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How To File For Unemployment In Nc

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Where Is The Unemployment Office In Moore County Nc

How to file for unemployment

Do you need to file for unemployment benefits in Moore County, North Carolina? Do you have questions about your claim? You can find the information you need at the website of the North Carolina Department of Commerce: Division of Employment Security, the state agency that administers unemployment benefits in North Carolina.

If you havent applied for unemployment benefits recently , you might think you have to go into the local unemployment office and file your claim in person. These days, however, its much easier and often, required to file your claim online or by phone.

On this page, youll find

  • contact information for the North Carolina Department of Commerce: Division of Employment Security
  • contact information for local job centers, which can help you with your job search and may offer assistance in filing for unemployment benefits, and
  • links to our articles on how to file for benefits in North Carolina, eligibility for benefits in North Carolina, calculating your weekly benefit amount in North Carolina, and more.

How Do I Claim Weekly Dua Benefits

You must complete a weekly certification each week you are unemployed as a direct result of the disaster. A weekly certification is a series of yes/no questions a claimant must answer each week to be considered for payment for that week. You may file your weekly certification:


If you need assistance with completing your weekly certification, contact the DES Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259.

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Learn How To Appeal Denied Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

Find North Carolina Unemployment Appealing Denied Benefits Information

Former employees who have been denied unemployment benefits can request an unemployment denial appeal in North Carolina. Residents can file an appeal for denied unemployment coverage through the Division of Employment Security . If your appeal is granted, you will receive all the unemployment benefits you are entitled to. Unemployment applicants who have been denied aid must submit an appeal by the deadline stated on the initial determination letter they received from the DES. Residents who have been denied unemployment benefits in NC can file two different levels of appeals. If an initial appeal is denied, you may file a second-level appeal in an effort to receive denied unemployment benefits. Former employees may have had unemployment compensation benefits denied for several different reasons, based on the qualifications set by the DES. If North Carolina residents have been subject to wrongful termination, the DES may change its original decision for denial.

To learn about possible reasons for denied unemployment benefits and the steps to submit an unemployment denial appeal in NC, review the following sections:

Reasons you may have your unemployment benefits denied in North Carolina

File a first-level unemployment denial appeal in North Carolina

File a second-level appeal for denied unemployment assistance in North Carolina

Find North Carolina Unemployment Resources

How to Apply

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Eligibility Requirements For North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

In North Carolina, the Division of Employment Security handles unemployment benefits and determines eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must meet the following three eligibility requirements in order to collect unemployment benefits in North Carolina:

  • Your past earnings must meet certain minimum thresholds.
  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own, as defined by North Carolina law.
  • You must be able and available to work, and you must be actively seeking employment.

Preparing To File Your North Carolina Unemployment Application

Website To File Unemployment In North Carolina

In order to file for North Carolina unemployment assistance, all applicants will need to gather the necessary documents.

In order to verify your North Carolina unemployment claim, the documents submit must match the North Carolina database. If you fail to fill out your North Carolina unemployment application correctly you can be denied benefits.


To fill out the North Carolina unemployment application you should have the below documents ready.

  • Identification ( Can be a drivers license, Government issued ID, Social Security Card, birth certificate or Passport.
  • Employer contact information.
  • The dates that you worked for that employer and how much you earned in wages during that period.
  • Bank information. ( Can be a voided check or a deposit slip.

North Carolina residents who use the online system should plan on the process taking roughly 45 minutes to complete all forms. Legal North Carolina immigrants can file for unemployment benefits if all eligibility requirements are met.

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Need Help Understanding Your Unemployment Insurance Claim

Thousands of North Carolinians are still impacted by COVID-19 and will continue to seek financial assistance through the states Unemployment Insurance Program.

After September 4, 2021, state unemployment benefits will be the only benefits available in North Carolina. Under state law, state unemployment benefits currently provide eligible claimants with up to 13 weeks of benefits in a one-year period, with a maximum benefit of $350 a week.

All federal pandemic unemployment programs under the CARES ACT end . These programs include Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation , Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation and Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation .

What Is The Difference Between Eligibility And Qualification

Eligibility involves working and earning enough money within your base period to establish a claim for benefits, and meeting the requirements of searching for work and being able and available for work. Eligibility is determined weekly. Ineligibility is a postponement of benefits until you meet the weekly requirements. Qualification involves being separated from work through no fault of your own. Disqualification is a loss of benefits. It is possible to be eligible and disqualified for benefits. It is also possible to be ineligible and qualified for benefits. You must be both qualified and eligible to receive benefits.

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I Am Not 65 Or Older Or A High

You should talk to your employer. If your employer has taken steps to create a safer workplace by following safety standards as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control or other governmental authorities or industry groups, you may be found ineligible for benefits if you choose not to return to work. If your employer is not following recommended safety standards, then your refusal to return to work may make you eligible for benefits.

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How To File A First

Former workers have the right to file an unemployment denial appeal at the first level in order to dispute a case of denied unemployment benefits. If the DES has granted you unemployment aid but you believe you are entitled to more, you can file an unemployment denial appeal to request more coverage. Instructions and deadlines to file an appeal in NC will be clearly stated on the initial letter of determination you receive from the DES. If you fail to send an appeal by the deadline, you will not be able to dispute the decision made by the DES. Former employees must submit appeals in writing by briefly explaining why they feel they should receive unemployment coverage. Claimants must include their Social Security Number, docket number of determination, their signature and the date on their appeal letter. If you are an employer filing an appeal, you must also include your business name and the title of the person filing an appeal on your behalf. Workers who are unemployed can submit an unemployment denial appeal by mail, by fax, online, or in person at a local DES office.

What If I Work Part

If you work part-time, you must report the gross earnings for the weeks that you worked, and you must maintain your eligibility requirements. If your only employment was part-time and you have been separated, you may be eligible to receive benefits. Contact a DES claims representative at 1-888-737-0259 so that a determination can be made.

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How Can I Qualify For North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

Typically, to be eligible for North Carolina unemployment benefits you must meet these requirements.

  • Be out of work through no fault of your own the DES will decide if you meet this requirement based on information you and your former employer provide
  • Have earned sufficient wages to be considered eligible
  • Be physically able to work, available to work and actively looking for a job
  • Register for work with NCWorks Online, the states job service office

Once you begin receiving weekly payments, youll need to take steps to maintain your eligibility, including filing weekly claims and reporting on your job search.

In North Carolina, unemployment benefits are usually available for between 12 weeks and 20 weeks. But states may choose to revise their benefits in times of economic crisis.

Does Receiving Social Security Disability Payments Affect My Unemployment Benefits

How To File For Unemployment In Charlotte Nc

In order to qualify for benefits, you must be able to work. You are not able to work during any week that you are receiving or applying for benefits under any other state or federal law based on your temporary total or permanent total disability.

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What Is A Waiting Period Week

Your waiting period week is the first eligible week for benefits under each claim filed. You must serve a waiting period week for each claim filed. You will never receive payment for this first week, but it must be claimed to be counted. It does not mean you should wait a week before filing a UI claim.

Apply For Unemployment Insurance Benefits Immediately

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it can take about 23 weeks from the day you applied to receive your first unemployment payment.

Therefore, if you are eligible to receive unemployment insurance, the sooner you file your claim the sooner youll receive your benefits.

Also, the sooner you file, the less likely you are to tap into your savings or use a credit card to cover essential expenses.

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How Much Might I Get

To determine eligibility for unemployment benefits, North Carolina reviews whats known as a base period, which usually includes the first four calendar quarters of the last five quarters of your work history and wages.

If you meet wage and work requirements for the base period, the DES calculates your weekly unemployment benefit amount by looking at your total wages for the last two completed quarters and dividing that amount by 52. The total must be at least $15 or higher to receive a weekly benefit, up to a maximum of $350 per week.

For example, if your wages for the last two completed quarters were $8,000, your weekly benefit might be $153 .

Again, because states may change their benefits during times of crisis, these maximums may be different during recessions or other difficult economic situations.

Consequences Of Failing To File Weekly Certification

Filing for unemployment benefits in NC

When a claimant fails to file a weekly certification on time, they will not be paid unemployment benefits for that week, and will be required to reopen their claim. Typically, the claimant would also be required to serve a waiting week to receive benefits, but during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a claimant is not required to serve the waiting period.

