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How Do I Contact Kentucky Unemployment

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How to Create a Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Profile

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How To File A Kentucky Unemployment Appeal

If you feel like you need to file an unemployment appeal, you can do so by:

1. Go to the Kentucky unemployment website and click on Appeal. 2. Contact your unemployment counselor. 3. File a claim directly with the Kentucky Board of Labor. 4. Contact a labor attorney.

What are some reason that you might need to file an unemployment appeal?

1. You feel like you did not receive the full amount of your unemployment benefits. 2. You feel like you were treated unfairly or discriminated against. 3. You feel like you were denied for unemployment benefits inappropriately. 4. You feel like your employer is trying to block you from receiving unemployment benefits when you are legitimately entitled and eligible to receive them. 5. You think that your unemployment benefits ran out too soon. 6. You believe that your unemployment application was incorrectly or unfairly judged or handled.

The staff of the Kentucky unemployment offices are very diligent and professional counselors who genuinely want to help you, but sometimes mistakes are made. If you feel like something has gone wrong during your unemployment case that has affected the benefits that you receive, you can file a Kentucky unemployment appeal in order to have your case reviewed. Do this as soon as possible. Do not let too much time pass, or it may be too late.

Still Have Questions?

What If I Was Supposed To Request Payment While The Website Was Down

While the state has not issued specific advice for those who werent able to request payment when the unemployment system was taken offline, Cubbage said April 8 that “no one will lose out on their chance to request those weeks of benefits.”

For those who had to wait to file a new claim, unemployment workers will be able to backdate any new initial claims.

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Other Types Of Benefits And Programs For The Unemployed

Educational Help

Federal agencies offer many unemployment education and training programs. They are generally free or low cost to the unemployed.

Self-Employment Help

Self-employment assistance programs help unemployed workers start their own small businesses. Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, and Oregon offer this program.

What If I Can’t Get Through To The Call Center

Kentucky releases county unemployment data for February 2020

Beshear warned of long hold times and noted that the call center will only have 50 people answering calls during the first and last hour of the day.

The governor asked those who aren’t due to request benefits this week to hold off on using the call center and instead wait for their letter to arrive in the mail.

Once your letter arrives with your new PIN, you can complete the process.

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Kentucky Unemployment Fraud Information

There has been a significant increase in fraudulent activity across the nation involving unemployment insurance over the last several months. Some UofL employees have been subjects of this fraudulent activity and have made us aware of an unemployment compensation claim being filed in their name. We are also aware that employees of other Kentucky institutions have also been impacted in a similar manner.

If you should receive notice that a claim has been made in your name, please take the following steps:

  • Complete this form if you have not notified the HR Department before moving on to the next steps.
  • Report UI Fraud to the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance by completing this online form.
  • Report UI Fraud to the National Center for Disaster Fraud by completing this form.
    • Choose COVID-19 as the disaster that relates to your complaint choose Identity Theft and Insurance Fraud as to the what you are reporting on.

Additional fraud reporting recommended by the Kentucky Career Center:

  • File a police report with your local police department. Obtain a copy of the report that you can provide to creditors and credit agencies.

Kentucky Unemployment Benefits And Eligibility

COVID-19 UPDATE: Because the coronavirus pandemic has left so many Americans jobless, the federal government has given states more flexibility in granting unemployment benefits. If you have questions about whether youre eligible for unemployment benefits read our COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits and Insurance FAQ and check out your state’s claimant handbook.

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What Do I Need To Apply For Unemployment Insurance In Kentucky

You must provide two types of identification, such as a drivers license or other picture identification, as well as your social security card.To schedule an appointment, please click here or call 564-2900.A collaborative effort between the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Administration and the Kentucky Labor Cabinet is underway to establish new hours and places for in-person services around the state.

Why Did The Ui System Shut Down For Four Days

How to Upload Documents to your KY Unemployment Insurance Profile

The public-facing online unemployment system was taken offline from April 9 to the morning of April 13 to give the state time “to enhance the security of the system.”

Following news reports the week of April 4 about claimants having personal information changed without their knowledge, the state said April 2 the instances were “isolated” and that it would temporarily prevent people from changing their bank account information.

While benefit recipients were not able to access their accounts, employees in the states unemployment office were able to continue working.

A much smaller number of people, closer to 25,000, are currently drawing benefits, Cubbage said.

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What Is The State Mailing Me

Starting April 9, the Office of Unemployment Insurance began mailing paper letters to all active claimants. This letter contains a new eight-digit PIN that people will need to use when creating their new account.

However, Gov. Andy Beshear said Monday afternoon that the majority of recipients would not have received their letters by the time the online portal reopened Tuesday.

