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How To Draw Unemployment In Mississippi

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What Other Legal Issues Are At Play

Mississippi expected to apply for federal unemployment assistance

The other critical question lawyers are confronting is whether employer-mandated vaccinations are considered a “reasonable policy” in the first place. “I think most of the time you’re going to find that the policies are deemed reasonable because of the amount of scientific literature suggesting that vaccines are safe,” said Eliot Rushovich, managing partner at Rise Law Firm in Los Angeles.

“I can’t see the government mandating the vaccines and then saying you have to terminate these people, but you’re also liable for paying unemployment insurance benefits,” said Darren Rumack, a partner at the Klein Law Group in New York City.

How To Get Cobra

Group health plans must give covered employees and their families a notice explaining their COBRA rights. Plans must have rules for how COBRA coverage is offered, how beneficiaries may choose to get it and when they can stop coverage. For more COBRA information, see COBRA Premium Subsidy. The page links to information about COBRA including:

Fired But Still Eligible

Your employer may dismiss you for violating a rule or policy. However, if you were fired for only violating the policy once, your actions in that instance may not rise to the level of misconduct connected to the work. This may depend on the severity of your conduct.

Example: You were late to work once after having worked for the employer for two months. You were late because your tire blew on the interstate. Your employer fired you. The claims examiner may not consider this misconduct.

Your employer will receive notification when you file for unemployment benefits. They may dispute the information you provide in your initial claim. This will affect the claims examiners actions. MDES may still deny benefits, and you may have to file an appeal of the determination.

If you are denied benefits, please visit our section on appealing benefits decision in Mississippi.

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How To File Weekly Claims

You can file weekly certifications online. A week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. You must file the weekly claim after the week has ended but before the next week begins. For instance, if you are filing for week-ending July 9, 2014, you must file a weekly claim before 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, July 17, 2014.Note that you will not receive benefits for the week you failed to file a claim.

How Do I File For Unemployment Benefits


Regular UI Claims

If you worked and earned wages in Mississippi, you may file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits online, in person at the WIN Job Center nearest you or by calling our toll free number, 1-888-844-3577. Your claim for benefits will be effective with the week it is filed.

You should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Social Security number,
  • Your complete mailing address and phone number,
  • The names, addresses, and phone numbers for all your employers for the last eighteen months,
  • The dates you worked and the reason you left each employer.
  • Alien Registration number or Visa number, if you are not a U.S. Citizen.

You will need to register for employment services at the WIN Job Center if you have not done so already. Our staff can assist you with job search process, training and other career needs.

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How To File For Unemployment In Connecticut

To file for unemployment in Connecticut, check out their online claim filing website. Connecticut does not currently offer telephone assistance for unemployment claims.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Connecticut Department of Labor is updating a Coronavirus Unemployment Insurance FAQ that details temporary adjustments to the stateâs program, like the waiving of work-search requirements for all unemployment claimants.

Mississippi County Mo Unemployment Law

  • Get answers to common questions about unemployment for those who have lost work due to COVID-19.
  • You’ll need to file weekly claims and search for work to keep collecting unemployment benefits.
  • Find out the weekly unemployment benefit limits in Missouri.
  • Learn how to find and contact the Missouri unemployment agency.
  • Find out how to appeal if your unemployment benefits claim is denied by the Missouri Division of Employment Security.

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How To File For Unemployment In Wyoming

You can file for unemployment in Wyoming by accessing the stateâs online unemployment insurance portal.

Alternatively, you can file a claim via telephone by calling 473-3789, for in-state services, and 729-7799, for out-of-state services.

General unemployment insurance can be found on the Wyoming Department of Workforce Servicesâ unemployment insurance directory.

What Do I Have To Do To Keep Receiving Unemployment Benefits In Missouri

MS Dept. of Employment Security and Unemployment

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, federal and state governments have made changes to their unemployment programs, to ensure that more people who are out of work receive benefits more quickly. These changes may affect waiting periods, job search requirements, and availability of benefits to those who are still working part time. These changes used to include the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, which greatly expanded the nation’s unemployment compensation program, including continuation of benefits. But, the CARES Act ended on September 6, 2021, and the expanded benefits are no longer provided .

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How To File For Unemployment In New York

To file for unemployment in New York, youâll need to use your ID to sign in and file your claim online with the New York Department of Labor.

For more information on the application process, check out this step-by-step guide to the process.

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the state of New York is waiving the 7-day waiting period for unemployment insurance benefits for workers affected by closures or quarantines. Additionally, if you are filing a new unemployment insurance claim, you may be restricted to filing on specific days of the week as determined by the first letter of your last name.

