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File Nc Unemployment Weekly Claim

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How To Appeal A Denial Of Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

Claimant: How to File an Unemployment Claim and Complete a Dynamic Fact Finding

If your unemployment claim is denied, you have ten days to appeal the decision. This is called a “Higher Authority Review” and is conducted by the DES Assistant Secretary, the Board of the Review, or another designated administrative official.

Your request for appeal must be in writing . After receiving your appeal request, the Higher Authority will review the record and make a decision. In rare cases, the Higher Authority may schedule another hearing to receive evidence. More often, a decision is made based on a review of the documents and testimony already in the record.

If you disagree with the Higher Authority decision, you may ask for reconsideration within the DES , or you may file an appeal in the North Carolina Superior Court .

The DES provides additional information on the unemployment process at its website, where you can apply for benefits online, find out current eligibility requirements and benefit amounts, learn about the appeals process, and much more.

Guide To Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

North Carolina unemployment insurance benefits are administered by the North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Employment Security . Most employers in the state pay state and federal taxes on wages you earn, and a portion of those taxes are used to fund unemployment insurance payments. Individual employees do not pay anything toward unemployment insurance.

In addition to providing temporary wage replacement income for workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and who qualify for benefits, the DES also administers NCWorks, a job-training and employment service for unemployed North Carolina workers.

What Happens If I Forget To File My Weekly Certification Of Benefits

In order to complete a weekly certification, you must file within fourteen days from the week ending date of the week you are attempting to claim. If you fail to complete a timely weekly certification, you will:

  • NOT receive payment for the week,
  • Be required to reopen your claim,
  • Be required to serve a waiting period week .
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    How Will I Receive My Payments

    You wont receive your first payment immediately, since theres a one-week waiting period before payments begin.

    The DES pays weekly unemployment insurance payments through direct deposit into your bank account or on a DES debit card issued by Bank of America. You can use the card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Be aware, though, you may encounter fees if you use the card at an ATM thats not a Bank of America or Allpoint ATM, or if you use it outside of the country.

    What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina


    To be eligible to receive payments you must meet the requirements as set forth by the DES. The state has three basic criteria.

    • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own. This means that you were laid off or let go due to lack of work. You will not be eligible for benefits if you were fired for misconduct or you voluntarily quit.
    • You must be monetarily eligible. To be able to receive benefits, you must meet certain minimum wage criteria. This means you have earned qualifying dollar amounts during your Base Period.

    You must be able, available and actively seeking work. The state maintains that you must contact at least five employers each week you claim benefits as part of your requirements. In addition, it is mandatory that you must register with the states job search and training program

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    How Are Weekly Benefits Determined In North Carolina

    When you file a claim, DES will send you a Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination letter. This shows all employers you worked for and what your wages were for your base period. This does not guarantee you will be paid North Carolina unemployment benefits but outlines how much you could be paid and for how many weeks if you meet all North Carolina unemployment requirements.

    How much you will be paid is determined by the amount of wages earned in your Base Period. As part of your initial North Carolina unemployment application process, you will need to determine what your total gross wages were during your Base Period, as well as how much you received during each calendar quarter. Your Period is the first four of the past five completed calendar quarters prior to the date you applied for benefits.

    To qualify for benefits, you must have qualifying wages which are defined as six times the average insured weekly wages in at least two quarters of either the Base Period or an alternate Base Period. To file North Carolina unemployment, you must have at least $780 in wage in one of the last two quarters to establish a Weekly Benefit Amount.

    The Weekly Benefit Amount is calculated by adding the wages paid to you in the last two completed quarters of your Base Period and dividing that number by 52.

    If that amount is less than $15, you are not eligible for benefits. The maximum North Carolina amount also known as a Weekly Benefit Amount you can receive is $350.

    Desnc Gov Sign In Contact Us

    Individuals and claimants should contact the Customer Call Center with questions regarding benefits and assistance with unemployment insurance claims, sign in or password resets.

    Customer Call Center: 888-737-0259 .

    Fax: 919-857-1296

    Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Fraud Hotline: 984-465-9224

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    How To Qualify For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

    North Carolina uses four main criteria to determine UI benefits eligibility, as outlined below:

    • The claimant must be unemployed through no fault of his or her own, as determined by the information provided by both the claimant and the employer
    • The claimant must have earned sufficient wages during the base period of review these wages are used to help determine benefit amounts
    • The claimant must be physically able and available to accept work when offered
    • The claimant must be actively seeking work, including registering for work with NCWorks Online.

