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Does Virginia Tax Unemployment Benefits

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Register With The Virginia Employment Commission

West Virginia exempts $10,200 in unemployment benefits from taxation

As a Virginia employer subject to UI tax, your small business must establish a UI-related tax account with the Virginia Employment Commission . You should register with the VEC if you think your business will be liable for UI taxes . You can register for an account with the VEC either online or on paper. Once registered, you’ll be issued a VEC account number.

To register online, use the VATAX Online Services for Businesses webpage, which is part of the Virginia Department of Taxation website. To register on paper, use Form FC-27, Report to Determine Liability. Blank forms are available for download from the Forms/Publications section of the VEC website. There is no fee to register your business with the VEC.

Note: To register for a Virginia UI tax account, you’ll need a federal employer identification number . You can apply for an EIN at Generally, if you apply online, you will receive your EIN immediately.

How Taxes On Unemployment Benefits Work

You should receive a Form 1099-G from your state or the payor of your unemployment benefits early in 2022 for unemployment income you received in 2021. The full amount of your benefits should appear in box 1 of the form. The IRS will receive a copy of your Form 1099-G as well, so it will know how much you received. You dont have to include the form when you file your return.

Unemployment benefits arent subject to Medicare or Social Security taxes, only to income tax. This may help reduce your overall tax burden in the year you claim them.

When youre ready to file your tax return for 2021, write the amount stated in box 1 of your Form 1099-G on line 7 of Schedule 1, Additional Income, and Adjustments to Income. You must file Schedule 1 with your Form 1040 or 1040-SR tax return. Line 7 is clearly labeled, Unemployment compensation. The total amount from the Additional Income section of Schedule 1 is then entered on line 8 of your tax return.

You must report your unemployment benefits on your tax return even if you dont receive a Form 1099-G. Go to your states website if you didn’t receive one and think you should havesome states may not mail out paper versions of the form. The form is usually available electronically, but you can also call your state unemployment office.

If you receive a Form 1099-G but did not collect unemployment benefits in 2021, report it to the paying authority as soon as possible.

Problems With The Irs

  • Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics : LITCs are programs at law schools, accounting schools, or legal services offices that provide assistance and legal representation to lower-income taxpayers who are in disputes with the IRS.
  • Taxpayer Advocate Service : TAS is an independent organization within the IRS that can help people navigate through their tax problems and find solutions. Contact your local office.
  • Community Legal Aid: Local legal aid services can provide free or low-cost legal help for people with tax problems.

All information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal or tax advice. The Center on Budget & Policy Priorities is not liable for how you use this information. Please seek a tax professional for personal tax advice.

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Your Unemployment Income Tax Questions Answered

Are unemployment benefits taxable?

So does unemployment count as income? The short answer is yes, it does. While it doesnt count towards your earned income total, it does count towards your total amount of income received for the taxable year.

Depending on the state you live in, you may need to pay both federal and state income taxes. To make your life easier, you can have one or both withheld from your weekly benefits checks.

While we strived to answer as many questions here as possible, everyones situation is different. Its best to speak to a tax professional about your unique situation. They can answer specifics and ensure you comply with both federal and state law.

Contact our office today and let us help you with all of your tax questions.

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Do I Have To Look For A Job While Collecting Benefits

You must conduct an ongoing and active job search while you are collecting benefits. As part of this, you are required to register through the Virginia Workforce Connection website or in person at any Virginia Career Works career center. Unless advised otherwise, you must register within 5 days of filing your application for benefits. If you do not register, you could be ineligible to receive unemployment benefits until you do register.

The VEC will ask you to provide information on your work search activities to substantiate your claim, so it is imperative that you keep records of each job contact made, including, name, address, phone number, contact person, date of contact, result of the contact, and other related information.

Free Federal Tax Filing Services

The IRS offers free services to help you with your federal tax return. Free File is a service available through the IRS that offers free federal tax preparation and e-file options for all taxpayers. Free File is available in English and Spanish. To learn more about Free File and your free filing options, visit

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$10200 In Unemployment Benefits Won’t Be Taxed Leading To Confusion Amid Tax

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan signed into law last week includes a welcome tax break for unemployed workers. The law waives federal income taxes on up to $10,200 in unemployment insurance benefits for people who earn under $150,000 a year, potentially saving workers thousands of dollars. States that currently tax unemployment benefits have yet to decide whether they will allow those state taxes to be waived as well.

The change is good news for many taxpayers, who could save as much as $25 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. But it also affects an already complex tax season for a tax collection agency that is already behind thanks to understaffing and pandemic-fueled disruptions.

