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Can You Get Unemployment And Social Security

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Answering Your Questions About Social Security Disability and COVID19 Unemployment Benefits

Because the Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income programs are run by the federal government the law, the issues and the claims process are generally the same no matter where you live.

In other words, Midwest Disability can represent you efficiently regardless of where you live. Our lawyers travel throughout the nation to represent clients in administrative hearings in the states in which they live. The cost is the same as well and is contingent on you winning your case.

Based in the Midwest, our social security disability lawyers provide legal assistance to clients throughout the nation. Contact us online or call our offices directly at for a free case evaluation and consultation with one of our SSD/SSI benefit attorneys. We will provide you with information about Social Security Disability benefits and explain how we can help you through the Social Security process.

Our legal team started in the Midwest but now provides legal assistance to Social Security applicants throughout the nation. Let us bring our Midwest values to you no matter where you live. Free Case Evaluation.

Social Security Disability Insurance Eligibility

To qualify for SSDI benefits, an individual must have an impairment that prevents him or her from working that also meets the Social Security Administrations definition of disability, which is different for minors and adults.

Unemployment Eligibility
Ticket to Work Program
Minnesota Unemployment and Disability Benefits

Problems With Seeking Both

Although it may be possible to seek both types of benefits, there are some very good reasons why you should hesitate to do so. Applying for Social Security Disability is, on its own, pretty challenging. You can expect to be denied in your initial application as most people are and therefore you will need to appeal the decision. In New York, the appeals process can take months and possibly years, and you may wind up needing to go in front of an administrative law judge for a decision.

In each step of the application and appeals process, your request for benefits is looked at and reviewed by an individual, such as a claims representative or an ALJ. Each of these individuals has the power to turn down your application, which will lead to the need to appeal or may ultimately result in full denial of your request. These individuals, particularly the ALJ, may consider your collection of unemployment benefits negatively when deciding on your request for disability benefits. You could be denied simply for collecting unemployment.

Contact a Social Security Disability Law Firm Now To Discuss Your Options

If you live in New York and are considering applying for Social Security Disability and unemployment at the same time, please contact Paul Giannetti now. I offer a free initial consultation where you can explain your situation and get valuable, informed feedback on what you should do next. Avoid making costly mistakes. Contact me now so I can help you get the benefits you need.

Eligibility: Social Security Disability And Unemployment

The Social Security Administration does not explicitly deny Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income claims by those already receiving unemployment benefits. However, you can see by looking at the eligibility requirements why Social Security and unemployment claims often don’t mix:

  • Unemployment: Must be ready, willing and able to work on a full-time basis
  • Disability: Must be unable to work a full-time job for 12 months because of a disabling medical condition. If a person is expected to be unable to work for 12 months, this qualifies as well.

A 1999 U.S. Supreme Court case held that Social Security disability claims “did not inherently conflict” with other types of benefits. However, it is up to the claimant to prove that his eligibility for unemployment benefits is not in conflict with a disability claim.

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Social Security Offset Law

Previously, in some states, the amount of unemployment compensation was partially offset by the sum of social security payments that were received. In those locations, unemployment could have been reduced by 50% of your social security benefit.

It is called the “offset law” and, in the states where it was in effect, part of social security payments are counted as disqualifying income when calculating unemployment benefits.

Whom To Contact About Indiana Unemployment Benefits


The DWD has FAQs and tutorials on its website. If you need additional assistance, you can reach the departments benefit call center at 800-891-6499. TDD service is available at 317-232-7560. The call center is open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For help accessing your Uplink CSS account or resetting your password, email with your name, Social Security number, mailing address, and phone number.

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Unemployment And Social Security: Can You Get Both

As the impact on the countrys workforce continues to accelerate in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the question of filing for unemployment for those working while receiving Social Security benefits is beginning to surface. The simple answer to this question is yes, and The Motley Fools Maurie Backman covers some of the details in a post today on their website. Her article also discusses the question of filing for Social Security benefits in reaction to a layoff situation, and offers advice to consider when facing this situation. Read Ms. Backmans post here

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Can Receiving Unemployment Benefits Affect My Ssi Or Ssdi Benefits

This is not a simple question, since not all Social Security disability benefits are equal. Since SSDI benefits are separate from SSI with different eligibility requirements, they are not equally affected by unemployment earnings.

If you are currently receiving SSDI and apply for unemployment, your SSDI benefits will not be affected. The Social Security Administration classifies Unemployment Compensation benefits as “Unearned Income.” As the individual receiving these benefits is generally not working, the payments do not affect SSDI benefits.

