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How To Sign Up For Unemployment In Ohio

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How Do Unemployment Benefits Work In Ohio

How to apply for unemployment benefits online in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services oversees the states unemployment insurance benefits program through the Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations. When you lose your job, you should apply for benefits as soon as possible online or by phone theres no option for in-person applications.

If your claim is approved, you can receive unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks a year. But states may choose to revise their benefits in times of economic crisis, and the federal government may help fund extended state benefits during such times.

How Much Money Will I Receive In Unemployment Benefits

To determine your weekly benefit in Ohio, you’ll need to do these three things:

  • Figure out your average weekly wage during your base period
  • Divide your average weekly wage by two
  • Figure out how many allowable dependents you have
  • From there, you can use the following table to get a sense of what your weekly benefits will look like:

    Number of Dependents

    Benefit Year End Date

    A regular unemployment insurance benefit year ends 12 months after the claim started.

    You must reapply for a new claim if you earned enough wages in the last 18 months and are still unemployed or working part time. We will notify you when your new claim is processed. This usually takes two to three weeks.

    • If youre unsure if you have enough wages as reported by an employer, log in to UI OnlineSM and select File New Claim. We will do one of the following:
      • Immediately tell you that you do not have enough wages to establish a new claim.
      • Provide instructions on how to submit a new application.

    For more information, refer to the unemployment benefit calculator.

    If you served in the military, worked for a federal government agency, or worked in a state outside of California within the last 18 months, you must reapply for a new claim by phone, mail, or fax.

    You do not need to reapply if you did not earn enough wages in the last 18 months to establish a new claim, regardless of whether you are on a regular claim, a federal extension, or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance . Continue to certify for benefits, and we will notify you when your benefit weeks are processed.

    To find your benefit year end date, log in to UI OnlineSMand view your Claim Summary. Your benefit year end date is 12 months after the start of your Benefit Year.

    For more information, refer to your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award for your claim ending date or review Benefit Year End.

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    Do I Qualify For Unemployment Benefits

    To qualify for unemployment benefits in Ohio, you must meet these requirements:

  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Have enough earnings during your base period to be eligible for benefits
  • If you file for benefits in 2020, you must have an average weekly wage of $269 or more during your base period to qualify. For claims filed between Jan. 5, 2020 through Apr. 4, 2020, your base period is Oct. 1, 2018 through Sept. 30, 2019. You’ll also need to have worked for at least 20 weeks during your base period.

    How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits

    Ohio offering unemployed workers a new way to file weekly ...

    You can file for unemployment benefits online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Otherwise, you can call 877-644-6562 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday . To file a claim, you’ll need to provide:

    • Your Social Security number
    • Your driver’s license or state ID number
    • The name, address, phone number, and dates you worked for each employer over your past six weeks of employment
    • Form DD-214 if you were in the military over the past 18 months
    • Form SF-8 and/or SF-50 if you were a government employee over the past 18 months
    • The reason for your unemployment
    • Your bank account details, if you wish to have your unemployment benefits deposited directly into your account

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    What Are Unemployment Benefits

    Unemployment benefits provide you with temporary income when you lose your job through no fault of your own. The money partly replaces your lost earnings and helps you pay expenses while looking for new work. The benefits, from taxes your former employer paid, are not based on financial need. While you receive benefits, your job is to get back to work as quickly as possible.

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    What Information Do I Need To File My Claim

    When you apply for unemployment insurance in Ohio, you will need to provide the following information:

    • Your Social Security number
    • Your Ohio Drivers License Number or state ID number
    • Your contact information including a phone number and email address
    • The names, addresses, contact information, and dates of employment for your previous employers
    • Your Form DD-214 if you were in any branch of the military within the past 18 months.
    • Your Form SF-8 or SF-50 if you worked at a government employer within the past 18 months
    • The reason why you became unemployed from your previous employer
    • The names and Social Security numbers of any dependents you have
    • Your alien registration number and the expiration date of your work authorization if you are not a US citizen
    • Your normal occupation and job skills

    When you apply, you will be asked to create a personal identification number. This PIN is important because it allows you to access the system and to claim benefits each week. Its important that you write your PIN down, keep it in a safe place, and do not share it with anyone.

    After you file your initial claim, you must continue to file ongoing claims for benefits. You will be asked several questions to verify that you are still eligible for benefits. Its important that you answer these questions honestly since Ohio unemployment laws have strict penalties for unemployment insurance fraud.

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    How Much Might I Get

    As with most states, Ohios formula for calculating your weekly benefit amount can seem a little confusing. Lets walk through it and look at an example.

    The calculation of your weekly benefit amount will depend on your earnings during whats referred to as your base period. In Ohio, the standard base period is the first four out of the last five calendar quarters before you file your claim. So, for example, if you file in May, your base period would be January through December of the previous calendar year.

