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File Weekly Claim Unemployment Nc

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How to File for Unemployment Benefits in North Carolina

Certifying is the process of answering basic questions every week that lets the Department of Labor know that you are still unemployed and eligible to continue receiving benefit payments. If you withhold or give false information to receive benefits, such as not reporting work or wages, you are committing fraud. Penalties may include disqualification for unemployment insurance, losing your benefits, and criminal prosecution.

North Carolina Unemployment Weekly Claim

In order to keep receiving an unemployment check every week you must file a weekly claim, also known as a weekly certification or continued claim.

The purpose of filing a weekly claim is to tell the unemployment agency that you:

1. Are currently looking for work. 2. Have not done any work this week. 3. Have not made any money this week 4. Have not found another job. 5. Want to receive an unemployment check or payment this week.

Therefore, it is very important to file your weekly claim every week to keep receiving your unemployment check.

If you delay in filing your weekly claim, you may not get your unemployment check on time.

Click Here: Weekly Reminder Email to get a reminder email sent to you every week so that you dont forget to file you weekly claim. This is a free service of because we want to make sure you file your weekly claim on time, and get your unemployment payment on time.

Still Have Questions?

What If You Cant File Weekly Claims

If you cant file claims anymore, you still have other ways. The following tips may help you meet basic needs even without the COVID programs:

  • Use your savings If you have money set aside, its time to use it. If the funds are in your bank account, stick to online purchases. This allows you to spend the money while avoiding COVID-19.
  • Write a budget Make full use of the money you still have. Stop buying stuff you dont need. Get rid of subscriptions youre not using to lower expenses further.
  • Start selling stuff You may have unused knick-knacks in your attic. It may fetch a good price on Etsy or . In turn, you may add to your remaining funds.
  • Keep looking for work It is hard to find a job nowadays, but do still try. You might want to try remote work. Its popular because it lets you work from home while keeping safe against COVID.

You might be having trouble with debts. Thankfully, there are ways you can deal with those too. Here are some tips:

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Documents Needed To File

Not everyone who applies for unemployment benefits will qualify. Certain conditions must be met in order to meet initial eligibility requirements and to remain eligible to receive benefits. Filing your claim will go faster if you have the following important information before you begin.

How Do I Apply For Unemployment Insurance In New York

Des Nc Gov File Weekly Claim ~ thek9design

New York uses a specific system for unemployment claim submission that is guided by your last name. For example, if you are submitting a new claim for unemployment assistance, the day you should apply is based on the first letter of your last name.

  • A â F should file their UI benefits claims on Monday
  • G â N should file their UI benefits claims on Tuesday
  • O- Z should file their UI benefits claims on Wednesday

To submit your unemployment insurance claim, create your account and follow the instructions that guide you through submitting your initial unemployment claim.

If you have never before submitted a UI benefits claim in the state of New York, you will need to create a PIN. Your unique PIN will be used to check the status of your claim and to submit ongoing weekly unemployment compensation claims.

If you are unable to submit your unemployment insurance claim online, you also may call the state of New Yorks Telephone Claim Center during business hours to file a claim. The number is 888-209-8124, and agents are available to help you Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Translation services are available for claimants who file by phone.

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Unemployment Program Extensions Under Covid Relief Bill

The $900 billion COVID-19 relief package was passed into law on Dec. 27, 2020, which among several other pandemic relief measures extends and provides additional federal funding for enhanced unemployment benefits. This includes the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance , Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation and a reinstatement, but halving of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Program which provides a $300 supplemental weekly unemployment payment. I have also posted this video discussing the frustrations around the current $300 payment!

These programs have been funded and extended for 11 weeks , covering the weeks of December 27th, 2020 to March 14th, 2021. To receive FPUC benefits, you must be receiving regular UI, PEUC, EB, or PUA.

NJ DOL 2021 11-week Extension Payment Details and Updates on $300 FPUC, PUA and PEUC

NJDOL has successfully completed programming for the 11-week benefit extension for the over 75,000 expired PUA and PEUC claims. Claimants who had been waiting and are eligible to claim these 11-weeks should have been notified by email and can certify during their regular schedule once the extended weeks are added to their claim balance. If you have not received your notification AND cannot certify in the next few days your claim is likely held up due to additional manual processing/verification or you were deemed ineligible. Some examples are further discussed in the comments below.

