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How To Set Up Direct Deposit For Oklahoma Unemployment

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Which Claim Types Are Eligible For The $300 Fpuc Benefit

How to Sign Up for Direct Deposit for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

All active claim types, including regular UI, PEUC, and PUA, are eligible for this $300 weekly federal benefit. FPUC does not have the same minimum benefit threshold as the previous LWA program claimants receiving any amount of benefits will be eligible for FPUC on top of their weekly amount for that claim week.

Back To Work Initiative

The Back to Work Initiative ends September 4, 2021. Applicants who are waiting on pay stubs to prove the completion of their six consecutive weeks of employment during the May 17, 2021 – September 4, 2021 timeframe may submit their applications until September 18, 2021.

Additional information and guidance about the $1,200 Back to Work Initiative application can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

How Can I Get My Debit Card Replaced

If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, it can be replaced at no cost to you.

If your card has been lost or stolen, you must contact Bank of America at 1-866-692-9374 .

If your card is damaged, you can order a replacement card online by visiting the Bank of America debit card website.

If your card has expired, and you did not have any activity on the card within the last 90 days, or if you have a balance of less than $20, contact Bank of America debit card customer service.

Note: If you have activity on your card within the last 90 days, or if there is a balance of $20 or more, Bank of America will automatically mail you a new card before your card expires.

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Learn How To Handle Your Finances More Effectively With Direct Deposit

Customers who take advantage of direct deposit can increase their own accountability in terms of their spending.

Whenever money is deposited, it can be difficult not to spend it as soon as you get it. However, customers have the option to transfer some of their direct deposit straight into a savings account.

This will allow customers to save and manage their funds better through online banking and direct deposit.

This method makes it easier to maintain a steady flow of money going into an emergency fund or savings account.

Since most direct deposit users handle their bank transactions online, it can be easier to keep track of their spending.

They will be able to see every charge and withdrawal on their online statement in addition to any funds that were deposited directly into the account.

Furthermore, many banks have an auto bill pay system that can make paying bills much easier, especially with direct deposit.

Setting up bill pay, and direct deposit is an incredibly effective way to make sure that all your bills are being paid on time each month.

This can help you avoid hefty late payment or missed payment fees, which can damage your overall credit score.

Keeping track of when of when you typically receive your direct deposit payments will help you establish a budget so that you can effectively manage your finances.

How To Get Unemployment Insurance Through Direct Deposit

Unemployment Sc Direct Deposit

Claimants who file an unemployment direct deposit request with their state offices will be able to access their funds more quickly than if they received a paper check. This electronic transfer system is popular among unemployment insurance beneficiaries throughout the country. The UI program is also referred to as unemployment compensation , and it provides funds that claimants can collect if they lose their full-time jobs. Regardless of where claimants live, petitioners who collect unemployment benefits in their employers states have the option of receiving their program funds each week through direct deposit.

Often, applicants who file a successful unemployment claim have the chance to choose how they want to receive their benefits. Usually, claimants elect to receive their funds as deposits onto a state-issued unemployment debit card or into their own personal bank accounts. Either of these options offers numerous benefits to enrollees, and petitioners who receive their funds via direct deposit safely and promptly receive their benefits each week. It is easy for petitioners to make this selection during their enrollment process, and claimants who receive their UC via direct deposit enjoy various benefits.

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Can Unemployment Debit Cards Be Expedited

Cards can be expedited by Conduent, but there is a fee for the additional mailing costs. These will be deducted from the balance on the card. There is a limited number of debit cards Conduent can issue in a single day, so in rare cases claimants may be unable to expedite cards. To expedite a card please contact our Unemployment Service Center at 405-525-1500, your nearest Oklahoma Works office, or Conduent at 866-320-8699.

What Was Included With The American Rescue Plan Act And What Were The Effective Dates

The American Rescue Plan Act further extended the benefits previously extended by the Continued Assistance Act and established by the CARES Act. ARPA extended benefits from 3/14/21 to 9/4/21, but Oklahoma discontinued these federal benefits 6/26/21.

  • Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation provided an additional $300 per week to an individual’s weekly benefit amount between 3/14/21 to 6/26/21.
  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation was extended from 3/14/21 to 6/26/21 for those who exhausted their traditional Unemployment Insurance benefits.
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance was extended from 3/14/21 to 6/26/21 for self-employed, contract, and gig workers who are typically not eligible for traditional Unemployment Insurance benefits.

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How Do I Change My Method Of Payment From A Debit Card

Yes. However, you have to wait for your debit card first.

Thats because all Oklahoma unemployment benefits are issued to the Way2Go debit card first.

Therefore, if you would like these funds automatically transferred to your personal banking account, you can do so after receiving and activating your card.

