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How To File For Unemployment Online In North Carolina

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Are You Available And Actively Searching For Work

Changes to filing for unemployment in North Carolina

To maintain your eligibility for unemployment benefits, you must be able to work, available to accept a job, and looking for employment.

If you’re offered a suitable position, you must accept it. For the initial unemployment period, whether a position is suitable depends on several factors, including the level of skill and training required, the similarity between the work and your previous employment, how much the position pays, and the distance between the job site and your residence. However, after ten weeks of receiving benefits, any job that pays 120% of your weekly benefit is deemed suitable work.

You must conduct a reasonable search for work. At a minimum, you must make contact with two different employers on two separates days of the week. You should keep records of the employers you’ve contacted, the dates you made contact, and the outcome. The DES will ask you to provide a weekly certification verifying your efforts to find work. You will also be required to register for work by building a resume.

Need Help Understanding Your Unemployment Insurance Claim

Thousands of North Carolinians are still impacted by COVID-19 and will continue to seek financial assistance through the states Unemployment Insurance Program.

After September 4, 2021, state unemployment benefits will be the only benefits available in North Carolina. Under state law, state unemployment benefits currently provide eligible claimants with up to 13 weeks of benefits in a one-year period, with a maximum benefit of $350 a week.

All federal pandemic unemployment programs under the CARES ACT end . These programs include Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation , Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation and Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation .

Learn The Unemployment Eligibility Rules Benefit Amounts And More For North Carolina

By Sachi Barreiro, Attorney

In North Carolinaas in every other stateemployees who are temporarily out of work through no fault of their own may qualify for unemployment benefits. The eligibility rules, prior earnings requirements, benefit amounts, and other details vary from state to state. Here are the basic rules for collecting unemployment compensation in North Carolina.

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File As Soon As You Can

Though your unemployment benefits won’t replace your entire paycheck, they will put some money back in your pocket so you can pay your bills and avoid racking up costly debt. Most people start getting benefits within 14 days of filing an initial claim, so the sooner you get moving, the sooner you’ll have some financial breathing room.

What Do I Need To Know About Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

85,000+ apply for unemployment in South Carolina last week ...

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance provides unemployment insurance for individuals not eligible for regular UI or any extensions to UI or who have exhausted UI benefits.

The Division of Employment Security began taking applications for PUA March 24, 2020. If applied before then and were denied, sign back in and apply for PUA. If you applied prior to 4/24/2020 and your claim is still pending, DES is still reviewing eligibility for North Carolina UI. Claimants must wait to apply for PUA. Those eligible for PUA include:

  • Self Employed workers
  • Workers who do not have a long enough work history to qualify for state UI benefits

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Employer Tax Account Number

If you do not have an Employer Tax Account Number , you can apply for one here. After you apply, you will receive two pieces of mail: one with your seven-digit EAN, and one with your six-digit PIN. This may take four to six weeks.

You can then use the seven-digit EAN and six-digit PIN to create an online account at to manage your unemployment tax information and respond to unemployment claims.

If you have an EAN, but do not remember your username and/or password, do not apply for another EAN. Sign in by entering your username and selecting I forgot my password/reset password. If you do not remember your username, select I forgot my username. An email will be sent to the email of record. Email for additional username and password assistance.

Weekly Certification And Maintaining Eligibility

The DES wants benefit recipients to maintain eligibility status during the time they are receiving benefits, especially that they are available to work and are looking for work. In order to monitor this, the state requires benefit recipients to certify their claim each week, also called filing a weekly claim.

You may certify online or by telephone at 888-372-3453. If you use the telephone to certify, you have certain days you call to certify. If your SSN ends in an odd number, call on Monday. If it ends in an even number, call on Tuesday. The rest of the week is open to all. Those who call soonest receive their benefits soonest.

When you certify, you will receive several questions meant to determine whether you have maintained eligibility for that week. The DES wants to know:

  • Whether you are able and available to work
  • Whether you have started or quit a job
  • Whether you have earned wages or income that you are required to report
  • Whether you have refused an offer of suitable employment
  • Whether you are making a good faith effort to find work

If you have earned wages, you will have to report your earnings when you certify. You report your wages during the week you earned those wages, not during the week in which you received them.

