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How To File For Unemployment In Mississippi

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Payment Options For Claimants

Mississippi expected to apply for federal unemployment assistance

Claimants can receive UI payments via direct deposit or a debit card. When registering their account online, if they wish to receive payment via direct deposit, they must do the following once they are on the Claimant Services page:

  • Go to the Update Claimant Profile tab.
  • Select Payment Option to enter bank information, including routing and account numbers.
  • Email a photo of the back and front of a voided check driver’s license or state-issued ID and Social Security card. Once the MDES verifies this information, it will process the direct deposit.

People who don’t request a direct deposit will get a debit card issued by Comerica Bank. Claimants can use the card for up to three years. The MDES advises them to keep the card until it expires, even if they’re not currently certifying claims.

How Unemployment Insurance Works In Mississippi

Heres a quick overview of how the unemployment insurance process works in Mississippi.

  • Before you apply, make sure you meet all eligibility requirements. You must be unemployed through no fault of your own, meet minimum wage requirements during your Base Period and be ready, willing and available to work, among others.
  • If you meet all the eligibility requirements, then you can apply for unemployment insurance. To file by phone, call 601-855-3133 or 1-888-844-3577, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm. To file online, you can do so anytime by setting up an account on the MDES online employment services website.
  • Determine the amount of your benefit. After you apply, you will receive a Monetary Determination. This will detail the amount of weekly benefits you can receive. In Mississippi, this is between $30 and $235 and is based on the amount of wages you earned during your Base Period. You can collect benefits for up to 26 weeks if you continue to meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Know how and when you will be paid. You will be paid after you youre your second weekly claim. Your first week is a waiting week and you will not be paid for that period, but you must still file to claim benefits.
  • You will receive payments by check or through a debit card and your benefits will be loaded onto that card.
  • You can file an appeal if you are denied benefits. If you are denied benefits for any reason, you can file an appeal to seek if your denial can be overturned.
  • Mdes Announces New Number For Unemployment Claims

    The Mississippi Department of Employment Security has announced a change in phone numbers for their Contact Center in an effort to streamline services for Mississippians requiring assistance with Unemployment Insurance Assistance.

    The new numbers, which go into effect Thursday, November 12, can be seen below:

    Claimants should call 601-493-9427 or 601-326-1119 for the following services.

    • To file unemployment claims,
    • Ask questions about existing claims,
    • Password reset assistance, and
    • How to file weekly certifications

    Claimants should call 601493-9427 for the following services.

    The MDES Contact Center is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

    For more information, please visit .

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    The Unemployment Registration Process In Mississippi

    The unemployment registration process takes place online or over the phone with the MDES Call Center. The former employee is also required to participate in reemployment services as defined by MDES.

    The MDES Workforce Investment Network Job Centers offer employment services in which job seekers who possess occupational skills and employers who need workers with these skills are brought together. The services available at the WIN Job Centers shorten the length of unemployment insurance coverage, provide training opportunities to those applicants with little or no occupational skills and provide placement and support to the claimants. The placement activities work by obtaining a job order from an employer for a worker, selecting the person most suitable for the job, referring the person to the employer for consideration and verifying that the unemployment insurance benefits recipient has been accepted by the employer and has begun the job. In case there is not a current match of employer need and applicant job skills, the WIN Job Center engages in an active program of job development on behalf of such job seekers to bring their availability to the attention of employers who hire workers with such skills. The WIN Job Centers also provide Job Search Skills Training which includes items such as how to dress appropriately for a job interview and how to conduct oneself during the interview. MDES does not charge a fee to job seekers.

    How To Sign Up For Unemployment Insurance In Mississippi

    Mississippi workers unable to work due to COVID

    To apply for unemployment benefits in Mississippi, the former worker has a couple of options at his or her disposal. If you have asked How can I sign up for unemployment? you will need to understand the application process and all of the necessary elements required to file for unemployment. Claimants interested in knowing where to sign up for unemployment and related information about the process, or required documents, will find the information herein helpful.

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    What Information Is Required For Unemployment Registration In Mississippi

    To file for an unemployment claim in Mississippi, the applicant must have proper identification. This can include a drivers license, a state-issued picture ID, a Social Security card, a military ID, a birth certificate or any unexpired forms of ID verification acceptable for E-Verify. Petitioners claiming benefits for unemployment will also need to provide the name and address of prior employers, as well as the last day worked and the reason for separation from each employment. Regarding the listed reason for separation from employment, the employer also provides information regarding this. The employer also weighs in on the applicants ability to work and availability to work. This information is used by MDES to determine if further investigation is necessary.

    When the claimant wants to file for unemployment, his or her Social Security number will be used to report the unemployment insurance earnings to the Internal Revenue Service as income that is taxable. It will also be used as a record index for processing the claim, for statistical purposes, and to verify eligibility for unemployment insurance and other public assistance benefits. The information the claimant provides at the time of filing is cross-matched with the Social Security Administrations records. Information concerning the claim may be requested and utilized by other agencies to verify income and eligibility.

