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How To Pay Back Unemployment

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Do You Have To Pay Back Unemployment Benefits

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Unemployment benefits help you pay your bills when youre out of work. But when youve landed a new job again and once more have a paycheck, you may wonder if youll need to pay back those unemployment benefits. The good news is, you dont have to pay back your benefits unless the unemployment commission determines that you committed fraud, or that they paid you in error.

Is My State Processing Unemployment Back Payments

The answer is yes. All state UI agencies and departments are processing claims and will backdate your claim to when you first became unemployed, as reported by you when you enter your last day of work. You will need to generally contact them to update your unemployment date if incorrect so that they can correctly pay retroactive benefits. However states like Florida, North Dakota, Arizona and Ohio are still well behind making these retroactive payments due to IT system issues around certifying eligibility for past weeks and taking initial claims for new worker groups eligible for unemployment and the extra $600 under PUA provisions.


What Does It Mean To Be At Fault For An Overpayment

A claimant may be at fault for an overpayment if they provide information that they knew, or reasonably should have known, to be inaccurate or incomplete on an initial or weekly claim. A finding that the claimant was at fault does not necessarily mean that the claimant committed fraud or concealment. A claimant who is found to be at fault is required to repay overpaid benefits and is not eligible for an overpayment waiver.

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Illinois Overpaid Millions In Unemployment Benefits During The Pandemic Now Theres A Way For People To Keep The Money

  • Robert ChannickChicago Tribune

CHICAGO If youre one of the 76,000 Illinois residents who received $123 million in excess regular unemployment benefits since the pandemic hit, you may be able to keep the money as long as you havent already repaid it.

Signed into law Friday by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, new legislation allows people who were overpaid unemployment benefits through no fault of their own during the pandemic to apply for a permanent waiver that would prevent the state from recovering the extra funds.

The states largesse is part of a broader measure to address the rampant flaws, fraud and backlogs at the Illinois Department of Employment Security, which has struggled to handle an unprecedented influx of unemployment claims during the pandemic.

The unemployment insurance system was completely overwhelmed, said Sen. Linda Holmes, D-Aurora, one of the bills sponsors. It was a disaster getting millions of unemployment claims in the span of about a month and a half.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, it prompted a statewide stay-at-home order for everything but essential businesses, and waves of furloughs and layoffs. Last year, the state paid out nearly $19.7 billion in unemployment benefits to about 1.5 million recipients, both annual records for Illinois, according to IDES spokeswoman Rebecca Cisco.

The agency is planning to implement a phased reopening of its American Job Centers beginning in late summer, Cisco said.

How To File For Unemployment Benefits Back Payments

How To Claim Weekly Unemployment Benefits In Virginia ...

Many of the recent comments in this article reflect the challenges with actually being able to claim unemployment back payments for eligible weeks. In particular getting through a live agent or getting a response from your local state agency has been a challenge which has often meant stress and panic around the status of your unemployment check, and if you will even be getting paid one for current or past weeks.

While it varies by state, the following are the key ways to file and get your retroactive unemployment payments:

  • To claim past weeks or correct dates you will generally have to contact your state UI agency and get them to retroactively certify you for past week. Getting an agent is a challenge, so may agencies are offering secure message as a way to lodge your claim. New York is doing this extensively and people have reported this is more effective than trying to get through to someone.
  • States like Florida have actually setup dedicated phone lines and options to modify the date of unemployment claims or to certify for past weeks. In California, there is a dedicated site to certify for past weeks to confirm your eligibility .
  • Some states like PA are trying to do more of this online through their unemployment portals/dashboards, and actually are recommending claimants experiencing any errors or issues email their state agency. But response times are still expected to be several days.

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Ui Repayment Is Rare Focus On Your Job Search

To summarize, you only pay back your unemployment benefits in cases of overpayment.

Additionally, the federal and state governments rely mostly on employers to fund UI benefits. The only time you’re required to help fund them is if you live in a state that requires employers to deduct a small portion of the UI tax from your paycheck. Even then, the amount you pay will be small, and you will only pay if you’re employed.

Even in times of dramatic economic downturn that result in enhanced UI benefits, like the coronavirus pandemic, you typically do not repay the unemployment benefits you receive.

The only time you must repay benefits is if your weekly benefit amount was higher than what you were eligible to receive. At that point, the state unemployment department will ask you to repay the overpaid UI benefits or deduct them from ongoing unemployment payments.

Getting a new job doesnt usually mean you need to repay your weekly benefit amount. With that in mind, you can worry less and focus your energy on finding that new job.

