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Can You Get Workers Comp And Unemployment In California

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As An Undocumented Worker Can I Receive Workers Compensation Benefits

Gig workers in California can apply for unemployment

Yes. All workers who are injured on the job, including undocumented workers, are eligible for workers compensation benefits in California to cover the cost of medical treatment and, in some cases, lost wages. However, undocumented employees may not be eligible for some job retraining benefits. In addition, if you have been fired because you have a workers compensation claim, its less clear whether you can recover the income you lost due to being fired.

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim: If you choose to file a workers compensation claim, you should contact the employer to get and file a claim form. If your employer refuses to give you a claim form, then you should contact the state Workers Compensation Appeals Board . If your claim is approved, you may be entitled to reasonable medical expenses, disability benefits, and rehabilitation benefits.

For more information, see our Workers Compensation Fact Sheets.

Telephone Screening And Enrollment

All personnel who conducted telephone screening and enrollment of candidateswere instructed on necessary measures to maintain the confidentiality of theidentities of the focus group participants. Screeners used a written guide thatinstructed them to explain the purpose of the project, how the Universityobtained the worker’s phone number, and the fact that the participants’identities would be kept confidential. To encourage participation, eachenrollee was offered a $45 stipend to participate in the focus group.

Screeners enrolled candidates according to the criteria described aboveregarding representation and spoken language. For the English-speaking focusgroups, the screeners screened for fluency in English for the Spanish-speakingfocus groups, they screened for fluency in Spanish and limited ability to speakEnglish. They also enrolled approximately equal numbers of men and women ineach focus group, and they avoided enrolling in the same group people whoeither had the same home address, same employer address, or same attorneyaddress. After the first focus group was convened, LOHP and Commission staffdecided to exclude pre-window workers to ensure sufficient recollection of experiences pertinentto this project.

Binsights Provided In Discussion Groups And Individual Interviews

Two groups of I & A officers, the manager of the I & A Unit, andother interviewees discussed resources and practical issues that affectservices provided to injured workers. Overall, the I & A officers whoparticipated in the discussion groups were enthusiastic about their jobs. Theyliked having direct, daily contact with people and enjoyed helping workers withtheir claims, which in some cases means the officer can have a significant,positive impact on the future of the worker and his or her family.

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V Workers’ Recommendations To Improve Claims Administrators’ Information Services

A few of the focus group participants, having dealt with claimsadministrators who did not seem to understand certain of the laws, recommendedthat claims administrators be better trained in the law. Several participantsalso recommended that claims administrators be trained to not assume thatworkers are fraudulent:

“If there is somebody in the system that’s fraudulent and trying to abuse thesystem, then friggin’ do something. Crucify the guy, but don’t crucify everyoneelse that’s going into the system.”

B Advisory Committee Involvement In Planning Activities

[California] Wow! PUA filed yesterday (Sat, 10/16) and ...

LOHP assisted the Commission in selecting and inviting key representatives inworkers’ compensation to participate on an advisory committee for this project.Designated representatives from the following organizations were invited toadvise the Commission and LOHP in the design and planning of variousdata-gathering activities and the preparation of this written report:

Division of Workers’ Compensation , State of California

  • Information & Assistance Unit
  • Claims Adjudication Unit


  • Service Employees International Union, Western Region
  • United Auto Workers Local 2244

At the first meeting of the Advisory Committee, held on April 19, 1995,participants discussed the overall scope of this project and key areas to becovered in injured worker focus group sessions . Participantsalso commented on the design and sequencing of sample questions that could beused in the focus group sessions. At the second meeting, held on October 17,1995, participants reviewed the status of this project, discussed possibleareas of inquiry for individual interviews with representatives of majorparticipants in the system , and suggested possible candidatesfor those interviews. In June and July 1996, Advisory Committee membersprovided comments on a draft version of this report.

