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Oregon Unemployment Claim System Online

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Oregon Unemployment Claim Line

Oregon sets another record with 100,700 unemployment claims
  • If you quit your job without “good cause”.
  • If you are fired due to misconduct.
  • If you refuse to work without “good cause” to.
  • If you file a claim while already being employed.
  • If you are not working because of a strike or type of industry/labor dispute. Exceptions can be made during a “lockout”.
  • In some cases, if you suffer from a loss of work due to a strike even though you are not involved with the strike, you cannot collect Oregon state benefits.

Extended Oregon BenefitsRegarding Filing Mistakes: Any mistake made during the Oregon claim process can be corrected by simply press the “back” button on your browser to correct your answer.

How Is Cares Act Changing Unemployment Insurance In Oregon

In Oregon, like in most states, unemployment benefits are based on a percentage of an individual’s earnings over a recent 52-week period, up to a maximum amount for a maximum of 26 weeks. However, on March 27, 2020, the CARES Act expanded on the amount and extended the length of how long you can receive Unemployment Insurance benefits.

Between April 5 and July 31, 2020, individuals eligible for unemployment insurance benefits will receive an additional $600 in benefits for each weekly report filed. .

Previously most states only provided unemployment insurance benefits for 26 weeks, but now eligible claimants can receive benefits for up to 39 weeks. The extra benefits are available to eligible workers through December 31, 2020. Additionally, these benefits are also available to self-employed individuals, such as independent contractors and freelancers.

Currently, many states, including Oregon, are still awaiting guidance from the federal government regarding benefits administration. to receive the latest news and updates from the Oregon Employment Department about the Unemployment Insurance Program.

Both employers and workers can find up-to-date resources regarding Unemployment Insurance related to the COVID-19 pandemic here. For more assistance during these difficult times, go here to find more information about the Unemployment Insurance Help Center, Special Unemployment Programs, and Worksource Oregon.

I Filed For Unemployment Over A Month Ago When Will I Get My First Check

Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not for a long time. Its impossible to be certain at this point.

As of last week, from first initial claim to first check was on average three weeks, Krumenauer said.

Thats one average for a few hundred thousand people in super unique and different situations.

The answer partly depends on the specific circumstances of your application: If you’re eligible for the extra benefits approved by the CARES Act or if youre an independent contractor only newly eligible for this kind of benefit, for example, it could take longer.

Other complicated claims, such as from people who had already been in and out of unemployment before COVID-19 economic restrictions, or from people who face garnishment of their benefits, could also take longer.

And how long you have to wait also seems to depend on luck, as the states Employment Department is overwhelmed and may take some time to get caught up with everyone.

But even if you are seeing computer rejections and the money is not coming through, you should continue to file every week, Krumenauer emphasized.

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Requirements For Unemployment Insurance In Oregon

To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits in Oregon, you must have worked in the state for the past 12 to 18 months and earned the minimum amount of wages as outlined by the state’s guidelines. To start a new unemployment insurance claim with Oregon’s Employment Department, go to Oregon’s Online Claim System or call 1-877-FILE-4-UI. For more information go to the Unemployment Insurance FAQ page.

How Do I Report Fraud

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Oregon 2021

Carefully guarding against unemployment insurance fraud and identity theft helps the state of Oregon maintain integrity in the use of citizens tax dollars, along with ensuring that jobless benefits are going to those who need them most.

If you suspect someone of fraudulently collecting UI benefits, please call 1-877-668-3204. You also may submit as much information as you can provide through the Fraud Hotline online form.

The state of Oregon reviews all tips that are submitted, regardless of how much information is provided, but the more detail you can include in your report, the more successful an investigation is likely to be.

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Gov Kate Brown Just Waived The Waiting Period For Unemployment Benefits Why Was It There In The First Place

According to the National Employment Law Project, waiting periods were put in place across the country to reduce the cost and administrative burden of running unemployment programs. When unemployment benefits were still a new concept in the early 20th Century, “…there was concern that paying benefits for longer durations would not be affordable, so waiting periods of two, and even four weeks, were found in state UI laws,” NELP wrote on an information sheet about waiting periods.

A screen in the Oregon Employment Department claims process.

Courtesy Toni Menconi

In 1980, the U.S. Congress passed financial incentives for states to implement one-week waiting periods, and most states adopted that policy.

The CARES Act allows states to temporarily suspend the week-long wait.

Oregons governor initially did not take that opportunity, saying it would take thousands of hours of programming to make this change.