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What If My Claim Is Denied

There are several factors that may cause your North Carolina unemployment claim for benefits to either be denied initially or denied for one or more weeks after you have been approved. DES will continue to monitor your claim to make sure you meet all requirements, but if a question does pop up, it could take up to several weeks to receive, review and make a determination of the information that is provided.

If you are denied North Carolina unemployment benefits, you can file an appeal online. For general appeals inquiries, call 1-888-737-0259.

Reasons why your claim might be denied could include:

If you are denied benefits for one or more weeks, you have the right to appeal that decision. A determination letter will be mailed to you if your claim is denied, and to file an appeal, you must follow the instructions on the determination and file an appeal within the specified time frame. Also make sure to meet the stated deadline, as late appeals will be denied due process.

While your claim is under appeal, it is critical that you continue to file weekly certifications unless you have returned to full time work. If you have returned to work, you must report your income in the week it was earned instead of the week it was received. Failure to do so constitutes fraud.

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What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

To be eligible to receive payments you must meet the requirements as set forth by the DES. The state has three basic criteria.

  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own. This means that you were laid off or let go due to lack of work. You will not be eligible for benefits if you were fired for misconduct or you voluntarily quit.
  • You must be monetarily eligible. To be able to receive benefits, you must meet certain minimum wage criteria. This means you have earned qualifying dollar amounts during your Base Period.

You must be able, available and actively seeking work. The state maintains that you must contact at least five employers each week you claim benefits as part of your requirements. In addition, it is mandatory that you must register with the states job search and training program

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What Is The Appealing Process In North Carolina

How to File a Weekly Certification for Unemployment Benefits in North Carolina

If your claim is denied, or your weekly amount is reduced you will be mailed an Administrative Decision within a certain number of business days of it happening.

You may receive a form along with the decision which you should fill out and return if you choose to appeal the decision. It is important to note, that if you choose to appeal the decision you should continue to file your weekly claims for benefits.

That way, if the appeal is reached in your favor, you can be paid out for all the weeks you were eligible for. Administrative decisions become final within 20 days from the date they were mailed. It is pertinent that you respond quickly to ensure your greatest chance of success.

You can learn more about the North Carolina appeals process here.

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Quitting Your Last Job

To collect unemployment, you must be out of work through no fault of your own. So if you quit your job voluntarily, without good cause, you may not receive benefits. In North Carolina, you may have good cause if you quit for a compelling, job-related reason that left you no other choice. You may also have good cause if you quit because of domestic violence or to relocate with your military spouse.

How Do I File For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

Although you can file an unemployment claim by phone, fax, or email, the quickest way to file North Carolina unemployment applications is through the DES website.

If you dont have access to a computer, you can file your initial claim and ongoing weekly claims by calling the DES Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259.

To avoid a delay in receiving benefits, you should file a claim as soon as your job has come to an end or you have worked less than three full-time days in a week. If you are filing a claim for the first time, youll be required to create a personalized PIN that will allow you to access your claim information through the North Carolina unemployment website. You will also use this pin to access the North Carolina unemployment phone number system.

You will need to supply the following information when you open an initial claim:

Like many other states, the North Carolina unemployment program has a one-week waiting period. You will not be paid any benefits during this week. You will need to serve an unpaid waiting week each time you apply for North Carolina unemployment benefits during your established benefit year.

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North Carolina Unemployment Weekly Claims

You may file for weekly claims either online or by telephone.

To file a weekly certification you must call 1-888-372-3453.

  • Claimants with odd number SSNs à Monday & Wednesday through Saturday,
  • Claimants with even number SSNs à Tuesday through Saturday

While claiming online, please remember to use the logout button when you are finished using the NC DES website rather than closing the browser window. This will protect your personal information and is important if you are using a public computer, at a DES office or a library.

If you are having problems logging into the website, call 1-888-737-0259 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Note: Each application displays its own hours of availability which may differ from the above specified login availability times.

  • Monday Friday 2:00 A.M. 12:00 Midnight ET
  • Saturday 6:00 A.M. 12:00 Midnight ET
  • Sunday 12:00 Noon 12:00 Midnight ET
  • Angela,

    Please check if it was successfully submitted and shows on record. Else, you can call the Claims Center.

  • Please call the Claims Center for status. If should not take so long for sure.

  • How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

    Over 450,000 Unemployment Claims Filed in North Carolina  Flow Chart ...

    The fastest and most efficient way to get UI benefits is to file an initial claim online. However, if youd prefer, you also may file by phone through North Carolinas Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259.