  • Implementation
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    Exceptions And Alternatives: Know Your Options

    As you search for work or seek a more appropriate position with your employer after an injury at a previous job, be careful about selecting benefits at a new job or position. If you are thinking of getting a second job or your doctor has said you can do light-duty work, but your employer is unwilling to accommodate restrictions, you may be compelled to hunt for a new position.

    Injured workers often require counsel to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

    As there are multiple factors and alternatives to consider, it is critical for you as an injured worker to seek counsel before making a decision about benefits when you are receiving workers comp or unemployment insurance or both. With an attorneys advice, you can be sure that you understand what actions to avoid that may adversely affect your claim for either or both types of benefits.

    Are you attempting to transition to a line of work that will not be hampered by injuries for which you are currently collecting workers compensation? If you have completed medical care, but now have permanent restrictions that prevent you from returning to your previous line of work, you may be entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation benefits through Workers Compensation. Such benefits continue your weekly pay and provide a counselor to find new employment. Unlike Unemployment Insurance, there is no specific end date to Vocational Rehabilitation benefits.

    I Am Undocumented And Have Lost My Job Or Suffered Other Hardship Because Of Covid

    Starting on May 18, 2020, the California Department of Social Services will provide one-time $500 grants to persons 19 and older who can show that they: are undocumented are not eligible for federal COVID-19 related assistance and have experienced hardship because of COVID-19. A maximum of two persons per household can receive funding under this program, which is known as the Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants Project . No ones personal information will be shared with any government agency.

    The CDSS has selected twelve non-profit organizations across the state to help individuals apply for and receive these disaster relief funds.

    Individuals can apply for DRAI funds starting on May 18, 2020. To do so, they should contact the nonprofit organization assigned to their county of residence. To see which organization has been assigned to your county, visit this link: . Applicants will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

    Undocumented workers might also qualify for Californias State Disability Insurance , Paid Family Leave , workers compensation, and/or paid sick days. For more information on some of those programs, see questions 5 and 9-10 below.

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    Efforts To Save The Relationship

    In most cases, an employee who wants to collect unemployment after quitting must show that he or she took steps to try to resolve the problem and preserve the relationship prior to leaving the job. An employee who quits at the first sign of trouble won’t be eligible for benefits. For a workplace problem, such as dangerous working conditions, the employee must bring the problem to the employer’s attention and give the employer an opportunity to fix it. For a personal problem, such as a need to care for an ill family member, the employee should explore other ways to meet the family member’s needs, such as taking a leave of absence or working a reduced schedule. Generally, an employee will be eligible for benefits only if steps to resolve the problem short of quitting are not successful.

    Ii Work Pressures On Claims Administrators

    Unemployment benefits: California EDD mistakenly pays workers who still have jobs

    Interviewees also described work pressures on claims administrators todocument activities and decisions in a case and to adhere to numerous deadlinesto send benefit payments and notice letters to workers and payments to medicalproviders. The DWC Audit Unit conducts audits of randomly and nonrandomlyselected claims offices every

    year. Nonrandom selection is based on compilations, weightings, andinvestigations of complaints about claims administrators’ handling of claims.In the audit process, claims offices are penalized for inaccurate notice toworkers, failure to meet deadlines, and inadequate documentation in files. Some of the interviewees reported that formany large insurers, the audit penalties alone do not deter the improperhandling of claims. However, the Audit Unit publishes an annual reportsummarizing the results of its audits, which insurers use to compete forpolicyholders. Therefore, many claims administrators are motivated to complywith the requirements enforced by the Audit Unit to avoid being listed as aproblematic company in the annual report. Interviewees reported that claimsadministrators also wish to avoid being listed in the annual report out of asense of pride.

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    No Unemployment Benefits While Totally Disabled Under Workers Comp

    Workers comp benefits for temporary total disability or permanent total disability are meant to replace most of your wages when you are unable to do any work because of your on-the-job injury or illness, either while youre recovering or on a permanent basis. Unemployment insurance pays benefits if you’ve lost your job through no fault of your own, but only if you’re available for work and actively looking for a new job.