Need Help With Your Taxes

Virginia employers get tax relief, unemployment insurance tax rate won’t increase next year
  • Code for Americas Get Your Refund website: Visit Get Your Refund to connect with an IRS-certified volunteer who will help you file your taxes. First, you will upload your tax documents online. Then, an IRS-certified volunteer will call you to discuss, prepare, and review your tax return for filing.
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax-Aide sites: VITA and Tax-Aide sites are IRS-sponsored programs that provide free tax preparation for those who earn less than about $56,000.

The deadline to file your taxes this year is May 17, 2021.

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Paying Unemployment Taxes At The Federal Level

There are 3 options to pay your federal income taxes on your unemployment benefits. If you dont expect your benefits to add much to any tax you owe, it may be easiest to pay the full amount at tax time. The following options can help you avoid having a large bill at tax time.

1. Request your state employment agency to withhold your federal taxes. Withholding your taxes means that a flat 10 percent of each of your unemployment checks will be used to pay federal taxes, similar to withholding taxes on a regular paycheck.

Usually, you can choose to have your taxes withheld when you first register for unemployment benefits. You can also complete and give Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request to the agency that is disbursing your unemployment benefits to start withholding your taxes. Request Form W-4V, Voluntary Withholding Request from your unemployment office or find it on the IRS website. If your agency has its own withholding form, use that one instead.

Use the Estimated Tax Payments Calculator to make sure that you are withholding enough taxes from your unemployment benefits. If too little tax is withheld, you may also have to make quarterly estimated tax payments to avoid an underpayment penalty.

Depending on the amount of your unemployment benefits and your other sources of income, you may choose to make quarterly estimated payments and withhold your taxes if your total tax withholding does not cover enough of the income taxes you will owe.

Income from:

How Are Unemployment Benefits Taxed

    More than 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past four weeks. They may be eager to get the money, but they may not be thinking about how the benefits are taxed.

    The federal government taxes unemployment benefits as ordinary income , but you dont have to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes on this income, says Oscar Vives Ortiz, a certified public accountant and member of the American Institute of CPAs Personal Financial Specialist Committee.

    Most states tax unemployment benefits, too, although there are a few exceptions. A few states that have a state income tax do not tax unemployment benefits, such as California, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. A portion of unemployment benefits can be taxable in Wisconsin, based on a complicated formula.

    Youll receive a Form 1099-G from your state unemployment division next January reporting the total unemployment compensation you received for 2020 , which youll report on Schedule 1 of your 1040 when you file your federal income taxes.

    Tax Withholding Strategies

    You may have some other options. Instead of having income taxes withheld from your benefits, you could pay estimated taxes each quarter, which adds more flexibility. Of you could have more money withheld from your paychecks if you return to work later in the year, says Ortiz.

    Taxes and Stimulus Payments

    More from U.S. News

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    Useful Information & Links

    Why does Manchin oppose the Build Back Better bill?

    Stimulus checks

    New parents could see another stimulus check reflected in their tax refund in 2022

    What’s the deadline to get your stimulus check plus-up payment in 2021?

    Social Security

    How has the unemployment rate changed in 2021?

    In January 2021, the unemployment rate was recorded at 6.3 percent.

    The largest decreases were seen in July, September, and November.

    1 in 3 small businesses say health care costs are “unsustainable”

    With prices rising across the market, healthcare costs are no exception. With many small businesses reposisnble for providing healthcare to their workers, almost a third are saying the costs threaten the sustainabiliyt of their business.

    When will the COLA applied social security benefits be sent?

    The first social security checks with the 2022 COLA of 5.9 percent will be distributed to a small percent of beneficiaries today, on 31 December. Remaining beneficiaries will be sent their check at some point in January, on the date they typically recive their benefits.

    Manchin stance sees Goldman Sachs lower forecasts for U.S. economic growth

    Manchin’s stance on the ‘Build Back Better’ bill prompted investment bank Goldman Sachs to lower its forecasts for U.S. economic growth. Manchin’s rejection of the bill threatened to scuttle hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for measures to fight climate change and meet the Biden administration’s climate goals.

    IRS warns against online fraud

    Can I Get My Virginia Unemployment W2 Online

    Does Dc Tax Unemployment Benefits

    If your modified adjusted gross income AGI is less than 150000 the American Rescue Plan enacted on March 11 2021 excludes from income up to 10200 of unemployment compensation paid in 2020 which means you dont have to pay tax on unemployment. To enter unemployment compensation.