    Reasons For Denial Of Benefits

    The MDES will deny benefit awards for several reasons. If you do not earn enough wages in your base period, you will not qualify. You will have to earn enough wages until you can reopen a claim within the year.

    An issue regarding the separation from work is the reason most people dont qualify for benefit payments. If your actions or decision caused the separation from work, you wont receive benefits.

    If you quit to return to school full-time, you may be disqualified from receiving benefits. While wanting to further your education is certainly a good reason for you to quit, it may not be for your employer. Since it was your decision, and not your employers, you will be disqualified.

    If your employer fired you for repeated violations of a policy, and you received repeated warnings, the examiner will likely deny your claim. If you were insubordinate, but only once, the MDES may deny your claim depending on the circumstances. In this case, your actions caused the separation from work. The employer gave you opportunities to change your behavior. Nevertheless, you continued to violate the rule. The claims examiner would consider this misconduct connected to work.

    Other circumstances may disqualify you from receiving benefits in Mississippi.

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    Claim Denials Or Discrepancies

    Any decision which may affect a claimants eligibility and payment of benefits or the charges to the employers account are appealable. Denied claims can be appealed at the Appeals Office located in the main MDES office. You can file for an appeal using the online filing system, or by going to a WIN Job center.

    You or any employer affected by a decision of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security can appeal the denial of benefits or the award of benefits. The losing party can appeal the initial decision, or an amended decision, to a judge. The judge’s decision can be appealed to the Board of Review, and the decision of the Board of Review can be appealed to the Circuit Court.

    Appeals require the following information:

    • Name and contact information
    • Identification number of your claim denial
    • Reasons you think it shouldn’t have been denied
    • Signature

    After about a week, you should hear back about your appeal hearing. Attend your appeal hearing after collecting the necessary evidence to prove your case. If you are interested in hiring an attorney, submit their name and contact information on your appeal form for approval.

    NOTE: Your employer can also appeal an approved unemployment claim if they believe there are discrepancies with it. This makes it crucial to accurately fill out your initial application.

    Other Types Of Benefits And Programs For The Unemployed

    Unemployment Benefits Mississippi ($900/Week or $18,000) How To Apply

    Educational Help

    Federal agencies offer many unemployment education and training programs. They are generally free or low cost to the unemployed.

    Self-Employment Help

    Self-employment assistance programs help unemployed workers start their own small businesses. Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, and Oregon offer this program.

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    Mississippi Workers Unable To Work Due To Covid

    JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi workers that have not been able to work due to coronavirus can now file for unemployment.

    The Mississippi Department of Employment Security announced Friday that existing unemployment compensation requirements have been adjusted, allowing more people to file for benefits.

    People who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who have been quarantined by a medical professional or government agency due to coronavirus are among those who can now file for benefits. Also included are people who were laid off or sent home without pay for an extended period by their employers. People who are caring for a family member who has been diagnosed with the virus are also included.

    To file an unemployment claim, visit the MDES website or call the MDES Contact Center at 888-844-3577. Online claims can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Please keep in mind that many people are trying to get through so the phone lines and the website may be busy and/or overwhelmed during peak times.

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    How To File For Unemployment In Mississippi

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic tightened its grip on the US, unemployment rates have been rising astronomically. As Benzinga reports, the unemployment rate rose from 4.4% in March to 14.7% in April, representing the highest level since the peak of the Great Depression. If youre a resident of Mississippi whos lost their job or had their income reduced as a result of the crisis, unemployment insurance benefits could be just what you need to keep afloat. Heres what you need to know about how to file for unemployment in Mississippi.

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    More Ways To File Your Covid

    Unemployment Insurance benefits claims can be filed online by clicking here, or by calling 888-844-3577. The call center hours are 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. seven days a week. The hours will most likely will be extended as the week progresses.

    If you are experiencing difficulty filing your Unemployment Insurance claim, you may contact MDES at or contact your local WIN Job Center for assistance. WIN Job Center lobbies are currently closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Contact a WIN Job Center by using the information below:

    WIN Job Center Location | Email | Phone

    Amory Job Center 662-256-2618

    Attala Job Center 662-289-2535

    Batesville Job Center 662-563-7318

    Brookhaven Job Center 601- 833- 3511

    Calhoun Job Center 662-412-3170

    Carthage Job Center 601-267-9282

    Clarksdale Job Center 662-624-9001

    Cleveland Job Center 662-843-2704

    Columbia Job Center 601-736-2628

    Corinth Job Center 662-696-2336

    DeSoto County Job Center 662-280-6218

    Forest Job Center 601-469-2851

    Greenville Job Center 662-332-8101

    Greenwood Job Center 662-459-4600

    Grenada Job Center 662-226-2911

    Gulfport Job Center 228-897-6900

    Hancock Job Center 228-466-5425

    Hattiesburg Job Center 601- 584 -1202

    Houston Job Center 662- 407-1219

    Indianola Job Center 662- 887-2502

    Iuka Job Center 662-423-9231

    Jackson Job Center 601-321-7931

    Laurel Job Center 601-399-4000

    Lexington Job Center 662-834-2426

    Louisville Job Center 662-773-5051

    Madison County Job Center 601-859-7609

    Marshall Job Center 662-838-3805

    How To Apply For Unemployment

    How To File For Unemployment In Jackson Ms

    Enter your zip code to get started.

