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Unemployment Claims In Washington State

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How Do I Report Fraud

Rampant fraud for Washington state unemployment claims

Washington state has a comprehensive network designed to help residents report instances of fraudulent claims. To report fraud, use the secure fraud reporting form to alert officials that an imposter may be fraudulently claiming benefits under your name. If you have reason to believe that someone is claiming fraudulent unemployment benefits, you also can report this using the states fraud tip reporting form.

Are You Out Of Work Through No Fault Of Your Own

You must be out of work through no fault of your own to qualify for unemployment benefits.

Collecting Unemployment After a Layoff

If you were laid off, lost your job in a reduction-in-force , or got âdownsizedâ for economic reasons, you will meet this requirement.

Collecting Unemployment After Being Fired

If you were fired because you lacked the skills to perform the job or simply werenât a good fit, you wonât necessarily be barred from receiving benefits. As long as your actions donât rise to the level of âmisconduct,â you will still be eligible to receive unemployment. In Washington, misconduct means that the employeeâs actions show a âwillful or wanton disregardâ for the employerâs interest, or a carelessness that is so serious or frequent to show an intentional disregard for the employerâs interests. Under Washington law, the following are examples of misconduct:

  • acts of insubordination
  • repeatedly being late or absent after receiving a warning
  • lying on employment documents or other work-related dishonesty
  • engaging in physical violence at the workplace
  • work-related violations of the law
  • intentional violation of a collective bargaining agreement, and
  • violating a reasonable company policy.

Collecting Unemployment After Quitting

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Amount And Duration Of Unemployment Benefits In Washington State

The ESD determines your weekly benefit amount by averaging your wages from the two highest quarters in your base period and multiplying that number by .0385. The minimum weekly benefit amount is $188, and the maximum weekly benefit is $790. For example, if you earned an average of $17,000 in the two highest quarters, your weekly benefit amount would be $637 .

An individual can collect regular unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, though this might be extended in periods of high unemployment.

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Us Jobless Claims Rise By The Most In Nearly A Year As Recession Fears Abound

Scammers posing as out-of-work residents have bilked Washington state out of hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits, a top official said.

The fraudsters submitted bogus unemployment claims under the names of tens of thousands of people whose personal information had been stolen, said Suzi LeVine, commissioner of the states Employment Security Department.

I realize that this is a jaw-dropping figure, LeVine told reporters Thursday. She didnt provide a specific dollar amount.

The revelation came amid a massive surge in jobless claims during the coronavirus pandemic. More than 38 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in the last nine weeks as lockdowns meant to control the virus sparked layoffs across the country.

Washingtons total claims for unemployment benefits rose by about 369,000 to more than 1.6 million last week a surge that officials partly attributed to a spike in fraudulent claims.

The Secret Service has reportedly warned that a Nigerian fraud ring was swiping millions of dollars in benefits from Washington and six other states using stolen data such as Social Security numbers.

Washington has already prevented fraudsters from stealing hundreds of millions of additional dollars with safeguards such as holding up payments to validate claims, LeVine said. But that means officials are taking a day or two longer to process claims for jobless workers who actually need the money, she said.

Learn About Additional Unemployment Requirements In Washington State

Washington State Unemployment Claims: Health

When determining your eligibility for unemployment in WA, the reviewer of your application will be strongly interested in the circumstances of your unemployment, and you will need to explain why you were fired, terminated or laid off. If you are on a leave of absence from work, you may or may not meet the qualifications for unemployment, as set forth by the government and state.

Unemployment insurance benefits are generally reserved for a former worker who has lost a job through no fault of his or her own. Unemployment insurance eligibility stipulates that if a petitioners termination was conduct or performance-related, he or she would probably be ineligible for benefits. The state of Washington will classify you as laid off if your employer has no intention of replacing you with another worker, and fired if your employer intends to replace you.