    The formula for your weekly benefit amount is half your average weekly wage during your base period up to maximum amounts based on the number of qualifying dependents you have.

    Heres how to find your average weekly wage.

  • Add up all the wages you earned during the base period
  • Divide that number by the total number of weeks you worked during that period
  • Divide that amount in half
  • In Ohio, the minimum weekly benefit amount is $135. Heres a snapshot of the maximum unemployment benefit amounts in Ohio for 2020.

    Number of allowable dependents

    $1,294 or higher


    Again, because states may change their benefits during times of crisis, its possible these maximums can change during recessions or other economic crises.

    If Youre Moving To Universal Credit From Income

    Ohio Unemployment Tutorial

    If your income-based JSA claim is ending because youre making a new claim for Universal Credit, youll automatically continue to get the amount of JSA you currently receive, as long as youre still eligible. Youll normally get this for 2 weeks, starting from the date of your new claim.

    The Department for Work and Pensions will write to you telling you how this works.

    You do not need to pay this money back, and it will not affect the amount of Universal Credit you get.

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    S To Create An Online Account


    1. Click on Create an Online Account on the DES homepage,

    2. Enter your Social Security Number twice.

    3. Select Next. On the User Account Creation page:

    • Create a User Name .
    • Enter a valid email address twice.
    • Create a PIN number .

    To Register For Unemployment Benefits You Will Need

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your driver’s license or state ID number
  • Your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address
  • Name, address, telephone number, and dates of employment with each employer you worked for during the past 6 weeks
  • The reason you became unemployed from each employer
  • Dependents’ names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth
  • If married, your spouse’s name, Social Security number, and birth date
  • Alien registration number and expiration date
  • Your regular occupation and job skills
  • If you had out-of-state employment, have worked for the federal government, or are separated from military service, more information is required, including

    • Form DD-214, member 4 copy
    • SF-8 or SF-50 form

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    How To Apply For Ohio Unemployment Benefits From Home Amid Coronavirus Crisis

    CLEVELAND, Ohio You dont have to leave home to file for unemployment benefits amid the coronavirus outbreak that has Ohio officials urging residents to practice social distancing to contain its spread.

    Update 10:50 a.m. Monday: Anyone applying for unemployment benefits by phone is currently directed to a message asking them to apply online or call again later due to an exceptionally high call volume.

    Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Sunday announced an executive order expanding unemployment benefits amid the coronavirus outbreak. The order, which he plans to sign Monday, waives the typical one-week waiting period and the requirement that that people seek work as they receive benefits.

    The move came on the same day DeWine announced a temporary closing of Ohios bars and restaurants, with exceptions only for take-out and delivery service. Several businesses have told in recent days that they laid off staff in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

    The emergency measure also applies to workers whose employers do not offer paid leave, and to eligible individuals who are asked by a medical professional, local health agency or employer to self-isolate or quarantine. They are not available to people who are asymptomatic but choose to self-isolate, according to ODJFS.

    Anyone can apply for unemployment benefits online 24/7 or during business hours Monday through Friday, according to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.

    B You Must Have Become Unemployed Through No Fault Of Your Own As Defined By Law

    [Ohio] PUA: Does anyone else have " pending issues"  that look like this ...

    This can include a variety of circumstances, and you may be eligible if you are unemployed due to a lack of work because you were terminated without just cause because you resigned with just cause or are kept from working due to a lockout during a labor dispute. Other factors, such as whether you were a teacher or engaged in seasonal employment can also impact this determination. If you find your claim becomes denied, remember to contact an experienced unemployment attorney.

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    What To Know When You File For Unemployment

    Exact details vary by state. Some states require waiting periods, in which you need to be unemployed for a certain amount of time before you can collect benefits. Often, this is a week, so the second week you claim is the first week youll get paid for. The maximum benefit you can receive will also vary by state, and so will the formula for how those benefits are calculated. Keep in mind that severance pay or vacation time at the end of your job can delay when you begin receiving benefits.

    Regardless, Sanborn says that newly laid-off people should file as soon as possible. Dont wait until you think you qualify, she says. It can be such a hassle and such a long, drawn-out process that the sooner you start, the better.

    How Will I Receive My Payments

    Three weeks after you file, your first payment should be issued, though it can take up to four weeks to receive the payment. You should file for benefits weekly during this time. And you wont get paid for the first week that youre eligible for benefits thats a state-required waiting week.

    You have two options for receiving payments: direct deposit or debit card. A direct deposit can go into a checking or savings account, so you must provide the bank name, address, account type, routing number and account number.

