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How To Apply For Unemployment In Colorado Springs

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Submit Your Weekly Claim

Colorado’s unemployment fraud issues believed to be widespread and costly

After applying, start submitting weekly claims right awayeven before youre approvedto get paid faster. The link to submit a weekly claim will be in eServices and will show up when we are ready for you to complete it.

Key information:

  • The job search requirement went back into effect the week of July 4. You should have started documenting job search activities the week of July 11. Learn more about the requirement on our job search requirements page.
  • You will be paid based on the weekly claims you complete. Weekly claims you submit before being approved will be processed together for an initial lump sum payment. After that, new weekly claims will be processed and paid each week.
  • You will receive payment via the method you choose: direct deposit or debit card.
  • Each week you file for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits, youll need to answer special questions in addition to regular unemployment questions.
  • If you find work, stop filing weekly claims. Your payments will stop.

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What Is An Offer Of Suitable Employment

To keep collecting unemployment benefits, you need to demonstrate that youre unable to work. That means you usually cant keep collecting if you refuse a suitable job that offered you pay. That doesnt mean you have to take just any job, however. A suitable job usually means its safe for you to do that work and is reasonably accessible to you. You may have the option to turn down jobs that pay far less than you used to make, if theyre outside your career field and below your level of experience, if you can reasonably expect to find work in your field again. Check with your local unemployment office to confirm if you can turn down a particular job and still continue your benefits.

Types Of Benefits Available

The types of benefits you apply for will change based on your individual needs and situation. Overall, there are a few main types of benefits you can get in Colorado.

County Administered Benefits: the benefits in this category cover a wide range of programs designed to help you secure basic housing, food, and health services. This includes, but is not limited to, Medicaid, Child Health Plan , home care services, food assistance programs, and rent rebates.

Government Benefits: these types of benefits come from a federal level but are administered by the state. This includes Medicare, unemployment benefits, and the Low Income Energy Assitance Program .

Social Security Benefits: Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance provide assistance to people who have needs for food, clothing, and shelter and people with disabilities.

Agency Resources: some agencies are able to help people with more specific issues such as finding housing or paying for an electric bill. These types of benefits tend to cover smaller, one-off types of assistance.

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Colorado Labor Department Will Take Unemployment System Offline To Prepare For New Federal Jobless Benefits

As a result, users should not see a payment lapse as they did in December after the last federal relief package passed.

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President Joe Bidens signature on the American Rescue Plan Act on Thursday spurred the states Department of Labor and Employment into action so out-of-work Coloradans see no delay in receiving federal jobless benefits.

In anticipation of the bills passage, the state labor department planned to take the unemployment system offline Friday night to prepare it to pay out federal pandemic benefits through Labor Day.

As a result, users should not see a payment lapse as they did in December after the last federal relief package passed. That delay was due to changes in federal jobless programs that took two months for the state to update its system in order to pay people making unemployment claims.

What Do I Have To Do To Keep Receiving Unemployment Benefits In Colorado

Unemployment Rate in Colorado Springs, CO (MSA)

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, federal and state governments have made changes to their unemployment programs, to ensure that more people who are out of work receive benefits more quickly. These changes may affect waiting periods, job search requirements, and availability of benefits to those who are still working part time. These changes used to include the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, which greatly expanded the nation’s unemployment compensation program, including continuation of benefits. But, the CARES Act ended on September 6, 2021, and the expanded benefits are no longer provided .

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How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits In El Paso County Co

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, some states have imposed restrictions on people gathering in public locations. This may affect your ability to access physical offices of the the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in person. Check Colorado’s unemployment insurance agency website for more information. And, read on to find out how you can file for unemployment insurance benefits in Colorado online or by phone.

Enhanced unemployment benefits under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act ended on September 6, 2021, and are no longer provided.

Colorado’s unemployment insurance agency website gives you the information you need to apply for unemployment insurance in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employments website tells you:

  • What information youll need on hand to apply for unemployment insurance benefits
  • How to apply online for unemployment insurance benefits

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How Long Can You Receive Unemployment In Colorado

The state pays benefits for up to 26 weeks at a time but the pandemic unemployment program will allow for an extension of up to 13 more weeks.