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New Unemployment Claims In Washington State Fall To The Lowest Level Since March

Workers in Washington state last week filed the smallest number of new unemployment claims since mid-March, when the pandemic was just hitting the state economy.

But experts say its far from clear whether that decline represents a statistical blip or a legitimate sign of an awakening job market.

For the week ending Aug. 1, the state received 24,985 new, or initial, claims for regular unemployment insurance, a drop of 13.4% from the prior week, the state Employment Security Department reported Thursday.

Nationwide, the number of new claims fell 17.4%, to 1.4 million, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

The states weekly claims number is still high by historical standards nearly four and a half times the level of last year at this time. But its also at the lowest level since mid-March, when, in the space of a single week, initial claims jumped from 14,154 to 130,000 as the first big pandemic-related layoffs began.

How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Washington

The easiest way to apply for your UI benefits is to submit your eligibility claim online. You also have the option of calling Washingtons claim center to submit your unemployment claim. However, please know that long wait times are common when filing a claim by phone. Its much faster and more efficient to apply online, and you are strongly encouraged to do so. Its a good idea to make sure that you apply for your unemployment compensation within two weeks of losing your job.

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Federal Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Ended

The CARES Act and other federal programs that expanded and extended unemployment benefits expired the week ending Sept. 4, 2021. Visit ESDs COVID-19 info page to learn more.

The best and fastest way to apply for unemployment benefits is online. You can also apply by phone, but wait times are very long. You can also join online webinars that provide more information about unemployment insurance.

Follow,, and for the most up-to-date information.

Learn About Alternatives To Requesting A Washington Unemployment Extension

Laid-off workers in limbo as Washington state cracks down on unemployment fraud

Since the Washington unemployment extension program is not currently in effect, there will be no way to extend your benefits if they run out. However, there are ways to start working again as quickly as possible. If you are not granted a federal unemployment extension, and you have difficulty finding a new job, consider the tips below:

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Washington State ‘doing Well’ Ranked 32nd For Increased Unemployment Claims

As measured by increases in unemployment claims due to COVID-19, Washington state ranks 32nd in the nation.

Thats according to a report from personal finance website WalletHub, which looked at the unemployment claims of all 50 states and the District of Columbia at several key weeks.

Washington is doing well, ranking in the bottom 20 in terms of the increase in unemployment claims in the past week, with just about 15% more claims compared to pre-pandemic levels, Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst, said of the Thursday report in an email to The Center Square. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Washington has recorded an increase in the number of unemployment insurance initial claims of just over 28%, which is among the lowest ten states in the country.

According to the state Employment Security Departments December 2021 initial and continuing unemployment insurance claims report, for the four-week moving average ending Jan. 1 compared to the previous four-week moving average, regular initial claims increased by 1,826 to a total of 7,490. Regular continued claims increased by 3,713 to a total of 49,848.

The increase in initial claims is typical for the agriculture and construction industries during this week in pre-pandemic times, the ESD report states. And total initial claim volumes are still below pre-pandemic levels, indicating ongoing improvements in the overall labor market.

Can I Receive Unemployment Benefits In Washington

Employers in Washington who have been separated from their jobs for a reason that the states Employment Security Department recognizes is eligible for unemployment benefits. The most common reasons are: being laid off, quitting with good reason, being terminated for no fault of your own, or continuing to work less than full-time.

The ESD has also clarified a number of COVID-19-related situations in which you may be eligible for unemployment benefits, including:

  • Following exposure to COVID-19, you are self-quarantining as directed by a medical professional or public health official. However, you are not sick, and you are not entitled to paid sick leave as a result.
  • Unfortunately, your employer has gone out of business.
  • Youve been placed on administrative leave.
  • Your employer has temporarily ceased operations, and you are not entitled to pay sick leave or paid time off during this period.

Using paid sick leave is recommended if you need to take time off due to a COVID-19 infection, according to the ESD. If that isnt an option, you may be able to take advantage of paid family and medical leave instead.