    Because of these conflicting requirements and purposes, you’re generally ineligible to collect unemployment compensation while youre receiving workers comp benefits for total disability.

    What Is The Information And Assistance Office

    Information and Assistance is a free government service set up to help injured workers with their claims. I& A officers can give you forms or guides, call your claims administrator for you, and review settlement documents. I& A officers are usually very busy, so you may have to be persistent and patient when trying to reach them. NOTE: I& A officers are not attorneys they cannot represent you or speak on your behalf. To hear recorded messages or request materials, call: Workers Compensation Information and Assistance Unit: 800-736-7401

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    How Much Does Workers Comp Cost In California

    Under California law, all employers that have more than one non-owner employee or partner must provide insurance in the event of any injury or illness that happens at the workplace. Businesses that do not have workers compensation insurance are breaking the law, and are subsequently opening themselves up to steep fines and lawsuits. The provision of workers compensation insurance is not only required, but it also helps protect companies from employee lawsuits.

    Since workers compensation insurance is required by CA law, company owners must find a way to fit it into their budgets. This involves answering questions like how much does workers comp cost in California? and what affects the premium paid? It is also important to find a reputable agency, so you know the coverage is complete and available when needed.

    The Cost of Workers Compensation In California

    CA workers compensation rates are regulated by the Workers Compensation Ratings Bureau of California . The state assigns each occupation a “risk classification”, which is then associated with a specific dollar amount. Rates are set according to the risk associated with each occupation. For example, roofers are at a higher risk of injury while on the job, so the base rate would be higher than for an officer worker – who is at a lower risk of injury.

    • Base rate: $7.71
    • Total Payroll of Employee: $500 per week
    • Formula to Determine Premium: $500 X 7.71% = $38.55 per week

    Determination of Base Rate

    What Can Impact Your Premium?

    Coordination Of Agency Activities Concerning Information Provided Toworkers

    [California] Yes! Approved for California PUA benefits ...

    To remedy the gaps in information services for injured workers and in theenforcement of workers’ rights to receive information, coordination of agencyactivities in workers’ compensation could be improved. These agencies includevarious units within the DWC ,the Industrial Medical Council, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement,the Department of Insurance, and prosecuting attorneys. Coordinated effortswould aim to clarify responsibilities and ensure that workers are properlyinformed, treated fairly and respectfully, provided mechanisms for resolvingany problems quickly, and provided legal advice and assistance if needed.Coordination would also allow each agency to provide more useful information toinjured workers regarding the services that can be obtained from the otheragencies.

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    Iii Workers’ Recommendations To Improve Employers’ Information Services

    Many of the focus group participants felt that employers should be requiredto provide information regarding workers’ compensation benefits procedures atthe time of hire and soon after a worker is injured. Participants also felt that state agencies should be ensuringthat employers comply with requirements to inform workers and assist in theprocessing of workers’ compensation claims. Many of the participants also feltthat some employers should learn how to better communicate with their employeesand treat the employees with respect:

    “I think the most important thing would be communication. Not only for theemployer to have a good rapport established with the employees, but also on howto maintain a safe working environment.”

    Do Business Owners Without Employees Need To Buy Workers Comp

    Thats a tricky question. The answer depends on both your ownership status and the customers or clients for whom you work.

    If youre a sole proprietor, partner, or LLC member in a firm with no employees, you can apply for the workers comp exemption that applies to your ownership status.

    However, be prepared for customers to request a copy of your workers comp certificate of insurance before doing business. Why would a customer care about you having workers comp insurance? Because if you dont have coverage and you get injured while working for them, they might be liable for your medical expenses. Similarly, if you hire independent contractors and they dont have their own workers comp coverage and you dont either your customer might wind up being liable for worker injuries.

