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When Will The Extra Unemployment Start

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How Long Do The Additional Benefits Last

When Will The Extra $300 in Unemployment Benefits Start? A New Girl Scout Cookie, & More

The grant program is approved to run until December 27.

The government has set aside $44billion to cover the cost of the benefit but there is no guarantee that the funds will last until the end of the year considering there has been an increase in unemployment applications.

Some 30 million people are currently receiving unemployment benefits and 1.4 million filed for unemployment in July due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How Does The Mixed Earner Unemployment Compensation Work

The mixed earner and unemployment compensation is meant to supplement the incomes of freelancers and gig workers who also happen to rely on traditional W-2 income.

An example of who this applies to would be a freelance photographer who buses tables on the side. Qualified applicants receive an additional $100 along with the standard $300 federal benefit.

What Happened In States That Cut Off Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Early

Governors in roughly two dozen states ended federal aid early over the summer, claiming that the extra unemployment benefits were disincentivizing people from finding work and led to labor shortages. Around that time, the economy and the job market were beginning to show solid signs of growth. Jobs were added to the economy overall, although many retail and dining businesses struggled to hire employees and continue to struggle.

Several studies over the last year have disputed claims that jobless benefits deter people from returning to work. Labor Department data released in August shows people living in states that cut off benefits early havent rushed back to work. Job growth in states that cut enhanced jobless benefits has been parallel to states that kept the benefits.

In a Arindrajit Dube, a University of Massachusetts economist, found in states that ended federal programs early, adults receiving extra unemployment benefits fell by 2.2%, but employment didnt increase. At the same time, employment rose by 0.2% in states that didnt end extended unemployment insurance prematurely.

Because COVID-19 cases have started to rise again due to the Delta variant, theres a newfound uncertainty around the economy and job market.

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When Will The Extra $300 Weekly Fpuc Unemployment Stimulus End In My State

The Biden ARP stimulus bill continued the supplementary $300 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation payment that was already in place for another 25 weeks. In most states this will cover the benefit weeks ending March 20th, 2021 to September 4th, 2021. However per the table below many states are ending this payment much earlier than planned.

Eligibility criteria is the same as earlier FPUC payments where the claimant has to be getting $1 from any underlying regular state or federally funded unemployment benefit program during the 25 week coverage period. Any payments will be retroactively caught up for eligible weeks.

Covered in this Article:

About The Peuc Extension

when does the extra 300 unemployment start

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation provided up to 53 additional weeks of payments if youve used all of your available unemployment benefits.

  • The first 13 weeks were available from March 29, 2020 to September 4, 2021. In UI Online, your claim type displays as PEUC.
  • After collecting the first 13 weeks, an additional 11 weeks were available beginning on or after December 27, 2020 to September 4, 2021. Your claim type displays as Extension Tier 2 in UI Online.
  • After collecting the first 24 weeks, an additional 29 weeks were available beginning on or after March 14, 2021 to September 4, 2021. Your claim type displays as Extension Tier 2 in UI Online.

To have qualified for a PEUC extension, your regular UI claim must have started on July 8, 2018, or after.

If you ran out of benefits within your benefit year

  • If you ran out of benefits within your benefit year, we automatically filed your PEUC extension on your regular unemployment claim.
    • If you were collecting on a FED-ED extension, you continued to collect it until it was exhausted. We filed the additional weeks of the PEUC extension after you used all FED-ED benefits.

If your benefit year ended

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Reinstating And Extending The Pandemic Unemployment Insurance Programs Through 2021 Could Create Or Save 51 Million Jobs

Key takeaways:

  • While the economy remains 10 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels and job growth is slowing significantly as the pandemic surges, the remaining suite of pandemic unemployment insurance programs are set to expire on December 26, even as one of the most importantthe extra $600 per weekhas already expired and millions of workers have already exhausted benefits or had them significantly slashed.
  • The economic shock from COVID-19 has been ongoing long enough that roughly one-third of unemployed workers have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer. Unemployment insurance benefits should not just be made much more generous, they should also have their durations extended substantially. Once again, this highlights that UI benefit generosity and duration should never be tied to arbitrary dates but should rather be dictated by economic conditions .
  • If these programsincluding the extra $600are reinstated and extended through 2021, and if the virus is brought under control so that economic growth for 2021 returns to being simply a function of aggregate demand growth, the economy would be boosted by 3.5% and 5.1 million more jobs would be added in 2021.

All told, we find that if these programs effectiveness is maintained through 2021, and if the virus is brought under control so that economic growth for 2021 returns to being simply a function of aggregate demand growth, the economy would be boosted by 3.5% and 5.1 million more jobs would be added in 2021.

