have Exhausted My Unemployment Benefits Ny

When filing a claim over the phone, you will be given your own personal identification number . It is important to remember your PIN, so write it down somewhere safe where you can find it easily as you will need it to claim weekly benefits by telephone using Tel-Service. If you forget or lose your PIN, you can reset it by calling the Telephone Claims Center toll-free: 888-209-8124 .

To file a claim online, you will need to set up your own, personal account. This is different from the PIN you set up when you file a claim. Directions for creating an ID are available at the official website: Note that a personal ID account password expires after two years of inactivity on the account.

You can start certifying as soon as you receive a notification from the DOL. You must file your claim for the previous week on the last day of that week through the following Saturday. This is called the claim window. Any certification made on a Sunday is for the week ending that day.

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What To Do If Your Benefits End But You Think They Should Keep Going

If you think the state Department of Labor made a mistake with your claim, you can call its hotline at 888-209-8124, though there may be a long wait time.

You can also contact a legal services provider who can help, or your state representatives who can advocate on your behalf.

You can call Legal Services NYC at 917-661-4500, The Legal Aid Societys access to benefits hotline at 888-663-6880 or the Center for Urban Community Services at 855-932-2827, and you can find your state representatives contact information here.

Understanding Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation

Because states and businesses have shuttered due to the COVID-19 crisis, millions of laid-off workers in the U.S. continue to depend on unemployment insurance to help cover rent, groceries, and other expenses. But what if you are already unemployed and your benefits have run out?

The CARES Act established the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program to allow people who had exhausted their unemployment compensation benefits to receive up to 13 additional weeks of benefits, provided they “are able to work, available to work, and actively seeking work.”

As stated earlier, benefits under the PEUC program were due to expire Dec. 31, 2020, but were extended through Sept. 5, 2021, first as a result of the Consolidated Appropriations Act , 2021, and then by the American Rescue Plan. Currently, individuals could collect unemployment benefits for a total of 53 weeks . The plan expired on September 5, 2021.

Previously, 26 states elected to end the $300 federal supplement early. The best way to confirm the status of your unemployment benefits is to check with your state’s unemployment office. The Department of Labor lists the contact information for all fifty states’ labor offices on its website.

Stimulus checks and other benefits for qualified individuals passed as part of the Consolidated Appropriations and American Rescue Plan Acts are not unemployment benefits and are administered by the U.S. Treasury Department.

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How Much Will I Receive

  • Your base weekly benefit amount is calculated by dividing the wages in the highest quarter of your base period by 21, up to a maximum of $648 per week.
  • If you are partially unemployed, your weekly benefit amount is calculated the same as the above by using the amount of reduced income you are currently receiving.
  • In addition to this base amount, the American Rescue Plan provides an additional $300 per week for beneficiaries through September 6, 2021.
    • This amount may come together with your UI benefits, or as a separate payment.
    • Please ask the New York Department of Labor if you have questions regarding your weekly benefit amount.

When Do My Benefits End

Unemployment pay extended 13 weeks for those who have exhausted benefits

If youre eligible to receive unemployment benefits in New York, you can typically get them for up to 26 weeks during a one-year period, though its possible benefits may be extended because of crisis economic conditions.

That said, you can lose your benefits if you stop meeting all of the eligibility requirements. To continue receiving benefits, youll need to certify your benefits by requesting payment through the state website or phone system every week. Youre basically confirming for the state that you were still unemployed during the past week.

Youll also need to meet the states requirements for job-hunting and document your efforts if the department of labor asks for confirmation.

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How Much Do You Get For Unemployment In Ny

If you are eligible to receive unemployment assistance, your weekly payments will be determined by how long you worked during a Base Period and how much money you earned from your employers. The Base Period is one calendar year or 4 quarters . The method used to calculate your weekly unemployment payments will be determined by which type of Base Period is used for the calculation. There are two types of Base Periods: the Basic Base Period and the Alternate Base Period. The Basic Base Period is used for the calculation for Individuals who have had enough wages during the preceding calendar year. For individuals who donât have enough wages in their Basic Base Period, the Alternate Base Period is used for the calculation. A Benefits Calculator is available online at the website.

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