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How To Win An Unemployment Appeal In Massachusetts

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What Will It Cost To Hire A Lawyer For Your Unemployment Appeal


Although a lawyer may charge an hourly fee for representing you in the appeal of the decision on your application for unemployment benefits, you may be able to contain these fees by limiting the scope of the lawyer’s duties. For example, you and the lawyer could agree that he or she would advise you through the appeal filing stage, and write the argument. You may revisit the fee agreement after the appeal board rules. At that point, if you have prevailed, you may not need the lawyer’s services any longer . You can always ask if the lawyer will take the case on a contingent fee basis, meaning he or she would receive a percentage of any amounts you receive if you win the appeal but would take nothing if you lose. Of course, this arrangement means that you pay the lawyer a portion of the unemployment benefits you win.

There may be free legal clinics in your area that can give you some advice early in the appeals process, and may even provide low-cost legal representation. Check with public service organizations in your area for legal clinics or referrals they may offer.

Once The Appeal Has Been Issued Is There Any Right To Appeal Further If I Am Unhappy With The Result

Yes. Most states provide multiple levels of review of unemployment decisions, with the final decisions going to an appeals court. If you lose the first round appeal or hearing, you can appeal that decision to an appeal board that is part of the same unemployment agency. Read the decision closely for information on how to appeal and follow the rules and deadlines closely. Most appeals to an appeal board involve only a written submission, rather than any in-person testimony. You must explain why you believe that the judge’s decision was incorrect, so be specific and point to clear errors in the facts or the law.

What You Should Include In Your Appeal

Your state may have a form that you can fill out to file your appeal. Check the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance website;and handbook;for any forms and instructions for filing your appeal.;Be sure to include your social security number, the reason you are appealing the decision, and any claimant identification number referenced in the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance decision in your appeal.;

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What Happens If I Win My Appeal

If you win the appeal, you will be entitled to collect benefits in the future. You will also be entitled to collect any benefits that you certified for but were not paid following the initial determination of ineligibility as long as you continued filing weekly claims during your appeal. Your employer or the state may still appeal the new decision to a higher level. Watch for any correspondence from the employer or the unemployment agency. You may be required to submit a written letter explaining why the appeal decision was correct.

After The Unemployment Appeal Hearing

What Should I Say In An Unemployment Appeal Hearing

Usually a written decision will be mailed to you after the hearing. If you receive another denial, some states offer a second level of agency review.

In New Jersey, for example, the first hearing is before an Appeal Tribunal. If you are unhappy with the outcome you have 20 days from the mailing or notification date to appeal to the Board of Review. Texas also has more than one level of appeal.

After administrative options are exhausted all states allow you to file a lawsuit in civil court.

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Present Documentation & Witnesses

During the telephone appeal, you are allowed to mention any documentation you have that helps support your unemployment benefits claim. For instance, you may have a paper trail that proves the employer was at fault for your job loss. You are only allowed to discuss documents sent to the ALJ prior to the unemployment hearing. If you have witnesses to help support your claim, these witnesses can participate on the call, providing the ALJ is aware of your intention to use witnesses. Your employer also has a right to introduce documentary and witness evidence during the call.

File An Unemployment Appeal

Along with your denial letter, the state unemployment agency will likely send you information on how to file an appeal and perhaps an appeal form or application.

If the agency doesn’t explain the process or if you have additional questions, you should contact your state’s department of labor or visit its website.

Most state websites provide detailed information on the appeal process. New York, for example, has a video in which an administrative law judge explains everything from preparing for an unemployment hearing, to how the hearing itself is conducted, to what happens after the hearing is over. The video also explains how to request an adjournment if you cannot attend on the scheduled date.

New Jersey also has a good website that features answers to frequently asked unemployment benefits questions, and separate links that explain what to expect every step of the way.

In most cases, you can appeal via letter or through an online link at your state’s department of labor website. Some states, like Indiana, accept appeals via email and fax.

Whether the state provides a specific form or not, you will usually need to give your full name and address, social security number, and reasons why you believe the agency’s decision was incorrect.

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What Kind Of Evidence Should I Bring To The Hearing

The evidence you will need depends on the reason DUA said you are not eligible. Can I get Unemployment Insurance if I was fired? and Can I get Unemployment Insurance if I quit my job? will help you;figure out the kind of evidence that will help you.

