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How To File An Appeal For Unemployment

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Appeal A Denied Unemployment Claim

Maryland Unemployment Insurance BEACON Filing an Appeal

If you believe your states unemployment office wrongfully denied your claim, you should file an appeal as soon as possible. When reviewing your unemployment claim, the state will evaluate the information that you have provided and notify your last employer. The state may contact your employer directly, or provide the employer with an opportunity to contact them.

The denial of your claim could have been the result of problems or deficiencies in the information that you provided, or it could be due to something your employer told the state.

Employers fund unemployment insurance through payroll taxes. The more former employees collect unemployment benefits, the more unemployment taxes an employer must pay. Your former employer might disagree with information that you provided, but some employers simply dispute all unemployment claims as a matter of course.

If The Matter Is Not Worked Out

  • The IES program will send you a letter explaining the reasons the decision will not change.
  • The Appeals Secretariat will start setting up your appeal hearing. Contact them, if you:
  • need an interpreter since all hearings are in English
  • want to get information about organizations that may be able to help you with your appeal
  • are waiting for any new information related to the appeal
  • want to withdraw your appeal

File An Unemployment Appeal

You can appeal the denial of your unemployment claim by filing a notice of appeal, or a similar document, with your states unemployment office. Typically, you have a very short period of time in which to appeal. The deadline to file may be between ten and 30 days after you receive a notice of denial from the state.

The exact form of the notice of appeal varies from state to state. in general, you must identify yourself and provide your case or file number. Your state may require you to use a particular form, and to describe the reasons why you contend that your claim should have been granted. If you believe the state made an error, or that your former employer provided inaccurate information to the state, this is your opportunity to state your case in writing.

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Can My Employer Submit An Unemployment Appeal

Just as you have the opportunity to appeal a UI determination you disagree with, so does your former employer.

When the UC offices decision is issued, both you and your previous employer will receive a notification.

If the unemployment office believes you qualify for benefits, the supervisor from your old job can disagree and appeal.

He or she will need to supply support to prove their claim is justified. Keep this in mind, even if you receive an approval letter.

Why Unemployment Claims Are Denied

Unemployment Appeal Letter Template Download Printable PDF

If your unemployment claim is denied initially, the agency probably found that you are ineligible for unemployment benefits because:

  • You voluntarily quit your job. You may still be eligible for unemployment benefits if you quit your last job, as long as you had a good reason for doing so. If you were denied unemployment benefits because you quit your job, however, that means the state agency decided your reasons for quitting the job didn’t qualify.
  • You were fired for misconduct. Being fired from your job doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from unemployment benefits. It depends on why you were terminated. If the reasons your employer gave for firing you meet your state’s definition of misconduct, you claim may be denied.
  • You don’t have sufficient earnings or work during the base period. Each state imposes minimum earnings and/or work requirements during a 12-month base period . If the agency finds you don’t meet those requirements, it may deny your claim.

Even if your unemployment claim is initially granted, you may later be denied unemployment benefits if you don’t meet the ongoing requirements. For example, if you turn down suitable work, aren’t available for work , or you don’t report earnings you receive while collecting unemployment benefits, the state may deny your claim going forward.

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Appeals By Employer Must Include:

  • The name of the employer
  • Your name and job title
  • The names and Social Security Numbers of all claimants involved
  • The date and subject matter of the determination
  • A brief statement of your reasons for disagreeing with the determination
  • Your signature.

You must submit your appeal through UInteract, or by mail or fax to the following address/fax number, unless your determination gives you a different address. Appeals cannot be filed by e-mail or over the telephone.

Division of Employment Security

You have 30 days from the date of the determination to file an appeal. The last day to file an appeal is set out on the determination.

Prepare For The Hearing

Your hearing will be conducted by an impartial Administrative Law Judge in the Office of Appeals. It will deal only with issues relating to Unemployment Insurance. The hearing is your only opportunity to present your case to the Administrative Law Judge who will decide whether Unemployment Insurance benefits are payable. When appropriate, the Administrative Law Judge will also decide whether such benefits should be charged against an employer’s tax rate. You should be prepared to present firsthand evidence to support your position. Your testimony as to what someone else told you happened – hearsay – is not the best evidence. The Administrative Law Judge may admit hearsay but may not give it much weight.

The appeal will be decided solely on the basis of the testimony and evidence made available to the Administrative Law Judge at the hearing. Therefore, it is important that you prepare for the hearing. Your case file has only those documents that pertain to the issue under appeal. These documents are compiled by the Office of Appeals when your appeal is processed. Copies of all documents in your file related to your appeal hearing will be sent to you with your Notice of Hearing. If you have questions about the documents in your file, please call the Office of Appeals and a Docket Officer will assist you.