Income boost

States Ending $300 Weekly Payment Early

The following states are ending the $300 payment earlier than the Sep 6th expiry:

States Ending Unemployment Early
Mississippi $300 FPUC, PUA, PEUC, MEUC

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How Do The $300 Unemployment Benefits Work

Anyone getting state unemployment has been getting the federal money since the CARES Act passed in March of 2020. But the federal bonus was $600 in that original COVID-19 relief package.

That expired in July of 2020 and was replaced by a $300-a-week federal bonus. President Donald Trump signed a bill in December that extended that program through March 14, 2021.

ARPA essentially picks up where the last bill left off. As with the previous benefits, you must be unemployed because of COVID-19 and, depending on where you live, you may need to complete regular work search requirements to remain eligible.

You need to apply for the extra benefits through your states website. That has proven a challenge in many states where antiquated computer systems were overwhelmed and started wheezing like a 1988 Chrysler LeBaron with 593,842 miles on the odometer.

Those problems have been mostly resolved, though a little patience might still be called for. New applicants will need to provide income and unemployment records.

ARPA allocated $300 billion for unemployment payments, but the Labor Department warned it might take a few weeks for states to tweak their computer systems to account for the extension.

The period between March 14 and Sept. 6 spans 25 weeks. If the payments were to pick up immediately, thats $7,500 extra in federal money for individuals. ARPA also increased the maximum period of benefits from 50 weeks to 79 weeks.

Extra $600 In Unemployment Is Over

The impact of ending the extra unemployment benefits in Florida

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

The $600 in supplemental unemployment benefits that the federal government began providing at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic has come to an end. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, a bill signed into law by President Donald Trump on March 27, included a Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation of $600 a week to go along with the benefits traditionally provided by state unemployment agencies1.

That bill set an end date for the supplement of July 31, and in the days leading up to it, Congressional Republicans and Democrats and Trump administration officials began discussing how to replace it. But as of Saturday, August 8, the President signed a new executive order into law that addressed new unemployment extensions as well as payroll tax cuts, eviction moratoriums, and the continued suspension of federal student loan payments. Read on to find more about:

  • how unemployment benefits work
  • why unemployment exists and
  • the four new executive actions.

Fact: at the time of this writing, more than 30 million people are claiming unemployment benefits2.

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If I Am Eligible For Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Do I Need To First Apply For Unemployment Insurance

States must have a process for determining that Pandemic Unemployment Assistance applicants are ineligible for regular unemployment benefits, which may not include filing a regular claim as a first step. States are not required to take and adjudicate a full claim for regular unemployment insurance benefits to meet this requirement. While states are not prohibited from taking a full claim, to facilitate expedited claims processing the U.S. Department of Labor has discouraged states from doing so. Individuals should apply using the states PUA application process and, in states that have not yet established that process, must wait until it is established.

How Many People Lost Their Jobless Benefits

Its estimated around 7.5 million people have been cut off from aid, and more than three million people who get the weekly $300 bonus to their state unemployment benefits have been affected. That brings the total number of people affected by the Sept. 6 expiration date to almost 11 million.

In addition to that, August was an underwhelming month for job growth, with the economy adding just 235,000 positions, the Labor Department reported Friday. Economists polled by Bloomberg predicted 725,000 new hires for August, while a separate Reuters survey had economists predicting 728,000. Still, the unemployment rate is on a steady if slow decline, dropping from 5.4% to 5.2%.

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Will Any States Opt To Pay $400

Yes. Unemployed people in Montana and Kentucky, for instance, are poised to become the first to receive the promised $400. FEMAs grant funding will allow Montana and Kentucky to provide those unemployed due to the pandemic $400 per week $100 in state funds and $300 in federal funds on top of their regular unemployment benefit, the agency said.

Kentucky had signaled earlier this week that it had been considering whether to use some of its federal coronavirus relief money from the CARES Act, which will add $100 to the $300 benefit provided by FEMA, Gov. Andy Beshear said.

States may pay for their portion of the benefits by using money provided to them under the relief package passed this year, Trump’s executive action says.

Which States Have Issued The $300 Boost

Extra Unemployment Ohio Start

Arizona, California, New York, Rhode Island and Tennessee are among the first states to begin paying a $300 boost this week, CNBC reported. Connecticut and Washington state aim to disburse the supplement beginning in mid-January, the report said.

California started paying the supplement only to some benefit recipients.

Georgia issued payments this week for those receiving continuing payments, a spokeswoman from the Georgia Department of Labor said. The state also issued payments to those who continue to receive payments on regular unemployment and state extended benefits, she added.

Maine, Montana, South Carolina, Vermont and Washington, among other states, said they’ll begin issuing the bonus next week.