Bring any information you have about why you left your job. For example, if you quit your job because you were very sick, you could bring doctors’ notes or bills. If you have any papers that you want to show to DUA, or any witnesses who can help you, bring them to the hearing. The DUA hearing officer will use the information that you and your employer present at your hearing. The DUA hearing officer will use the information that you and your employer present at your hearing.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Represent Me In An Unemployment Appeal

Unemployment Hearing Representation and Appeals to qualify for Benefits

You can either hire an attorney or represent yourself in the hearing. The process is designed for non-lawyers, so don’t be intimidated if you don’t have a lawyer. Every day thousands of unemployed workers win UI benefit appeals without the benefit of a lawyer. However, an attorney can help guide you through the appeal process and provide peace of mind. There may also be low-cost legal aid available to you in your area.

If your employer is appealing , then be prepared for your employer to have a lawyer or to use an agency which specializes in opposing unemployment claims.

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I Was Turned Down For Benefits And Think The State Was Wrong In Determining That I Was Not Eligible Can I Appeal The States Determination

Yes. Every state has a system in place for individuals to challenge determinations about their eligibility for benefits. This system must include, at a minimum, the opportunity to present evidence and to confront an opposing witness as part of a hearing before an impartial administrative law judge. You should become familiar with the rules in your state.

It is especially important to comply with any deadlines for requesting a hearing and for appealing decisions, as these deadlines, depending on your state, will be within one to four weeks after the notice that your claim was denied was mailed to you.

How Should I Conduct Myself At The Hearing

Be sure to dress and behave professionally at all times. Although hearings are naturally adversarial, do your best to remain calm and polite when speaking to witnesses, your employer, and the judge. Judges are concerned with the facts of the case, so do not view the hearing as an opportunity to seek revenge or insult your former employer by being rude or argumentative. Simply use your knowledge of the situation and any evidence you have to show that your version is supported by the facts.

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Should I Still Certify My Eligibility For Unemployment Insurance If I Am Appealing A Dua Decision

You do not have to certify your eligibility every week if:

  • The reason you are not working is related to the COVID-19 emergency.
  • You stay in touch with your employer. And
  • You are able and available to return to work after the emergency.

But if the reason you are not working is not related to the COVID-19 emergency, you do need to certify your eligibility every week. As long as you are getting unemployment benefits you must certify each week that you are still eligible. This does not change when you are appealing a denial. You must still certify your eligibility each week when you are appealing a denial. You must show that you are still looking for a new job. You may use the UI Online portal or the UI TeleClaim Center. If you are phoning use the appropriate phone number:

  • For Area Codes 351, 413, 508, 774, and 978:;877-626-6800
  • For Area Code 617 and all others: 617-626-6338.

These Are Only Guidelines

How To Win Unemployment Appeal In New Jersey : Top Ten ...

Do not be mistaken into believing that this is legal advice. These are simply guidelines that have been found to be helpful. Your circumstances may require a different approach. To increase your chances of obtaining a determination in your favor, contact us for a free consultation. We may be able to take care of filing your appeal, and representing you at each appeal step.

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Claim Your Weekly Benefits During The Appeal

You should claim your weekly benefits while you are appealing the decision and for as long as you remain unemployed, even if the decision found you ineligible for any benefits. That way, if you win the appeal, you can receive retroactive benefits. For information about weekly benefit certification, see What Do I Have to Do to Keep Receiving Benefits?;

Appealing An Unemployment Claim

Q. I took a new job, after being asked to relocate by my former employer, which I could not do. This job was described as challenging, but once I began, I realized it was clerical and not what I signed on for. I spent my days filing and doing data entry, which I am overqualified for. I was disappointed and misled by the false job description.

After performing the clerical tasks for eight months, I found a contract opportunity where I could use my background, education and skills. I took the contract opportunity and hoped it would lead to a permanent situation. The contract ended after nine months leaving me unemployed. Since I was a contractor, I was not eligible for unemployment benefits from this company. They went back to my prior company where I was a regular employee and held them responsible.

The company appealed the claim saying I left voluntarily to pursue another job. I soon will have a claims appeal call. Any idea how to approach it? I cannot afford a lawyer and would have to pay back 3 months of unemployment if the employer wins the claim. Im very nervous about this appeal.

The review examiner will ask direct questions of each party. Focus on the question, and use this time to answer each question accurately. The opposing parties also have the right to cross-examine each other. A decision is not rendered at the hearing, but is mailed to the parties, usually within a few weeks.

