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Oregon: Unemployment Weekly Claim Line

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How Many Weeks Can I Receive Benefit Payments

How To File Your Weekly Unemployment Claim – Updated 4-7-14

Currently, you can receive benefits for 26 weeks for your benefit year. You cannot file a new claim until your benefit year is up, even if you have exhausted all of your benefits.

Your Oregon unemployment amount is calculated as 1.25% of your total base year wages. Oregon unemployment laws set the minimum and maximum amounts of UI benefits you can receive. Currently, the weekly minimum is $151 and the weekly maximum is $648.

If you were unable to work because you were sick or injured, you may be able to file an Oregon unemployment extension that increases your base year to additional calendar quarters.

If your claim begins between these dates: Your base year will be:
If your claim begins between these dates: Your base year will be:

Gov Kate Brown Just Waived The Waiting Period For Unemployment Benefits Why Was It There In The First Place

According to the National Employment Law Project, waiting periods were put in place across the country to reduce the cost and administrative burden of running unemployment programs. When unemployment benefits were still a new concept in the early 20th Century, there was concern that paying benefits for longer durations would not be affordable, so waiting periods of two, and even four weeks, were found in state UI laws, NELP wrote on an information sheet about waiting periods.

A screen in the Oregon Employment Department claims process.

Courtesy Toni Menconi

In 1980, the U.S. Congress passed financial incentives for states to implement one-week waiting periods, and most states adopted that policy.

The CARES Act allows states to temporarily suspend the week-long wait.

Oregons governor initially did not take that opportunity, saying it would take thousands of hours of programming to make this change.

Apply By Filing Your Initial Claim

To find out if you qualify for unemployment benefits, you need to fill out an application. This is called filing an initial claim. You only file an initial claim once per benefit year. Before you start filling out an application, gather the required documents.

Take the Eligibility Quiz first to make sure you are filling out the right application. Filing out the wrong application will delay your benefits by several weeks.

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How Do I Appeal A Decision

Either you or your employer may request an appeals hearing if you are unhappy with the decision regarding your initial claim for UI benefit. You will receive an official letter outlining the decision related to your unemployment insurance claim at this point, you should follow the instructions outlined in your letter to begin the appeals process.

You have the option to request a hearing by mail, fax, or email, and you may use the hearing request form available on the state of Oregons website. Contact information for form submission is outlined below:

  • Mail: 875 Union St NE, Salem, OR 97311

How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits In Oregon

Unemployment Number For Oregon

You can submit your initial unemployment claim online using the Oregon online claims system. Simply select the Regular UI Initial Claim option.

Make sure you can provide your complete work history for the previous 12 months including employer names, addresses, phone numbers, and all applicable dates of employment.

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Do I Have To Look For A Job To Get Unemployment Benefits

One of the Oregon unemployment requirements for receiving unemployment insurance benefits in Oregon is that you must actively participate in job search activities each week you are unemployed. You are required to complete a minimum of five job-seeking activities that can include a mix of networking, making direct contact with employers, participating in job training workshops or meetings or reviewing job placement websites and newspapers for job leads, among others. At least two of your activities must be making direct contact with employers in one form or another.

To continue to collect benefits, you will be asked to document your job search activities when you file for benefits each week.

To assist job seekers, the state created WorkSource Oregon, a comprehensive job search, skills assessment and job placement service. Local centers offer job listings, referrals, job fairs, resume and job application assistance, free office equipment to assist seekers with their activities, and several other similar services.

Get more information on the WorkSource Oregon website or at a WorkSource center.

How To File Your Weekly Unemployment Claim In Oregon

To file for your weekly unemployment insurance benefits be sure you first filed an initial application for benefits.

If you havent done that please view our tutorial How to File an Initial Unemployment Insurance Claim to help you get started. Benefits are paid based on a weekly basis. The weeks start at 12 a.m. Sunday morning and run through 11:59 p.m. on Saturday.

When you claim a week of benefits, youre claiming for the previous week.

So you can claim anytime after 12 a.m. on Sunday morning through 11:59 p.m. on Saturday for the week the just ended.

Lets walk through an example. If he filed your initial application on the 2nd your claim will be effective starting the week ending on the 7th.

This is done by filing online or by telephone between the 8th and 14th for the month. You wont receive any benefits for the first week you claim, its called the waiting week, to get credit for your waiting week be sure to file an application for benefits and submit a weekly claim. So in this example youre waiting week is the week ending on the 7th.

Your next weekly claim will be for the week ending on the 14th. If youre eligible this will be the first week for which you could receive a benefit payment. You would find your claim for that week between 12 a.m. on the 15th and midnight on the 21rst.

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Where Can I Get Help Finding A Job

The Employment Department offers a broad range of services to assist in your return to work. Resume writing resources, employer job listings, labor market information, and career exploration tools are among the services offered. Staff is available to help you and introduce you to the services that will benefit you in your work search.

