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Coursera Free Courses For Unemployed

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South Carolina creates partnership to bring free courses to unemployed

Upon clicking on the above link, you be redirected to a link requesting your name, phone number, ZIP code, New York State Region , and up to three areas of interest . After filling out this form you will need to wait up to 24 hours to receive an invitation email from the NY DOL.

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Free Courses Curated By Coursera

These free courses in a wide variety of subjects have been hand-picked by the learning team at Coursera.

Beliebte Online-Kurse auf Coursera in Deutschland: Data Science-Kurse | Technologiekurse | Business-Kurse

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Best Online Courses To Take To Get A Job

Cool, so these sites and well-known brands are offering myriads of appealing courses. But how are you supposed to know which ones are better than others?

The following hand-curated list contains the most valuable online courses that will get you a job, and some of them wont cost you a dime. They’re divided into 8 categories:

  • Programming and computer science
  • Many of these online courses even offer a certificate!

    • What’s the difference between a course and a certificate?

      An online course is an online class that will teach you new skills or gain some new knowledge. Some courses also provide a certificate upon completion. A certificate validates the skills youve learned and can be also shared on your social media.

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    University Of Washington’s Introduction To Public Speaking On Coursera

    If youre looking to appear more confident and learn how to prepare and deliver effective speeches, this course is for you. This course will help you understand the fundamental principles behind great presentations and discover how to apply them to various contexts.

    The program is a series of lectures designed to teach public speaking skills to professionals of all kinds. You’ll learn to formulate your ideas clearly, rehearse effectively, deliver an effective presentation with poise and confidence, and develop your own personal style. You’ll also gain skills for assessing your speech writing.

    + Best Online Courses To Take To Get A Job In 2022

    • May 17, 202221 min read

    Last edit May 17, 2022

    Online learning is transforming the way we build our careers. It’s accessible, affordable and helps us boost our skills. It can even help us get hired. Because of that, we’re bringing you a list of the best online courses to take to get a job in 2022.

    If you’re asking yourself What online course is most likely to help me get a job? the answer is, any of them will. You just need to pick one that suits your job, industry and needs.

    In our list of online courses, you’ll find courses from trustworthy learning platforms and top companies, courses in various industries, training for students, experienced professionals, and also free training courses for the unemployed.

    We’ll also tell you which courses are free and paid, which of them offer certifications and how you can later present these new courses on your resume in the best possible way.

    Note: We wrote this article four years ago and many job seekers found it useful. Now we’ve updated it and added more recent courses that will boost your chances of getting a job even in 2022!

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    Dew Offering Free Courses To Unemployed South Carolinians

    COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Department of Employment and Workforce has partnered with Coursera to launch the Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative in South Carolina.

    Unemployment Insurance participants furloughed or laid off due to COVID-19 are invited to participate and receive free access to the Coursera platform.

    More than 4,000 courses and certifications are available.

    The courses, designed by the worlds leading university and industry educators, cover various skill sets in business, technology, data science, health, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

    This is an incredible opportunity for hard-working South Carolinians who are still facing employment challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Not only can someone take advantage of these courses to professionally propel them forward, we are so pleased to be able to partner with Coursera so the financial burden doesnt fall on the shoulders of the claimant. We thank Coursera for providing another way to support the State Workforce Development Boards priority to reskill and upskill our states workforce, Michelle Paczynski, Assistant Executive Director of Workforce Development at the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce said.

    Nearly 4,000 South Carolinians have already registered to receive access to Coursera.

    Classes are offered in several languages and are accessible by smartphones and tablets.

    To participate you must register by October 31.

    For more information, .

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    Coursera Makes 3800 Online Classes Free For Unemployed Users

    Online learning company Coursera has announced a new initiative designed to help people who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic. Under this initiative, various governments can sign up to participate in the program, making it available to unemployed individuals as a way to help them score new jobs. The initiative includes 3,800 classes, as well as professional certificates.

    Coursera, as with similar platforms like edX, offers the public access to thousands of classes from universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions around the world. These classes are taught by professors and other experts, offering anyone access to educational opportunities.

    The platform is split into two categories: free and paid. Users who want to put the completed programs and classes on their resumes can opt to pay for a certificate after completing each course, otherwise, they’re only able to ‘audit’ a course without getting a final certificate.

    On Friday, Coursera announced its new Workforce Recovery Initiative, which is allowing local through federal governments to sign up to participate these agencies can then provide access to the free courses to the unemployed individuals they’re supporting.

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    Trustworthy Websites For Online Courses

    When it comes to getting a job, not all resources are equally valuable in recruiters eyes.