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How Do I Apply For Peuc

Sign into your online account at and click on the Apply for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation link to apply. Federal guidelines require you to file a separate claim for PEUC to receive these benefits. You will not automatically receive PEUC when you exhaust regular state unemployment insurance benefits.

If you are not eligible for PEUC, you will not see the Apply for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation link in your online account.

For help with applying for PEUC by phone, call the Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259.

When Does The Extra $400 Unemployment Benefit Start

President Trump on Saturday signed an executive action promising an extra $400 in weekly unemployment benefits, a potential lifeline for the millions of Americans who lost their jobs a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s efforts to partially restore the sweetened jobless benefits, which expired at the end of July, hinges on cash-strapped states being able to adapt a new unemployment system and fund one-fourth of the aid.

States have two options to fund the $100 share they owe: They could count the first $100 they already pay in standard, weekly benefits to meet that requirement. That could mean the aid is reduced to $300 a week for some out-of-work Americans half of what they were previously receiving.

Despite concerns that state unemployment insurance systems, many of which are notoriously outdated and rely on an Eisenhower-era computer system, could take weeks to get up and running, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Monday that he expects most states to administer the extra benefit by the end of August.

“Within the next week or two, most will be able to execute,” Mnuchin said during a White House press briefing.

That was a sentiment echoed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, who said there’s “No money sitting in the piggy bank” for the state to put forward an extra $100 in unemployment aid.

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When Could The Supplemental Unemployment Payments Go Out

Under the executive action, in order to receive funds, states must submit an application and a plan for administering the funds to the Federal Emergency Management Agency , which is charged with dispersing the federal funds from the Disaster Relief Fund. Once those are approved and signed, the agency said funding will be available within one business day.

But states need to make adjustments to their unemployment insurance system to access these funds and accommodate program requirements, so the actual distribution will take longer. The Labor Department estimates it could take about three weeks from the states plan approval for the actual dispersement of funds. Although some, like Arizona, have said theyre set up to deliver benefits sooner. The state said this week that it expects to start issuing funds to claimants by next week.

Remaining states still need to get applications in and approved before they can access the additional supplemental funds. States including Michigan, Tennessee, and New Hampshire have announced theyre already in the process of submitting applications for aid or are waiting for approval.

States grant applications and administrative plans must be received by September 10, 2020, in order to be considered for the federal grant, according to FEMA. That means all payments should be going out by the end of September.

Biden Stimulus Package Unemployment Extensions

Oregon unemployed begin getting extra $300 fed benefit

Congress and President Biden have now passed into law the $2 trillion stimulus package, also known as the American Rescue Plan . It includes further unemployment program extensions until September 6th, 2021 for the PUA, PEUC and FPUC programs originally funded under the CARES act in 2020 and then extended via the CAA COVID Relief Bill. The need for another unemployment stimulus was reinforced by the prevailing high unemployment situation in many parts of the country due to the ongoing COVID related economic fallout.

Unemployment Benefit Extensions Per DOL Guidelines

The initial Biden stimulus package passed in the House included a $400 FPUC extra weekly payment but in order to get all Democrats in the Senate onboard it had to be cut back to $300 p/week. This amount is the same as the $300 weekly supplement approved under the CAA COVID relief bill was funded until March 14th, 2021 but will now be extended through to week ending September 4th, 2021. This provides another 25 weekly payments for a maximum of $7,500.

The $300 weekly FPUC payment lines up with the programs. Claimants should be able to rollover remaining weeks from the CAA funded extensions to the extended Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs. You can see a graphical representation of the past, current and proposed enhanced unemployment program extensions in the diagram below. See a full review of DOL guidelines this article.

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Im Partially Employed Because Im A Student And Work Part Time Doing Ride

You may be eligible for PUA, depending on your personal circumstances. A gig economy worker, such as a driver for a ride-sharing service, is eligible for PUA provided that he or she is unemployed, partially employed, or unable or unavailable to work for one or more of the qualifying reasons provided for by the CARES Act. For example, a driver for a ride-sharing service may be forced to quit his or her job if he or she was diagnosed with COVID-19 by a qualified medical professional, and although the driver no longer has COVID-19, the illness caused health complications that render the driver objectively unable to perform his or her essential job functions, with or without a reasonable accommodation. Similarly, under an additional eligibility criterion established by the Secretary of Labor pursuant to 2102, a driver who receives an IRS Form 1099 from the ride-sharing service may qualify for PUA benefits if he or she has been forced to suspend operations as a direct result of the COVID-19 public health emergency, such as if an emergency state or municipal order restricting movement makes continued operations unsustainable. Relatedly, widespread social distancing undertaken in response to guidance from federal, state, or local governments may so severely reduce customer demand for a drivers services as to force him or her to suspend operations, and thus make the driver eligible for PUA.

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