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Does Unemployment Pay For Truck Driving School

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How You Can Reduce The Cost Of Truck Driving School

High Demand for Truck Drivers, Nurses in Alabama

The learning curve of becoming a tractor trailer driver can be both a difficult and rewarding one. Driving truck isnt just something you pick up in a day or so of practice – it requires discipline, patience and tenacity to handle a vehicle with such size and power.

The costs of truck driving school and other commercial driving jobs can be high as well. The differences between driving a regular passenger vehicle and a heavy commercial vehicle are vast. In this post, well outline whats required of you as a driver, and help expose some ways to help you pay for your career training programs.

Truck Driver Training Tuition Assistance From The Federal Government


Truck driving careers are a great fit for independent, hard-working men and women who love the open road. After just a few months of training, you could be commandeering a flashy big rig. But first, you must figure out how to pay for the schooling you will need to get a commercial driver’s license .

Depending on your financial situation and the school you select, you may qualify for a federal Pell grant or low-interest student loans. Unemployed and dislocated workers can seek a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grant. Military service members can qualify for additional federal programs that cover education-related expenses. If you dont meet eligibility guidelines for federal assistance, you could apply to a trucking company that offers free CDL training, unless you have a generous relative willing to help you out, of course.

The Ez Way Out Of Unemployment

Its the longest four-letter word: Unemployment. And for millions of Americans, the job hunt drags on for more than a year. For those with a high school degree or less, its even harder to find new work. And too often, the replacement job will pay less than the lost job.

The people at EZ Wheels Driving School know all of that. And they know it doesnt have to be that way.

We work with the Workforce here in New Jersey, explains an EZ Wheels office supervisor. The driving and forklift school is approved by the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development to retrain New Jersey citizens and get them back into the workforce.

I get calls everyday from trucking companies looking to hire, says one employee, And if someone comes to our school through any of the One-Stop Career Centers run by the state, they can get their commercial driver license paid for by the state.

These One-Stop Career Centers offer financial aid to folks whove lost their jobs to help you develop the skills needed to succeed in a 21st century work environment according to the Workforce website.

And although times change, the 21st century needs the same thing the 20th century needed: commercial drivers.

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Report The Start Date Of Your Training Program

You are required to report your start date during the week you begin your school or training.

Once you have reported the start of your training you may be mailed additional forms to complete and return to the EDD.

We will mail you a Notice of Determination with your eligibility results and approved training dates. If you are eligible for CTB, the notice will explain your rights and responsibilities. If you are not eligible, you must continue to meet all eligibility requirements to receive unemployment benefits, even if you attend school or training. This includes being available for work, seeking work, and accepting suitable work.

Note: We do not pay educational or training-related expenses, including tuition, fees, books, supplies, or transportation. However, there are other assistance programs that may fund your school or training. To learn more, visit Federal Student Aid.

Financial Aid For Truck Driving School

5 Questions to Ask Trucking Schools to Get Your CDL Permit

How do I Get Financial Aid for CDL School? Ways to get financial assistance for truck driving schools and trade schools with CDL training include the Workforce Investment Act or W.I.A., Student Loans and Tuition Reimbursement. Military veterans have other options too.

Use the program search application to connect with a CDL training school near you.

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How Much Does Cdl Training Cost

The cost of CDL training can range from $3,000 to $10,000, and as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. You should focus on the value of the training delivered rather than the money amount. Do your research to ensure that every penny counts, and go through the following aspects of a CDL training course:

How fast did they get a job?


What was their starting salary?

How long did they work for the company?

How many people launched their own trucking company and how long did it last?

  • Services for job searching include: Although not every CDL training school provides job placement aid, it is definitely worth the extra money to have a skilled, experienced trucking expert lead you through the employment process.

Innovative Partnership To Create Training Opportunities For Unemployed Individuals

Innovative Partnership to Create Training Opportunities for Unemployed Individuals

ANDERSON, S.C. – Today Governor McMaster announced an innovative partnership between South Carolina’s technical colleges and the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce to provide training opportunities for unemployed individuals in the state. The initiative is made available by the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Funds.

Unemployment claimants will have the option of exploring short-term retraining programs offered at their local technical college in lieu of conducting the weekly work search. Upon enrolling in and attending a short-term training program, the claimant continues to forgo the weekly job search. The cost of the workforce training program is free to the student.