Good luck!

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Quit Or Voluntary Termination

If you quit your job the burden of proof in the hearing rests with you. You must prove that you had a necessitous and compelling reason to leave your job. In other words that you had no choice but to leave. Not getting along with your employer or co-workers is NOT a necessitous and compelling reason to quit. You may feel justified in leaving your job but your reasons may not be considered necessitous and compelling under the law.

You must testify to what attempts, if any, you made to try to keep your job. If you had a problem, such as harassment, discrimination or health problems, you must have tried to work out the problem with your employer before you quit.

Know What You Are Appealing

BHYB: Massachusetts residents being denied unemployment despite verifying identity

Unemployment’s first decision regarding your benefits is called a Determination. It is at this step that an appeal letter is required. Unemployment’s second decision is called a Redetermination. That appeal should be as brief as possible, because the appeal simply triggers the telephone hearing.

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Can I Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits In Massachusetts

Find out how to appeal if your unemployment benefits claim is denied by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance.

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by Deborah C. England

If the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance denies you unemployment insurance benefits, you can appeal. After you file your initial claim for unemployment benefits, the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance will send you a written determination of your eligibility for benefits and, if it finds you eligible, how much you will receive in benefits. But, if the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance finds that you are not eligible for benefits or grants you benefits in a lower amount than you believe you are entitled to, you can appeal that decision. And, if the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance finds you eligible to receive benefits, your ex-employer can appeal that decision.

If you want to appeal the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance decision, check the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance website;and;handbook;for:

  • Any forms and instructions for filing your appeal
  • The deadline;for filing your appeal
  • What to do if you are filing late
  • Where and how to file your appeal
  • How long the appeal process takes
  • What happens to your benefits while you wait for a decision on your appeal, and
  • A link to the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance, Hearings Department that will review your appeal.

Be Sure To Include Your Docket Or Social Security Number

How to win unemployment appeal for misconduct in nj. A skilled unemployment lawyer will present you with the strongest defense to ensure the employer does not meet their burden and you receive your unemployment benefits. At the same time economic pressure has compelled employers to appeal former employees applications for unemployment benefits at an ever-higher rate. One of the key changes in the bill is revising the definition of legal definition of what constitutes misconduct along.

If you win the case you will be awarded your unemployment benefits. The representatives attend the unemployment hearings. Over the last several years the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has taken a number of steps attempting to introduce new language to the laws surrounding unemployment benefits.

The ultimate determination of whether someone will be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits is fact specific. Our Unemployment Appeal Hearing Tips. Request a hearing.

State time limits range from ten to 30 days or so after the agency mails you notice that your claim has been denied. If you are in need of an experienced unemployment attorney to assist you in your appeal of a denial of unemployment please contact one of your unemployment lawyers to discuss the specific. The employer needs to prove that the claimant committed an act of misconduct by submitting documents and having the appropriate witnesses testify.

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What If I Miss The Deadline To File My Appeal

Unemployment agencies strictly enforce their deadlines. If you have missed the deadline, call your unemployment office immediately to see if you can still request a hearing. Unfortunately, unless you have a very good reason why you failed to do so, there is not much you can do. This is why it is very important to promptly open every piece of mail that you receive regarding your unemployment and to review it closely for any mention of hearing or appeal rights.

However, many agencies may allow you to request an appeal after the deadline if any of these circumstances apply:

  • Serious illness;
  • Notice not in primary language; or
  • Notice of decision and right to appeal arrive after hearing date.

Representation At My Unemployment Appeal Hearing

How To Win Unemployment Appeal In New Jersey : Top Ten ...

Every year thousands of people in Massachusetts find themselves in a situation where they have lost their employment. Like most other states, Massachusetts provides the ability to apply for unemployment benefits to assist persons who have lost their job. Eligibility for unemployment benefits can depend on a number of factors.

Many individuals are under the impression that it is the employer who makes the determination whether or not a former employee will receive unemployment benefits. This, however, is not the case. Often times employers will inform their employees they will not contest their unemployment request but it is important to realize that the Division of Unemployment Assistance has the sole discretion to decide if an individual is qualified to receive unemployment benefits. That decision is made by the DUA based largely off the information the claimant provides on their application and any information provided by the employer. The applicant will usually receive notice on whether their claim was approved or denied within a few weeks.

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