    Replacing A Missing W 2 Form H R Block

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    Unemployment Taxes At The State Level

    If you live in a state that has a state income tax, you may need to pay state income taxes on your unemployment benefits in addition to federal income taxes.

    For states that dont have a state income tax or dont consider unemployment benefits taxable income, you wont need to pay state income taxes on your unemployment benefits. These are 17 states that dont tax unemployment benefits:

    States that dont have any income taxesAlaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming
    States that only have income taxes for investment incomeNew Hampshire and Tennessee

    If you dont live in one of these 17 states, your unemployment benefits may be taxed by your state. Your states individual income tax rate can be found here. To learn more about your state individual income tax, visit your states Department of Revenue website or read Kiplingers State-by-State Guide on Unemployment Benefits.

    If You Got Benefits And Filed Your 2020 Taxes: Wait

    Taxpayers who received unemployment income last year and have already filed their 2020 tax returns, should wait before filing an amended return, the IRS says.

    “For those who received unemployment benefits last year and have already filed their 2020 tax return, they should not file an amended return right away as the IRS expects to issue additional guidance,” Commissioner Chuck Rettig told a congressional subcommittee on Wednesday.

    Many advocates have called for the IRS to proactively issue refunds to taxpayers who overpaid. Among those advocates are Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and Rep. Cindy Axne of Iowa, who along with 19 members of the House and Senate urged the IRS to automatically issue refunds without requiring amended tax returns.

    Nina Olson, the former National Taxpayer Advocate, told Politico that such automatic correction on already-filed returns was well within the IRS’ abilities. The alternative digging through a mountain of amended returns”really does create more processing burden for the IRS,” which started this season with a backlog from last year, Olson said.

    While the tax change is welcome news, it’s also confusing for many.

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    What To Know About Filing Your Taxes This Year

    RICHMOND, Va. – A lot of viewers have asked us about those stimulus payments this year. The check from over the summer and the $600 that went out recently. The big question we get is will we owe taxes on that money?

    The short answer is no. There is no tax burden on those stimulus checks. But experts say thats not the case if you got an unemployment check this year.

    Virginians do not owe state income taxes on those unemployment checks, however, there are Federal Income taxes that must be paid.

    If you didnt get that automatically taken out of each unemployment check when you applied, then you will likely owe.

    Heres how it works: If you got a $600 a week check, then you owe the government 10% of each unemployment check or about $60 per check.

    So, how do you know how much youll owe? The Virginia Employment Commission will send you and the IRS a FORM 1099-G detailing the benefits you received – plus any federal tax withholdings elected.

    Another question we see a lot: What if I owe taxes come April 15th? Cherry Dale, a financial coach with the Virginia Credit Union, says dont wait to find out what you owe.

    You can also prepare to ask for an extension.

    Another question we received: What if you dont owe money? What if you figure out you are going to get a tax refund once you file? What should be priority number one?

    Dale says there should be two big priorities for that money – paying off debt or adding to your savings.

    Which States Don’t Tax Unemployment Benefits

    Virginians report new problems filing PUA weekly claims for unemployment benefits

    Whether you have to pay state income taxes on your unemployment benefits depends on where you live. Some states don’t have income taxes or treat unemployment benefits differently from other types of income.

    • Seven states don’t have any income taxes: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.
    • Two states only have income taxes for investment income: New Hampshire and Tennessee.
    • Six states exempt unemployment benefits from income taxes: Alabama, California, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
    • Two states may only tax a portion of your unemployment benefits: Indiana and Wisconsin.

    In other states, your unemployment benefits may be treated as regular income and taxed at the same income tax rates. Some cities and counties may also have a local income tax that applies to unemployment benefits.

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    Wage Base And Tax Rates

    UI tax is paid on each employee’s wages up to a maximum annual amount. In recent years that amount, known as the taxable wage base, has been stable at $8,000 in Virginia. However, it’s always possible that amount could change.

    The state UI tax rate for new employers, also known as the standard beginning tax rate, also changes from one year to the next. In recent years, it has been comprised of a Base Tax Rate that’s been steady at 2.5%, plus so-called add-ons, consisting of a Pool Cost Charge and Fund Building Charge. Both of the latter charges, which fluctuate each year, are much less than 1%. In recent years, the overall beginning rate has been roughly between 2.85% and 3.25%. The new employer rate usually applies for at least one year.

    Established employers are subject to a lower or higher rate than new employers depending on an “experience rating.” This means, among other things, whether your business has ever had any employees who made claims for state unemployment benefits.

    For the latest wage base and tax rate information, check the VEC website.

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