Benefit Options For Wages In More Than One State

If you worked in more than one state during your base period as defined in Eligibility & Benefit Amounts:

  • You can apply for benefits in any state where you have base period wages. The state you choose will become your paying state. See Potential Benefit Amounts and Contact Information by State below.
  • You may either:
  • Ask the paying state to combine all of your wages in a single unemployment benefits claim. If you combine wages, you can only receive benefits from one state. If you earned enough wages in your paying state to qualify for the maximum benefit amount, then the paying state will not combine wages from other states on your claim.
  • Use only the wages earned in the paying state. Then based upon the law and base period provisions of the other states where you have wages, you may be able to use those other state wages to apply for benefits in the future.

The paying state will process your unemployment benefits application according to the rules of that state. The paying state asks the other state to transfer your wage records. The paying state can then determine if you earned enough wages after combining wages from other states to qualify for benefits under that states laws.

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How To File For Unemployment In New Mexico

The easiest way to file for unemployment in New Mexico is to register an account with the New Mexico Workforce Connection Online System and file your initial claim online.

Claimants may also file via telephone by dialing 664-6984. After following the automated prompts, your call will be transferred to a live Customer Service Agent, who will complete your claim. The Unemployment Insurance Operations Center is open 8:00 am â 4:30 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, New Mexico is maintaining a list of updates to its unemployment benefits as well as some information specifically regarding eligibility for workers affected by COVID-19.

Mississippi Department Of Employment Security Announced That Mississippi Workers Who Are Not Able To Work Due To Covid

How To Get Unemployment Ms

Based on guidance from the U.S. Department of Labor and Governor Tate Reeves, MDES is modifying existing unemployment compensation rules to allow workers to file a claim for unemployment benefits who are affected based upon these measures below:

  • Those who are quarantined by a medical professional or a government agency,
  • Those who are laid off or sent home without pay for an extended period by their employers due to COVID-19 concerns,
  • Those who are diagnosed with COVID-19,
  • Or, those who are caring for an immediate family member who is diagnosed with COVID-19.

To file an Unemployment Claim, by visiting THIS SITE or call the MDES Contact Center at 1-888-844-3577. Online filing is encouraged! A claim may be filed online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, the contact center hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., seven days a week


The Mississippi Department of Employment Security recently announced that Mississippi workers who are not able to work due to COVID-19 will be eligible to file for unemployment benefits. These temporary measures will help relieve the financial hardship of temporary layoffs by making unemployment benefits available to individuals whose employment has been impacted by COVID-19. This helps not only individuals but also employers by helping them retain their workforce and stabilizing local economies.

To view MDES FAQ Page Click HERE

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How Long Do I Have To Work For To Collect Unemployment In Mississippi

To qualify for unemployment insurance, you must have earned a minimum of 40 times the WBA within the entire base period. You also had to of earned at least 26 times the minimum WBA for your HQW. Finally, you must have worked during at least two quarters of the base period.

The minimum WBA of Mississippi is $30. Your WBA is computed by multiplying your HQW by 1/26.

The minimum amount required for the HQW is $780. The minimum total base period earnings is $1,200.

Therefore, to qualify for unemployment insurance in Mississippi, you must have

worked during at least two quarters of the base period

earned an HQW of at least $780

had a total base period earnings of at least $1,200

MS does not offer an extended base period or an alternate base period.

In Mississippi an employer or employing unit is covered under unemployment insurance if it paid at least $1,500 in wages during any calendar quarter in the current or previous calendar year. Further, an employer/employing unit is also covered under unemployment insurance if it paid wages to at least one employee and employed said worker at least one day per week during the 20 weeks of the current or previous calendar year.

How To File For Unemployment In Alabama

To file for unemployment in Alabama, simply visit their claims page here and follow instructions. Youâll need your social security number and your most recent employment information, along with a driverâs license or state issued ID card for identity verification.

If youâre unable to file online, you can also file for unemployment in Alabama by telephone. Check out this list for the appropriate number.

If you have further questions, please visit the Alabama Department of Laborâs Unemployment Compensation information page.

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Overview Of Mississippi Unemployment Compensation


The guidance offered here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Only the Mississippi Department of Employment Security can make determinations regarding entitlement to Mississippi unemployment compensation. When in doubt, you should file an unemployment claim with MDES and obtain a determination of eligibility.

Mississippi Unemployment Compensation in General

  • To receive Mississippi unemployment benefits, you must be an employee, you must be monetarily eligible, you must meet the other eligibility requirements, and you must not be disqualified or excluded.
  • As noted in a prior update, in certain circumstances an individual may be eligible for federal unemployment benefits even if they are not eligible for state benefits. The guidance in this section on Mississippi Unemployment Compensation relates only to eligibility for state unemployment benefits.
  • The second section, CARES Act Unemployment Summary, provides an overview of federal unemployment benefits.

