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Can You Rent An Apartment On Unemployment

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How do you rent an apartment if you are unemployed?

This can be a tough hurdle to get over, but its not impossible. Documents such as employment contracts or pay stubs showing your current and past salaries can help you secure an apartment with no credit or co-signer.

They are solid proof you can cover the rent in the foreseeable future. You also need to reassure your landlord you will remain at your current place of employment.

Federal Income tax return documents display all your income streams. This information shows your potential landlord you can meet the rental requirements.

Can You Rent If You Are Unemployed

In the case of an unemployed renter, getting a new rental may be difficult since you will have to demonstrate your need. However, you can get a home loan that is much more competitive and, especially if you have references, can pay more upfront. The upside is that, even if you do not have a job or a regular income, you can still secure a rental.

What Can Disqualify You From Renting An Apartment

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Certain blemishes on your record or past transgressions could hurt your chances of being able to score your ideal apartment or house, and cause the landlord to reject your application. To help you stay ahead of the curve and in the know, take a look at some of the most commonand unexpectedreasons your rental application can be denied.

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Proof Of Income: What It Is And What You Can Use

Scoring your next apartment is more than finding the perfect place to live or a trendsetting neighborhood. You’ll also need to show proof of income with documentation for your next landlord.

Landlords and property managers want a clear understanding of your finances and whether or not youll pay rent or can afford to do so. Income verification is a standard part of the apartment application process and occurs before you sign a lease agreement.

Proof of income for an apartment is crucial, though it can also be challenging to know how to start or what you’ll need. Time is of the essence when you live in competitive cities with low rental inventory. Dont worry, we did all the work for you, so you have everything you need to know about proof of income and how it can be an excellent tool for your rental business.

Do Apartments Verify Check Stubs

Rental vacancy vs unemployment

Yes, some apartments do. Landlords are usually concerned about your ability to pay rent regularly. If you are self-employed or receive regular payments from clients via checks, you can use these as proof of income.

Using check stubs is one way to assure your landlord you can pay them. Pay stubs show you have sufficient finances to cover your rent. As a rule of thumb, keep a dated record of pay stubs for at least three months.

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Is There Any Way To Rent An Apartment On Unemployment Benefits

My landlord has been pulling some really shady shit lately, among other problems with the apartment we are currently residing in. We really need to get out of here.

Problem is, we both got laid off in March, due to the pandemic and we havent been able to find new jobs yet. I will be a full time student in the fall. Can we rent a new apartment with savings or UI as proof of ability to pay rent? What about gig work, selling art? Will they accept student loans/grants as income for rent? Im completely clueless here. We have enough money coming in from unemployment plus savings to last about a year for rent. We are hoping to find new jobs before the year is up.

We have good rental history and we pay our high rent on time.

Help With Getting An Apartment When You Are Receiving Unemployment

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Losing your job while apartment hunting definitely makes the process more difficult, but it’s not impossible to find a place while you’re out of work. Finding a rental may take a bit more work, but you can do it. Try finding a cosigner or consider dipping into your savings to pay a few months in advance. If things were going well until you lost your job, ask your current landlord for a reference letter. If you work in a high-paying field, gather your old pay stubs as well as some industry data to show you’re likely to earn a comfortable salary again in the very near future. Still can’t catch a break? Look for a temporary situation or consider a roommate.

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Springfield And Worcester Ma

The two most affordable cities to live on unemployment insurance are Springfield and Worcester, both in Massachusetts. This may seem counterintuitive, as Massachusetts has one of the highest costs of living in the U.S. But what makes these cities so affordable for the unemployed is that Massachusetts has the highest average weekly unemployment payments.

According to the latest data, Massachusetts pays out a weekly maximum of $823 for individuals and $1,234 if you have dependents. This compares to states such as Florida or Louisiana, which have weekly maximums of $275 and $247, respectively. Even when you take the higher cost of living into account, being unemployed in Massachusetts gives you a lot more breathing room than almost anywhere else in the country.

Using the midpoint between the maximum and minimum payout as an average, the average monthly UI payout in Massachusetts is $2,992.17. Average monthly expenses are just less than $2,024 per month in Springfield and $2,163 per month in Worcester. After paying basic living expenses like rent, food and transportation, that leaves well over $800 in the pocket of the average Worcester resident, with Springfield residents having an excess of nearly $1,000.

