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Can You Draw Unemployment And Disability At The Same Time

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Social Security Disability Benefits Increased

Can I draw unemployment and receive benefits at the same time?

Social Security Disability Insurance is an insurance program in which workers can earn coverage for benefits by paying Social Security taxes through their paycheck. The program provides income for those who can no longer work due to a disability, to help replace some of their lost income. Payments increased slightly in 2020 for the nearly 10 million Americans who receive Social Security disability benefits.

Disabled workers will receive on average $1,277 per month in 2021, up from $1,261 in 2020. However, for a disabled worker, a spouse with one or more children, theyll be paid on average $2,224 per month, an increase of $29 from 2020.

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Lack Of Income For Unemployment Claim

If you are out of work for one year or more, you may not qualify for unemployment compensation because you likely dont have sufficient past earnings. Generally, you must have received at least $1,300 in wages during the highest-earning quarter of your base period. You will also qualify if you earned at least $900 during your highest quarter and your overall base period earnings are 1.25 times more than this. If you dont qualify for unemployment based on this standard calculation, EDD will use an alternative one that looks at your earnings for the last four quarters immediately before the date you filed for unemployment.

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Unemployment Benefits Impact On Social Security & Vice Versa

As mentioned previously, the state of Minnesota is the only state in the union that currently offsets the unemployment benefits of those who are already receiving Social Security income. If you live in this state, your unemployment benefits may be reduced by an amount equal to half of your Social Security benefits.

But, collecting unemployment benefits never has any type of impact on the amount of Social Security you receive. If you take Social Security at age 62 and are still working, then your earned income can reduce your Social Security benefit, but because unemployment benefits are considered to be unearned income, there is no impact.

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What Do Disability Lawyers Advise

Many Social Security disability lawyers advise against collecting unemployment benefits when applying for Social Security disability, because ALJs who work for Social Security have been known to look askance at people applying for both benefits at the same time, or even deny the disability claims of those who are collecting unemployment benefits.

Other lawyers point out that there are situations where an older person could be legitimately entitled to disability benefits due to a medical-vocational allowance but be able to work. For instance, if a person is limited to sedentary work , but because of his age, past job skills, and education level, isnt expected to learn how to do a sedentary job, he should be approved for disability benefits. In that case, theoretically the individual could actually collect disability benefits but work a sedentary job . Similarly, an individual could apply for unemployment benefits if he says he is ready and willing to work a sedentary job.

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The Substantial Gainful Activity Loophole

Can You Get Unemployment And Disability At The Same Time ...

If you work but earn less than $1,220 per month, you will be eligible for disability and partial unemployment benefits.

The potential problem with this approach, other than the reduction in the amount of your unemployment benefits, is that Pennsylvania will require you to continue seeking full-time work, yet your disability payments are based on the assumption that your disability prevents you from working full-time.

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What Should I Do If I Want To Apply For Both Programs

First and foremost, the essential rule in applying for either of these programs is to be honest. Under no circumstances should a claimant try to hide that they are actively pursuing financial assistance from both programs.

The SSDI application process is complex, and only becomes more confusing when adding in a second benefit program. Seeking the assistance of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is essential in these situations. If you have any doubt about how unemployment benefits impact your SSDI claim, you should contact a Disability lawyer or advocate immediately.

The Law As It Relates To Unemployment

Though it seems as though the same person wouldnt need both unemployment benefits and SSDI benefits, theres no law in place that prohibits you from applying for both types of benefits.

In 1999, there was a Supreme Court Case known as Cleveland vs. Policy Management Systems Corp. This case determined that anyone who applies for both types of these benefits has a legal right to explain why they feel like theres no contradiction between their need for both. The case also states that its possible for a person to qualify at the same time for both types.

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When Does It Make Sense For Me

If you think you might be able to take on a part-time job that doesnt bring in more than $1,000 a month, you might want to consider applying for SSD and unemployment.

If youre among those who can collect unemployment benefits while looking for a part-time job, you still need to research how your unemployment benefits might affect any Supplemental Security Income . If you do qualify for unemployment benefits and start receiving monthly payments, those payments can affect your eligibility for the disability program. You can be denied SSI benefits if your unemployment checks cause your monthly income to exceed the limits.

If you go the route of applying for both, you arent saying that you can hold down a full-time job but youre also not saying that you are unwilling to look for a job. In this situation, you state that your disability prevents you from working full-time and that you need unemployment benefits to make up for your lack of a job while you seek other options.

Note that some states require you to be willing to look for a full-time job in order to receive unemployment benefits. Youll need to check with your state laws ahead of time.