    How do you persuade potential employers that youve done more than watched a few unvetted YouTube videos on how to code an app? The answer is getting an online course from a trustworthy website or a well-known brand.

    A single course from one of these 10 trustworthy websites is sure to look dynamite on your CV:

    Leveling Up Your Work Skills With Coursera Now Free For Nys Residents

    Coursera- free online learning for unemployed people living in Cheshire and Warrington

    While the U.S. unemployment rate continues to decline reaching 6.9% in October thousands of Americans still are finding themselves unemployed or underemployed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. As mentioned in previous articles, different professions have faced a disproportionate burden from the COVID-19 epidemic, with the travel, hospitality and entertainment sectors taking some of the largest economic hits, while STEM, the skilled trades, and medicine have fared much better.

    As a response to Cronavirus caused job loss, the New York State department is now providing complimentary access to Coursera, an online learning platform for New York State residents who are currently unemployed or underemployed. The New York State DOL hopes the access to online courses will help to bridge the skills gap in growing sectors, particularly those requiring higher-skills technical knowledge.

    Coursera provides access to a wide array of video-based courses, many of which are taught by university professors or top industry professionals. Additionally, many of these courses also include downloadable supplementary course readings and materials.

    Those who are not current New York State residents whod like to try out Coursera can access a limited range of free courses, in addition to a free trial subscription to access premium courses.

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    Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Course

    Every business prioritizes inbound marketing in some way. This program focuses on executing the right inbound marketing plan by creating valuable educational content for each level of the buyer’s journey.

    This free certification course is a series of short video lectures and an exam at the end of the course. It offers knowledge around content strategy, lead generation, and automation strategies.

    You’ll learn inbound marketing strategies, like how to use creative methods to direct people onto a website with the hope of attracting new customers. You’ll also figure out how to use social media, blogs, podcasts, and other off-site methods of getting more traffic onto a website.

    Programming And Computer Science Courses

    The tech industry being the rapidly growing segment that it is, there arent enough programmers to meet the demand. IT experts and coders are hot commodities nowadays and the pay is usually quite lucrative, to say the least.

    If you want to stay ahead of the curve, start with one of these courses:

  • Android Basics
    • Price: $399/month or$1017/3 months
    • Time: 3 months
    • About: This course is pricey, however, it’s high-quality content and Udacity Nanodegree programs are widely recognized and trusted among industry leaders. This course is aimed at people with no prior experience of coding and will teach you how to build apps for the Android platform. The program also includes real-world projects, technical mentor support and career services.

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    Cuomo Hires Courseraorg To Provide Unemployed New Yorkers With Access To Training Programs

    IBL News | New York signed up this month a partnership with The New York State Department of Labor in order to provide unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers with free access to 4,000 courses, programs, and professional certificates in business and technology.

    The announcementmade by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on November 17thfocuses on training on high-growth and in-demand sectors like advanced manufacturing, technology, and health care, among others.

    The war against COVID-19 is one taking place on multiple fronts, and while we are doing everything we can to protect the health of New Yorkers, we must also take the steps necessary for building back a strong economy, Governor Cuomo said. Whether its taking a refresher course or learning a new skill, I encourage all New Yorkers in need to consider taking advantage of this free program.

    This is a range of classes offered on Coursera:

    During the pandemic, Coursera has reached agreements with 330 government agencies across 70 countries and 30 US states and cities to provide training to impacted workers. Coursera says that since it launched its Workforce Recovery Initiative, more than 1 million workers have enrolled in over 7 million courses to gain critical skills.

    Were honored to partner with and the New York State Department of Labor to provide free retraining to unemployed workers across the state. #WorkforceDevelopment#CourseraForGovernment

    Looking For An Online Refresher Course Or Want To Learn New Skills

    Coursera Offers 3,800 Courses Free to Skill Up Unemployed Workers

    Good News. New York State has partnered with Coursera, the leading online training provider, to offer free online training. New Yorkers who have been impacted by the pandemic and are unemployed or underemployed are eligible for free online training. Through a unique partnership, NYS Dept. of Labor and Coursera are enabling eligible New Yorkers to learn new skills, earn certificates and advance their careers at no cost. Coursera provides access to nearly 4,000 programs taught by leading professors and industry professionals. Courses focus on high-growth and in-demand industries like advanced manufacturing, tech and healthcare, among others.

    According to the NYS Dept of Labor, they are working with stakeholders across the state to curate the content catalog to respond to industry and regional needs, so that job seekers can easily find courses that will make them the most competitive for open positions in New York State.

    Heres just a few available courses:

    • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects
    • Motor and Motor Contact Circuits
    • The Business of Health Care Specialization
    • Data Science Specialization
    • Google IT Support Professional Certification
    • Facebook Social Media Marketing

    You can view the complete course catalog here COURSERA CATALOG.