Find A Roommate To Share Your Rent

8 On Your Side viewer offers rent-free apartment to local mom cut off from unemployment benefits

Do you have a sibling or a friend that you can live with? You may be able to rent a one or two bedroom based on their income. Some buildings, especially in New York City, can create walls to divide bedrooms so you can have privacy. Keep in mind, cities like New York have the 40X rule. This means that your roommate will need to have an annual income 40X greater than your monthly rent.

Living with a roommate is not everyones first choice, but it can be a great way to minimize your expenses while youre unemployed and looking for your next role. What you can do is find a good roommate with decent financials and try to work out some sort of approval for your lease that makes sense for you, your roommate, and your landlord.

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Does Accepting Applicants On Unemployment Change The Leasing Process

No. Just like with any applicant, your leasing process likely requests proof of income. For some applicants this can be a few months of bank statements or paystubs, for others, it can be unemployment documentation. To avoid Fair Housing complaints, you want your leasing process to stay as consistent and equal as possible.

As youre navigating leasing decisions in the future, keep in mind being on unemployment doesnt mean your applicant is a bad renter. With unemployment claims rising weekly, its incredibly likely your rental applicants and residents will be affected. Make sure to stay ahead of the times by hammering out your new leasing plan and procedures now.

How To Get An Apartment Without A Job Secure A Guarantor

Pre-pandemic, a landlord would ask for a guarantor if someone couldnt prove income or had terrible credit, says Becki Danchik of Warburg Realty. It still holds in the current market.

It might not be the most convenient or comfortable way for someone to rent an apartment, but its one of the most effective, she said. And there are two ways to go about finding one.

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Solution: Insurent Lease Rental Cosigner Service

The Insurent Program issues guarantees for non-employed persons with significant cash liquid assets. Insurent will be your institutional guarantor so you easily and quickly get the apartment you want, and the landlord gets the protection they need. Insurent only requires that you have cash liquid assets of a minimum of 50x the monthly rent that you are seeking.

With the Insurent Guaranty, you will only have to give the landlord the typical one month security and payment of the first months rent . The Insurent one-time fee will typically approximate 82% 90% of one months gross rent for non-employed US persons with good credit, and 110% 115% of one months gross rent for foreign non-employed persons meeting the above test

What Happens If You Dont Make 3 Times The Rent

Thousands of Texans are suddenly unemployed. Rent is due in days.

The amount you spend on rent is a great indicator of your financial capability. Financial experts believe your income should be 3 times or more your rent. If you earn less than this, you might use more money from your income to cover rent, which will strain your finances.

If you dont make 3 times the rent, provide excellent references and ensure you have a great credit score. Being debt-free is a plus because you can convince your landlord of your ability to pay rent. And as soon as you can, find an extra source of income or look for a more affordable apartment.

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Do Apartments Verify Income

To protect themselves, apartment letting agents or owners verify renters income to gauge their likelihood of paying rent consistently. They prefer having a guarantee you will not default on rent as long as youre receiving income.

They dont just check your income. They also review your payment history, debt servicing history, and employment status. If all these indicators are good, you are likely to get the apartment.

If you are gainfully employed but dont have an income yet, landlords will want to see proof of employment. They also want a guarantee that you will live in the apartment for a while.

How To Get Your Landlord To Lower Your Rent While On Unemployment

One of the main concerns when losing your job is the ability to pay your rent and keep a roof over your head. Receiving unemployment benefits is helpful, but usually the amount that you are entitled to each month is significantly less than what you were making at your job. Legally, your landlord has the ability to alter your lease if you both agree to the amendments however, he is under no obligation to do so. Approach your landlord from a business perspective to negotiate a reduction in rent until you get back on your feet.

  • 1.

    Figure out how much money you are able to put aside for rent each month. Cut your expenses down to only necessities, such as your telephone bill and food. Subtract that amount from your total unemployment income to see what you have available for rent. Factor in any severance money that you received or any cash that you have in a savings account if applicable.

  • 2.

    Make a proposition to your landlord. Explain your financial situation, and let your landlord know how much money you can reasonably pay each month for rent while unemployed. Let your landlord know that your job status is temporary and that the reduction will hopefully only be for three to six months, for example.