    If you choose to file online, you can click on Create an Online Account on the DES homepage and follow the instructions given for setting up an account, including choosing a PIN, which you will need to check your claims status and to file for your weekly benefits.

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    How To Certify For Weekly Ny Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    You must seek weekly benefits for each week you are unemployed and satisfy the eligibility conditions after you have filed a claim for benefits.

    This is also known as benefits certification. As soon as you get notice from the DOL, you will begin certifying. Go to for more information. To keep receiving payments, you must have to certify every week you are unemployed.

    You are verifying that you were unemployed for all or part of the previous week and that you meet the other eligibility requirements for welfare during this process.

    You will be asked if you are eager, willing, and able to work each week while certifying benefits, and if you have been actively looking for work. Because of the pandemic and New York States PAUSE, we realize that many of you are unable to function. To earn the insurance, you must say YES if you would not be able to function.

    The size of your weekly welfare payout is determined by how much and what you were paying prior to being unemployed. To figure out your rate, we use a formula.

    What do you do? Nothing is required of you except to begin certifying weekly until the DOL has told you to do so. Your benefits will be immediately revised.

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    How To File Your Weekly Certification For Unemployment In North Carolina

    A claimant in North Carolina must file their weekly certification online. The option to file by phone is no longer available. An applicant having trouble with the online system should contact the North Carolina Division of Employment Security Customer Call Center at 888-737-0259. The claimant must submit a weekly certification after each week for which they want to receive benefits. The certification is a set of questions that verifies whether the individual was able, available and looking for work in the prior week.

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    For What Reasons Can You Be Denied Unemployment

    If your unemployment claim is denied, you will receive a determination letter from the North Carolina Division of Employment Security . The determination letter will explain why your claim was denied and provide information on the appeals process.

    Common reasons why unemployment claims are denied include:

    Unemployment Work Search Requirements

    Filing for unemployment benefits in NC

    What can I do to fulfill my work search requirements each week?

    • Contact employers who have a position matching your qualifications, knowledge, abilities or skills. Employer contact must be for the purpose of obtaining employment.
    • Participate in approved and verified reemployment activities. May count for no more than one of the three required contacts each week.

    What are acceptable methods of contacting employers?

    • Submitting an application, resume, letter of interest, etc., through the employer or an employment website, such as NCWorks.
    • Having a telephone conversation with an employer. Note: Leaving a message or voicemail is not sufficient.
    • Attending a meeting with the employer. May include contact at job fairs or similar events or video interviews.
    • Registering with Can only be used as a contact for the week registration was completed.

    What kinds of reemployment activities may count as work search contacts?

    • Skill Set Courses
    • Soft Skills Training
    • Industry/Occupational Specific Training
    • Alison Online Training

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    Failing To Meet The Earnings Requirements

    In North Carolina , you must have earned a minimum amount in wages from employers who are covered by the state’s unemployment laws , during a 12-month stretch called the “base period.” To qualify in North Carolina, you must have earned wages in at least two quarters of the base period, and you must have earned at least $780 in one of the last two quarters of the base period.

    How Do I Claim My Weekly Benefits

    You must answer a series of questions for each calendar week that you wish to receive benefits. This is called completing your weekly certification.

    • Weekly certifications must be filed online.
    • If you dont have access to a computer, you can contact our customer call center by calling 1-888-737-0259.

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    How Can I Apply

    The fastest way to file a claim for unemployment benefits in North Carolina is online at To file a claim online, you must create an online account with the DES. You can also file a claim by calling the DES customer call center at 888-737-0259.

    To expedite the filing process, make sure you have the following required information on hand:

    • Your Social Security number
    • Details about why you separated from your last job, along with any vacation, retirement or severance pay received or owed to you
    • Your bank account routing and account numbers for direct deposit
    • Work history for all employers over the last two years, including employer name, address, phone number, dates of employment, rates of pay and reason for separation

    Non-citizens, former federal employees and former members of the military have additional documentation requirements.

    Some Will Not Be Able To File Weekly Claims Soon

    Des Nc Gov File Weekly Claim ~ thek9design

    This may end for 25 states. According to some lawmakers, the benefits are delaying economic recovery. Others note the struggle of business owners to hire workers.

    You might be living in one of these areas. Thats why we listed the states that will end their UI benefits early. See their deadlines below:

  • Louisiana August 3
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