Check On Extended Benefits

Can I file for unemployment and disability at the same time?

First, check with your state unemployment office to ensure you are receiving all the benefits you qualify for. During periods of high unemployment, the federal government may provide funds allowing the states to expand unemployment benefits.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a website to help you locate your states unemployment insurance office.

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Filing A Disability Claim While On Unemployment Can Be Risky

Make sure you are doing the right thing and protected from risk. When filing unemployment or disability claims, talk to an attorney who understands both.

If you have any questions about a Social Security claim, contact a disability attorney at any of our offices across Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Illinois. Call or submit the Contact Form on our website for a free consultation.

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When Can You Get Unemployment And Disability

Because unemployment requires a claim that you are able to work and disability generally requires a claim that you cannot work, it is very rare to be able to get both at the same time. Situations where you may get both at the same time include the following:

  • You are able to do some work that is not similar to previous work you have done.
  • Your work does not rise to the level of substantial gainful activity.

A long term disability attorney can help you determine whether you meet these eligibility requirements.

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Can You Collect Disability And Unemployment Benefits At The Same Time

Yes, technically, you can receive Social Security disability benefits and other forms of government benefits at the same time. However, it is vital that you understand how these different programs interact with each other so that you do not hinder your disability claim.

Unemployment benefits are a great resource for out of work Americans. But, collecting both disability and unemployment benefits is risky and complicated. Why? Because unemployment benefits are mainly reserved for people able and willing to work but cannot find employment, whereas disability benefits are for individuals who cannot work at all.

For answers to questions like can you collect disability and unemployment benefits at the same time? consult an experienced Bakersfield CA disability attorney at Oren & Oren today.

Can You Receive Long

Can You Collect Disability &  Unemployment Benefits at the ...

If you are unemployed and disabled, you might be wondering if you can receive Long-Term Disability and Unemployment Insurance benefits simultaneously. The answer? Rarely. You can collect them simultaneously only when the eligibility requirements of the Long-Term Disability and Unemployment Insurance program overlap.

In this article, we will guide you on collecting Long-Term Disability and UI benefits simultaneously. But before that, lets have a detailed look at LTD and UI benefits programs.

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Disability Vs Unemployment Claims

If you are filing for Social Security disability, you are stating that you have been unable to perform substantial work activity for twelve months, or that you anticipate that you’ll be unable to perform substantial work activity for at least twelve months, due to a mental and/or physical impairment. But when filing for unemployment, you are stating you are ready and available to perform work should you be able to find a job that fits your work skills.

My Employer Offers Private Short

Typically, yes. If the benefits are integrated, the EDD will pay you an amount for SDI, and your employer or its insurance carrier will pay you an additional amount to cover some or all of the difference between SDI and your full wages.

If you dont know whether your employer integrates benefits with the EDD, ask your HR department or manager for information.

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Are There Exceptions To The Rule

As with most things, there are certain exceptions to the rule. For example, an individual might have lost their job and be receiving unemployment benefits, and then become disabled. These individuals might continue to collect unemployment while applying for disability benefits. In other unique circumstances, an individual over the age of fifty might have a disability that prevents them from keeping their previous job, and yet may still be capable of performing other work for which they have not been trained.

Still, these circumstances are rare. In fact, a 2012 report from the Government Accountability Office showed that fewer than one percent of SSDI beneficiaries also receive unemployment insurance benefits at the same time.

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How Much Does Disability Pay

Can I Get Workers Comp Benefits & Social Security Disability Benefits At The Same Time?

In order to receive Social Security Disability Insurance payments, youll have to meet two major requirements. Firstly, you must have a qualifying medical condition which prevents you from working. Secondly, you must have earned enough work credits. program.)

SSDI benefits are dependent upon your lifetime average earnings . As such, having access to your full work history becomes extremely important when estimating what your benefit amount could be.

Going into 2021, the average disabled worker will receive $1,277 per month in disability benefits. The maximum monthly payment a disabled worker can receive in 2021 is $3,011. In other words, disability benefits provide steady income for workers who are truly disabled and who are unlikely to be able to return to work.

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Pregnancy And Maternity Leave

If you are disabled due to pregnancy, you may be entitled to up to 26 weeks of disability benefits.

You will need to submit a medical report completed by a doctor or certified nurse midwife stating your disability is due to pregnancy.

  • The medical report should describe specific pregnancy complications if your disability
  • started more than four weeks before the anticipated birth date OR
  • lasts more than four to six weeks after the actual birth date.

Note: Benefits are not payable for any period you are unable to work due to elective surgery .