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    What Is The Minimum Credit Score For An Apartment

    Landlords are in business and their main aim is to make money from their rental properties. They perform thorough checks before renting to ensure tenants meet their requirements. One of the credibility checks landlords run is a check.

    Ideally, you need a credit rating of 650 to rent an apartment. But some apartments may accept a 600-620 minimum credit score from renters. Many landlords will deny your application if your credit score is below 620 because they think you are a high-risk renter.

    Is It Possible To Rent An Apartment Without A Job


    Having a job increases your potential landlords trust in you. It makes them believe you can afford the rent. Its still possible to rent an apartment without being employed. Providing evidence of non-traditional income is one way to increase your chances because it shows that you are actively earning an income.

    Also, you can choose apartments with private landlords, because they are likely to accept flexible rent terms compared to home agents. If you have challenges renting an apartment without a job, consider subletting instead of renting directly. Minimize your rent requirements until you can pay your rent.

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    The Big Picture On Unemployment Insurance

    A few themes emerge from the list above. The most affordable cities are mostly small and in the Northeast. That’s no coincidence. States with the most generous unemployment insurance benefits are concentrated in the Northeast, in contrast with the South, which didn’t have a single entry on this list. Despite having a generally low cost of living, cities in the South pay out a dismally low average level UI.

    If this economic slump continues into 2021, we may see migration patterns reversing the trends of the last decade or so, as people pack up their things and move from dense, expensive urban metros to more humble, affordable small cities â cities like the ones on this list. The implications for renters and homeowners alike could be massive.

    The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal, medical or financial advice. Readers are encouraged to seek professional financial, medical or legal advice as they may deem it necessary.

    Maintain Your Credit Score

    If youre trying to figure out how to rent an apartment without a job, start by taking a look at your credit. A decent credit score can help you land an apartment if you dont have proof of income. Credit scores range from 300 to 800. Once yours heads towards 600, youre more likely to find yourself approved for anything from loans to leases. In this case, a landlord will be less concerned with income documentation because they can see you have a proven track record of making sound financial decisions and meeting your obligations.

    Keep your credit score up by paying bills on time and avoiding significant debt. Otherwise, you will be trying to figure out how to rent an apartment with bad credit. This will make the process more difficult, especially without proof of income.

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    Do Landlords Look At Gross Income

    Yes, they do. Reviewing your gross income is one way to verify that you can afford to rent their property. Landlords look at how much you earn and the percentage rent takes. Its easy for them to know if you are a risky tenant.

    For most landlords, gross income offers a clearer picture of your capacity to meet rent requirements. A few landlords prefer verifying your net income instead of gross income.

    Book Temporary Accommodation For The First Couple Of Months

    Three Reasons to Move Out of Your Parents

    If you have friends or family already residing in Canada and theyâre open to hosting you, it may be a good idea to plan your stay with them for the first few months.

    For those who cannot leverage this option, you can try booking long-term stays at an Airbnb, a hotel, or a hostel. Hostels in Canada are clean, secure, and extremely budget-friendly some even provide free breakfast. Often, youâll be able to choose between staying in a mixed dorm or a male or female-only dorm. Some hostels also provide private rooms at a higher cost. Try exploring sites like HostelWorld, HI Hostels,, or Kayak to find good deals.

    Some landlords are willing to rent to tenants with a two or three-month credit history. Booking or arranging temporary accommodation for the first few months will give you a couple of months of time to build your credit.

    For a deeper understanding of how to build your credit, read How to build a good credit score from scratch

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    This Isnt A Reflection Of You

    It is also important to remember that not having proof of income does not always reflect the renters integrity. Whether your job has unique circumstances or you have fallen on hard times, everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads.

    If you are renting a furnished Zeus home, you dont need to worry about providing proof of income. However, if you are a part of the former categories, read on to find out tips on how to rent an apartment without proof of income.

    Unexplained Gaps In Your Rental History

    Gaps in your rental history might trigger a rejection. Why? For one, the property management company or landlord may suspect that you vacated your last property before the lease was up, which is a big, waving red flag.

    But a gap doesnt mean youll be automatically rejected. If there was a legitimate reason for the gapyou moved in with your family, took time off to travel, sure to explain that upfront.

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