In January, Governor McMaster awarded $8 million in one-time federal funds to the S.C. Technical College System. The funds provide scholarships to cover the cost of training as well as required course material and any assessments.

The identified training programs are being offered at technical colleges across the state and include:


Computer Technology and Information Technology

  • CompTIA A+ CertificationThe industry standard for establishing a career in IT, this program teaches you how to support todays core technologies from security to cloud to data management and more.

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics


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Tuition Assistance Options At Driveco

Paying for CDL Training can be a struggle for many students. At DriveCo CDL Learning Center, we never want a lack of funds to keep you from completing CDL Training. For that reason, we offer several tuition assistance options, ranging from grants to scholarships, that can be utilized when cash flow is limited.

How To Pay For Truck Driving School

Las Vegas truck driving students take advantage of US driver shortage
  • Post author

Heres the dilemma

Picking a good truck driving school sets you up for a great career and your pick of the best truck driving jobs.

But a good, accredited school isnt cheap. Our AZ license course is over $8500. So you think, Ill just go to this cheap trucking school, pay $1500, get my license and learn on the job.

In the trucking world, you really do get what you pay for. And in this case, its just barely enough to get a license. Many graduates of these schools cant even pass the test given to them by a potential employer.

They cant back up or perform the proper pre-trip inspections, and before you can say Git-R-Done theyre heading home without a job.

On the flip side, we find many students getting jobs within a couple of weeks of graduation. Some even get hired while still in the course.

Once you realize how important the quality of a truck driving school is, the question becomes

How do you pay for it?

If you feel like you just cant afford to pay for an accredited, quality truck driving school, keep reading.

We hope to help you answer that question by giving you the top 10 ways our past students have funded their truck driver training.

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Learn About Education And Training

After identifying personal interests, abilities and skills, and exploring the labor market, additional education or training may be needed to reach career goals. Find out about education and training programs in Georgia, as well as sources of financial assistance.

Although the Georgia Department of Labor does not directly operate training programs, it works closely with many partners who offer both short- and long-term occupational training and education programs. Career Advisors can provide information about education and training resources that can help customers meet their employment goals.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Attending A Company

Company-sponsored training programs can be a great way to cover your truck driving school costs. Some of the main pros include free training, benefits, a job when you graduate, and sign-on bonuses. On the flip side, some of the cons of attending a company-sponsored program are long training days, lots of time away from home, and an agreement to work for the company sponsoring your training. Make sure you consider all your options when deciding whether attending a company-sponsored training program is right for you. To learn more about the pros and cons of CDL Paid Training, click here.

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Is The Truck Driver An Employee

Generally, an employee is hired to perform specific duties under the direction and control of the person or company who hired them. Under the terms and conditions of employment, an employee does not normally have the chance to make a profit or suffer a loss. An employee is not seen as operating their own business, but rather as being an integral part of the payers business. An employee may be entitled to benefits, be paid for vacation time, or be covered by a collective agreement.

The following indicators can help you determine if a truck driver is an employee. This is not a complete list and not all of these indicators will be present in every situation. Consider all facts related to the working relationship.

Truck Driver Program Financial Aid Info

A New Beginning For The Unemployed in Riverside County

Although most CDL driver training programs only last a few weeks, the cost associated with this training can be more than most people have laying around the house or in between the couch cushions. Many people see the benefits of a quick learning process with a high potential salary after being laid off from their existing jobs. This can make paying for training up front very difficult.

While there are differences from state to state and school to school, below is an overview of the some of the financial aid options you can explore with a career adviser at your local truck driving school. Seriously considering a career as a truck driver?

Workforce Investment Act funds are often available for trucking school. These funds are offered at the state level and are used to help people train for new careers when they are unable to find employment in their current industry with their current skill set.

In some cases, there are also other funding programs available for the unemployed. These programs are designed to help fund vocational rehabilitation for those unable to gain employment with their current skill set.

Student Loans

There are many private loan institutions that will provide personal loans to students looking for assistance with paying for CDL training. These loans usually require a credit check and in some cases a cosigner for the loan.

Tuition Reimbursement

Military Veterans

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Other Financial Aid Options

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Unemployment Benefits While Attending Reemployment Assistance Training

If you are accepted into a full-time reemployment assistance training program, you are not required to seek or accept work while you are attending school. Attending classes and making satisfactory progress make you eligible for unemployment benefits. When you finish, you must immediately begin seeking work.