Oregon State Officials Apologize For Unemployment Claim Delays Offer Explanations

‘Error in my claim’ frustrates Oregon unemployment filers

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PORTLAND, Ore Oregon Gov. Kate Brown took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to apologize to Oregonians waiting for their unemployment claims to be processed.

She wrote: “I hear your frustration. I’m sorry for the delays. I’m committed to ensuring that eligible Oregonians receive the maximum benefits available, as quickly as possible. These benefits are critical during this stressful time.”

The governor went on to say: “Thank you for your patience as the Oregon Employment Department processes an unprecedented 333,700 applications and prepares to launch benefits for gig workers. They’ve added phone lines and increased from 106 to 520 staffers, with a goal of 800. They’re working hard to be as efficient as they can.”

OED has been overwhelmed with people filing for unemployment insurance benefits and many people tell us the process has not been smooth.

In a statement Monday, Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek said the department had handled over 230,000 initial claims over five weeks. However, a “long queue” of initial claims have not even been processed.

“Under normal circumstances, it takes three weeks to get a payment, but some folks are now looking at four or five weeks for their first payment,” Kotek said. “The system won’t recognize weekly claims until the initial application is processed, and that’s why people are getting confusing computer messages.

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How Do I Report Fraud

Carefully guarding against unemployment insurance fraud and identity theft helps the state of Oregon maintain integrity in the use of citizens tax dollars, along with ensuring that jobless benefits are going to those who need them most.

If you suspect someone of fraudulently collecting UI benefits, please call 1-877-668-3204. You also may submit as much information as you can provide through the Fraud Hotline online form.

The state of Oregon reviews all tips that are submitted, regardless of how much information is provided, but the more detail you can include in your report, the more successful an investigation is likely to be.

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Am I Eligible For Unemployment Benefits In Oregon

The state of Oregon uses two different decision points to determine whether a claimant meets unemployment insurance eligibility requirements. To qualify, at least one of the following must be true for an unemployed worker:

The unemployed worker has received at least $1,000 in documented wages in the base year, and the total base year wages equal at least one and a half times the wages paid in the highest calendar quarter of the base year.

The claimant has worked at least 500 hours during the base year and was paid some subject wages during that employment.

Your base year is a one-year period composed of the first four of the last five completed quarters. This base year is based on the date you file your initial claim, not the date you lose employment. In addition, you must have lost your job through no fault of your own or terminated your employment with good cause.

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Us Federal Cares Act Allowed Creation A Special Adjustment To Unemployment Insurance Program It Extended The Program To The Self

Directions for new PUA Self Employment Claim

Self-employed, contract, and gig workers not eligible for regular unemployment benefits who are filing for the first time should use the instructions and initial application form on the website to complete their first claim. Go to

Self-employed, contract, and gig workers who have already filed initial and weekly claims and have an established PIN should complete the PUA application and certification process at

Filing An Unemployment Claim Oregon

How To Claim Weekly Unemployment Benefits Oregon

Please select a topic below:

You must be unemployed through no fault of your own, and you must have earned sufficient wages in your base period . Also, you must be able and available for full-time work.

You can apply online, or over the phone by contacting 1-877-345-3484.

The amount of benefits you will receive will be 1.25% of your total base year gross earnings. For an estimate, use Oregons Unemployment Insurance Estimator. The minimum weekly benefit amount available is currently $118 a week. The maximum potential weekly benefit is currently $507 a week.

The length of time that you will receive benefits is also based on how much you made during the base period, but not more than 26 weeks.

You must continue to file weekly online or by telephone. Also, you must continue to be able and available for full-time work. You must actively seek employment, while keeping a record of your work search activities using the Employment Search Record. You must make two direct employer contacts and do three additional work seeking activities each week. Finally, you must accept suitable work.

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A Guide To Oregon Unemployment Benefits

The State of Oregon Unemployment Insurance benefits are for citizens who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and need to replace part of their income.

The program is paid for by employers in Oregon who pay taxes into a fund that supports OR unemployment insurance benefits for workers. No unemployment insurance taxes are withheld from employee paychecks.

In addition to providing monetary benefits, the State of Oregon also assists job seekers with WorkSource Oregon, a comprehensive job search and job training program.

Newly unemployed?

Several online serviceslike FlexJobs, 360training, or MyPerfectResumecan help you find work-from-home jobs, build a better resume, or earn training certifications.

About Filing Your Weekly Ui Claim

After you have established your unemployment claim, you must certify that you are fully or partially unemployed each week to receive an unemployment payment. This is done by filing weekly claims over the internet, telephone, or thought the mail.

Important: If you are filing your claim by phone DO NOT hang up prior to the system telling you good-bye your claim will not be processed!!

Your eligibility to receive unemployment compensation is determined every week you file a claim for benefits.

Am I eligible for Benefits?

To determine your eligibility, we ask eight questions:

1). During the week ending ______ were you able to work and available for work?