But as unemployment claims have surged and pressure on the governor mounted, Brown reversed course last week and said she would work with the Employment Department to waive Oregon’s waiting period.

For Regular Unemployment Insurance Benefits:

There are two ways to apply:

  • Online. The fastest way to apply is through our Online Claim System. For regular unemployment insurance benefits, you will fill out an online form. IMPORTANT: Be sure you enter your information correctly on your application. Your money will be delayed by days or even weeks if you make a mistake. Be extra careful with your Social Security Number and your address.
  • . You can also apply over the phone. Right now a lot of people are calling, so you may have to wait on hold. Regular unemployment1-877-File-4-UI
  • The Employment Department provides free interpretation through our hotlines. We also provide the following language assistance options:
  • Send your name, requested language, and phone number to to receive a call back in your language.
  • Need help filing your claim?

    Filing a claim wrong can delay your benefits. And during COVID-19, the right answers to the questions on the claim form are different than you might think.

    Use our step-by-step guides and videos to help you file your claims correctly.

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    How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Oregon

    You can submit your initial unemployment claim online using the Oregon online claims system. Simply select the Regular UI Initial Claim option.

    Make sure you can provide your complete work history for the previous 12 months including employer names, addresses, phone numbers, and all applicable dates of employment.

    Has The Employment Department Hired More Workers To Keep Up With All The New Claims

    ‘Error on my unemployment claim’ frustrates Oregon filers

    Yes, but its not caught up yet.

    “It seems like a lifetime ago, but the backdrop of this pre-crisis was a 3.3% unemployment rate, a record low going back to 1976, Krumenauer said. As an agency, we don’t keep hundreds of extra staff around when claims are at their lowest. So we had about 100 staff dedicated to taking claims on March 8th. By April 10th, we were up to 450.”

    The agency is still hiring, with a goal of getting to 800 people who can process unemployment claims.

    The Employment Departments new hires are still getting trained on the job, and as they learn their duties they will be digging out from a mountain of claims. Its not clear how long it will take before the state is able to keep up.

    Theres been an absolute crush of new claims. We processed more claims in the first three months of 2020 than in the entire calendar year of 2019. And most of those claims were filed in the second half of March.

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    Am I Eligible For Unemployment Benefits In Oregon

    The state of Oregon uses two different decision points to determine whether a claimant meets unemployment insurance eligibility requirements. To qualify, at least one of the following must be true for an unemployed worker:

    The unemployed worker has received at least $1,000 in documented wages in the base year, and the total base year wages equal at least one and a half times the wages paid in the highest calendar quarter of the base year.

    The claimant has worked at least 500 hours during the base year and was paid some subject wages during that employment.

    Your base year is a one-year period composed of the first four of the last five completed quarters. This base year is based on the date you file your initial claim, not the date you lose employment. In addition, you must have lost your job through no fault of your own or terminated your employment with good cause.

    Apply By Filing Your Initial Claim

    To find out if you qualify for unemployment benefits, you need to fill out an application. This is called filing an initial claim. You only file an initial claim once per benefit year. Before you start filling out an application, gather the required documents.

    Take the Eligibility Quiz first to make sure you are filling out the right application. Filing out the wrong application will delay your benefits by several weeks.

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    How to File an Unemployment Claim


    Why Is It So Hard To Get Information About The Status Of My Unemployment Claim I Have Had To Email Call Repeatedly And Wait On Hold At Length Only To Be Told That My Application Had Been Held For Three Weeks Because Of An Incorrectly Answered Question Why Are We Not Receiving Prompt Letters Or Other Follow

    How Do I Check My Oregon Unemployment Claim

    In non-pandemic times, if you lose your job, we verify your pay by using information already given by your employer as part of their payroll, which says what your earnings were, Krumenauer said. Benefits are linked to data they already have.

    The CARES Act brought a temporary change to rules that have been in effect for decades, so people should be able to access benefits even when the states computers cant quickly verify their past employment. At the same time, COVID-19-related economic restrictions brought mass layoffs and job losses that put an unprecedented demand on the state Employment Department.

    Its hard to get through because there are still not enough workers processing unemployment claims to keep up with all the calls and because the computer programs that have worked for decades have still not been updated to handle the new rules, Krumenauer said.