  • Can I File a SSDI Claim While Receiving Unemployment Benefits?
  • Employees who have been fired or laid off may consider filing for unemployment benefits. However, sometimes a job termination may be related to the employees disability. Perhaps the employee worked for an employer that allowed certain accommodations for the disability that other employers might not allow. For example, an employer might allow a disabled employee to take longer breaks, perform light duties only, or be excused from overly strenuous tasks. As Missouri disability attorneys, we have seen those employees have greater difficulty finding a new job. While they look, they may file a SSDI claim, but could they also be eligible for unemployment benefits?

    Eligibility: Social Security Disability And Unemployment

    The Social Security Administration does not explicitly deny Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income claims by those already receiving unemployment benefits. However, you can see by looking at the eligibility requirements why Social Security and unemployment claims often dont mix:

    • Unemployment: Must be ready, willing and able to work on a full-time basis
    • Disability: Must be unable to work a full-time job for 12 months because of a disabling medical condition. If a person is expected to be unable to work for 12 months, this qualifies as well.

    A 1999 U.S. Supreme Court case held that Social Security disability claims did not inherently conflict with other types of benefits. However, it is up to the claimant to prove that his eligibility for unemployment benefits is not in conflict with a disability claim.

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    Can A Person Be Laid Off With Short Term Disability

    Currently, many employees, who have not been outright terminated, may be temporarily laid off or be subject to various reduced hours plans. Some workplaces provide employees with Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability benefits that allow the employee to be absent from work for illness reasons.

    Do Unemployment Benefits Affect Ssi Or Ssdi Benefits And Vice Versa

    Can You Collect Workers

    Most people who receive Social Security benefits do not want to risk losing the monthly payments that provide partial replacement income. That is why many Americans who receive benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income are reluctant to apply for unemployment benefits when they lose their job out of fear that they could lose their SSDI or SSI benefits.

    Should you worry about losing your eligibility for SSI or SSDI benefits if you wish to apply for unemployment compensation benefits in Florida?

    Do Unemployment Benefits Affect Your SSDI or SSI Eligibility?

    The Social Security Administration considers unemployment benefits unearned income. Thus, these benefits will likely have no effect on your SSDI benefits if you are not working.

    As for your SSI eligibility, things are more complicated. Since unemployment benefits are unearned income, these payments will reduce SSI dollar for dollar .

    In 2020, the monthly federal payment maximum is $783 for an eligible individual. Thus, anyone receiving unemployment benefits that exceed $803 is not eligible for SSI due to excess income.

    Under certain circumstances, you might lose your eligibility to collect unemployment benefits: These include but are not limited to:

    • Insufficient earnings
    • Leaving your job to attend school.

    Do Social Security Benefits Affect Unemployment Benefits?

    Can You Collect Both Unemployment and Social Security Benefits?


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    Can I Collect Disability Insurance Benefits If I Am Collecting Unemployment Benefits

    It is challenging for a disabled claimant to obtain either short or long term disability benefits when they are receiving or have received unemployment benefits. It is not impossible to get STD or LTD benefits, but a claimant would be much better off not seeking unemployment. One of the criteria to be eligible for unemployment benefits is that the employee must be able to work, available to work and actively seeking work. In a situation where a person has an own occupation policy, then it could be possible to receive unemployment and disability benefits. The other important reason to not seek unemployment is that in most ERISA / GROUP disability policies, any unemployment benefits received will offset any disability benefits which are owed.

    Social Security And Unemployment

    Officially, the Social Security Administration says collecting unemployment doesnt bar you from getting approved for disability. However, when the application goes in, an administrative law judge may consider the benefits you get from unemployment while they review your disability case.

    The SSA does have access to unemployment benefits information, and this information is usually included when you file your claim. Since each disability judge makes decisions on a case-by-case basis, whether unemployment affects your claim depends on the judge. Some judges dont like to see people receiving both kinds of benefits. Some will only approve disability after unemployment runs out and will request a modified onset date. Still, others understand that people need income in order to make ends meet and will approve your claim.

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    Can I File A Disability Claim While Collecting Unemployment Benefits

    It is completely understandable for someone to file a disability claim because a mental or physical disability prevents them from working.

    It also is not unreasonable to file a claim for unemployment benefits after being laid off. Yet people sometimes wonder, Can you apply for disability while on unemployment benefits?

    The simple answer is that you technically can file for both. However, it is rarely a good idea and often creates more problems than solutions.

    If you are asking, Can you get unemployment and disability at the same time? then you should reach out to a qualified and experienced disability lawyer for further guidance right away.

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