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How To Track Unemployment Debit Card

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How To Check The Balance On An Unemployment Debit Card

Where is my unemployment debit card?

Whether it’s been a long time since you’ve filed for unemployment benefits or it’s the first time, you’re beginning a process that may at first seem confusing but keep the faith gets much easier after a few repetitions. One part of this process is checking the balance on your unemployment card. This is a task you’ll probably want to undertake after certifying for your benefits every two weeks to ensure the money has been loaded onto your card as well as whenever you want to check on your current balance.

No one would say that the unemployment process is free of the occasional delay, wrinkle or frustration. But checking the balance on unemployment cards should become a rote exercise as long as you follow the proper steps to get to this point.

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How Do I File An Appeal Against A Decision That Was Made On My Claim

You can file an appeal in person, by mail, fax, telephone or email. Include your name, social security number, phone number, date of determination, section of law you are appealing and a detailed explanation of why you disagree with the decision. The mailing address, fax number, telephone number and email address will be listed on your determination.

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Check With Your State Tax Department Or Unemployment Office

State tax departments and unemployment agencies can often release employment histories for individuals, as long as they worked for in-state employers. In Washington State, for example, its called a Self-Request for Records, and you can request as far back as 10 years. In New York, you can request a transcript of your New York State wages and tax withholding. Most states have similar resources available.

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How Unemployment Debit Cards Work

After you sign up for benefits, your card will be mailed to you. Once it’s received, you will need to activate it and set up a PIN in order for it to receive funds from the government. You’ll receive your funds according to a schedule determined by your local unemployment office.

If your state unemployment office provides a debit card, it will work just like any other bank debit card. You will be able to withdraw cash at an ATM machine of your choice and use your card for purchases at stores.

You can also pay bills with your debit card. For example, you may be provided with a Chase Visa card, a KeyBank debit card, a Bank of America Mastercard, or another bank-issued card. When you use your card, it wont be apparent to the department store or your dry cleaner that its an unemployment payment card. Your card will be similar to a personal debit card.

In addition, you may be able to transfer funds from your unemployment debit card directly to your bank account via a direct deposit transfer if you want to pay your monthly bills that way. Check with your local bank to see if they provide this service.

Receiving And Activating Your Card

If your unemployment debit card hasn

Q: When will I receive my debit card?If you are eligible for unemployment benefits, you should receive your debit card by mail within 7-10 business days of applying or after you request to be switched to the card. The card is issued directly from KeyBank to the address on record at the time of the request. With your card, you will receive a welcome packet that includes instructions on how to use the card. If your card does not arrive after 10 days, contact the Key2Benefits Customer Support line at 866-295-2955.

Q: How do I activate my card?Your welcome packet from KeyBank will contain the debit card, instructions and a phone number to call to activate the card.

Q: How do I set up a PIN for my card?You will be prompted to set your PIN when you call to activate your card. You can change your PIN by calling the Key2Benefits Customer Support line at 866-295-2955 or you can do it on the website.

Q: What will the envelope look like that will contain my debit card? What should I do if I do not receive my debit card?For security, your card will come in a white, envelope with both an Employment Security Department and KeyBank Card Member Services/Sioux Falls SD return address.

Q: Where is my debit card/I haven’t received my debit card?It could take 7-10 business days from the time you requested the card to the time you receive it in the mail. If you have not received your card within 7-10 days after applying for unemployment benefits, you should do the following:

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What Do I Have To Do After Filing My Initial Claim For Unemployment

  • Verify your identity online at, or by visiting a local Oklahoma Works office. Please note that you will need 2 forms of ID when verifying in-person.
  • Create an OKJobMatch account within seven days of your initial file.
  • Perform two work search efforts each week benefits are claimed.
  • This can be done through, as well as other websites such as or A log must be kept of efforts for auditing purposes. OESC has provided a template log, as well as an example log to assist with tracking.
  • File weekly claims on for every week you are unemployed. Weekly claims are necessary to receive benefits.
  • Attend all required groups and appointments you may be scheduled for.
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    Will I Be Charged Fees To Use My Debit Card

    Fees can be avoided with careful use of your card. When you receive your debit card and welcome packet, thoroughly read your debit card deposit agreement and refer to the Schedule of Bank Fees section to make sure you understand any transaction and service fees that may apply to your card. Fees can be avoided by following the tips provided in the welcome packet.

    There are no fees for the following:

    • Cash-back with purchases at grocery stores, drug stores, and U.S. post office locations.
    • ATM withdrawals at domestic Bank of America ATMs.
    • Two free ATM withdrawals per benefit deposit at non-Bank of America ATMs .
    • Unlimited teller cash access at any bank or credit union that accepts Visa® cards.
    • Unlimited direct deposit transfers to a checking or savings account .
    • Unlimited balance inquiries at ATMs and online customer service.
    • Unlimited automated and live customer service inquiries.
    • Free domestic card replacement.

