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What To Do When You Are Unemployed And Depressed

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Tip : Eat Well To Keep Your Focus

Watch This if Youre Jobless, Broke & Depressed

Your diet may seem like the last thing you should concern yourself with when youre facing the stress of losing your job and trying to make ends meet. But what you put in your body can have a huge effect on your levels of energy and positivity.

Minimize sugar and refined carbs. You may crave sugary snacks or comfort foods such as pasta, white bread, potatoes, or French fries, but these high-carbohydrate foods quickly lead to a crash in mood and energy.

Reduce your intake of foods that can adversely affect your mood, such as caffeine and chemical preservatives or hormones.

Eat more Omega-3 fatty acids to give your mood a boost. The best sources are fatty fish , seaweed, flaxseed, and walnuts.

Avoid nicotine. Smoking when youre feeling stressed may seem calming, but nicotine is a powerful stimulant, leading to higher, not lower, levels of stress and anxiety.

Drink alcohol in moderation. Alcohol may temporarily reduce worry, but too much can cause even greater anxiety as it wears off.

Make Productive Backup Plans

When youre depressed and not finding success in your job search, youll want to make plans that maximize the value of your downtime. Perhaps youre not finding the full time job you want that doesnt mean you have sit at home and wait for an employers call.

Use the downtime to get extra experience, build resume-boosting skills, or just to support yourself so you dont experience financial anxiety on top of everything else.

Part time vs. volunteer positions

Assess what your own needs are at the moment and what resources are available to you. Do you need money right now? Are you willing to volunteer? What about further education?

Finding a part time job or a volunteer position can be helpful in your job search. Part time jobs can help mainly with finances and may help you get experience volunteer positions can be fantastic experience-builders and gateways to paid positions later down the road.

In addition, each of these options can help take your mind away from your negative feelings and give you something else to put time and energy into. We all have a need for occupational wellness, or a feeling of personal satisfaction and enrichment derived from ones work. Fulfilling this need will help you avoid an unemployment-related existential crisis.

Tip : Stay Positive To Keep Up Your Energy

If its taking you longer than anticipated to find work, the following tips can help you stay focused and upbeat.

Keep a regular daily routine. When you no longer have a job to report to every day, you can easily lose motivation. Treat your job search like a job, with a daily start and end time, with regular times for exercise and networking. Following a set schedule will help you be more efficient and productive.

Create a job search plan. Avoid getting overwhelmed by breaking big goals into small, manageable steps. Instead of trying to do everything at once, set priorities. If youre not having luck in your job search, take some time to rethink your goals.

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Evaluate Your Skills And Resources

Before starting your job search, make a list of your skills and resources. Perhaps you have skills that you are not even aware of yet. Discuss with your family and friends, youll be surprised what characteristics they will find in you.

I saw this first hand happen to my son after he had quit his former job. He felt lost and had been rather depressed for some time. And he simply did not know what he could do for a job. One day, however, we were having a family gathering and, just for fun, we started brainstorming which job could suit anyone of us. When it was his turn, we brainstormed and stumbled upon one job idea that we all found would suit him 100%. Believe me or not, he felt very enthusiastic about it, went out to get a course in this field, and started a new job just a few months later. And I have not seen him this happy for a long time!

If you feel you have to take some professional advice as to which kind of position would be ideal for you, ask your friends and family or consider investing time and money into career counseling.

Workers Age 50+ Continue To Struggle

People Unemployed Over A Year Are 2 Times More Likely To Be Depressed ...

This New York Times article reporting on older workers notes that the post-recessionary recovery continues to leave the 50+ segment behind.

Elizabeth Olson writes:

Long-term unemployment among older workers has been a major concern. On average, 45 percent of job seekers age 55 and older have been looking long term, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, which defines long term as 27 or more weeks without work

Ms. Olson cites an AARP report on a study conducted in October 2014 , and she quotes its co-author economist Gary Koenig:

the studys results were a mixed bag. You have about half who remain unemployed or have dropped out of the labor force, and the other half who have been able to find new employment, but conditions of that employment vary.

And the follow-up? And concern about where we will be in a year or two or five as the impacts snowball?

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Depression Is A Very Normal Response To Unemploymentit Can Feel Like Your Very Survival Is Threatened

Depressive symptoms, and symptoms of anxiety, both are normal and expected responses to unemployment, Shivy says. Working is a core human activity. Our jobs provide us with structure and a sense of belonging. They also give us purpose and a sense of meaning. But at base, we work to survive. So when we lose a job, our very survival can feel threatened.