    Certify For Your Weekly Benefits Online

    Claimant: Weekly Certifications

    Refer to this step by step process on how to certify for your weekly benefits:

  • Enter your username and password.
  • Then click Certify to Claim Your Weekly Benefits Here and follow the instructions.
  • Note: If you have a service that makes your internet address anonymous, please turn it off when claiming weekly benefits. Otherwise, your certification may be blocked.

    Ready? Make sure you have with you:

    You will need an ID to sign up for an online account. If you already have an ID username and password, you can use it for our system. If you do not have an ID, follow the instructions on our website at to create one.

    If you have difficulties with ID, call the Contact Center at 800-833-3000 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

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    How Do I File For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

    Although you can file an unemployment claim by phone, fax, or email, the quickest way to file North Carolina unemployment applications is through the DES website.

    If you dont have access to a computer, you can file your initial claim and ongoing weekly claims by calling the DES Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259.

    To avoid a delay in receiving benefits, you should file a claim as soon as your job has come to an end or you have worked less than three full-time days in a week. If you are filing a claim for the first time, youll be required to create a personalized PIN that will allow you to access your claim information through the North Carolina unemployment website. You will also use this pin to access the North Carolina unemployment phone number system.

    You will need to supply the following information when you open an initial claim:

    Like many other states, the North Carolina unemployment program has a one-week waiting period. You will not be paid any benefits during this week. You will need to serve an unpaid waiting week each time you apply for North Carolina unemployment benefits during your established benefit year.

    How To File A Claim For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

    You may file your claim for unemployment benefits online, by phone, by fax, or by mail. You can find online filing information and contact information at the DES website.

    Once it receives your application, the DES will send you some documents, including a Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination indicating your potential weekly benefit amount and duration.

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    How Can I Qualify For North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

    Typically, to be eligible for North Carolina unemployment benefits you must meet these requirements.

    • Be out of work through no fault of your own the DES will decide if you meet this requirement based on information you and your former employer provide
    • Have earned sufficient wages to be considered eligible
    • Be physically able to work, available to work and actively looking for a job
    • Register for work with NCWorks Online, the states job service office

    Once you begin receiving weekly payments, youll need to take steps to maintain your eligibility, including filing weekly claims and reporting on your job search.

    In North Carolina, unemployment benefits are usually available for between 12 weeks and 20 weeks. But states may choose to revise their benefits in times of economic crisis.

    Are Weekly Claim Certifications Required In North Carolina


    Yes. To continue to receive benefits each week, you must certify your claim. You can do this online at the DES website or file by telephone by calling 888-372-3453.

    You must follow these NC Unemployment guidelines:

    • For North Carolina unemployment eligibility, the earliest you can file a weekly certification is on each Sunday. The questions you will need to answer will cover the prior seven-day period of Sunday through Saturday.
    • You must file your North Carolina weekly claims within 14 days from the week ending date that you are claiming. For DES purposes, the week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
    • If you do not file within that 14 day period, you will not be able to claim benefits for that week. You will be required to reopen your claim and serve another unpaid waiting week.
    • If you use the telephone to file your claim and the last number of your Social Security number is an odd number, you will need to call in and file your claim on Monday for each week. If your Social Security number ends in an even number, you will need to call in on Tuesday. If you miss either of these days, you can also call in on Wednesday through Sunday.
    • The hours to file your claim by both computer and by telephone are 8 am to midnight.

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    What If You Cant File Weekly Claims

    If you cant file claims anymore, you still have other ways. The following tips may help you meet basic needs even without the COVID programs:

    • Use your savings If you have money set aside, its time to use it. If the funds are in your bank account, stick to online purchases. This allows you to spend the money while avoiding COVID-19.
    • Write a budget Make full use of the money you still have. Stop buying stuff you dont need. Get rid of subscriptions youre not using to lower expenses further.
    • Start selling stuff You may have unused knick-knacks in your attic. It may fetch a good price on Etsy or . In turn, you may add to your remaining funds.
    • Keep looking for work It is hard to find a job nowadays, but do still try. You might want to try remote work. Its popular because it lets you work from home while keeping safe against COVID.

    You might be having trouble with debts. Thankfully, there are ways you can deal with those too. Here are some tips:

    How To Apply For Unemployment

    Enter your zip code to get started.

    Workers who have lost their job or their reduction hours have been reduced beyond their weekly entitlement can receive temporary financial assistance in North Carolina through North Carolina Unemployment Insurance benefits. The amount of benefits one can receive depends on the amount of wages received in the base period.

    You can easily apply for UI benefits online after you become eligible. You will only receive benefits once you have filed a claim and you meet the eligibility criteria. Amount of benefits will be transferred through a debit card but you can also apply for direct deposit. To continue receiving benefits each week as long as you stay unemployed, you will need to file weekly claim. You can learn more about applying for UI benefits below.