How I Sent The Money Back For New York

In New York, I wasnt penalized for the error. Those who are overpaid will receive a written notice in the mail, which gives instructions on how to send a check or money order to pay the total amount due, Cohen says.

They didn’t have an option to withdraw the money from my bank account like Hiltz in Michigan.

You can mail a payment for all, or a portion, of the amounts that was overpaid.

For those in other states, dont spend the money and hold onto the extra payment, experts advise. Contact your state unemployment office and wait for them to notify you by mail on how to pay the money back, they said.

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Will I Get My Retroactive Or Back Payments If My States End Benefits Early

With many states ending their participation in the federally funded unemployment programs several weeks earlier than the September 6th end date, a lot of claimants who have had delays or issues with their claims getting paid were naturally worried if they would get back payments. The answer is Yes. Because the funds are allocated at a federal level, the state unemployment agencies are obligated to pay any eligible new or existing claim payments prior to the end date of the states participation in the program.

States had to provide 30 days notice to the US DOL prior to ending the PUA, PEUC, $300 FPUC programs. This also requires them to ensure retroactive payments are made on claims prior to this notice period. After the states termination date no new or active claim payments will be made. Not surprisingly many states are still struggling with large backlogs and fraudulent claims, so it is expected it could take several weeks for some states to make back payments for eligible weeks.

Icymi: Michiganders May Have To Pay Back Pandemic Benefits How Dan Gilbert Avoids Paying Taxes And The Best Of The Rest Of The News

Some required to pay unemployment benefits back
  • Erik Drost, Flickr Creative Commons
  • Dan Gilbert.

Some of the 648,000 Michigan residents who collected Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits during the pandemic might have to pay them back, according to letters mailed out by the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency last month or a whopping 19% of the 3.35 million claimants who received the funds since March 15, 2020. Apparently the SNAFU happened when, early in the pandemic, Michigan added its own guidelines for claimants, which were ultimately rejected by the U.S. Department of Labor. “The Unemployment Insurance Agency is a mess,” Rep. Steve Johnson, a Republican, told The Detroit News. “If the state made the mistake, the people shouldnt have to pay for it. The state should have to pay for it. Indeed, the state is looking into waiving the clawback on a case-by-case basis. Its not all bad news for Michigans unemployed, too: The Dept. of Labor also added three criteria that might make some residents who were previously denied aid now eligible. Michigan has paid about $36.7 billion in unemployment benefits to about 3.35 million people since the pandemic began, which includes $300 in federal aid biweekly and between $160 and $362 in biweekly state aid through September.

Dan GilbertProPublica

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How An Overpayment Of Unemployment Insurance Benefits Happens

If you receive unemployment insurance benefits that you arenât entitled to, a notice of overpayment will be sent to you. The notice will request that you return the amount of the overpayment. There can be several reasons why you received these unearned benefits. You may have mistakenly given incorrect information to the state unemployment office.

If you get a job and donât notify the unemployment office that youâre working, you may receive an overpayment as well. While you often can work part-time and still receive UI benefits, your weekly benefit amount will usually be decreased based on those earnings. Even if you do report any hours worked, there could be a clerical error that results in an overpayment, so itâs good to check your weekly deposits.

How Repayment Works

If you were overpaid in benefits, the unemployment insurance office will contact you. You will receive a written notice in the mail advising you that you received a benefit overpayment. The notice will give you instructions on how to pay the amount due. Penalties may also be imposed.

Repayment Options

You can pay the overpayment in full or request a repayment plan. A payment plan allows you to pay in installments. If you canât afford to pay back the overpayment, you might be eligible for a waiver. Claimants who have received an overpayment of benefits may request a waiver from repayment if the following are met:

  • The claimant wasnât at fault for the overpayment and

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    How Do I Appeal An Overpayment

    The process to appeal a decision that includes an overpayment, including the determination of fault, is the same as for other types of UI determinations. To appeal, you can file online or write to the department stating that you are appealing a determination. If you are unable to complete an appeal request online, you must mail or fax your appeal to:

    UI Hearing OfficeMadison, WI 53707Fax: 327-6498

    To be timely, your appeal must be received or postmarked by the last appeal date shown on the front of the determination. If you are appealing more than one determination, you must file a separate appeal for each determination.

    More information on appealing UI determinations can be found at: .