People who have recently run out of state benefits are being instructed to continue requesting payments every two weeks through the states system until the extended support kicks in. Those who have used all of their benefits and stopped requesting payments on a claim may have to open a new claim through the pandemic unemployment system, state officials say.

This story has been updated with the latest unemployment claims numbers in Colorado and information about the states new system for processing pandemic unemployment assistance claims.

How Is The State Stepping Up Enforcement During Covid

Colorado Unemployment Assistance Demonstration Organizers Speak Out

Colorados Department of Labor and Employment is implementing more anti-fraud controls in its system, which is also being upgraded. In the meantime, CDLE is warning people that alleged fraudsters are targeting for-sale and rental listings to get addresses. Therefore, property owners should be checking their mailboxes often for unsolicited ReliaCards and then reporting them to the CDLE.6

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If I Was Fired From My Job Can I Still File For Unemployment

Many employees assume that they are only eligible for unemployment benefits if they were laid off, but that isnât true. The test for eligibility is whether you are unemployed through no fault of your own. Some lessor known qualifying separation reasons include:

  • Being fired unfairly
  • No more work for you to do
  • Needing to deal with a domestic violence situation
  • Being fired illegally for reporting discrimination, workplace harassment, or hazardous working conditions and
  • Medical conditions.

What If I Am Being Investigated

Labor Department officials at Colorados Division of Unemployment Insurance conduct random audits to reduce fraud and detect overpayments. This includes a review of employer records, payroll, work-search contacts, employment office records, and statements for individuals filing for unemployment compensation. National databases and credit bureau agencies may issue fraud alerts through an automated system following fraud detection. You may be contacted if your claim is selected for review. If you receive a Notice of Decision that reduces or denies your benefits, you may file a written appeal.

The CDLE also reviews cases of reported fraud. The CDLE provides online fraud reporting forms that allow individuals to confidentially report fraud.

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When Do I Request Payment

You should request benefit payment every two weeks on your scheduled day. When you apply for benefits, TWC sends you instructions on requesting payment. To find the first date you are scheduled to request benefit payment, look for the document titled: Instructions: Requesting Benefit Payments. This form shows your First Filing Date and the Tele-Serv Filing Day.

Sample of Instructions: Requesting Benefit Payments Showing First Filing Day and Tele-Serv Filing Day

You can also find your next day to request payment and your scheduled filing day by calling Tele-Serv at 800-558-8321, select Option 2, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays or by logging on to Unemployment Benefits Services and viewing Claim and Payment Status. Please make note of the date and day and mark it on your calendar.

You should request benefit payment for the first time on your First Filing Date and then every two weeks after that on your Filing Day. You should request payment on the filing day listed on the instructions as the Tele-Serv Filing Day whether you use Tele-Serv to request payment or submit your payment request through Unemployment Benefits Services.

If your payment request is late, your benefit payment may be delayed or you may not get paid.

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Calculating Your Biweekly Payment Day

Examining Colorados Political Leanings  Pam Allison

The following table shows how to calculate your next filing day. For example, if you requested payment on a Monday, you should request your next payment on the second Monday after that. You can also request payment during the open filing days in the same week as your designated filing day.

Example 1 Normal Payment Request Schedule: You request payment on a Monday during your first week. You would SKIP the next Monday in week 2, and then request payment on the Monday after that in week 3. Then you would skip the Monday in week 4 and request payment again on the next Monday.

Example 2 You Miss One of Your Filing Days: You request payment on a Tuesday during your first week. You skip the next Tuesday in week 2, but then miss the Tuesday after that in week 3. To stay on schedule, you would request payment on any of our open filing days during week 3. You would then skip the Tuesday in week 4, and request payment again on the next Tuesday after that.

When you request payment on Tele-Serv, the program will tell you the next date to request payment. Please make note of the date and mark it on your calendar.

When you request payment on Unemployment Benefits Services, the program will display the next date to request payment on Claim and Payment Status. Please make note of the date and mark it on your calendar.

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How Much Will I Collect In Unemployment Benefits In Colorado

In Colorado, you can earn up to $700 per week in unemployment benefits under state law.

Although additional money was available under the temporary Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program, that program expired on September 6, 2021 . For weeks of unemployment starting on September 6, you will not receive these additional benefits.

Every state has its own rules for calculating unemployment benefits. Typically, the amount you receive each week is based on your earnings when you were employed. After all, unemployment benefits are intended to replace some of the income you lost along with your job, and tide you over until you find new work.