  • Next, read the Determination of Deputy. It states why the Deputy ruled in one party’s favor.
  • Make notes of the events and circumstances as you recall them.
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    Am I Qualified To Submit An Unemployment Appeal

    You can submit an unemployment appeal if you are unhappy with the determination.

    There are no official requirements you need to meet in order to appeal a UC decision you disagree with.

    However, filing an appeal can be a process that requires different steps.

    In some instances, it could also mean that your UI office needs to contact your former employer. This can take time.

    Therefore, it is important that you only file one of these requests if you believe the unemployment office made a mistake when issuing its decision.

    Otherwise, you risk devoting time to a case that will not result in you receiving any benefits.

    This can cause you harm, especially if you are ultimately denied benefits and do not have the funds you need to pay your bills or support your household.

    Why Was I Denied Unemployment

    How to appeal an unemployment denial in Michigan

    If you are denied unemployment, it may be because your state does not deem you eligible under its guidelines. Common reasons for denials include: voluntarily leaving work without a good cause, being discharged for misconduct, not being available and willing to work, refusing an offer of work, or making false statements to obtain benefits.

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    Overpayment Waiver And Appeal Process

    Posted: Aug 17, 2021 · If you disagree with the overpayment determination, you have the right to request a hearing. The hearing will be conducted by an impartial judge who is employed by the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board. If you are present at the hearing and lose all or part of the case, you may file an appeal to the Appeal Board.

    How To File An Appeal When Your Unemployment Claim Is Denied

    Unemployment insurance provides benefits to people who are out of a job and looking for work. Each state administers its own unemployment insurance system, with help from the federal government. In order to obtain benefits from your states system, you must demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria. If the state denies your claim, you have the right to appeal that decision. Most states have a very short deadline for filing an appeal, so you must move quickly.

    This article will outline the common features found in most states unemployment insurance systems and the procedures for appeal. You should investigate your own states system further before filing a claim or appealing a denial.

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    Unemployment Appeals: The Hearing

    In most states, an appeal of a denial of unemployment benefits involves an administrative hearing. The hearing is usually very informal and is held either at the unemployment agencys administrative offices or, in many states, over the phone.

    To continue to receive unemployment compensation, workers typically need to file weekly claims for benefits and document their work search efforts. While you are waiting for your hearing, you should continue to meet these requirements. If you fail to do so, you may be denied benefits even if your appeal is successful.

    Appeals To Higher Court

    Minnesota Unemployment Appeal Packet Download Printable PDF ...

    You may appeal a final order or decision of the Commission to circuit court within 30 days after the mailed date of the decision.

    An appeal of a final decision to circuit court can be filed in the county in which the claimant resides or the circuit court of the county in which the claimant’s place of employment is or was located, or, if a claimant is not a party to the case, the circuit court of the county in which the employer’s principal place of business in this state is located. Application for review shall be made within 30 days after mailing a copy of the order or decision by any method permissible under the rules and practices of the circuit courts of the State of Michigan. Circuit court claims of appeal are to be filed with the clerk of the appropriate circuit court.

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    After You File An Appeal

    The Office of Appeals will notify you of the time and location of your hearing at least 10 days in advance. An Administrative Law Judge will conduct the hearing, and give employers and claimants a chance to present their evidence.

    For more information on how to prepare for your appeals hearing, review Office of Appeals Hearing Information from the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

    Note: If you live outside of California, your appeal will be conducted by phone.

    While your appeal is pending, you must continue to certify for benefits. If you are found eligible, you can only be paid for periods which you have certified for, if you have met all other eligibility requirements.

    The ALJ will issue a written decision to you and your employer. The decision will include information about filing a second level appeal.

    Overpayment Notice On Id Theft Claims

    If you receive a Statement of Overpaid Unemployment Benefits Account for an unemployment benefits claim that you did not file, you should report the ID theft claim on TWCs online Fraud Submission portal. See Unemployment Benefits ID Theft for more information.

    Once TWC confirms that a claim was filed using a stolen ID, the individual named on the claim is not responsible for any overpayment and the employers tax rate or reimbursement is not affected. Once ID theft is confirmed, any future overpayment statements will be suspended. However, you may continue to receive billing statements while the investigation is ongoing.

    You do not need to respond to these statements.

    It is important to promptly repay an overpayment because:

    • The overpayment stays on your claim record until you repay it in full.
    • If you apply for benefits,TWC will apply each eligible payment toward reducing your overpayment until the overpayment is repaid.
    • The Texas State Comptroller can recover your overpayment by withholding certain payments to you. That means the state cannot pay you lottery winnings, unclaimed property, unemployment benefits, or state job-related expenses, except for wages, until you repay the overpayment in full.
    • Some state funding for college students cannot be released until you repay the overpayment in full.