    Mississippi Unemployment Insurance program offers temporary financial assistance for unemployed workers in Mississippi who have lost their job or their work hours have been reduced without a fault of their own. Workers meeting eligibility criteria for the program will receive weekly assistance. Applicants will need to be available and ready for work in order to receive UI benefits.

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    What If I Am Denied Benefits

    If you are denied unemployment insurance benefits, you have the right to appeal that decision and receive a hearing. To file an appeal, within 14 days of the mailing date of your decision, you may file by mailing an appeal request to:

    MDES Appeals Department

    PO Box 1699

    Jackson, MS 39215-1699

    You can also call the MDES Call Center at 601-855-3133 or 1-888-844-3577, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm to get more information about filing an appeal.

    After you file your appeal, you will get a written notice of the time and date of your hearing, which are scheduled as soon as possible. After the hearing, you will receive a written decision from the Administrative Appeals Office within 14 days. During this time, you should continue to file weekly claims. You can only be paid for claims during the weeks that you file. If you do not file you will not be paid if your denial is overturned.

    If you disagree with the Administrative Appeals Officers decision, you can file an appeal to the Board of Review and send it to the contact information on the letter you receive, or by calling the MDES Contact Center.

    If you get an unfavorable decision from the Board of Review, you can file an appeal to the Circuit Coart in the county where you live. If you disagree with the Circuit Court Judges decision, you can then file to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

    If you have questions regarding any aspect of the appeals process, call the MDES Appeals department at 321-6294.

    How To File Weekly Claims

    You can file weekly certifications online. A week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. You must file the weekly claim after the week has ended but before the next week begins. For instance, if you are filing for week-ending July 9, 2014, you must file a weekly claim before 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, July 17, 2014.Note that you will not receive benefits for the week you failed to file a claim.

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    How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Ms

    You may file your initial claim for benefits online, by telephone or in person at a WIN Job Center.

    To file online:

    • Register with the MDES Applicant Services website
    • Login and follow the instructions

    To file by telephone:

    To file with assistance from an MDES employee, visit a local WIN Job Center. You may need this option if you need assistance in a foreign language.

    No matter how you file your claim, you will need to provide the state with the following information:

    • Your Social Security number
    • Your complete mailing address and phone number
    • The names, addresses, and phone numbers for all your employers for the last eighteen months
    • The dates you worked and the reason you left each employer
    • Alien Registration number or Visa number, if you are not a U.S. Citizen

    MDES will not take claims on new or reopened cases by phone or in person on Mondays and Tuesdays. You can file online anytime. If you were active military, a federal employee or if you earned wages in another state, you may file by phone on Monday and Tuesday, as well as any other day of the week.

    File Your Unemployment Application And Initial Claim Process

    Mississippi unemployment numbers rise

    To successfully file for Mississippi unemployment online, complete the following steps in order:

    • Create a username and password on the Mississippi Department of Employment Security online filing site
    • Login to your profile and click on Make A New Claim
    • Add personal contact information
    • Fill out the relevant information regarding your employment, including why you were separated from your last job and how long you were employed
    • Make sure to find the proper employment code for your job to ensure you file properly
    • Double-check your information for accuracy before submitting
    • After submitting, register for work

    You should hear about your unemployment claim in no more than a week or two. This is known as the waiting week period. During this time, you will receive no benefits, nor do you have to actively search for work.

    Make sure that you register for work immediately, and continue to claim weekly benefits, to avoid any delays in payment.

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    Fired But Still Eligible

    Your employer may dismiss you for violating a rule or policy. However, if you were fired for only violating the policy once, your actions in that instance may not rise to the level of misconduct connected to the work. This may depend on the severity of your conduct.

    Example: You were late to work once after having worked for the employer for two months. You were late because your tire blew on the interstate. Your employer fired you. The claims examiner may not consider this misconduct.

    Your employer will receive notification when you file for unemployment benefits. They may dispute the information you provide in your initial claim. This will affect the claims examiners actions. MDES may still deny benefits, and you may have to file an appeal of the determination.

    If you are denied benefits, please visit our section on appealing benefits decision in Mississippi.

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