Shivy says signs of depression and anxietyfeelings of sadness or helplessness and changes in appetite or sleepsignal we need to take extra care of ourselves. The structure and purpose that was lost as a result of losing your job or not being able to work can be replaced with other things. We all are being challenged right now, and unemployment intensifies that. Self-care keeps you strong as you ride out a very challenging time, she says.

Alcohol Tobacco And Other Drugs

The misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, and prescription medications affect the health and well-being of millions of Americans. SAMHSAs 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that approximately 19.3 million people aged 18 or older had a substance use disorder in the past year.

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You’re Still In Denial

This is normal. Its a coping mechanism to help you see the reality of the situation through a filter. You might think why me? You may hope they will change their mind.

Or you may use humor to deflect the raw emotions that come up from being let go. Even though this is normal, staying too long in this state will not serve you well.

Tip : Find Other Ways To Define Yourself

What to do when unemployed | 3 steps to survive

For many of us, our work shapes our identities and defines who we are. After all, when you meet someone new, one of the first questions they ask is, What do you do? When we lose our jobs, we feel a loss of self. But its important to remember that being unemployed doesnt have to define who you are as a person. Its up to you define yourself, not the state of the economy or a companys decision to lay you off.

Pursue activities that bring purpose and joy to your life. By pursuing meaningful hobbies, activities, and relationships, you can reaffirm that its these things define you as an individual, not your employment status. We all have different ways of experiencing meaning and joy, so choose something thats important to you.

Try a new hobby that enriches your spirit or pick up a long-neglected hobby. If youve neglected outside activities in favor of work, now is the time to take a class, join a club, or learn something such as a foreign language or new work-related skill. At a time when money may be tight, look for events and activities that are inexpensive to attend.

Express yourself creatively. Write your memoirs, start a blog, take up painting or photography.

Spend time in nature. Work in your yard, take a scenic hike, exercise a dog, or go fishing or camping. Spending time in nature is also a great stress reliever.

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A Special Note About Stay

In the wake of a job loss, you may find yourself in the position of being a stay-at-home parent while your partner becomes the primary source of income. This can lead to feelings of social isolation or a loss of self-worth.

The best solution may be to connect with others in a similar situation.

Joshua Coleman, co-chairman of the Council on Contemporary Families in Oakland, California, recommends joining a stay-at-home parent support group.

If youre a dad new to being an at-home caregiver, the National At-Home Dad Network can help you find support groups near you.

Job Search Depression Is Real: Heres How To Overcome It

Finding a job is a breeze said no one, ever.

From rejection letters to uncomfortable interviews, finding that perfect job is stressful, to say the least. It can be overwhelming, to the point where your job hunting process feels completely hopeless.

Are you feeling down in the dumps about your job search? Not sure which way to turn? Got that urge to just give up?

Youre not alone.

Job search depression is a real thing, and its not something you should take lightly. Stress from job-seeking has been linked to emotional and mental health issues such as anxiety or depression.

But it doesnt have to.

Lets take a look at how to deal with job depression and how to navigate the job-hunting process with a positive mindset.

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What Are 5 Ways To Make Money Online

If you think working online is something you are interested in, you may want to try and sell courses or sell products online. Aside from that, you can study to become a freelance designer or even a freelance writer.

People that work online can also be virtual assistants, meaning you will support clients from a company online. It is a form of customer support that you do everything online.

Exploring The Link Between Unemployment And Mental Health Outcomes

Tips To Cope With Unemployment Depression

The SES Indicator Newsletter

The U.S. economy shed over 10 million jobs from 2007 to 2009 and gross domestic product dropped by more than 5 percent the largest decline since World War II. The unemployment rate soared from 5 percent to well over 9 percent, leading this period to be dubbed the Great Recession. At the height of the Great Recession the average bout of unemployment lasted half a year and some estimates suggest that half of the unemployed were out of work for more than two years. This was an economically devastating epoch in our nations history. Psychologists and sociologists have argued as far back as the Great Depression that unemployment damages and undermines the social fabric of society. Psychologists draw a conceptual connection between involuntary joblessness and mental health in numerous ways such as: incomplete psychosocial development , feelings of helplessness brought on by a perceived lack of control and failure to obtain the nonmonetary benefits of work .

