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How To Claim Unemployment Benefits

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Your Rights As A Claimant

How to Claim Your Weeks of Unemployment Benefits
  • You have the right to appeal decisions made by the Department of Unemployment Assistance relating to your claim. In many instances, your former employer also has the right to appeal.
  • If either you or your former employer appeal within the period of time allowed by law, you will have the right to a hearing
  • You have the right to see any materials relating to your claim. Your unemployment records are considered confidential, and are not available to anyone unless you provide authorization to DUA.
  • If you believe someone has applied for unemployment benefits using your personal information, use our secure fraud reporting form to alert us or call the DUA customer service department at .

How To Continue To Claim Unemployment Benefits In California

To continue claiming benefits for unemployment in California, the EDD requires former employees to answer certification questions pertaining to workable days, wages earned and other reportable information. For those who are familiar with how to claim unemployment benefits, certifying biweekly is very similar. Certification questions can be answered in the same way you filed initially: by phone, by mail or online.

Federal unemployment benefits in California require approved claimants to register on Californias online labor exchange system, CalJOBS. Within 21 days, claimants must update their information on the website or in person at an Americas Job Center of California location. To continue claiming benefits for unemployment insurance, individuals must make every effort to find employment.

What To Do If Your Claim Is Denied

After you file for unemployment, the state may accept your claim, and youll receive your benefits. But what if youre denied benefits or the state asks you to provide additional information? You can file an unemployment appeal and explain your situation in a hearing.

The state unemployment office will typically send you a letter that will list the date and time of your hearing. These hearings are generally conducted over the phone.

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Tax Returns And Third Stimulus Payment

The bills mid-tax season passage may have caused a lot of confusion for unemployed taxpayers trying to determine the best time to file.

But the good news, says , senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, is that you will receive the full amount youre owed, even if there is a delay.

For taxpayers whose stimulus eligibility was processed based on 2019 returns, at some point possibly later this year, but definitely when they file a tax return next year the IRS will bump up the money and send an additional amount or what they would have received based on 2020 income.

In other words, you may have to reconcile your payment using a similar claim to the Recovery Rebate Credit for the previous two stimulus payments.

Division Of Unemployment Insurance

How to Claim Unemployment Benefits Easily To Enjoy Benefits

“My benefits are ending. Are other resources available?”

See links to assistance with food, housing, child care, health, and more.

“Why canât I claim my remaining UI balance?”

For PUA/PEUC recipients, the balance represents the maximum that was available for weeks of unemployment before 9/4/21.

“How do you verify my identity?”

To reduce the risk of fraud, many unemployment claimants must verify their identity using the security vendor

“How can I reset my PIN or password?”

We can help if you’re having trouble with your online account password and/or PIN to certify for weekly benefits.

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If Youre Moving To Universal Credit From Income

If your income-based JSA claim is ending because youre making a new claim for Universal Credit, youll automatically continue to get the amount of JSA you currently receive, as long as youre still eligible. Youll normally get this for 2 weeks, starting from the date of your new claim.

The Department for Work and Pensions will write to you telling you how this works.

You do not need to pay this money back, and it will not affect the amount of Universal Credit you get.

Dole Certification With The Attached Notice Of Termination Or Affidavit Of Termination Of Employment

All qualified employees who want to avail of the SSS unemployment insurance/benefits are required to secure a DOLE certification establishing the nature and date of the involuntary separation.

To apply for the DOLE certification, you need the following:

  • At least one valid ID . However, most DOLE offices require an original copy and photocopy of 2 valid IDs so make sure you bring an additional ID on the day of your application and
  • Either a copy of Notice of Termination of Employment issued by the employer or a duly notarized Affidavit of Termination of Employment . The second one is preferred in case your relationship with the employer didnt end in good terms and theres no way for you to obtain the Notice of Termination of Employment. You need to bring an original copy and photocopy of the document.
  • Certification Form .

Once you already have the above requirements, proceed to the following office to file your application for DOLE certification:

  • For local employees and kasambahays: DOLE Field or Provincial Office where the company of the employer is located or where the employee resides.
  • For OFWs: Philippine Overseas Labor Office where the employer operates or the DOLE Field/Provincial Office where the OFW resides.

As long as the documentary requirements youve submitted are complete, expect the DOLE Office or POLO to issue you the DOLE certification within one day after receiving and verifying your application.

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How To Avoid Unemployment Benefit Scams

The unemployment benefit scam is a common scenario where people try to use fake or stolen identities to get the benefits they are not entitled to.

This type of fraud is on the rise in recent years and it is important for individuals to be aware of these scams and how they operate.

If you think you might have been a victim of this type of fraud, you should contact your local police department immediately.

