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Is It Too Late To File Unemployment

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PUA Unemployment Update | Is it too late to apply for PUA (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance)?
  • Update 12/29/20: The federal government has extended the federal unemployment benefit programs available through the CARES Act for an additional 11 weeks. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation will be available through March 14, 2021, with qualified claimants benefits fully phasing out by April 5, 2021. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefits will resume with $300 weekly payments until March 14, 2021.

  • To receive these extended federal benefits, continue to certify weekly while unemployed. To allow your fellow New Yorkers to reach NYS DOL representatives about regular matters, please do not call to inquire about the federal program extensions at this time. As we receive additional guidance on the federal programs from US DOL, we will provide updates on our website, social media platforms, and directly via emails and texts.

  • Waiting weeks for unemployment benefits have been waived during this crisis. If youve seen the term waiting week on your payment history, it is a relic of our existing system and does NOT impact your benefits.
  • To collect regular unemployment insurance benefits, you must be ready, willing, and able to work. We understand that many of you are unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of NYS on PAUSE. If you would otherwise be able to work, you should answer ‘YES’ in order to receive your benefits.

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What If I Was Furloughed

In contrast to a layoff — in which a job is permanently eliminated — a furlough is closer to a temporary leave of absence. Furloughed workers sometimes continue to receive some benefits including health insurance.;

Unemployment benefits for furloughed employees vary from state to state. But the first stimulus bill provided expanded coverage so that even furloughed employees could receive unemployment benefits. And, unlike workers who were laid off, furloughed employees do not have to provide proof of having lost their job.

What Is The Notice Requirement

You and your employer have to be properly notified of a decision in unemployment claims. Maryland law requires that the notice be addressed properly and have certain kinds of information. If you did not receive the notice because it had the wrong address or was not properly delivered, you made be able to submit a late appeal. Sometimes this can even be a long time after the claim, even 5 years later in one case.;

NOTE: If you’re cutting it close, the postmark date on the envelope acts as the date filed, so you can appeal on the last day, although this is not advised.;

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Back To Work Initiative

The Back to Work Initiative ends September 4, 2021. Applicants who are waiting on pay stubs to prove the completion of their six consecutive weeks of employment during the May 17, 2021 – September 4, 2021 timeframe may submit their applications until September 18, 2021.

Additional information and guidance about the $1,200 Back to Work Initiative application can be found on our;Frequently Asked Questions;page.

Unemployment Tax Refunds Update & Amended Return Requirements

How Long Do You Have to File Unemployment?

Krystal-July 17, 2021

Today, were going to give an update on what exactly is going on with your money.

We know a lot of you are waiting on tax refunds, stimulus checks, and even child tax credit payments.

But recently, the IRS just announced that they are sending out refunds to 4 million people!

And this is related to the millions of people who were wrongfully taxed last year on their unemployment compensation.

If you lost your job last year and started collecting unemployment benefits from the government, this update applies to you.

For this round, the IRS identified about 4.6 million taxpayers who may be due an adjustment on their return because of this.

And of that, about 4 million taxpayers are expected to receive a refund.

The average refund is $1,265, which means some taxpayers will receive a little more and some will receive a little less.

Now, we know what you might be thinking that this is old news and you have been waiting forever to receive your refund and none of this is new.

But hear us out. There are a few new items that you need to be aware of, like if you need to file an amended return in order to receive your refund in a timely manner.

So be sure to read this post until the very end and lets get started!

In this post, were going to give you the latest unemployment tax refunds update.

As well as break down to you what you need to know in order for you to claim your unemployment tax refund based on recent updates from the IRS.

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Can I Still File For Unemployment Months Later

When you are laid off or fired from a job, your first concern is likely financial, as you try to figure out your next move. Unemployment provides a small security blanket for these situations, provided you’ve been working for a certain period of time and meet other requirements depending on your state. Sometimes it may take longer than you think to work out your severance package and other elements of your separation, so you don’t get around to filing for unemployment benefits until months later. There are some things to consider if you don’t file for unemployment benefits right away.

Conditions If An Amended Return Is Not Necessary

Now, for the majority of you, there isnt any additional action you need to take to get your refund.

The reason why is that the IRS specifically states:

To ease the burden on taxpayers, the IRS has been reviewing the Forms 1040 and 1040SR that were filed prior to the laws enactment to identify those people who are due an adjustment

According to the IRS, you do not need to file an amended return if you fall into one of these categories:

1. You already filed a tax return and did not claim the unemployment exclusion. The IRS will determine the correct taxable amount of unemployment compensation and tax;

2. You have an adjustment, because of the exclusion, that will result in an increase in any non-refundable or refundable credits reported on the original return;

3. You did not claim the following credits on your tax return but are now eligible when the unemployment exclusion is applied:

  • Recovery Rebate Credit,

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Other Unemployment Insurance Questions

I am returning to work. Do I need to do anything to notify the Department of Labor?