If you are going to school part-time, or your full-time schooling is not accepted as reemployment assistance training, you are eligible for unemployment benefits only if you are available for and actively seeking suitable employment . If your class schedule conflicts with the normal days or hours of work in your occupation, you must be willing to rearrange or quit classes if you are offered suitable work.

What Is Cdl Paid Training

When a trucking company offers to sponsor and pay a potential employees Commercial Driver License training, this is referred to as CDL paid training in the industry.

How Does CDL Paid-Training work?

Consider the following two examples:

  • CDL Training In-House Typically requires you to sign a one-year contract, and the employer will provide you with CDL training on the same equipment youll be driving after graduation. The money is subsequently reimbursed through payroll deductions over time.
  • Tuition Sponsored Training This type of training usually needs a one-year contract, but the company sends you to a local truck driving school and covers your tuition while youre there. The money is then repaid over time through payroll deductions.

Finding a company that will sponsor you through your CDL training is one of the best options for new drivers who want to complete their training. When you complete your training, some organizations need you to sign a contract to work for them. Youll also have the security of knowing that youll have a job after you graduate.

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Have You Been Laid Off And Collected Employment Insurance

  • You may be eligible for funding through Second Career Program offered through the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities . Funding amounts vary with each individuals situation and you will need to get in contact with your local employment agency to find out more . Contact us for a agency near you.

K Retirement Savings Plans

Truck nearly hits school bus filled with kids in Ohio

Why not save for your retirement while you travel the United States? In the past, many jobs offered a pension. Starting in the 80s, most jobs transitioned to a 401K plan. That is if they offer any type of savings plan at all. Its a way of ensuring that you have money to live on when its time to relax and enjoy your retirement.

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No Money Out Of Pocket For Tuition Costs

With Tampa Truck Driving School, you can start with no money out of pocket for tuition costs, we will finance it, you can train right here in Tampa, and when you graduate you can be making $700-$1000 a week according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Then you get the company you go to work for to help you pay it back. Financing available to those who qualify.

Dont let our name fool you, Tampa Truck Driving School is so much more than just a truck driving school.

Tampa Truck Driving School offers so much more than most truck driving schools in Florida. Think of us as your personal gateway to a new career, a career in one of the largest industries in the country and one that is always in demand.

TTDS is the only privately owned truck driving school in Tampa, FL .

We can provide men and women that want to be truck drivers in Florida with the CDL training they need. At TTDS we can have you trained within 15 days, help you obtain your class A CDL, and usually have you working right after graduation. We will have you pre-hired with a top paying trucking company before you even start our school in Tampa, Florida. TTDS places its graduates with companies that offer not only great pay, but great benefits as well. By enrolling in truck driving schools like ours, you can enjoy benefits from your new employers, such as health insurance, 401K retirement plans, vacation pay, sick leave, guaranteed home time, sign on bonuses and tuition reimbursement.

Adult And Dislocated Worker Program

As part of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the Adult and Dislocated Worker Program provides employment and job training assistance to eligible workers, and help employers find skilled employees like truck drivers.

In order to qualify for the program, applicants must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A dislocated worker
  • Applicants from low income families
  • Residents of particular geographic areas
  • Members of trade associations and their family members
  • Women

Scholarships may cover lodging, meals, and all or some portion of truck driver training tuition, so read the fine print carefully and know the repayment terms in case you dont complete the course.

The Women in Trucking Foundation accepts scholarship applications twice per year, and is a good resource for women looking to get into the industry.

Likewise, Swift Transportation offers CDL training to veterans and first responders that may significantly reduce tuition costs.

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To Apply For Ctb Through Etpl Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Meet ETPL requirements.

Your training facility and training program must be on the ETPL to qualify for CTB. To locate your training facility and training program, review California ETPL.

Step 2: Report school or training.

Report school or training to the EDD during the same week you begin attending. For more information, visit How to Report School or Training.

Step 3: Complete an application.

Once you have reported your school or training, you may receive one of the following application forms.

Important: Provide all necessary information to help us determine your CTB eligibility.

  • California Training Benefits Application
  • California Training Benefits Application and School or Training Questionnaire
  • Notification of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Eligibility Interview

If you do not receive one of these forms and want to apply, visit Contact UI to inquire.

Step 4: Receive notification about your CTB eligibility.

Your CTB eligibility is based on the information you provide on the application or during the eligibility interview. You will receive a Notice of Determination/Ruling that contains your CTB eligibility, general rights and responsibilities, and appeal rights.

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