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Washington Unemployment Phone Numbers

Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions.

Be prepared for long waits because lots of people try to do the same thing that you are. Be patient and you will get through to someone who can help you. Even though it is frustrating to wait so long, please be courteous and polite. The staffers on the other line are over-worked and are doing everything they can to help all of the people.

  • To apply for your initial claims you can call claims center at 800-318-6022 , TTY 800-365-8969.
  • Submit questions about unemployment benefits eligibility, the application process, receiving your check, filing a weekly claim, qualifying for special benefits or overpayment, call at 800-318-6022, TTY 800-365-8969
  • Disagree with a benefits decision? You can appeal by Fax: 800-301-1795
  • To arrange repayment of benefits youre not entitled to receive call at 866-697-4831, TTY 800-207-0882 or Fax- 360-902-9270
  • For Job opportunities with Employment Security, Fax: 360-902-9239
  • To report benefits cheaters: 866-266-1987, option 2, Fax: 360-407-3378 or 360-407-3379 , 509-893-7087
  • Kris,

    Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible .

  • Jerid,

    The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please be patient and continue following up regularly.

  • James,

    I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible .

  • Jeffsays:
  • Quit And Still Eligible

    Washington State Initial Unemployment Claims: Health Related ...

    The ESD looks at quit issues on a case-by-case basis. The claims examiner will look at the reason you quit the job before denying benefits. There are a few situations the examiner will consider the quit to be for a good cause:

    • Your employer reduced your salary by at least 25% or more
    • You found a new, or better, job
    • You had to leave because of a domestic violence issue
    • You worked under unsafe conditions or suffered undue harassment

    You had to show that you tried to remedy the situation before quitting the job. In many cases, this means discussing the matter with your supervisor or with HR.

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    Applying Over The Phone In Washington State

    As previously stated, you can also file for unemployment in Washington over the phone. You will need to call the state Automated Claims Line to complete an unemployment claim, and if you do not have the necessary information on hand, the claims specialist may ask you to call back later. When calling, please tell the WA unemployment registration specialist if you are under the protection of a court order before you begin to answer questions. You can elect to have the application translated into the following foreign languages.

    If you elect to call the Washington Unemployment Claims Center instead of the Automated Claims Line, a claims specialist, instead of a computer, will ask you questions. This is the best option if you prefer to interact with a human, but it usually takes longer than the other application methods. You will need to file for unemployment in WA by phone if you:

    You can also complete a WA unemployment EDD application using a tablet or smartphone if you do not have access to a personal computer.

    What Are Unemployment Benefits

    Unemployment benefits provide you with temporary income when you lose your job through no fault of your own. The money partly replaces your lost earnings and helps you pay expenses while looking for new work. The benefits, from taxes your former employer paid, are not based on financial need. While you receive benefits, your job is to get back to work as quickly as possible.

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    How Do You Apply For Washington Unemployment Benefits

    If you think you’re eligible for unemployment, you can file a claim on the ESD eServices website or by phone through the Claims Center at 800-318-6022. Be prepared with personal identification and details about your work for the past 18 months, including dates, employer information and income.

    After you complete the application process, you must register with the nearest WorkSource office. If you no longer live in Washington, you’ll need to register with an American Job Center.

    You may not have to register for work if you are:

    • Signed up for an ESD-approved training program
    • On standby from your employer
    • Out of work because of a strike or labor dispute
    • Protected by a court-issued anti-harassment order

    Estimate Your Own Wba

    Washington sees spike in unemployment claims
    • Identify the two highest quarters in your base year.
    • Key each total in the boxes below.
    • Press “Calculate” to see how much you are potentially eligible to receive.
    • To try again, press Clear and start over.

    Keep in mind that this is just an estimate of your weekly benefit amount. Your actual weekly benefit amount may be different when you file your claim.