    Fees may apply for the following:

    • ATM withdrawals at non-Bank of America ATMs .
    • International ATM withdrawals.
    • Non-Bank of America ATM transactions by ATM owners who may impose an additional “convenience fee” or “surcharge fee.”
    • Domestic Emergency Cash Transfer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions For Debit Card

    Why is the Department issuing debit cards for unemployment insurance benefits?

    In accordance with Alaska Statute 37.25.050, unemployment insurance benefits will be made by electronic funds transfer or electronic payment to an account.

    Will everyone filing for UI benefits receive a debit card?

    Individuals filing a new claim will have the option of receiving their benefits either through Direct Deposit or Debit Card.

    Is there another way to receive my benefits?

    If you do not wish to have a debit card and you have a checking or savings account, you may change the payment method to direct deposit. To sign up for direct deposit, login to , click on Unemployment Insurance Benefits to sign up for direct deposit. You may also use the VICTOR automated phone filing system to enroll .

    Can I still receive my UI benefits by check?

    Checks are only available to individuals who live in areas without an Allpoint ATM. To find out if an Allpoint ATM is available in your area, go to and enter your zip code.

    How do I sign up for a debit card?

    If you want to sign up for a debit card, logon to click on Unemployment Insurance Benefits and choose debit card. You should receive your card and welcome packet from KeyBank within seven days. Funds will be added to your card on your next filing cycle.

    When will I receive my debit card?

    What if I am signed up for direct deposit?


    Options For Receiving Unemployment Compensation

    Why some people are having trouble getting unemployment debit cards

    When you file for unemployment, you will be advised of the different options available for receiving benefits. Most states no longer issue paper checks because it is far less expensive to process benefits electronically.

    In the states that have gone electronic, options for receiving unemployment benefits include having a direct deposit transferred straight to your bank account or having your benefits added to a bank debit card. For example, in Connecticut, claimants have two options for payment: direct deposit or a debit card.

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    You Accidentally Answered A Question Incorrectly

    According to reporting by ABC7 News in San Francisco, a confusingly worded question that many people answered incorrectly caused their California unemployment payments to get stuck on pending for weeks. The question asked people who were recertifying their qualification for benefits if there was any reason besides sickness or injury that they couldnt work.

    Many people answered yes, because the pandemic was the reason they were out of work, but the system was set up assuming that people would answer no even if the pandemic was causing their unemployment. Their applications then got categorized as requiring an interview with an unemployment department representative, creating delays that can take weeks to resolve.

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    Protect Your Card Information

    U.S Bank will not ask for sensitive account information such as your PIN, password, or account number via e-mail, phone, or text message. Beware of e-mail scams that try to steal your personal banking information by claiming there are problems with your unemployment payment, with your debit card, or with your account.

    If you receive a phone call, e-mail or text asking for any such information, forward the note to and then delete the message. If you believe you may have accidentally shared your information, or if you have questions about your debit card, call U.S. Bank ReliaCard customer service at 800-657-6343.

    For more information regarding schemes that target debit card users, or to learn how to recognize common scams and what you can do to avoid them, visit:

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    Learn About The Dua Debit Mastercard

    The DUA Debit MasterCard® is a safe and secure method of receiving your Unemployment Insurance benefits. You will receive benefits via the debit card unless you sign up for direct deposit to a checking or savings account. Keep in mind your first benefit payment will always be a paper check. For security purposes, your debit card will be mailed to the address you have on file in an unmarked envelope.

    MasterCard is a registered trade mark of MasterCard International Incorporated. These prepaid debit cards are issued by Bank of America, North America, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

    Please read carefully the following message regarding fees and other important disclosures. The Bank of America Debit Card has no monthly fees, per purchase fees, ATM in network fees, account balance inquiry fees, or charges to call customer service. Debit Cards are subject to an 85 cent per transaction fee for out of network ATM transactions, a $10 overnight card replacement fee, and international transactions have a 3% fee of the US transaction amount. The Massachusetts DUA Debit MasterCard is issued by Bank of America. There is no fee to purchase or activate this card.

    Ensure You’ve Activated Your Card

    Unemployment debit cards still going to the wrong people [Video]

    It’s natural that many people wonder how long it takes for the benefits to be loaded onto their debit card after they certify for benefits. The answer depends on the state, but it usually takes a few days. So if your certification day is every other Tuesday, it’s reasonable to expect that your benefit will “land” on your card by the following Friday. But give the process a few iterations. After a few weeks, you may even be able to narrow the arrival of the funds down to a few hours, such as early afternoon or late afternoon.