    Understanding Unemployment Is Insurance Not Charity

    How To Qualify For Unemployment Back Pay

    The unemployment benefit system is a form or insurance it is not charity. Unemployment insurance is a federal program thats administered by each state. In most states, employers pay UI premiums for each employee on the business payroll. In a few states, employees also chip in for part of the costs. The federal government supplies some money, too. All this money goes into an insurance fund thats used to pay out benefits to workers whove lost their jobs through no fault of their own, according to the Brookings Institution.

    The amount you receive in UI benefits is based on your work history and previous wages, not on financial need. Typically, you can expect to receive in unemployment benefits about 50 percent of what your salary was for your most recent job, Brookings explained. And the benefits are designed to last only a limited time – usually 26 weeks – but less in some states.

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    How Do I Apply For A Waiver

    You apply for a waiver by sending a letter to:

    Unemployment Insurance CommissionAugusta, ME 04333-0057

    The Commission will not accept phone calls requesting a waiver.

    Your letter to the Commission should include all the reasons why you are unable to repay the overpayment. It should also include your name and mailing address. List the date of each decision that you want waived and each overpayment amount you want waived. The Commission will then send you a form to fill out describing your financial situation within 14 days. Your request for a waiver will be denied if you do not return the form. You can also request a hearing, although the Commission is not required to give you one.

    Here are the things the Commission looks at before making a decision:

    • Your health and ability to work
    • Whether you support family members or others
    • Whether you have a job
    • Your family income and expenses
    • Whether you own property, other than a home, car, and basic household goods
    • Debts you and your family owe
    • Medical or other expenses you or family members have
    • Whether you got similar benefits from another source
    • Whether the Commission gave you clear notice that you may have to repay benefits
    • Would making you repay defeat the purpose of the unemployment benefits program?
    • Is waiver of repayment the fair and right thing to do?

    You can also ask for a hearing on your waiver request. But the Commission may not give you a hearing it may just decide your case based on the written information it has.

    What Can Cause An Overpayment Of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    Some of the common causes of overpayments include:

    • A DWD decision reverses a previous award of UI benefits to a claimant.
    • A claimant and/or an employer fail to disclose that the claimant received vacation or severance pay, or other similar pay after a job separation.
    • A claimant fails to accurately report earnings and hours worked while filing for UI benefits.
    • A claimants weekly and/or maximum UI benefit amount changes because the wage information was incorrect when the claim was initially filed.
    • A claimant is disqualified from receiving UI benefits due to being responsible for their job separation.
    • A claimant fails to notify DWD that he or she does not meet the eligibility requirements.

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    Fees For Repay Unemployment Benefit Debt


    Overpayments for which you were determined to be at fault accrue interest. The annual interest rate is 12% of the unpaid principal per year and begins accruing 30 days after the Notice of Determination is issued.


    Overpayments that were determined to be at fault may be assessed a one-time 15% penalty. In some cases, you may also be required to serve penalty weeks for each week you were at fault for being overpaid benefits.

    • Your penalty weeks will begin the next time you file a claim or request weekly benefits and are determined eligible
    • Regardless of the penalty, you should continue to request weekly benefits for each week that you are unemployed in order to successfully serve the penalty weeks
    • During the penalty week period, you will be disqualified from receiving benefit payments
    • You will not receive any future benefits until all penalty weeks are served

    How Do I Get Dua To Stop Collecting The Overpayment While I Ask For A Waiver

    Thousands of Ohio workers forced to pay back unemployment benefits

    The only way to make sure DUA doesn’t collect the overpayment while you are asking for a waiver is to pay attention to all the notices you get. Respond to all the notices within the time frames the notices describe.


    In the notices DUA will call collecting the overpayment “recoupment”.

    You need to file the waiver request within 15 days of your notice of overpayment to stop the DUA from collecting the overpayment. If you file within that 15 days, DUA will not try to recover any of the overpayment unless they deny your waiver and the waiver denial becomes final. Even if they deny your waiver you can “appeal” the denial. There are several appeal processes you can go through to try to get a waiver of overpayment. The whole time you are appealing they cannot collect the overpayment from you. But it is very important to pay attention to the deadlines. See question /#10.

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    If The Government Claims Fraud Will I Have To Pay Back Unemployment Benefits

    If the government insists that an individual obtained benefits through misrepresentation or fraud, it will insist on reimbursement and could proceed with filing felony or misdemeanor criminal charges. A person who is wrongfully accused should not be bullied into reimbursing the government for overpaid benefits. The law prohibits the government from recouping funds if doing so would be contrary to equity and good conscience. An experienced and skillful attorney can help you determine whether reimbursement in your situation is equitable or not.

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