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Free Employee Rights Clinic

Attendees of this clinic will learn about their rights as employees under North Carolina and Federal law. It will cover topics such as employment at will, right to work, discrimination and retaliation in the workplace, and eligibility for unemployment benefits. Attendees will receive a packet of education materials and resources. At the conclusion of the session there will be a Question and Answer session with a North Carolina Attorney through the webinar.Clinics are located in many NC counties. If you do not see a clinic in your city or county, please check the surrounding counties in your area. Content Detail

How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits

Filing for NC unemployment

You can apply for unemployment benefits online seven days a week via North Carolina’s Department of Commerce. The information you’ll need to provide includes:

  • Your Social Security number or Alien Registration Number if you’re not a U.S. citizen
  • Your work history for the past two years
  • Details of your separation agreement, including severance pay you may be entitled to
  • Your SF-50 form, SF-8 form, pay stub, or W-2 if you were a federal employee
  • Form DD-214 if you were in the military
  • Your bank account details if you intend to sign up for direct deposit

Don’t forget to fill in your weekly claim certificate every week, starting the week after you apply — even if your application has not yet been approved.

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If Youve Recently Become Unemployed In North Carolina You May Have Options To File For Unemployment

If you need to apply for unemployment benefits in the Tarheel State, here are some things to know.

The North Carolina Division of Employment Security, or DES, administers the states unemployment insurance benefits program.

Unemployment insurance benefits programs are run jointly between the federal government and individual states like North Carolina. While each state has its own eligibility requirements, benefit amounts and maximum benefit periods, there are also federal guidelines for how state programs should work.

Employers pay an unemployment insurance tax to fund North Carolinas unemployment program. If you qualify for unemployment, your benefits will come from funds that employers have paid into the program.

How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

In order to apply for North Carolina unemployment, residents must meet specific requirements. If you lose your job it is recommended that you apply for North Carolinaunemployment benefits within a week in order to maximize what you can be paid. Benefits will not begin until your North Carolina unemployment application is received and processed. The approval process can take at least one week.

To learn where you can apply for North Carolina unemployment and what happens after you submit your application, read below.

  • Preparing the required documents.
  • How to apply for North Carolina unemployment benefits online.
  • What to do after you filed your application.

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How To Apply For North Carolina Unemployment Online

“How do I file a North Carolina Unemployment Claim?” is a common question most recently terminated workers ask. North Carolina residents can file an unemployment claim online at . Many claimants who prefer to sign up in person can visit a North Carolina unemployment office and use the computers provided and get help if needed.

All applicants should learn how the North Carolina unemployment system works as many of the requirements for continuing to receive benefits must be done online. Most applicants prefer to file for North Carolina unemployment online as it can be done at their own pace, they can also pause the application in order to find the correct documentation.


Reemployment Services And Eligibility Assessment

How Do You File For Unemployment In North Carolina ...

The Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment program delivers regularly scheduled case management services when you’re looking for work. In this program, local staff provide the following services:

  • Information on careers and the labor market
  • An assessment and an eligibility review
  • Help with developing a reemployment plan
  • Referrals to at least two reemployment-related services, such as workshops or training opportunities
  • An orientation to reemployment services

Enrollment in the program can last up to 10 weeks.

During the initial visit, you may be required to report in-person to an NCWorks Career Center subsequent appointments may be conducted by telephone or e-mail. If you do not report for your scheduled appointment, your benefits may be affected.

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What Information Do I Need To Submit My Business Registration Application

  • Your Social Security Number or Federal Employer Identification Number , and North Carolina Secretary of State Number , if applicable.
  • Your business name, address, phone number.
  • Partner or Responsible Person, if applicable .
  • Details about your business .

See the Business Registration Checklist for detailed information.

Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Programs

This is a FEMA-funded program providing an additional $300 weekly benefit
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation $600 This is a federal program providing an additional $600 weekly benefit.

The best time to file a claim is during the first week you become totally or partially unemployed.

Thats because an unemployment compensation claim becomes effective when filed.

Therefore, if you choose to wait to file your claim, then you may not go back to the date you first became unemployed.

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Managing Your Unemployment Benefits

Once your initial unemployment claim is accepted, you must continue to submit a weekly certification for each week youd like to receive benefits. This entails answering a series of questions that will verify that you were able, available, and searching for new employment during that week.

These weekly benefit claims must be submitted online, using the account you created when you filed your initial claim. If online submission is not possible for you, you can contact the states customer call center at 888-737-0259.

Work Search Requirement Reinstated

Applying for Unemployment in North Carolina as a result of the COVID-19 crisis

In order for claimants to establish eligibility for UI benefits, as well as for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , the claimant must make three work search contacts per week. This requirement was waived in mid-March when the pandemic began, but North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper reinstated the work search requirement by executive order on March 10, 2021.