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    Otium Beneficia In Washington Possum Accipere

    Emptores in Washington, qui ab operibus suis separati sunt ob causam, quod status Employment Securitatis Department agnoscit eligibile propter beneficia otium. Frequentissimae rationes sunt: positae, sine causa, sine tuo vitio terminatae, aut ad opus minus plenum tempus.

    In ESD etiam nonnullas condiciones COVID-19 relatas declaravit in quibus habiles sint ad otium commoditatis, inter:

    • Sequens detectio ad COVID-19, tu es auto-quarendo secundum medical professionali vel publica sanitatis publica. Sed aeger non es, et male valedixit et non competit.
    • Infeliciter, dico vobis ex negotio abiit.
    • In administratione valedixit positus es.
    • Dico tibi operationes ad tempus cessaverunt et non competit eis ut infirmos valefaciant vel solvant hoc tempore.

    Usus solutus valetudinarius infirmus commendatur si opus est ut temporis spatium ob infectionem COVID-19 infectio, secundum ESD. Si optio ista non est, commodum rei familiaris et medicinae loco relinquas uti possis.

    Solet ESD postulat ut minimum 680 horarum in opere operto tuo in basi anno functus es, qui primus quattuor ex quinque proximis quadrantibus calendarii superioris anni completus est. Ob expansionem in qui eligitur propter otium emolumenti sub Coronaviro Aido, Subsidio, et Securitatis Oeconomico Actus, eligi potest etiam si hanc postulationem non petis.

    New Unemployment Claims Dip In Washington State

    New unemployment claims in Washington fell last week and the states unemployment rate dipped even as the nation as a whole saw a modest increase in the number of people seeking jobless benefits.

    Washingtonians filed 12,958 new, or initial, claims last week, a 7.7% decrease from the previous week, the state Employment Security Department reported Thursday.

    Nationally, new jobless claims rose 1.2% to 745,000, the U.S. Labor Department reported.

    Washingtons unemployment rate fell to 6% in January, down from 7.1% in December, the ESD reported this week. The U.S. unemployment rate was 6.3% in January, down from 6.7% in December.

    Still, the number of new claims filed in Washington was more than twice the level during the same week last year as the pandemic and related business restrictions continue to spur higher-than-normal layoffs.

    Among the business sectors in the state that saw the largest number of new claims last week were construction, retail, accommodation and food services, and health care and social assistance.

    The total number of weekly, or continuing, claims filed in Washington last week fell 0.4% from the prior week, to 440,927.

    Last week, the ESD paid benefits on 315,399 individual claims, which was almost unchanged from the prior week. Because individuals can have multiple claims, the number of claims is often slightly higher than the number of individual claimants.

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    Agency: Nearly 87000 Bogus Unemployment Claims Filed In Washington State

    Emergency actions taken last May to halt a massive fraud in Washingtons unemployment system prevented at least $200 million in additional losses on top of the more than half-a-billion dollars taken by scammers, officials said Monday.

    But officials also acknowledged that the sophisticated scheme, which ultimately siphoned off $576 million in state and federal benefits, started in early March, two months before the Employment Security Department abruptly halted all payments to investigate the fraud.

    Mondays disclosures, presented during a wide-ranging news conference by ESD Commissioner Suzi LeVine, marked the first significant new insights into the fraud that the agency has shared in nearly two months.

    LeVine also offered additional data on workers waiting for ESD to review their stalled claims, and issued a warning to Washingtonians not to expect quick payment of any new federal money offered by Congress to replace the enhanced $600 weekly benefit that just expired.

    Although White House officials and congressional leaders are negotiating an extension of the benefit, it could take four to five months to retool our system to get payments flowing, LeVine said.

    Much of the news conference focused on new details about the fraud. For the first time, agency officials shared a precise estimate for the number of bogus claims that criminals filed and the state inadvertently paid benefits on: 86,449. They also gave the more specific dollar amount of $576 million.

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