To set up recurring transfers to your bank account, contact the Way2Go customer service at 866-320-8699 or visit their website at

How And When Do I File My Weekly Claim For Ok Unemployment

How how set unemployment direct deposit

After you have filed your initial application for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma, you must file weekly claims in order to receive benefits.

The weekly claim filing week begins on Sunday at 12:01 a.m. and ends on Saturday at midnight.

However, you cannot file a weekly claim until after the week is over.

If you attempt to file before the week has ended, your claim will not be accepted.

Heres how to file your weekly claim:


You can file online at .


You also have the option to file your weekly claim by phone at:

Inside the OKC calling area use: 525-1500Outside the OKC calling area use: 555-1554

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Option 1 Call Customer Service

You can call Oklahoma Way2Go at 1-866-320-8699 for assistance.

International callers should call 334-6616

Here are the customer service hours:

Oklahoma Way2Go Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and handles calls related to:

  • Reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Balance inquiries
  • Registering a complaint about a card issue
  • Questions about card usage
  • Questions about international card usage

What Information Do I Need To Apply For The Back To Work Incentive

When you apply for the Back to Work incentive, you will need:

  • Your Social Security Number, PIN, and email
  • Your employer’s information as it appears on your paystub
  • The amount of hours you worked for each of the 6 required consecutive weeks
  • Proof of employment for all 6 weeks. Please double check that your paystubs reflect and match the hours for all 6 weeks. If paystubs reflecting all 6 weeks of work are not uploaded with your application, it will be denied.

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Coronavirus In Oklahoma: Frequently Asked Questions When Filing For Unemployment Insurance

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Related content

For those seeking unemployment insurance amid the new coronavirus outbreak, there can be a lot of questions.

Unemployment insurance pays benefits to workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own. Anyone who is separated from a job may file a claim for unemployment benefits. You can file if you quit, were discharged, got laid off or are even out on strike.

You may be eligible for these benefits if you meet all eligibility requirements. If you qualify, you may receive weekly payments to help cover your living expenses while you search for new employment. You must continue to file a weekly claim to continue to receive benefits and meet eligibility requirements in order for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission to pay you benefits.

Unemployment benefits are made available through taxes paid by your former employer or employers to partially replace your regular earnings and help you meet expenses while you look for another job.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission compiled a detailed list of frequently asked questions on its website. Here are some of those questions.

FAQs for applicants

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What Is Pandemic Unemployment Assistance And Who Is Eligible

Arkansas Unemployment Direct Deposit

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is a federal benefit made available to self-employed, contract, and gig workers who are not traditionally eligible for regular Unemployment Insurance benefits. The CARES Act of 2020 provided thirty-nine weeks of unemployment benefits, which was available 2/2/2020 to 12/26/2020.

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Way2go Debit Card About To Expire

If your Way2Go is about to expire, there is nothing you have to do.

Way2Go will mail you a new card automatically prior to the expiration date of your current card.

However, if your card has already expired and you did not receive a replacement card, you should call customer service at the number listed below.

Are Victims Of Domestic Abuse Or Violence Eligible For Unemployment Benefits

If you are the victim of domestic violence or abuse and if it has resulted in your separation from employment, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Oklahoma law states: If the claimant separated from employment due to domestic violence or abuse, verified by any reasonable or confidential documentation, which causes the individual to reasonably believe that the individuals continued employment would jeopardize the safety of the individual or of any member of the individuals immediate family.

For additional information and assistance, please visit your nearest Oklahoma Works office. For those transitioning between careers, OESC provides training, educational opportunities, skill-building, resume assistance, networking, and job referrals.

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Watch Out For Potential Unemployment Scams

During times of emergencies and natural disasters, the rates of scam activities increase. Its important to stay vigilant and aware of scammers who may pretend to be a government agency in order to gain access to your personal information.

Possible scams include emails, texts, phone calls, or social media messages that appear to come from the U.S. Department of Labor or your states unemployment office, asking you to verify your personal information, including your name, Social Security number, or bank account information. Scammers often also ask for up-front fees in order to process your payments or application.

How To Fill Out Direct Deposit Form For Unemployment

Frustration Over Oklahoma Unemployment Debit Card

Use US Legal Forms to obtain a printable Direct Deposit Form for Unemployment. Our court-admissible forms are drafted and regularly updated by professional attorneys. Ours is the most comprehensive Forms catalogue on the web and offers affordable and accurate templates for consumers and lawyers, and SMBs. The templates are grouped into state-based categories and many of them can be previewed prior to being downloaded.

To download templates, users must have a subscription and to log in to their account. Hit Download next to any template you want and find it in My Forms.