Who Is An Employee

Total unemployment versus part total unemployment

Monetary eligibility

To qualify monetarily the individual must have wages in insured work in the base period equal to forty times that individuals weekly benefit amount, must have been paid wages in insured work during at least two quarters of the base period, and have no less than $780 in at least one base period quarter.

Other eligibility requirements:

  • File a claim for unemployment insurance benefits
  • Can I Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits In Missouri

    How to File for Unemployment Benefits if You’re Self Employed

    If the Missouri Division of Employment Security denies you unemployment insurance benefits, you can appeal. After you file your initial claim for unemployment benefits, the Missouri Division of Employment Security will send you a written determination of your eligibility for benefits and, if it finds you eligible, how much you will receive in benefits. But, if the Missouri Division of Employment Security finds that you are not eligible for benefits or grants you benefits in a lower amount than you believe you are entitled to, you can appeal that decision. And, if the Missouri Division of Employment Security finds you eligible to receive benefits, your ex-employer can appeal that decision.

    If you want to appeal the Missouri Division of Employment Security decision, check the Missouri Division of Employment Security website and handbook for:

    • Any forms and instructions for filing your appeal
    • The deadline for filing your appeal

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    Businesses Encouraged To Report Applicants Who Refuse Job Offers

    The department has taken to social media in recent weeks to encourage businesses to report applicants who refuse job offers while still collecting unemployment. The state set up an online portal where employers can submit applicants for investigation.

    Cook says reports have surged since the state began pushing employers to make them.

    Charita McCarrol is human resources manager at Great Southern Industries, a packaging company in Jackson. She said she has used the state’s portal to make reports and she sees a lot of people abusing the system.

    You cant get people to come to work,” McCarrol said. It has been an absolute nightmare in the world of staffing agencies.”

    McCarrol’s company has about 69 of its 89 positions filled. Sometimes, it can’t run all of its machines because it doesn’t have enough employees, or it has to shut down a shift. Supervisors are running machines and driving forklifts because they can’t find people to fill the roles.

    At the Half Shell Oyster House seafood restaurant in Flowood, manager Jalen Loggins said he has had similar experiences. The restaurant is hiring for all positions.

    Weve had people show up to orientation, do the 2½-hour orientation, and then never show back up,” he said.

    Like many businesses, Half Shell started an incentive program, offering a $300 sign-on bonus and another $300 after three months.

    How Long Will My Unemployment Benefits Last In Missouri

    In Missouri, the duration of benefits depends on the state’s unemployment rate when you apply. The maximum period for which you can receive benefits ranges from 13 to 20 weeks.

    In times of high unemployment, additional weeks of benefits may be available under a different federal program, the Extended Benefits program .

    Each state sets its own rules for how long unemployment benefits last. Until quite recently, virtually all states offered a maximum of 26 weeks of benefits. In the last five or six years, however, some states have changed their rules on duration of benefits .

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    How Can I Find A Good Unemployment Lawyer In Missouri

    There are several ways to find a good lawyer to help with your unemployment claim in Missouri. The best way to find a lawyer is always through a referral from someone you know. Ask family members, friends, and other professionals you work with whether they can recommend a good employment lawyer.

    Lawyers specialize, so your friends divorce lawyer wont be the right person to handle your unemployment appeal. However, lawyers also know other lawyers, so dont hesitate to ask a well-recommended lawyer in a different field for an employment lawyer referral.

    If you cant find a lawyer through personal referrals, here are a couple of other options:

    How To File For Unemployment In Arizona

    How To Report Lost Unemployment Card

    To file for unemployment in Arizona online, start by visiting their Unemployment Insurance application page. Itâs important to follow their instructions carefully, as Arizona requires that you file weekly claims to continue your benefits after your initial application.

    If you have questions or would like to apply by telephone, dial the appropriate number for your area, listed here.

    For general unemployment information and updates relevant to COVID-19, follow the links from Arizonaâs online directory for Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

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    How Does Unemployment Work

    Since the start of the pandemic outbreak in the United States, more than 30 million people have filed for unemployment benefits. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks unemployment as an indicator for economic distress or growth in the United States. Unemployment numbers have been recorded since the 1950s.

    But how does unemployment compensation work?

    Unemployment insurance is a joint federal and state government program that provides those who are temporarily unemployed with financial assistance. Americans who do not have a job, but have been actively looking and are currently available to work are eligible to apply.

    The federal government sets the general guidelines for unemployment insurance, but each state can determine the specifics of coverage. These state-based decisions include the amount of money each person receives, what the requirements are needed to qualify funds, and more.

    Unemployment benefits are only possible because of tax payments made by employers. Businesses have to pay a federal unemployment tax for each employee. The FUTA rate is 6.0 percent of the first $7,000 of each employees wages for the year. Some employers choose to participate in state unemployment programs which means their FUTA rate drops to 0.6 percent or $42 per employee. The state unemployment rate varies by state.

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