1Examples include: stress , depression , anxiety , and poor self-esteem . McKee-Ryan et al. and Paul and Moser offer meta-analysis reviews studies exploring the link between various forms of emotional health and unemployment.

2Kesler, Turner and House address the problem by attempting to identify respondents whose actions might have contributed to their job loss.

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Tip : Reach Out To Stay Strong

Your natural reaction at this difficult time may be to withdraw from friends and family out of shame or embarrassment. But dont underestimate the importance of other people when youre faced with the stress of job loss and unemployment. Social contact is natures antidote to stress. Nothing works better at calming your nervous system than talking face to face with a good listener.

  • The person you talk to doesnt have to be able to offer solutions they just have to be a good listener, someone wholl listen attentively without becoming distracted or passing judgement.
  • As well as making a huge difference in how you feel, reaching out to others can help you feel more in control of your situation, and you never know what opportunities will arise.
  • You may want to resist asking for support out of pride but opening up wont make you a burden to others. In fact, most people will be flattered that you trust them enough to confide in them, and it will only strengthen your relationship.

Affordable Online Therapy for Stress

Get professional help from BetterHelps network of licensed therapists.

Need urgent help? .

People Who Are Unemployed Or Do Not Have Secure Housing Have Worse Depression Symptoms Compared To Their More Socially Advantaged Peers

Addressing employment and housing needs along with treatment to depression can be helpful in supporting the mental health of people who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Combining the evidence of nine studies, including 4,864 participants who had been treated for depression, where data was available on socioeconomic factors such as jobs and housing, researchers found that unemployed patients had worse depression outcomes.

After three to four months of treatment, unemployed patients had 28% worse depression symptoms than those who were employed. Homeowners depression symptoms were 18% better than for people who were homeless or living in hostels or with family and friends.

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Engage In Regular Exercise

A regular exercise practice can help you create much-needed structure in your day. You dont need to train for a marathon, though. Walking is exercise.

Shivy says creating structure, getting emotional support, managing sleep and eating habits, and getting regular exercise are critical but often ignored practices. Most people I see need gentle but continuous prodding to put these things in place. So if you have a friend or family member who could use a little prodding, do it, and ask them to check up on you as well.

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One Layoff + One Divorce = One Decade Of Crazy

Unemployed, Depressed and Terrified

Lets take off the pretty masks for a minute, shall we? These days, Im not as job-scared as I have been in the past, but that doesnt mean it couldnt all change tomorrow. I am not in an employment relationship, I am constantly on edge about losing the latest project , and that means Im a phone call away from floating in a sea of worries as I have been off and on for years.

The worst of my job-scared days? They continued for a full ten-year period, and realistically, I doubt I will ever feel safe again. And this is especially true as the years pass.

For one thing, the insecurity of being what is referred to as a portfolio worker sustains an undercurrent of stress that is impossible to explain if you havent lived it. And yes, at the moment, I have work coming out of my ears and I couldnt be more delighted. But its temporary work. I could be out of work tomorrow.

Im also perpetually physically tired, have virtually zero time for a relationship, too little time to keep a stream of leads in my pipeline , and find no alternative but to continue as things are.

When you dont have so much as the pretense of a secure job or for that matter a partner, spouse or other family member contributing to the household its virtually impossible to let go of the fear of your income disappearing overnight. The prospect of another long, dry spell with no money coming in is terrifying. And reserves? Cushion?

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Knowing My Worth Was The First Step To A New Entrepreneurial Path

Now that Ive realized what I am professionally capable of, Ive also come to the conclusion that I should work on my own projects, too. I feel more confident that I can take on entrepreneurial projects, and thats one of the reasons why I started this blog with my daughter.

All of this may not have started if I wasnt forced to live through this painful experience in the first place. I would never have left the company if they would not have laid me off, simply by fear of never finding a job again. So, in a way, hitting unemployment in my fifties turned out to be very hard but also a blessing in disguise. It forced me to free myself from a job that did not suit me and to start looking at myself differently.

I hope this inspires you to take action, ask for help, and build a new, better life, based on more solid foundations! And feel free to share and let me know about your journey

Long Term Unemployment Made Me Depressed

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This article will discuss how being unemployed for a long time can affect your mental health. It will also explain how it can lead to depression. But not only that, this article will show what are ways you can cope with this feeling.

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