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    How To Get Cobra

    Group health plans must give covered employees and their families a notice explaining their COBRA rights. Plans must have rules for how COBRA coverage is offered, how beneficiaries may choose to get it and when they can stop coverage. For more COBRA information, see COBRA Premium Subsidy. The page links to information about COBRA including:

    What Happens If You Get Caught Working While On Workers Compensation

    California ‘Gig’ Workers Now Allowed To File For Unemployment Benefits

    Home » Practice Areas » Workers Compensation Lawyer » What Happens If You Get Caught Working While on Workers Compensation?

    You may be able to work while collecting workers compensation benefits, but you must report your earnings. Misrepresenting ones job status while collecting temporary disability benefits is an example of workers compensation fraud.

    If you were hurt on the job and are unable to continue to perform the same type of work, your workers compensation benefits can help you pay your bills, possibly a percentage of the amount you earned prior to the accident.

    With your income suddenly reduced, you and your spouse may struggle to cover your rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, and other essential expenses. If you expect to be out of work and collecting workers compensation benefits for several months, the effects of the drop in income may be compounded, and your family may be unable to get by.

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    How Much Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cost

    In 2020, the national average monthly cost for workers compensation insurance through the Progressive Advantage® Business Program was $86. Remember, this is only an average. Your rate will depend on specific qualities of your business including your state, payroll and claims history.

    Discover how these and other factors influence your workers compensation cost. You may also start a quote online, or contact us directly to speak with an in-house agent who can help you find coverage.

    I Experiences Of Workers Who Received The Information And Help Theyneeded

    Many of the focus group participants reported thattheir employers provided all the information and help they needed to processtheir claims. Those workers said that the employer “took care of everything”and that the information was provided “right from the beginning.” Theydescribed their employers as knowledgeable, coordinated, organized, and promptin making sure the worker was treated by a physician and in filing all thenecessary documents:

    “My employer was pretty good. They handled pretty much everything. Any problemsI had, they took care of. If I had any questions about anything, they’d get theanswers for me, so I hardly even bothered with the state.”

    “I was fortunate in that the organization provided for workers’ comp and madesure that notifications and explanations were done, so it was rather smoothsailing for me because they had a professional there who took care of it.”

    “As far as getting everything, the paperwork done, informing me of what shouldbe done and all, what I needed to do and all that, that part of it went slickas a whistle.”

    “The human resources representative was there for the injured employee, and shewould direct us to whoever and answer all the questions.”

    “I hurt my back, it was my lower back. And I told my supervisor that. And hesaid, ‘OK, well let’s go to the clinic.'”

    “If an employer is a really good employer, he’ll take care of you right thenand there. That I found out.”

    “No one told me anything.”

    “I wasn’t handed anything that told me my rights.”

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    Inadequate Incentives To Inform And Assist Workers

    Under the Labor Code, employers are required to provide basic workers’compensation information to workers upon hire, through information posted inthe workplace, and immediately after a worker is injured, but there are no direct, immediate repercussions forfailing to comply with these requirements. Unlike other requirements in theLabor Code, there is no administrative agency program, either within theDivision of Workers’ Compensation or the Division of Labor StandardsEnforcement, that directly and systematically enforces these requirements,utilizing penalties written in the lawthat may be imposed for failure to comply.

    Because of the possibility of an investigation by the Audit Unit , claims administrators are subject to greater incentives thanemployers to comply with requirements to provide timely notices to workersregarding benefits and vocational rehabilitation. However, as reported in theinterviews, for some claims administrators the audit penalties are too low toprovide an incentive to send notices to workers on time. Also, claimsadministrators are required to follow only the literal requirements in theregulations, which are technical and legalistic. There are no direct incentives to spend extra timeimproving the readability and understandability of existing notice letters. Inaddition, although they must list their phone numbers in the notices, claimsadministrators are not required to answer workers’ questions over the telephoneor in person.

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