As of Monday, 100,000 were mailed. Remaining letters were to be mailed Tuesday, Cubbage said.

I Need Help With A Different Unemployment Issue What Can I Do

With phone lines jammed and email inboxes flooded, your best bet for getting help is to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

The state will resume in-person unemployment appointments April 15.

Thirteen Kentucky Career Centers across the state are reopening that day for unemployment claim help, by appointment only. Officials have told the public not to show up at these centers without an appointment, as they won’t be helped.

  • You must wear a mask at all times during the appointment.
  • Citing the ongoing pandemic, the state asks people to stay in their vehicle until five minutes before their appointment.
  • Bring a photo ID.
  • Temperatures will be taken at the door.

Scheduling began April 7. Within one day, people made 9,500 appointments for April 15-30. As of Tuesday, no appointments were available.

Where are the offices reopening?:Kentucky regional unemployment offices opening this month for in-person appointments

At midnight April 19, the state will open appointments for May 3. Each day after, a new day’s worth of appointments will be made available online.

Appointments are being offered in: Ashland, Bowling Green, Covington, Elizabethtown, Hazard, Hopkinsville, Lexington, Louisville, Morehead, Owensboro, Paducah, Prestonsburg and Somerset.

It’s possible that your issue won’t get immediately or fully fixed at your appointment. There may be paperwork to fill out and process or UI workers may need more time to resolve your claim’s issue, according to the state.

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Kentucky Unemployment Pin Phone Line Causing Confusion

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Following a four-day shutdown because of fraud, Kentuckys unemployment system now requires claimants to have a state-generated PIN number to log back into their accounts some told WAVE 3 News they have jumped through hoops trying to obtain their PIN.

Gov. Andy Beshear told reporters during a press conference Monday the state mailed out PIN numbers to the 300,000 unemployed Kentuckians with open accounts.

However, he added the state would launch a temporary phone line for claimants who need to request their benefits soon and have not received their PIN in the mail yet. Unemployed Kentuckians can call 564-2900 between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. for the next 10 days to obtain their PIN, which is needed to re-register their accounts.

A valid email is required to verify your identity in the new registration process, Beshear said. Youll also need the new eight-digit PIN. Thats what youll have to create to make the new account. It makes it long enough and too complicated for the cybercriminals to do it.

The phone line launched Tuesday, and it came with some problems, claimants like Christi Dickerson said.

I havent been paid since Dec. 20, so Ive had a lot of issues with them, and its impossible to get ahold of anyone, so no, I absolutely did not expect anything but confusion again, Dickerson said when referring to the new PIN requirement.

Dickerson said she had to call the number a few times before getting through and being put on hold for around an hour.

Do I Have To Look For A Job To Get Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

New Kentucky Procedures for Unemployment Filings

To remain eligible and keep receiving your benefits, you must actively search for work and report this activity in your Kentucky unemployment weekly claim. The first step is registered for Focus Career on the Kentucky unemployment website.

Focus Career helps job seekers who are unemployed as well as those looking to make a career move away from a current position. Services include the following:

  • Build or improve your professional résumé with an easy-to-use wizard.
  • Explore job leads that match your transferable skills and abilities.
  • Schedule daily or weekly alerts that send jobs straight to your inbox.
  • Explore paths and options to reach your education and career goals.

Focus Career helps you start from the foundation of your job search, which includes personal branding, exploration, and preparation for the job search. In addition to job leads, youll learn how to prepare for finding the next job that suits you.

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Do I Qualify For Unemployment Benefits

Kentucky residents must meet the following requirements to claim unemployment benefits:

  • You’ve lost your income or had your hours drastically reduced through no fault of your own.
  • You must be willing to work and actively seeking work .
  • Your past earnings must meet certain standards.
  • Kentucky has waived the work-search requirement due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also taken the unprecedented step of opening unemployment benefits to independent contractors and self-employed workers, who are normally not eligible.

    The state evaluates your earnings during a base period — the first four of the last five completed quarters before you applied for unemployment. The base period for those who apply in March is October 2018 to September 2019. For those who apply in April, it’s January to December 2019.

    Your wages during the base period must check all these boxes to qualify:

  • You must have earned at least $1,500 in one quarter.
  • You must have earned at least $1,500 total, across the other three quarters.
  • Your total base period earnings must be at least 1.5 times your earnings in your highest-earning quarter.
  • Your total wages in your final two quarters must be at least $312 to meet the requirement that your earnings in those quarters be at least eight times the minimum weekly benefit amount.
  • Kentucky Unemployment Hotline Opens To Help Those Waiting For March Benefits

    Kentucky Career Center also Kentuckiana Works is the unemployment office at Sixth and Cedar Streets in downtown Louisville. April 2,2020

    Kentucky’s state seal on the outside of the Kentucky Career Center in downtown Louisville.