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    Why Did Gethuman Write How Do I Check The Status Of My Unemployment Claim With The Oregon Employment Department

    After thousands of Oregon Employment Department customers came to GetHuman in search of an answer to this problem , we decided it was time to publish instructions. So we put together How Do I Check the Status of My Unemployment Claim with the Oregon Employment Department? to try to help. It takes time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting Oregon Employment Department if necessary. Best of luck and please let us know if you successfully resolve your issue with guidance from this page.

    How Do I Manage My Oregon Unemployment Benefits

    Managing your UI benefits is an ongoing process that doesnt end with the acceptance of your initial claim. After filing your claim application, you must continue to file a weekly claim to receive unemployment compensation. This entails using the online claim system and selecting the Claim a Week of Benefits option.

    You also can submit your weekly benefit claim by phone using the Weekly Claim Line at 800-982-8920.

    For each week you file for weekly benefits, you must show that you continue to meet eligibility requirements by answering a series of questions about your eligibility for that week. These questions will center on your job search activities, any income earned during the previous week, and your continued availability to accept suitable work if and when its offered.

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    Oregon Unemployment Claims System Suffers Another Breakdown Tells Laid

    UPDATE:Oregon says it has fixed weekend stumble that told some laid-off workers to restart jobless claims

    Newly unemployed Oregonians encountered further trouble with the states system for filing jobless claims Sunday, reporting that the state told them to start over with their applications even if they had already been receiving benefits.

    The Oregon Employment Department apologized last week for a series of breakdowns in its system that has prevented many people from filing for benefits. Statewide, at least 1 in 8 Oregonians have lost their jobs in the past few weeks nearly 270,000 altogether, as the states economy shut down in hopes of containing the coronavirus pandemic.

    Workers who successfully file their claims must refile each week to continue receiving benefits. In Sundays breakdown, the employment departments filing system instructed those laid-off workers to Restart Your Claim from the beginning, according to screenshots claimants provided to The Oregonian/OregonLive. The system incorrectly told workers they had to start over because of changes in their employment status.

    Update: The Oregon Employment Department said Monday that Sundays stumbles affected a small portion of claimants. It says some of those people who received a restart message may, in fact, need to restart their claims. It suggests claimants with continued issues email the department at .

    This article has been updated with additional information from the employment department.

    Oregon Employment Department Unemployment Insurance Information Update

    Oregon receives record 92,700 unemployment claims

    New Toll Free Number Simplifies Access to Unemployment InformationThe Oregon Employment Department has enabled a new, easy to remember, toll free number for Oregonians needing access to information about unemployment insurance. The number, 1-877-FILE-4-UI , can be used by anyone needing to file a claim, or wanting information about their claim, no matter where they are located in Oregon.

    The new phone number is a part of an upgrade to the departments telephone system that will provide several advantages including:

    Reducing the amount of phone numbers the public needs to call Technology to re-route toll free calls in emergency situations Increased reporting options on call volumes Savings in toll free costs to the department

    In addition, the new system will allow for greater flexibility in monitoring in-coming calls, which should result in fewer busy signals for the public during periods of high call volume.

    For Oregonians needing to file a claim for unemployment benefits, the fastest, most efficient method is online at However, if Internet is not available, individuals can file by telephone using the new toll-free number.

    Individuals who live in the Portland, Bend, or Eugene areas, should continue to use the local phone numbers to their respective Unemployment Insurance Centers.

    Portland area: 503-451-2400

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    How To Check The Status Of An Unemployment Insurance Claim Using Oregon’s Online Claim System

    Once you’ve filed for unemployment insurance, use the online system to file your weekly reports and check the status of your claim. Keep in mind, the system is only updated once a day and the status of unemployment insurance claims aren’t available until the claim has been processed.

    Once your claim is processed and you’re logged into the system, you can find the details of your weekly claim and your claim balance. You can also find a history of your work search records and 1099G tax forms, for your convenience.

    Where Can I Get Help Finding A Job

    The Employment Department offers a broad range of services to assist in your return to work. Resume writing resources, employer job listings, labor market information, and career exploration tools are among the services offered. Staff is available to help you and introduce you to the services that will benefit you in your work search.

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    How To Apply For Unemployment

    Enter your zip code to get started.

    Unemployment insurance benefits in Oregon provide temporary financial relief to unemployed residents of Oregon during the period of unemployment. In order to receive these benefits, applicants should not be unemployed through a fault of their own.

    You can file an application online in order to receive unemployment benefits in the state of Oregon if you have worked past 12-18 months in the state and have earned minimum wages. While receiving the benefits, you should actively search for new employment.

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