The states that a claimant must make contact with three different employers per week and keep a record of their search. A work search record should contain the date of the contact or activity the name of the company or activity the contact method the name of the person contacted the website, email address, fax number, phone number or physical address for the contact or activity the position the claimant is seeking and the results of the search. If the claimant is using an employment website, they should provide the name of the employer with which they are applying and the name of the employment website, such as records clerk at the University of North Carolina and Indeed.

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Collection And Distribution Of Support

CSS collects and distributes child support payments. A court order for child support dictates the frequency of support payments and the amount of support to be paid. All child support payments handled by CSS are sent to the NC Child Support Centralized Collections . Payments methods include:

  • Direct payments.
  • Income withholding.
  • Interception of tax refunds.

Child support payments are distributed and disbursed based on federal regulations and state statutes. The Department of Health and Human Services mails the checks to the appropriate payees.

What If My Application Is Denied

  • Do not pay to file for benefits. File for free online using links from the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce.
  • Do not give out personal information over text message or e-mail. When you file for unemployment benefits, the state’s unemployment insurance agency will ask you to share personal information related to your unemployment and your recent earnings. This information could include social security number, name, address, employer, and earnings. You should only give this information through a secure web portal.To know if your web portal is secure, look for “https://” instead of “http://” in your web browser’s URL bar. The ‘s’ stands for secure. Some browsers may even show you a lock icon to indicate the connection is secure. You should also never type sensitive information over public or untrusted wireless networks.
  • Confirm the website you are using is official. Beware of fakes. CareerOneStop is sponsored by the Department of Labor and compiles the appropriate links and phone contact information for each state’s unemployment benefits system.
  • To report an allegation of fraud involving unemployment insurance benefits or other U.S. Department of Labor activities or programs, contact the Office of Inspector General online or by phone: 202-693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756.

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    Consequences Of Failing To File Weekly Certification

    When a claimant fails to file a weekly certification on time, they will not be paid unemployment benefits for that week, and will be required to reopen their claim. Typically, the claimant would also be required to serve a waiting week to receive benefits, but during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a claimant is not required to serve the waiting period.

    What Happens After September 4 2021

    How to get North carolina Unemployment Benefits ...
    • The week ending September 4, 2021, is the last week of unemployment for which you can receive federal benefits. You may file your weekly certification for that week on or after September 5, 20201, and if eligible, you will receive payment for your last week of federal benefits.
    • State unemployment insurance benefits will continue to be available after September 4, 2021. Under state law, state unemployment benefits currently provide eligible claimants with up to 13 weeks of benefits in a one-year period, with a maximum benefit of $350 a week.

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    How Can I Qualify For North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

    Typically, to be eligible for North Carolina unemployment benefits you must meet these requirements.

    • Be out of work through no fault of your own the DES will decide if you meet this requirement based on information you and your former employer provide
    • Have earned sufficient wages to be considered eligible
    • Be physically able to work, available to work and actively looking for a job
    • Register for work with NCWorks Online, the states job service office

    Once you begin receiving weekly payments, youll need to take steps to maintain your eligibility, including filing weekly claims and reporting on your job search.

    In North Carolina, unemployment benefits are usually available for between 12 weeks and 20 weeks. But states may choose to revise their benefits in times of economic crisis.

    Will I Have To Pay Taxes On Unemployment Benefits

    President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan made much of the money Americans collected via unemployment tax-free. As a result, the IRS announced it would send out payments for people who filed their taxes before the bill was signed into law on March 11. Under the bill, the IRS will not tax the first $10,200 of unemployment received in 2020.

    The IRS said it would take steps to make changes to the returns and calculate appropriate refunds for those who already filed. The first refunds were expected to go out in May, the IRS said in its March 31 announcement, and continue through the summer.

    “Any resulting overpayment of tax will be either refunded or applied to other outstanding taxes owed,” the IRS said in the statement.

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    Apply For An Extension

    Unemployment insurance benefits are temporary. In most states, you can get benefits for up to 26 weeks.

    However, some states offer benefits for only 13 weeks or fewer.

    If you have exhausted your regular unemployment insurance benefits and are still between jobs heres what you can do:

    If your state is experiencing particularly high levels of unemployment, you may be eligible to receive up to 13 additional weeks or more depending on the state and the circumstances.

    Furthermore, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has programs that extend unemployment benefits beyond the state limits.

    Check with your states unemployment agency for information on how to apply for an extension.

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