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    Registering For Your Telephone Hearing

    You must register for your telephone hearing as instructed on the Notice of Hearing. If you do not register, you will not be allowed to participate in the hearing and the Administrative Law Judge may decide the appeal without your participation. You will receive a written decision which includes appeal and reopening rights. If you cannot attend the hearing at the scheduled date and time, immediately call the Office of Appeals at the telephone number on the Notice of Hearing to request a postponement. There are three ways to register:


    • Click link to go to the C2T Online Registration System.
    • Type the seven digit appeal number . Example: If the appeal number is U-1234567-001 type: 1234567
    • You will receive a confirmation number. Write down the number for future reference.


    • You must speak to a Customer Service Agent in order to register for the hearing by telephone.
    • DO NOT leave a message. Leaving a message will NOT register you for a hearing. You will not be able to participate in the hearing if you do not register.
    • You will NOT receive a confirmation number when you register by telephone.

    Registration is not required if you are scheduled for an in-person hearing :

    • You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the time of the hearing at the office location printed at the top of the Notice and register with the receptionist.
    • If you are not in the office when the hearing begins the Administrative Law Judge may decide the appeal without your participation.

    Treasury Offset Program Collection

    How to appeal an EDD denial of unemployment benefits | Dollars and Sense

    If you have an overpayment of unemployment benefits, and have not repaid that debt, your federal Internal Revenue Service tax refunds may be subject to reduction by the overpaid amount.

    The Treasury Offset Program is a federal program that collects past due debts owed to federal and state agencies by capturing IRS tax refunds to offset these debts. TWC issues letters to former unemployment benefit claimants who have debts that are subject to collection through TOP.

    Federal law requires TWC to collect specific types of unemployment benefit debt from both claimants and employers. Claimants with an overpayment caused by incorrectly reported earnings, fraud and fraud penalties are subject to TOP.

    Collection through TOP is only initiated after an overpayment determination is final and other collection notices have failed. If you have an overpayment that is subject to TOP, TWC will mail a letter showing the amount you owe, along with instructions on how to avoid referral to collection. You must complete one of the following actions within 60 days of the mail date of the letter to avoid collection through TOP:

    • Submit full payment of the amount indicated
    • Enter into a six-month repayment plan and submit the first monthly payment
    • Submit documentation showing that you have paid the debt in full
    • Submit documentation explaining why the amount is not subject to TOP referral, such as a bankruptcy ruling

    Send payment or documentation to:

    TOP Overpayment Collections

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    Attend All Unemployment Appeal Board Hearings

    Not showing up for an unemployment appeal hearing can be grounds for your appeal to be denied. If you are not able to attend, be prepared to provide documentation, e.g., a doctor’s note on why you can’t be there and advise the board in advance, when possible.

    But make a real effort to attendeven the best documentation cant overcome human bias. Showing up tells the board that youre serious, reliable, and committed to seeing this through.

    How Can I Make Payments Toward My Overpayment

    Payments on your overpayment balance can be made in person at the Department of Workforce Development at 10 North Senate Avenue in Indianapolis, online at, by U.S. Mail, or by phone 888-877-0450. If in person, DWD will accept payments in the form of a check, money order or exact cash. WorkOne offices will not accept payments.

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    File Your Notice Of Appeal

    Make sure to:

    • include your signed Notice of Appeal form or appeal letter and the Authorization form if someone will be acting on your behalf
    • include a copy of the IES programs letter with the decision you are appealing, if you received one
    • keep copies of all documents for your own files

    Submit your documents by:

    Complete A Notice Of Appeal

    Sample Unemployment Appeal Letter Download Printable PDF

    You must appeal in writing through option A or B:

    PDF form issues

    Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill in and save the form:

  • Save the PDF form to your computer click or right-click the link and download the form.
  • Open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. Fill it in and save it.
  • A. Fill out an appeal form

    • open the Notice of Appeal form in Adobe Reader, read the instructions, fill it in, save it, then print it. Or, print a copy and fill it in.
    • Paper copy:contact an Appeals Secretariat office to pick up a form or have it sent to you by email, fax or mail. When you get it, read the instructions and fill it in.
    • Make sure the form is signed.
    • Include an if someone will be acting on your behalf throughout the appeal process.
    • Keep a copy for your files.

    B. Write an appeal letter

    Make sure to include:

    • the name, address, email and any phone numbers for you or your guardian or trustee
    • a description of the Income and Employment Support decision you are appealing
    • the date you got the IES decision in person, by phone or letter
    • the date you were told about your right to appeal the decision and that you had 30 days to appeal
    • why you are appealing
    • a signature for your or your guardian or trustee

    If you want to give another person authority to act on your behalf throughout the appeal process, include a .

    If you need more time

  • If you are not allowed more time, your appeal will be closed and it will not go to the appeal panel.
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