If you are returning to work, you do not need to notify the Department at this time. You simply should stop filing your weekly claims. If you file for a week you are fully employed, that is fraudulent activity and you will be denied benefits.; If you work and perform work during a week in which you are filing for UI benefits, you must report the hours worked and wages earned.;

My claim has been in adjudication for a few weeks now. Is there a timeline for when I will receive a determination?

If your claim is in adjudication, it will be adjudicated in the order it was received.

How do I reset my PIN?

If you need your PIN reset, you may call our supplemental phone line at 888-807-7072.

I was already on unemployment before COVID-19, do I still need to be looking for work?

No. All work search requirements have been waived as result of COVID-19. The Department will notify claimants when work search requirements are reinstated.

My return to work date has passed. I dont know when I will be going back to work, so how do I update that?

At this time, you do not need to update your return to work date. The Department will announce any changes to this process.

Why am I getting SSN not found when filing my weekly claim?

You are likely experiencing SSN not found for one of the following reasons:

Biden Arpa Unemployment Benefit Extensions

CA EDD – Can I Still Apply for PUA or Is It Too Late? Deadline to Apply for PUA and How To Backdate

Congressional leaders and the President have now passed another COVID relief stimulus package into law. The package includes funding for extending the $300 FPUC weekly boost, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation programs to September 6th, 2021 or the earlier end date some states have chosen to end participation in these federally funded programs.

Eligible claimants who certify under existing programs like regular state UI, PUA, PEUC or EB for the applicable weeks will automatically get the extra $300 FPUC unemployment Claimants who had exhausted their PUA or PEUC benefits and needed to wait for their state unemployment departments to update UI programs will be retroactively caught up for back payments in subsequent weeks however their may be some manual intervention required in certain cases as discussed below.

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What If I Worked In Multiple States Where Do I File For Pua

The DOL has clarified that a self-employed individual must file with the state where he or she was working at the time of becoming unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work because of an approved COVID-19 related reason. If an individual worked in more than one state at this time, the individual may file in any of those states. So go for the state where you can get the largest weekly benefit .

New DOL guidance that expands PUA eligibility to three additional categories of workers:

  • Jobless workers receiving unemployment benefits who had their continued regular unemployment benefits claims denied after they refused to work or accept an offer of work at a worksite not in compliance with coronavirus health and safety standards.
  • Workers laid off, or who have had their work hours reduced as a direct result of COVID-19.
  • School employees working without a contract or reasonable assurance of continued employment who face reduced paychecks and no assurance of continued pay when schools are closed due to coronavirus.

Ui Back Payments With End Of Extended Unemployment Programs

With the expiry of federal enhanced unemployment benefit programs like PUA, PEUC, $300 FPUC and $100 MEUC after September 6th 2021 in all states, there have been a lot of questions around what happens with ongoing, new and past payments.

Ongoing and new weekly payments will end after September 6th . This means a cessation of federal pandemic unemployment benefits;for 8 million+ jobless or under-employed claimants which;that will result in them;losing all current and future benefits;under the PUA, PEUC or supplementary $300 FPUC programs.

States like New Jersey and California, have already stated that validated claims after a successful determination or appeal for eligible weeks would be paid out over the next several weeks. Note, per the sections below, that back payments are limited to the program extension coverage periods.

Eligible Claimants should continue to certify for benefits for weeks they are owed unemployment. Any weeks of unemployment that occurred before these programs expire can still be paid retroactively if a claimant is later determined to be eligible for those weeks of benefits. Check your state unemployment website for more details on certifying for retroactive back payments.

Handling of Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

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Coronavirus Unemployment: Who Is Covered How To Apply And How Much It Pays

With no end in sight to the COVID-19 crisis, here’s everything you need to know about the current state of unemployment benefits.

The human toll of the;coronavirus;epidemic has been immense: 7.5 million infected and 212,000 fatalities in the US alone. But the financial impact has been even more vast, affecting businesses — and their employees — of every size and across most industries. The government launched a number of initiatives to help earlier this year, including a stimulus payment and the;Paycheck Protection Program, which provides forgivable loans to small businesses as an incentive to keep employees on the payroll.;

Backdated Payments With Pua Claims

Is it too late to claim unemployment benefits?

Several readers have asked if the $600 payment will be back dated for those who become eligible for state unemployment benefits under the PUA program. While this is subject to the different timelines of the PUA and FPUC programs, generally speaking if you qualified for the PUA program between early April and the end of July, you would be eligible for FPUC benefits per the dates shown below. This includes backdated payments for weeks you were eligible. In most states backdated PUA and FPUC payments will be paid in one lump-sum one to two weeks after you receive your first payment of eligible state UI benefits.