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    What If My Claim Is Rejected

    If your claim is denied or the DES determines youre no longer eligible, youll receive a written notice that includes an address and instructions for appealing. But the fastest way to file an appeal is online through the DES online benefits system. Once youve filed your appeal, the DES will send a notice with the date, time and contact information for your scheduled hearing.

    File For Unemployment Insurance

    Basic Weekly Unemployment Claim Walk-through

    To receive unemployment benefits after losing your job through no fault of your own, you must first file a claim with our Employment Security Division. Remember, the fastest and most efficient way to file an unemployment claim is online. You do not need to visit an NCWorks Career Center for that purpose.

    North Carolina requires that you participate in reemployment programs in order to continue receiving financial assistance from the unemployment insurance program. To help you find work, our Division of Workforce Solutions offers both the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment and the Employability Assessment Interview through our NCWorks Career Centers.

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    Consequences Of Failing To File Weekly Certification

    When a claimant fails to file a weekly certification on time, they will not be paid unemployment benefits for that week, and will be required to reopen their claim. Typically, the claimant would also be required to serve a waiting week to receive benefits, but during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a claimant is not required to serve the waiting period.

    If Youve Recently Become Unemployed In North Carolina You May Have Options To File For Unemployment

    If you need to apply for unemployment benefits in the Tarheel State, here are some things to know.

    The North Carolina Division of Employment Security, or DES, administers the states unemployment insurance benefits program.

    Unemployment insurance benefits programs are run jointly between the federal government and individual states like North Carolina. While each state has its own eligibility requirements, benefit amounts and maximum benefit periods, there are also federal guidelines for how state programs should work.

    Employers pay an unemployment insurance tax to fund North Carolinas unemployment program. If you qualify for unemployment, your benefits will come from funds that employers have paid into the program.

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    Some Will Not Be Able To File Weekly Claims Soon

    This may end for 25 states. According to some lawmakers, the benefits are delaying economic recovery. Others note the struggle of business owners to hire workers.

    You might be living in one of these areas. Thats why we listed the states that will end their UI benefits early. See their deadlines below:

  • Alaska June 12
  • Louisiana August 3
  • Tips For Filing For Unemployment Benefits


    When youre filing for unemployment benefits, its important to read all the information you receive from the Division of Employment Security, know your responsibilities and provide accurate information. If you dont, you may have to pay back benefits you were not eligible to receive, or you may be committing fraud.

    Follow these Tips for Filing for Unemployment Benefits to avoid errors and help ensure you receive proper benefit payments.

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    Arpa Helped People File Weekly Claims For Longer

    Millions are unemployed, facing eviction, have no health insurance, and going hungry. This is an EMERGENCY, and the U.S. government must respond. Any COVID agreement must include at least $1,200 in direct payments for adults, $500 for kids and supplemental unemployment benefits.


    Bernie Sanders

    President Joe Biden started his presidency during the coronavirus pandemic. In response, he offered help to the millions of Americans who lost their livelihoods.

    The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is one of his major assistance programs. It started in March, and it extends many of the unemployment insurance benefits such as:

    • PEUC Now, you can file weekly claims for up to 53 weeks until September 6, 2021.
    • FPUC This still provides $300 every week. Its deadline also lasts until Sept. 6, 2021.
    • MEUC This helps people who earn regular and self-employed income. It also lasts until September 6.
    • PUA You could file weekly benefits for 79 weeks until September 6, 2021.

    Troubleshooter Helps Raleigh Woman Get Unemployment After Waiting More Than 220 Days

    At the end of September of 2020, Briana Headen lost her job at the bakery where she worked.

    RALEIGH — Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we’ve helped dozens of unemployed navigate obstacles when it comes to getting their unemployment benefits from North Carolina’s Division of Employment Security.

    One of the most recent cases involves Raleigh resident Briana Headen. She’s waited more than 220 days for her unemployment.

    “What is so special about my case is that it is taking this long,” she said.

    $300-a-week federal supplement would end for unemployed under NC House bill

    At the end of September of 2020, Headen lost her job at the bakery where she worked.

    “October 1st I tried to file for unemployment and found out that someone had used my social,” she said.

    Headen filed a claim with the fraud department at DES and thought it would be resolved within a few weeks. However, weeks of waiting, turned into months, and every time she tried to log on to DES’s system, she said she still could not file for benefits since her social security number was already used. stopping NC unemployment fraud, but frustrations, delays continue for legitimate applicants

    Headen said she reached out to DES weekly but: “That’s pretty much the update that I get every time is that it’s still being investigated.”

    For eight months, Headen could not file for benefits, so she had no money coming in while she was unemployed.

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