However, unemployment compensation will affect earnings from SSI payments. As unearned income, unemployment benefit payments reduce SSI dollar for dollar . Since the current 2021SSI federal monthly payment maximum is $794.00, anyone receiving unemployment benefits over $814.00 will be ineligible for SSI due to excess income.

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Unemployment Benefits Impact On Social Security & Vice Versa

As mentioned previously, the state of Minnesota is the only state in the union that currently offsets the unemployment benefits of those who are already receiving Social Security income. If you live in this state, your unemployment benefits may be reduced by an amount equal to half of your Social Security benefits.

But, collecting unemployment benefits never has any type of impact on the amount of Social Security you receive. If you take Social Security at age 62 and are still working, then your earned income can reduce your Social Security benefit, but because unemployment benefits are considered to be unearned income, there is no impact.

Learn More About Your Options

Does collecting unemployment affect my Social Security benefits? | Your Coronavirus Finances

There are other ways it may be possible to collect both unemployment compensation and SSDI benefits, but going about it the wrong way can lead to serious legal consequences, including heavy fines, prison time, and even a felony charge for unemployment fraud.

It’s important to consult an attorney knowledgeable in SSDI benefits and unemployment when considering collecting both. To schedule a consultation with the attorneys of Foley Law Firm, please call 342-8194.

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Make Sure You’re Properly Covered: Get Professional Legal Help Today

If your case is especially complex, or you have additional questions about disability and unemployment, you may benefit from a consultation with a Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer. An attorney will understand how to navigate the system and ensure everything is filed correctly. Contact an experienced SSDI attorney today.

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Receiving Both Unemployment And Social Security

It used to be the case that many states reduced the amount of unemployment benefits they paid to older workers who also received Social Security payments. Such offset laws were on the books in 20 states in the early 2000s, though active advocacy has all but eliminated these laws. In 2020, only Minnesota still uses an offset formula for reducing unemployment benefits for unemployed workers who get Social Security, and even this is a limited rollback of benefits, rather than a complete disqualification.

Both Social Security and unemployment assistance place limits on how much income you are allowed to earn outside of the program. Beneficiaries who exceed these limits may see a reduction in the benefits they get from both the SSA and their state’s unemployment agency. Fortunately for recipients, the SSA does not count unemployment benefits as income for reporting purposes, and 49 states do not count Social Security benefits as income for unemployment reporting.

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What Should I Do If I Want To Apply For Both Programs

First and foremost, the essential rule in applying for either of these programs is to be honest. Under no circumstances should a claimant try to hide that they are actively pursuing financial assistance from both programs.

The SSDI application process is complex, and only becomes more confusing when adding in a second benefit program. Seeking the assistance of an experienced Social Security Disability attorney is essential in these situations. If you have any doubt about how unemployment benefits impact your SSDI claim, you should contact a Disability lawyer or advocate immediately.

Immigrant Workers Eligibility For Unemployment Insurance

Are Social Security Disability And Unemployment The Same ...

Unemployment insurance provides periodic payments to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and are looking for work. The amount that workers receive depends on the wages a worker earned during a base period. Although it varies from state to state, the base period generally covers the past year to 18 months of work.

To be eligible for unemployment insurance , immigrant workers must satisfy the same basic requirements as other workers. First, they must be unemployed through no fault of their own. Second, they must have enough wages earned or hours worked in their base period to establish a claim. Third, they must be able and available to work.

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Can You Collect Unemployment And Social Security In Michigan

Individuals receiving both unemployment insurance and SSDI face possible repercussions for double dipping. It is possible for an individual to erroneously receive unemployment insurance despite being ineligible for unemployment due to his ability to qualify for SSDI. In some states, an individual who erroneously receives unemployment insurance must pay back the state.

This can occur while a recipient of unemployment insurance awaits a decision on his application for disability insurance. In applying for disability insurance, new circumstances may disqualify the recipient for unemployment insurance. Withholding information from a state employment insurance office can constitute fraud, potentially resulting in criminal prosecution as well as a hefty fine.

Who Is Eligible For Dua

When a major disaster has been declared by the President, DUA is generally available to any unemployed worker or self-employed individual who lived, worked, or was scheduled to work in the disaster area at the time of the disaster and due to the disaster: no longer has a job or a place to work or cannot reach the

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Explanations For Collecting Unemployment Benefits

If you have collected unemployment benefits and you attend an appeal hearing, be prepared to explain why you’re collecting unemployment benefits, or why you collected them recently. The judge may ask what jobs you applied for while you were collecting unemployment . If the jobs were ones that your stated limitations say you aren’t capable of doing , you may have a problem. You may want to offer to amend your alleged onset date to a date after you stopped collecting unemployment benefits.