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What Does Pending Resolution Mean For Unemployment In North Carolina

When applying for unemployment benefits with the DES, your last employer is asked about your job separation and the information you provided in your claim. They are given, by law, 10 days to answer. During those 10 days, your claim will be pending and until this period ends, you wont receive any payment.

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As An Employer What If The Claimant Is Not Claiming Benefits Against My Account

You should respond to all requests for information regarding a claim from DES. Neither claimants nor employers get to choose which employer is charged for a claim. This is determined by the Employment Security Law. All employment within a claimants base period and a claimants last employment before filing a claim are considered.

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Reemployment Services And Eligibility Assessment

The Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment program delivers regularly scheduled case management services when youre looking for work. In this program, local staff provide the following services:

  • Information on careers and the labor market
  • An assessment and an eligibility review
  • Help with developing a reemployment plan
  • Referrals to at least two reemployment-related services, such as workshops or training opportunities
  • An orientation to reemployment services

Enrollment in the program can last up to 10 weeks.

During the initial visit, you may be required to report in-person to an NCWorks Career Centersubsequent appointments may be conducted by telephone or e-mail. If you do not report for your scheduled appointment, your benefits may be affected.

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What Is A Wage Transcript And Monetary Determination

How To File For Unemployment In Charlotte Nc

A Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination is a document that itemizes your quarterly wages paid by each base period employer. This form also shows your weekly benefit amount, duration, and effective date of your claim. If monetary eligibility is not established, the reason is shown on this form.

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Before You File A Claim

  • The fastest and most efficient way to apply for unemployment benefits is to create an online account and file online at
  • If youre temporarily out of work or your working hours have been reduced due to COVID-19, choose coronavirus as your reason for separation when filing your claim.
  • Remember, you must complete a Weekly Certification for every week you are filing for benefits to receive payments. If you earned any wages during the week, you must report them on your Weekly Certification.
  • Your eligibility and amount of benefits cannot be determined until after you file your claim.

Important Information About Applying For Pua

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is a federal pandemic assistance program that is separate from state unemployment insurance benefits. People are not automatically eligible for PUA when they exhaust state unemployment benefits and extensions.

DES must review claims individually to determine whether a person is eligible for PUA. When claim volumes are high, it may take several weeks for the claimant to receive a determination of benefits.

Ongoing eligibility for PUA is evaluated on a week-by-week basis, and claimants must be out work due to a COVID-19 related reason under the CARES Act each week to keep receiving benefits.

For example, a person may have been found eligible for PUA after certifying that they were unable to work because they were diagnosed with COVID-19. If, weeks later, that person no longer has COVID-19, that would not be a valid reason for continuing to receive PUA benefits.

It is important that claimants provide accurate and complete information when applying for benefits. Claimants who are found to have received benefits fraudulently are required to repay the Division of Employment Security and could be subject to criminal prosecution pursuant to state and federal laws.

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How To File A Second

If you are wondering, What can I do if unemployment denied my first appeal? the NC DES provides an option to submit a second-level appeal. After an initial appeal hearing with the North Carolina Appeals Section, you will receive a written decision stating whether your appeal has been granted or not. If you lose your appeal with the Appeals Section, you can file a level-two appeal within 10 days of receiving the decision letter. A second-level appeal will grant you a hearing with the Board of Review. During a hearing with the Board of Review, claimants will not be able to present additional evidence supporting their case. Once the Board of Review has reviewed your second appeal disputing the denied unemployment benefits, its members will issue a written decision, which is referred to as a Higher Authority Decision. If you disagree with the decision the board has made, you may file a follow-up appeal with the North Carolina Superior Court.

What Happens After I File For Unemployment In Virginia

Filing for NC unemployment

After you file for an unemployment claim in Virginia, it is very important that the applicant file immediately file for a weekly benefits request claim. Within a few weeks after the candidate has filed an application, he or she will receive a notice of monetary determination, which provides the base period upon which the benefits were calculated, how long the beneficiary will receive them, and the weekly payment amount. During this time, the unemployment insurance beneficiary will have to start sending in his or her weekly form reporting any changes in income and the contacts acquired from work searches.

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Your Work Search Responsibilities

To receive unemployment insurance benefits, you must seek work with at least three potential employers each week and maintain a detailed and verifiable record of your work search. If you cannot prove you looked for work, you may be considered overpaid and required to repay benefits.

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