For those who dont have a subscription, follow the following guidelines to quickly find and download Direct Deposit Form for Unemployment:

  • Check out to ensure that you get the right form with regards to the state its needed in.
  • Review the document by reading the description and by using the Preview feature.
  • Generate your account and pay via PayPal or by card|credit card.
  • Make use of the Search engine if you need to get another document template.
  • US Legal Forms offers a large number of legal and tax samples and packages for business and personal needs, including Direct Deposit Form for Unemployment. More than three million users already have used our platform successfully. Select your subscription plan and get high-quality documents in a few clicks.

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    How Much Can You Get

    How much you can receive in unemployment benefits depends on your state and your income. Find your state on the interactive menu below to see the maximum amount you may be eligible for. If youre approved for less than the weekly max, you may qualify for additional benefits if you support a dependent.

    Benefits stated below do not include any additional benefits that you may be eligible for under the C.A.R.E.S. Act.

    Learn How To Enroll In Direct Deposit

    Payments released through unemployment direct deposit offer many benefits to recipients, such as prompt payment early on payday, no lost checks in the mail and no need to visit a post office or a bank to cash the check. Depending on the state, you can find out how to enroll in direct deposit online or by phone. The easiest and most convenient way is via your states department website, where you can register in the system and create an account. Next, you should look for the Unemployment Benefits tab to get more direct deposit information. Note that different websites may be structured differently, but you must make sure to set your preferred payment method to direct deposit.

    Once you register in the system, you will be asked to provide your checking account number and your bank routing number for payroll direct deposit. You should be able to obtain these numbers from any of your checks. If you are unsure of the information you need to provide, contact your bank to get more direct deposit information. Note that you cannot use a deposit slip for your savings or checking account for routing number verification.

    You may also need to provide your Social Security Number, so make sure to have all necessary documents at hand. Once you have registered for unemployment direct deposit, you will not need to re-register and your details will be stored in the system database. However, if your banking information changes, you must re-register.

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    Who Is Eligible For The Back To Work Incentive

    The Back to Work Initiative provides a $1,200 payment to individuals who meet the below criteria. This payment is only available to the first 20,000 Oklahomans who apply for and meet all criteria.

    • You had an active unemployment claim, with an eligible weekly certification filed for at least one of the first two weeks in May .
    • You accept an offer of employment in the state of Oklahoma, and work at least 32 hours per week for at least six consecutive weeks between May 16, 2021 and Sept. 4, 2021.
    • To meet the 32 hours per week requirement, you must have worked full-time with one employer, or worked part-time for two employers for a combined 32 hours or more per week.
    • Employers worked for must pay into the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund or have a FEIN.
  • You can provide a valid paycheck stub for proof of employment between May 16, 2021 – Sept. 4, 2021.
  • How Do I Know When My Benefit Year Ends

    Cash App Unemployment Direct Deposit: Get Instant Benefits

    Your benefit year ends 52 weeks after the effective date for your claim. You can find this date by looking back at your initial determination documents or in your claims portal on To find this information online, log into and click on Claim Status in the claimant profile box. The Claim Status page will show the claims effective date, and the benefit year will end 1 year after the date shown. Claimants may also see a notice in their account when filing a weekly claim.

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    When And Where To Register For Unemployment Benefits In Oklahoma

    For those wondering where to apply for unemployment in Oklahoma, the answer is online. Information regarding how to apply for unemployment online can be found with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Applicants wondering when to file for an unemployment claim should file as soon as employment has been terminated or when the candidates employer has reduced his or her work hours. The start date, or effective date, of an unemployment insurance claim is not based on when the job ended or when the employer has cut back hours. Unemployment claims begin on the Sunday of the week an unemployment EDD application is submitted.

    Once the UI petitioners file for unemployment, their claims are good for one year. This does not mean that they can collect unemployment benefits for one year if they remain unemployed. It means they have one year to collect the maximum benefit amount permitted. The maximum benefit amount may be consumed before the one-year period ends. When the benefit year ends, the applicant may file a new claim if he or she has been re-employed and earned 10 times the new weekly benefit amount since they previously filed a claim.

    For more specific information about an unemployment claim, the claimant can go online or call the Interactive Voice Response Line.

    How To Use Direct Deposit For Government Benefits

    Various government assistance programs, such as benefits from unemployment, can utilize direct deposit.

    When beneficiaries set up a direct deposit system on their account, they will receive their benefits either each month or every other week.

    Other benefit programs such as Social Security or Veteran Affairs benefits can also take advantage of direct deposit. Various government agencies recommend that beneficiaries set up direct deposit, and they will help out if necessary.

    The most helpful benefit is that you will be able to reduce the wait time before you receive the funds from your benefits. When the funds are directly deposited, you do not have to visit a bank and deposit a check to access your benefits.

    Direct deposit is a quick process that can make it easier for you to notice if there was any underpayment or overpayment in your benefits. If you do not have a bank account that can utilize direct deposit, you have some options available.

    Certain assistance programs can provide benefits directly to a prepaid card or other form of account that is not a standard bank account.

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