    Dont miss this opportunity to take refresher courses or learn new skills for free. Heres how to .

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    Govt Announces Coursera Free Courses For 50000 Unemployed Youth

    Around 50,000 youths in South Africa are set to benefit from Coursera free courses, the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies announced on Thursday .

    DCDT has partnered with the National Media Institute of SA and Coursera for the online programme aimed at imparting digital and 4th industrial revolution skills among the youth.

    Coursera is the worlds largest online learning platform. Its partnership with NEMISA will enhance the latters existing course content, DCDT said.

    Alison’s Introduction To Job Search Skills

    This is a fantastic resource for those with little-to-no job hunting experience, as it covers the basics of what you need to know to start searching for work. The course will also be of great interest to professionals in career coaching.

    The course offers the job search tips you need to recognize a full-time job or internship. The program provides steps to identify your career passion, position yourself for the jobs, identify what employers are looking for, and create relationships with potential employers.

    You’ll get to know the significance of internships in your career. The course covers what you need to know when looking for a job in another location. You’ll also learn how to identify and fix problems related to employment gaps.

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    Free Online Courses And Certificate Programs Available For New Yorkers On Coursera


    Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the launch of a new online training platform which will enable unemployed and underemployed New Yorkers weathering the COVID-19 pandemic to learn new skills, earn certificates, and advance their careers at no cost. The new tool will provide access to nearly 4,000 online programs taught by leading professors and industry professionals on Coursera, with a focus on high-growth and in-demand sectors like advanced manufacturing, technology, and health care, among others.

    Examples of the wide range of courses, programs, and professional certificates available through Coursera include:

    • How to Manage a Remote Team
    • Business Writing
    • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing Machine Learning
    • Motors and Motor Control Circuits
    • Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing
    • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects
    • Supply Chain Operations
    • Google IT Support Professional Certificate
    • The Business of Health Care Specialization
    • Medical Neuroscience
    • Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
    • Introduction to HTML5
    • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: First Step Towards Success
    • Introduction to iOS App Development

    Coursera Free Online Courses

    DOL Coursera: Helping You Take Your Career to the Next Level

    Here is a recommendation of courses for you, try your hands on one of these popular courses to make your stay at home period interesting.

    English for Career Development

    Offered by – University of Pennsylvania

    English is a universally accepted language and for those who are non-English speakers, or have English as a second language , this course is a must to enroll for during the quarantine period. Through this course, you will be able to acquire English language skills to tap opportunities in global market. Attend a few sessions to know how to crack job interview, frame letters and also apply for the job to build career opportunities. To enroll in this course for free, click on Enroll now and then select “Full Course. No certificate.”

    Stanford Introduction to Food and Health

    Offered by Stanford University

    Food is the basic necessity and to make it enriching and nutritious is not a game. Find out how to make the food you consume, more nutritious, which ingredients to add to the daily diet to build strong immunity. You will also learn, how food can help you fight global pandemics by preventing you from getting attack by chronic diseases. Enroll for the course to lead a healthy and foody life.

    Fighting COVID-19 with Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out

    Offered by – Johns Hopkins University

    Problem Solving, Python Programming, and Video Games

    Offered By – University of Alberta

    Imagining Other Earths

    Offered by – Princeton University

    Offered by – University of Michigan

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    Connecting You With Career

    The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development partnered with Coursera to provide free career-focused, online learning resources to Minnesotans between June 2020 and April 30, 2022. Many Minnesotans signed up and took courses on their own, while many others took advantage of this offer as part of additional workforce or training programs.

    As of April 2022, over 3,400 Minnesotans had completed one or more courses on Coursera through this DEED program with over 13,700 course completions total. The top course domains or areas of study were Information Technology , Data Science, Computer Science, and Business .

    If you are interested in other job training or career exploration opportunities, including ways to improve your digital or business skills, or want to learn more about what training or education pathways are right for you, contact CareerForce staff at a location near you.

    More questions about this initiative? Email .

    Udacity’s How To Build A Startup

    Many startups fail because they don’t validate their ideas early on with real-life clients. To avoid this, this course teaches you how to search for real pain points and unmet customer needs. This will help you find better solutions and the most ideal business models.

    The curriculum comprises a series of very short and engaging videos centered on the Business Model Canvas, allowing you to organize your thinking around a startup business. The main goal is to teach you how to quickly develop and test ideas by collecting large amounts of customer and market feedback.

    This program is aimed at people interested in creating their own businesses and those who’re looking to get a job at a startup company. You’ll learn about the key elements of building a successful business, including how to pitch your product or service, what you need to think about when creating a business model, and how to think about the competitive landscape.

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