Unemployment insurance overpayments are forbidden to be paid with a credit card or gift card. Individuals who have received an overpayment of unemployment insurance will be notified via mail from the United States Postal Service.

Furthermore, the government does not ask for sensitive account information via email interactions. Individuals who apply for unemployment benefits will get important account information via the United States Postal Service.

Sss Loan For Unemployed Member

UI Online: How to Apply for UI Benefits (File a Claim)

The unemployment benefit doesnt hinder a member from securing a loan from SSS even if he is unemployed.

Since voluntary members are ineligible for unemployment benefits, they can also take a loan from their contributions in the SSS account.

The SSS requirements for an unemployed loan can vary. SSS salary loan gives a loan up to one month of salary for a member with 36 posted contributions. 6 of the contributions should fall within the last 12 months.

Maternity benefit provides daily cash allowance for its female members who cannot work due to childbirth, miscarriage, or emergency termination of pregnancy.

Any female member who has paid at least 3 contributions within the 12 months immediately before the semester of her childbirth, miscarriage, or termination of pregnancy is eligible for the benefit.

In the case of employed members, the employer has to notify SSS about the pregnancy.

To avail SSS maternity benefits for the unemployed, the member has to fulfill the SSS maternity requirements for the unemployed. To do so they need to submit the maternity notification form, proof of pregnancy, and other claim documents on the SSS portal for Claim SSS Unemployment Benefits.

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How To Claim Your Unemployment Benefits

So you lost your job and you are scrambling to regain financial security.

Before you apply to one more dead-end job out of sheer desperation or eat one more Cup O Noodles for dinner, you should consider applying for unemployment insurance.

Many people dont really know what unemployment insurance is or feel intimidated by the application process.

Thats why they miss out on funds that could be giving them financial peace-of-mind during a difficult time.

And the less you worry about money and obsess over paying your bills, the more youll feel secure and be able to make smart career decisions.

The biggest misconception out there is that unemployment is an entitlement or a form of welfare, but its called unemployment insurance for a reason.

Its money set aside by your employer in the form of a payroll tax, federally mandated by the Federal Unemployment Tax Act of 1939, as insurance against the need for welfare relief.

In some states, an employers mandatory payments increase when a worker is laid off and approved for benefits.

So the legislation acts as a way to discourage employers to frequently lay off their employees.

Or seen another way, its an incentive to offer generous severance packages to ease the transition from one job to the next so that ex-employees dont need to file for unemployment.

The whole idea of unemployment insurance is to keep workers independent by preserving their purchasing power and thereby stabilize and stimulate the economy during recessions.

Community Services Block Grant Program

The Community Services Block Grant Program is designed to help members of low-income households be self-sufficient. The funds are distributed by local governments and non-profit agencies called Community Action Agencies.

These funds are used in a variety of ways to combat poverty, including:

  • Providing emergency health, food, housing, day care, and transportation assistance
  • Housing counseling
  • Nutrition programs and federal surplus food distribution
  • Community gardening projects

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I Applied For The Sss Unemployment Benefit And Was Approved However I Got A New Job Within 2 Months After I Was Laid Off Am I Still Qualified Can I Still Get My Unemployment Benefits

If the unemployment benefits were already issued to you but youre rehired within 2 months following your termination, the SSS will simply deduct either its partial or full amount from any future SSS benefit youll claim.

On the other hand, if you applied for the unemployment benefit but havent received it yet when youre re-hired, you can still claim the money provided that your new employer hasnt remitted your first contribution yet. Likewise, the amount of your claimed benefits will be deducted from your future SSS benefits.

How To File Weekly Claims

Unemployment claims sink to 42

After applying for benefits, the applicants must log in to the CONNECT portal on a bi-weekly basis to request benefit payment. Those who have been granted an exemption from the online application may dial 1-833-352-7759 to find out more about the weekly claiming procedure.

Fax: 1-850-617-6504

Q. What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is Floridas Reemployment Assistance claims system. CONNECT offers access to file, manage, and review your claim details 24/7.

Q. Help, I received a technical error. What do I do?

  • Clearing your cache or browser history. You can do this in your web browser settings.
  • CONNECT is not compatible with mobile devices. So try logging in through a desktop.
  • CONNECT works best with Internet Explorer, but also works in other internet browsers.

Q. Will I be eligible for unemployment insurance while working part-time and how will it affect my claim/benefits?

If your part-time earnings are more than $58, it will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount. If your gross earnings in a week are more than your weekly benefit amount, no benefits will be paid to you for that week. You do not lose the benefits – the benefits are just not paid for that week. The benefits remain as available credits. You must also continue seeking full-time employment unless all of your work during the base period of your claim was part-time work.