    Alternatively, you can receive payments on a U.S. Bank ReliaCard Visa debit card, which you can use to make purchases and withdraw cash at an ATM. Withdrawals at U.S. Bank or MoneyPass ATMs are free, but you may be charged a fee at other ATMs.

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    What You Need To Do

  • Make a claim for new style JSA and attend a phone interview with your local Jobcentre Plus office.

  • Keep to your agreement to look for work. This agreement is called a Claimant Commitment and you will create it at your phone interview.

  • Your JSA payments will be stopped if you do not keep to your agreement to look for work and cannot give a good reason.

    Check if youre eligible for Universal Credit. If you are, you could get Universal Credit at the same time or instead of new style JSA.

    Information You Need To Apply

    Scammers finding new ways to target Colorado unemployment benefits

    You will need:

    • Your last employers business name, address and phone number
    • First and last dates you worked for your last employer. If you worked for your last employer on more than one occasion, provide the most recent employment dates.
    • Number of hours worked and pay rate if you worked the week you apply for benefits
    • Information about the normal wage for the job you are seeking
    • Alien Registration number

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    Taxes On Unemployment Income

    Due to the pandemic, Ohioans who earned less than $150,000 do no have to pay state or federal income tax on the first $10,200 in unemployment income they received in 2020. Here’s how to get these tax benefits:

    Federal income tax

    If you haven’t filed your taxes yet:

    • On the standard federal 1040 form, you will list the full amount of unemployment benefits you received on line 7 titled “capital gain or ,” according to the IRS.
    • This total is listed on a 1099-G form you received. Because of potential unemployment fraud, you should check that that number matches what you actually got.
    • Then, you list the amount you can exclude on line 8 titled “other income” as a negative amount . For example, if you received $12,000 in unemployment, you would list here, because that is the maximum amount you can exclude from income taxes.
    • Check out the IRS’s free file resources to take advantage of free filing options.

    If you have already filed your taxes:

    State income tax

    If you haven’t filed your taxes yet:

    • You do not need to list unemployment benefits on state tax forms because they will be accounted for in your federal adjusted gross income.

    If you have already filed your taxes:

    Ohio Unemployment Benefits And Eligibility

    COVID-19 UPDATE:Because the coronavirus pandemic has left so many Americans jobless, the federal government has given states more flexibility in granting unemployment benefits. If you have questions about whether youre eligible for unemployment benefits read our COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits and Insurance FAQ and check out Ohio’s claimant handbook.

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    Other Types Of Benefits And Programs For The Unemployed

    Educational Help

    Federal agencies offer many unemployment education and training programs. They are generally free or low cost to the unemployed.

    Self-Employment Help

    Self-employment assistance programs help unemployed workers start their own small businesses. Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, and Oregon offer this program.

    Unemployment Benefits In Ohio During The Covid

    Questions about Weekly Ohio Unemployment Claims : Columbus

    On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed into law a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill known as the American Rescue Plan . The law extended a $300 per week federal unemployment supplement until September 6, 2021. However, in response to apparent labor shortages, the state of Ohio decided to end this supplement early on June 26, 2021. That means the unemployment supplement is no longer available in Ohio.

    The law also extended two unemployment programs originally created by the CARES Act in March 2020: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation .

    Under the PUA program, self-employed workersusually excluded from unemployment benefitsare entitled to unemployment if they meet certain criteria. ARP makes PUA benefits available through Labor Day 2021, and increases the maximum duration of these benefits from 50 to 79 weeks.

    The PEUC program provides for a federally-funded extension of benefits when state unemployment benefits expire. ARP increases the maximum duration of PEUC benefits from 24 to 53 weeks, with an expiry date of September 4, 2021.

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    Is It Too Late To Apply For Unemployment Insurance

    If youâve been laid off or furloughed, you can apply for unemployment benefits in your state. Once the state approves your claim, you can apply to receive whatever state benefits youâre entitled to. Because states cover 30% to 50% of a personâs wages, there isnât a single sum you could expect on a national basis. Each stateâs unemployment insurance office provides information to file a claim with the program in the state where you worked. Some claims may be filed in person, by phone or online, so itâs best to contact your stateâs office directly.

    Eligibility criteria vary from state to state, but the general rule is that you should apply if youâve lost your job or been laid off through no fault of your own, including if it was due directly or indirectly to the pandemic. You can check on your stateâs requirements here. In February, the Department of Labor updated its unemployment eligibility requirements to include people who refused to return to work due to unsafe coronavirus standards.

    As for self-employed workers and freelancers who are losing PUA coverage, some online groups are calling to extend pandemic unemployment programs through the crisis and offer more information.

    Weâll continue to update this story as we receive more information.

    You can apply for unemployment benefits online at the ODFJS website. When you apply you will need:

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