    There is one more step that is vital to the process and to you receiving your benefits. You must activate your debit card, which arrives in a separate envelope from the “UI finding” statement. Many people miss it, or toss it in the recycling bin, because it arrives in a plain white envelope about three weeks after a claim is filed in New York as well as other states, the New York Department of Labor says. So until it arrives in your mailbox, it’s smart to open every envelope, even if you can’t feel any plastic through the paper.

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    Can I File Unemployment Or Receive Unemployment Benefits If I Work Part

    It is possible to work part-time and still draw unemployment. Full-time is defined as 32 hours or more. You must report the hours worked and gross amount of money you earned before any deductions were made. Earnings must be reported during the week you earn them, not when you actually receive the payment. Work means anything you do for wages during the seven days of the week you are claiming unemployment benefits.

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    What You Can Do With Your Dua Debit Mastercard

    With the DUA debit card, you can:

    • Get quicker access to your benefits
    • Avoid overdraft fees
    • Pay for items everywhere that MasterCard® debit cards are accepted at no charge, including:
    • In stores
    • Online
  • Get cash and check your balance at any Bank of America or Allpoint ATM at no charge Charges may apply if you dont access your money at one of these ATM locations.
  • Get cash back with your purchases at many grocery and convenience stores at no charge
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    Ui Update: Reliacard Debit Card Program To Begin

    The Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance , in partnership with the Kentucky Office of the State Treasurer, will begin issuing unemployment insurance benefit payments to the U.S. Bank ReliaCard® starting on May 3, 2021. While you are currently receiving your benefit payments on a paper check, as of May 3, 2021, your benefit payments from OUI will be deposited on either a U.S. Bank ReliaCard or directly into your bank account. Please read all additional pre-acquisition disclosures included with this letter before making your payment choice.

    The ReliaCard is a convenient and secure way to receive your benefit payments:

    • Payments are automatically loaded to your card.
    • You may make purchases, get cash, and pay bills anywhere Visa® is accepted.1
    • Funds are protected if your card is lost or stolen.2

    If you remain eligible for benefit payments and do not select direct deposit by April 29, 2021:

    Visit to learn more about the ReliaCard program. If opting for Direct Deposit or for more information about your claim, please log in to your UI Account at, enter your checking or savings account information into the Payment Method screen, linked on the home page under My Account.

  • Fees and transaction limits apply. See Fee Schedule for details.
  • Search

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    My Debit Card Is Set To Expire How Do I Get A New Card

    Can you track your EDD debit card in the mail?

    A new debit card will automatically be issued to you when your card is set to expire if there has been financial activity in the last 90 days or you have a card balance of $20 or more. New cards will be mailed on the first business day of the month that the card is due to expire. You should receive a new card within 7 to 10 days after the mail date.

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    What Is A Direct Deposit Transfer

    A direct deposit transfer is done electronically and transfers the money available on your debit card account to your personal checking or savings account. Most can be done fairly quickly. After you receive and activate your card, contact Bank of America either online or by phone, 1-866-692-9374 , or TTY 1-866-656-5913, to set up your direct deposit transfer.

    Important Information about direct deposit transfers:

    • Direct deposit transfers cannot be performed until you receive and activate the debit card.
    • You do not need a checking or savings account with Bank of America to set up a direct deposit transfer to your own bank account with another banking institution.
    • Direct deposit transfers can be set up as a one-time transfer or as an automatic recurring transfer.
    • A valid email account is required.
    • Delays may occur until the next business day if you bank at a smaller institution or if the transfer happens over a weekend when banks are closed.
    • This option can be set up by contacting Bank of America either online or by phone, 1-866-692-9374 or 1-866-656-5913 . Do not contact the EDD to set up a direct deposit transfer.
    • If immediate access to your funds is critical, you may choose to only have a portion of your benefits transferred to your personal bank account and keep the remainder on your card so those funds are immediately available.
    • You may begin, modify, or stop your direct deposit transfer at any time.
    • Direct deposit transfers may also be referred to as a funds transfer.

    How Long Does It Take To Get Unemployment Money On My Debit Card

    The time it takes to get your first payment via debit card depends on where you live. For example, it can take four weeks for someone in Texas to receive their first payment, while recipients in Washington state can expect to receive it about two weeks after being approved for benefits. Your state should tell you when you can expect the payment to be added to your card’s balance.

    Once your benefits begin, most states send payments every two weeks after you have certified your continued eligibility for unemployment benefits. This means that you either call into a voicemail system or log in online and answer questions about whether you have been employed, any money that you have earned and whether you have made efforts to find a new job. Every state is different, but in many cases, a deposit will be made within a day or two after you certify.

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