Likewise, if you applied for a full-time desk job but are telling the judge you can’t sustain any full-time work, you may also have a problem. You could argue that you probably could not have been able to sustain full-time work for more than a few weeks without great pain or other symptoms or without getting fired. As federal judges have stated in the past, “A desire to work does not mean that a claimant can actually work,” and “Receipt of unemployment insurance benefits does not prove ability to work.”

If you have a valid argument that there is no legal conflict between your collecting unemployment benefits and disability benefits, tell the judge. Here are some examples:

Immigration Status Requirements For Ui Eligibility

Social Security & Unemployment Benefits: Can You Collect Both Benefits at the Same Time?

Eligibility for unemployment insurance depends on immigration status during two time periods: first, the time that the worker is applying for and receiving benefits and second, the time that the worker performed the work .

Under the current state and federal systems, undocumented workers are not eligible for unemployment benefits. The general rule is that workers must have valid work authorization during the base period, at the time that they apply for benefits, and throughout the period during which they are receiving benefits.

Workers must have valid work authorization during the base period, at the time they apply for benefits, and throughout the period they are receiving benefits.

At the time of application

The U.S. Department of Labor says that in order to be able and available for work, an immigrant worker must have work authorization at the time they apply for benefits. The Departments most recent model notice to employers indicates that workers must have both work authorization and a Social Security number to receive benefits.

In the base period

Generally, states should accept and credit the work histories of immigrants who had work authorization at the time they performed the work or whose work authorization is inherent in their status.

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Can I Work And Still Collect Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Working while receiving unemployment benefits. In some cases, you may work part time and receive unemployment benefits. If you work part time, you may still qualify for benefits. The amount you receive may be adjusted based on how much you earn. If you go back to work full time, you cannot continue to receive benefits.

Can Uc Be Collected Along With Social Security Retirement Benefits And Vice Versa

The answer is Yes, in most cases. There are two reasons behind this. If your question is whether social security benefits will be hindered by receiving UC, then you can be rest assured. Receiving UC will never affect your social security retirement benefits because social security does not consider UC as earnings. This means that wont be pushed closer to the ceiling placed as cut off for people between ages 62 66.

If your worry is about UC being affected because you receive social security retirement benefits, then heres what you need to know. Typically, most states in the US will not reduce UI benefits because you are claiming social security retirement benefits. However, as UI is given out by the state government, it varies from state to state. Following are the list of states that take social security benefits into consideration and reduce the benefit amount while providing UC

  • Illinois
  • South Dakota

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A Guide To Unemployment Benefits In Indiana

If youre an Indiana resident who has recently lost their job, you may qualify for unemployment benefits. The State of Indiana can help you get by with weekly unemployment payments until you find a new job. In Indiana, workers who have lost their job through no fault of their own can qualify for unemployment benefits. This social safety net is meant to help resident workers who are facing unemployment due to a layoff or, in some cases, a firing.

In Indiana, these funds come from a tax that employers must paycalled unemployment taxesthat are collected by the state and paid out to workers who have lost their job. Its important to know that only employers pay this tax, and it doesnt come from your paycheck. For that reason, you meet certain Indiana unemployment requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development manages the states unemployment benefits program. The DWD also provides services such as job-seeking assistance through its WorkOne centers, which are located throughout the state.

Do Unemployment Benefits Affect Ssi Or Ssdi Benefits And Vice Versa

Does Unemployment Affect My Ability to Receive Social ...

Most people who receive Social Security benefits do not want to risk losing the monthly payments that provide partial replacement income. That is why many Americans who receive benefits through Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income are reluctant to apply for unemployment benefits when they lose their job out of fear that they could lose their SSDI or SSI benefits.

Should you worry about losing your eligibility for SSI or SSDI benefits if you wish to apply for unemployment compensation benefits in Florida?

Do Unemployment Benefits Affect Your SSDI or SSI Eligibility?

The Social Security Administration considers unemployment benefits unearned income. Thus, these benefits will likely have no effect on your SSDI benefits if you are not working.

As for your SSI eligibility, things are more complicated. Since unemployment benefits are unearned income, these payments will reduce SSI dollar for dollar .

In 2020, the monthly federal payment maximum is $783 for an eligible individual. Thus, anyone receiving unemployment benefits that exceed $803 is not eligible for SSI due to excess income.

Under certain circumstances, you might lose your eligibility to collect unemployment benefits: These include but are not limited to:

  • Insufficient earnings
  • Leaving your job to attend school.

Do Social Security Benefits Affect Unemployment Benefits?

Can You Collect Both Unemployment and Social Security Benefits?


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