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Tens of thousands of Kentuckians are still waiting for unemployment benefits to go through after being left jobless for weeks.

    In response to the demand, the state started a new hotline specifically for people who filed unemployment claims in March and still haven’t gotten their benefits. The hotline was supposed to open at 7 a.m. Tuesday, and after a couple hours of issues, it was up and running and taking calls.

    Anyone who filed in April and has not received benefits is being directed to call 502-564-2900. Employees taking the calls say they are being overwhelmed with calls from people who filed in April. They say there is unfortunately nothing the new hotline can help them with at this time.

    The Education and Workforce Development Cabinet said, as of March 16, 550,000 Kentuckians had filed unemployment claims. The system quickly became overwhelmed.

    Of those who filed, there are 37,000 people who filed claims in March and still haven’t been paid. They received an email Monday night directing them to call the new hotline to help them with the claims.

    One single mother of two said she filed a claim more than five weeks ago with nothing to show for it and bills piling up. She now just wants to now when she’ll be out of limbo.

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    Who Is Behind The Fraud Activity

    Kentucky officials said last week they dont know the source but suspect the sophisticated attack is the work of criminal individuals or enterprises” that might originate from outside the United States.

    Many states have been hit with fraud.

    An estimated $89 billion may have been paid improperly in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic, with a significant portion connected to fraud, according to a March update from the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Labor.

    Kansas shut down its system in January for a few days to implement new anti-fraud measures. Illinois residents have reported changed banking information for months. In January, California officials said more than $11 billion in benefits had been paid on fraudulent claims.

    Ohio has also reported a spike in fraudulent claim activity this year.

    What To Do If Kentucky Unemployment Contact Number Is Not Working

    How to Reset your KY Unemployment Insurance PIN

    It is typical that customer service menu options change with time. Customer support options and even contact numbers might be removed and added. If you have problems with getting a real person in Kentucky Unemployment customer service with instructions above please leave the comment in the comments section below and we will improve this guide. We are constantly monitoring the customer service contact numbers, e-mail and chats to make sure the instructions on How to Talk to a Live Person in Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Customer Service are the most accurate.

    If you successfully reached a live customer service agent in Kentucky Unemployment please leave your instructions in the comments section below so everyone can use it.

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    How Do I Set Up An Appointment For Unemployment In Kentucky

    To schedule an appointment, please click here or call 564-2900. A collaborative effort between the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Administration and the Kentucky Labor Cabinet is underway to establish new hours and places for in-person services around the state. They stated that an announcement will be made shortly.

    What If I Dont Get A Letter In The Mail

    The state is dedicating up to 150 workers to staff a call center focused solely on helping people re-register for an online unemployment account.

    People can call 502-564-2900 between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST starting April 13. Beshear said the call center will operate for 10 days.

    These workers will not be able to help callers with any other unemployment-related questions or issues.

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    What If My Direct Deposit Banking Information Is Incorrect

    Due to fraud, the state has temporarily prevented people from changing their bank account information in their unemployment accounts.

    When going through the re-registration process, if you notice your banking details are incorrect, request your payment to be sent via paper check and make sure your mailing address on file with the state is correct.

    Reach Real Person In Kentucky Unemployment By Phone Live Chat Social Network


    Make sure that you tried multiple options when reaching customer service. If live customer service agent is not available by phone, try live chat as a shortcut. Frequently direct message via Kentucky Unemployment Facebook account or Kentucky Unemployment Twitter account may get you a customer representative quickly, so try it too. If you want to file a complaint or submit a positive feedback you may leave your comment or complaint under Instagram or Youtube post and in many cases the business will respond to it. For your convenience all of these customer service contact options for Kentucky Unemployment are provided above.

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    How Unemployment Works In Kentucky

    The Kentucky Department of Workforce Investments Office of Employment and Training oversees unemployment insurance benefits for the state. In addition to upholding Kentucky unemployment laws, the mission of the office is to provide quality jobs for people and quality people for jobs.

    Services the Kentucky unemployment office offers to meet this goal include temporary financial assistance for unemployed individuals, labor market information , and the upkeep of Kentuckys Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, which supports the cost of unemployment insurance in the state. Overall, these activities are designed to promote economic wellbeing for Kentucky.

    Workforce services are administered by the Kentucky Career Center, which operates a network of career center locations throughout the state where you can meet one on one with career coaches and counselors.

    How To Get Cobra

    Group health plans must give covered employees and their families a notice explaining their COBRA rights. Plans must have rules for how COBRA coverage is offered, how beneficiaries may choose to get it and when they can stop coverage. For more COBRA information, see COBRA Premium Subsidy. The page links to information about COBRA including:

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