2). Did you refuse an offer of work or referral to a job?

3). Did you quit a job during the week ending ______?

4). Were you fired from a job during the week ending ______ ?

5). Did you receive a back pay award or settlement?

6). Did you receive Workers Compensation, vacation pay, or wages in lieu of notice?

7). Did you look for work as directed during the week ending ______ ?

8). Did you perform any work or earn any wages?

Depending on how you answer these questions, other questions may also be asked. Please answer these questions accurately. A misstatement of fact made in connection with filing a claim for unemployment benefits will result in liability to repay the benefits received to the Department.

Penalty Weeks

Timeframes for Filing Your Weekly Claim

What to Do if You Make a Mistake:

Ways to File My Weekly Claim

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Oregon Unemployment Claim Line

  • If you quit your job without “good cause”.
  • If you are fired due to misconduct.
  • If you refuse to work without “good cause” to.
  • If you file a claim while already being employed.
  • If you are not working because of a strike or type of industry/labor dispute. Exceptions can be made during a “lockout”.
  • In some cases, if you suffer from a loss of work due to a strike even though you are not involved with the strike, you cannot collect Oregon state benefits.

Extended Oregon BenefitsRegarding Filing Mistakes: Any mistake made during the Oregon claim process can be corrected by simply press the “back” button on your browser to correct your answer.

Initial Claims In Oregon

COVID-19 Filing Oregon Weekly Unemployment Claims During COVID-19 – User Tutorial


Data in this graph are copyrighted. Please review the copyright information in the series notes before sharing.

Units: Number, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Frequency: Weekly, Ending Saturday


An initial claim is a claim filed by an unemployed individual after a separation from an employer. The claim requests a determination of basic eligibility for the Unemployment Insurance program.

Suggested Citation:

U.S. Employment and Training Administration, Initial Claims in Oregon , retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, December 25, 2022.

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Before You Apply: Gather Your Documents And Information

For regular unemployment insurance benefits, you will need:

  • Your name, Social Security number, birthdate and contact information.
  • Your complete work history for the past 18 months including:
  • start and end dates of employment for each employer
  • Your bank account and routing number, if you want to sign up for direct deposit.
  • When Will My Oregon Unemployment Claim Be Processed

    The Oregon Employment Department provides applicants with an unemployment insurance benefits estimator to help them get a better idea of what level of benefits they may be entitled to receive. You will need to know what your base year is and what the wages are that you received for each quarter. You can use pay stubs and W2 forms to help you determine the appropriate amount. The calculator is for estimating purposes only and the actual benefit you receive may be different than the amount shown.

    To qualify for benefits, you must have earned at least $1,000 in wages from employers who paid unemployment insurance benefit taxes. In addition, your total base year wages must equal or exceed 1.5 times the wages paid in the highest calendar quarter of your base year.

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    Oregon Employment Department Unemployment Insurance Information Update

    New Toll Free Number Simplifies Access to Unemployment InformationThe Oregon Employment Department has enabled a new, easy to remember, toll free number for Oregonians needing access to information about unemployment insurance. The number, 1-877-FILE-4-UI , can be used by anyone needing to file a claim, or wanting information about their claim, no matter where they are located in Oregon.

    The new phone number is a part of an upgrade to the departments telephone system that will provide several advantages including:

    Reducing the amount of phone numbers the public needs to call Technology to re-route toll free calls in emergency situations Increased reporting options on call volumes Savings in toll free costs to the department

    In addition, the new system will allow for greater flexibility in monitoring in-coming calls, which should result in fewer busy signals for the public during periods of high call volume.

    For Oregonians needing to file a claim for unemployment benefits, the fastest, most efficient method is online at However, if Internet is not available, individuals can file by telephone using the new toll-free number.

    Individuals who live in the Portland, Bend, or Eugene areas, should continue to use the local phone numbers to their respective Unemployment Insurance Centers.

    Portland area: 503-451-2400

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    Additional Points To Keep In Mind:

    State of Oregon: Claimant Handbook
    • If you want to file a claim, do so as soon as you become unemployed. After you file your claim, there is a one-week waiting period before you can be approved for benefits. The waiting week does not begin until after your claim is filed. You will not be paid for the waiting week.
    • Your employer does not decide whether you will collect benefits or not. Do not allow your employer to tell you that you cannot file a claim. Also, do not rely on your employer to tell you how or when to file a claim.
    • If you are working part-time and you earn less than your weekly benefit amount, you may still be eligible to receive some benefits. When you file your weekly claim, it is important that you report all of your gross earnings, even if they are less than your weekly benefit amount.
    • The following actions are considered fraud and may result in serious penalties: knowingly providing false information, or withholding information in order to receive benefits you are not eligible for failing to report all earnings and failure to report a job separation.
    • If you believe you are entitled to benefits and are denied them, you may wish to contact an attorney.

    Legal editor: Angela Ferrer, October 2019

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