Why Are Unemployment Fraud Cases Increasing In Colorado

Colorado is seeing a spike in unemployment fraud now that the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program ended on December 26, 2020. Alleged fraudsters who previously made false PUA claims and PEUC claims have reportedly turned to Colorados regular unemployment insurance system.5

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How Much Does Unemployment Pay In Colorado

The average weekly benefit is around $400. The maximum benefit is $618, state officials say.

Applicants can enter their income information from last year and see how much they might receive on the states estimator website coworkforce.com/uibEstimator.

All applicants can backdate their claims to the date when their employment situation changed and request benefits based on that date. Those eligible for pandemic unemployment assistance can collect for dates as far back as Feb. 2.

Federal pandemic unemployment compensation benefits set up through the CARES Act are a flat $600 per week and available to all who qualify for unemployment in Colorado. People can collect those payments for the weeks between March 29 and July 25. Those payments will start being processed Monday.

Unemployment Fraud Scheme: What You Need To Know

More unemployment payment issues reported in Colorado

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has seen a rise in fraudulent unemployment claims attempting to exploit the overall increase in unemployment insurance claims associated with COVID-19. As many as 400,000 Coloradans have been affected.

This nationwide fraud scheme involves unemployment claims filed using another persons identity. Get a glimpse of the magnitude and seriousness in this Jan. 14 article from the Colorado Sun.

Many Colorado fraud victims are alerted to the scheme by receiving a U.S. Bank ReliaCard in the mail when they have not filed for unemployment. In a Jan. 14 update, the CDLE reported that fraud victims are receiving IRS 1099-G Forms for unemployment benefits they did not receive. The CDLE should be notified of the fraud, and the department will issue corrected ammended tax forms.

Anyone who has received erroneous 1099-G Forms, debit cards or pin numbers for unemployment benefits they did not request should immediately contact CDLE. See below for instructions.

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How Can I Find A Good Unemployment Lawyer In Colorado

There are several ways to find a good lawyer to help with your unemployment claim in Colorado. The best way to find a lawyer is always through a referral from someone you know. Ask family members, friends, and other professionals you work with whether they can recommend a good employment lawyer.

Lawyers specialize, so your friends divorce lawyer wont be the right person to handle your unemployment appeal. However, lawyers also know other lawyers, so dont hesitate to ask a well-recommended lawyer in a different field for an employment lawyer referral.

If you cant find a lawyer through personal referrals, here are a couple of other options:

Be Prepared To Provide:

  • Your legal name and any other name you have used in the past 18 months.
  • Your address, including the ZIP code and county.
  • Information about your jobs during the last 18 months: The name and address of each employer, how much the employer paid you, why do you do not work there any more.
  • The gross amount and date received of any additional income you received: vacation pay, severance pay.
  • The name, local number, and address of your union hiring hall .
  • A copy of your Form DD-214, Member 4 if you just got out of the military.
  • A copy of your Form SF-8, Notice to Federal Employee About Unemployment Insurance.
  • Your Form SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action if you worked for the federal government.
  • Your valid state driver´s license or ID card if you are a U.S. citizen .
  • Your alien permit number if you are not a U.S. citizen.

For more information go to: coloradoui.gov

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Discharged Or Other Reasons

You may still be eligible for payment if you were discharged from your job. A partial list of qualifying separation reasons includes:

  • domestic violence

  • personal harassment by the employer not related to the job performance

  • hazardous working conditions

  • medical conditions

We will review the circumstances of your job separation to determine if you are eligible for benefits.

Where Is The Unemployment Office In El Paso County Co

Economic Indicators

Do you need to file for unemployment benefits in El Paso County, Colorado? Do you have questions about your claim? You can find the information you need at the website of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the state agency that administers unemployment benefits in Colorado.

If you havent applied for unemployment benefits recently , you might think you have to go into the local unemployment office and file your claim in person. These days, however, its much easier and often, required to file your claim online or by phone.

On this page, you’ll find

  • contact information for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
  • contact information for local job centers, which can help you with your job search and may offer assistance in filing for unemployment benefits, and
  • links to our articles on how to file for benefits in Colorado, eligibility for benefits in Colorado, calculating your weekly benefit amount in Colorado, and more.

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