Q. What am I expected to do once I complete the application process? Q. Can my claim be backdated to when I became unemployed?

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What You Need For Apply For Unemployment Benefits

To apply for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you need to provide personal information including your Social Security number, birth date, home address, email address , and phone number.

You also need information about your employment history from the last 15 months, including:

  • Names of all employers, plus addresses and phone numbers
  • Reasons for leaving those jobs
  • Work start and end dates
  • Recall date

You may need additional information in certain situations:

  • If you are not a U.S. citizen your Alien Registration number
  • If you have children their birth dates and Social Security numbers
  • If youre in a union your union name and local number
  • If you were in the military your DD-214 Member 4 form. If you dont have it, you can request your DD-214 online.
  • If you worked for the federal government your SF8 form

To receive payments by direct deposit, youll also need your bank name, account number, and routing number. Otherwise, the Department of Unemployment Assistance will send you a debit card.

If youre a non-U.S. citizen applying for UI benefits, DUA must verify that you are legally authorized to work in the United States. Non-English speakers can apply for UI in their own languages on DUA’s foreign language application site.

If you’re not sure that UI is right for you, you can check your eligibility.

Information Needed To File A Claim

  • Your Social Security card.
  • Your state issued driver’s license or ID card number or your MARVIN PIN .
  • The names and addresses of employers you worked for during the past 18 months along with your quarterly gross earnings.
  • The last date of employment with each employer.
  • Your most recent employer’s Federal Employer ID number and Employer Account Number . Depending on your situation, knowing the account number may speed up the processing of your claim.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen or national, you will need your Alien Registration card and the expiration date of your work authorization.

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When To Get My First Florida Unemployment Check

Youll receive confirmation that your unemployment claim was received in Florida once its been filed. The initial reimbursement is usually received in 3-4 weeks for accepted claims. You may file an appeal online if your claim is denied, but you must do so within 20 calendar days. You can also submit an appeal through the mail. Its critical to understand that even if youve been denied, you must continue to file unemployment claims every other week. If your appeals are successful, you will only be paid for the weeks in which you submitted them.

Who Are Not Qualified To Get Sss Unemployment Benefits

Claimants: How to File an Unemployment Claim Online

Not all employees who were involuntarily laid off can avail of the unemployment insurance from SSS. As a rule, employees cant get unemployment benefits if the cause of the termination is one of the causes stated under Article 297 of P.D. No. 442 , as amended. These are:

  • Serious misconduct
  • Seafarers Identification & Record Book or
  • Voters ID Card.

If you dont have any of the above-mentioned valid IDs, you can bring the original copies and photocopies of any two ID cards/documents not included on the list, provided that both of them contain your signature and at least one of them shows your photo.

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Benefit Year End Date

A regular unemployment insurance benefit year ends 12 months after the claim started.

You cannot be paid for weeks of unemployment after your benefit year ends, even if you have a balance on your claim. Continue to certify for benefits if you have weeks available within your benefit year.

You can reapply for a new claim if you earned enough wages in the last 18 months and are still unemployed or working part time. Apply online, and we will notify you when your new claim is processed. This usually takes two to three weeks.

For more information, refer to the unemployment benefit calculator.

If you served in the military, worked for a federal government agency, or worked in a state outside of California within the last 18 months, you must reapply for a new claim by phone, mail, or fax.

You do not need to reapply if you did not earn enough wages in the last 18 months to establish a new claim.

To find your benefit year end date, log in to UI OnlineSM and view your Claim Summary. Your benefit year end date is 12 months after the start of your Benefit Year.

For more information, refer to your Notice of Unemployment Insurance Award for your claim ending date or review Benefit Year End.

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation provided an extra weekly benefit on top of regular unemployment insurance .

The original benefit provided an additional $600 weekly under the CARES Act, but that benefit expired on July 31, 2020. The FPUC was modified and extended as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act in December 2020. Unemployed individuals receive an additional $300 per week in benefits beginning after Dec. 26, 2020.

Another extension of the FPUC was approved after President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 on March 11, 2021. Under the plan, FPUC benefits expired on Sept. 6, 2021.

Keep in mind that the FPUC benefit was not payable during the gap from July 31, 2020, to Dec. 26, 2020. In other words, the $600 in extra money added to unemployment benefits ended on July 31, 2020. This means the $300 didn’t kick in until after Dec. 26, 2020.

Although FPUC payments ended on Sept. 6, 2021, eligible claimants will continue to receive regular unemployment compensation from their state if they are eligible. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, regular unemployment benefits currently replace about 38% of a worker’s wages, on average.

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