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You Don’t Understand Why Your Claim Is Pending

It typically takes a week for an unemployment claim to be verified by the state, says;Edgar Ndjatou, executive director at Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit advocacy organization. During this time, agency reviewers must confirm with your previous employer the details of your work history, earnings and reason for leaving. They might also need to call you to verify details of your claim.

However, given the unprecedented level of unemployment claims, this traditional week-long process is likely to take much longer than usual.

“I can’t see anybody not waiting a little while to get their benefits,” Evermore says. She points out that unemployment offices are beefing up their capacity to handle activity by hiring more phone representatives, overhauling outdated websites and expanding service hours.

It’s also possible your claim is still pending because you qualify for a program that hasn’t rolled out in your state yet.;

New York, for example, allowed self-employed workers to start filing claims in late March but marked submissions as “pending” until it rolled out the systems to handle PUA applications this week.

If your application is, in fact, stuck in limbo due to an error , you should receive a notification of how to fix it. You’ll be directed to make the correction either online or by phone. This can cause a delay of several weeks.

Kokua Line: Is It Too Late To Backdate A Claim For Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Question: I was denied UI but they said I might be eligible for PUA. But isnt it too late for that?

Answer: No, not for backdated benefits for claimants who qualify for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance after being denied standard Unemployment Insurance, according to the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.

PUA will continue accepting applications from people in your situation until Oct. 4, according to the DLIRs informational website, hawaiiunemploymentinfo. com. We confirmed the application deadline with department spokesman Bill Kunstman.

If you are deemed eligible for PUA, your claim would be backdated to match the filing date of your denied Unemployment Insurance claim, according to the website.

Assuming that your PUA claim is approved, you would be paid for eligible weeks while the program was in force. You would not be paid for weeks beyond the week ending Sept. 4, which is when federal unemployment programs, including PUA, expired in Hawaii.

UI is the standard unemployment compensation program for regular employees who are laid off or furloughed; it remains active. PUA is a federally funded program for the self-employed, gig workers and others ineligible for standard UI, whose ability to make a living was disrupted by the pandemic. As mentioned, PUA has expired, but backdated, eligible claims will be paid, the DLIR says.

For more information about filing a PUA claim, go to


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How Long Will I Receive Unemployment Benefits

Most states’ unemployment benefits;cover 26 weeks; the CARES Act extended this period by 13 weeks, giving most people a total of 39 weeks of coverage. Florida residents, for example, who formerly received unemployment benefits for 12 weeks, are now covered for a total of 25 weeks. Note that if you had already exhausted all of your state-provided unemployment benefits, you could reapply for the federal program’s additional 13 weeks.;

For now, it’s unclear whether or for how long future legislation would expand this coverage period. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance will expire on Dec. 31.;

What About States Ending Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Early

GA Unemployment PUA/PEUC Update – Is It Too Late to Reapply?

Several states have already announced they will be ending their participation in the federally funded unemployment programs early in a bid to encourage jobless workers to return to the workforce.

In this situation retroactive payments for any eligible claims filed prior to the states pandemic program participation date will continue to be processed and paid. Retroactive benefit payments could occur several weeks after the end date for covered weeks as states update systems to account for the end of these programs and revert back to their traditional unemployment programs/systems.

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While the $600 FPUC program has now ended , with no formal extension in place due to a Congressional stalemate, it was been replaced by the Lost Wages Assistance unemployment benefits program. You can see this article for details on the now expired temporary LWA $300 weekly payment that President Trump approved in mid-August via executive order. Most states have made all payments under this program including retroactive payments.

So if you are still getting at least $100 of benefits under current and enhanced benefit programs then you should continue to certify on weekly or bi-weekly basis to receive current and retroactive $300 weekly payments. Both the payments are being administered and paid by state unemployment agencies. So you would need to contact them if you are having issues with these payments. See below and comments section for helpful tips.

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Time Requirements For Filing Claims

This section discusses time requirements for filing new, additional, reopened, and continued claims, and how these time requirements are computed. It also discusses good cause for extending these time requirements.

In P-B-84, the Appeals Board stated the purposes of time requirements:

One of these purposes is to assure prompt payment of benefits to claimants who attend to their benefit claims with reasonable diligence. Because the right to claim benefits must at some time be brought to an end if eventual clogging of the claims process . . . is to be avoided, the other purpose is to cut off the right to claim benefits of claimants who have not attended to their claims with reasonable diligence.

In order to assure prompt payment of benefits to claimants, the U. S. Department of Labor has instructed the states that intrastate first payments must be made by the fourteenth day from the week ending date of the first compensable week.

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