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How To Collect Unemployment In Ny

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Can I Collect Nys Unemployment Insurance Benefits And Workers Compensation

Unemployment & Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) Application Guide New York

Yes you can collect both NYS Unemployment Insurance benefits and Workers Compensation benefits at the same time. Your eligibility for both benefits will generally occur if you are being paid at a partial disability rate from Workers Compensation and are deemed ready, willing, and able to work by the Unemployment office. Alternatively, if your doctors opine you to be totally disabled and you are receiving Workers Compensation benefits at the total rate, you are likely not eligible for Unemployment benefits.

While you can collect both benefits at the same time, you cannot collect more than your Average Weekly Wage from both benefits. For example, if your Average Weekly Wage is set at $500.00 per week, your unemployment benefits will go down if you are collecting more than this from both Workers Compensation and Unemployment. Your Workers Compensation benefits are set first and your Unemployment benefits are adjusted accordingly. Therefore, you must report your Workers Compensation earnings to the Unemployment office.

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Theres Been A Recent Change In The Partial Benefits System

Part-time workers can now base their unemployment claims on the hours they work in a week and not the days, according to a Jan. 18 announcement by Gov. Cuomo.

Prior to that day, weekly benefits were calculated based on the number of days you work. This meant that for each day you worked whether you worked one hour or eight your benefits would be reduced by 25%. It also meant anyone who worked four or more days per week no matter how few hours they were working or how little they were making would not receive any benefits.

Under the new system, you can now work as many days as you can and still receive some employment benefits as long as you:

  • Work fewer than 30 hours
  • Earn no more than $504 in total pay a week

Heres the new method of calculating part-time payments. If you:

  • Work up to four hours in a week and earn no more than $504, you will receive your full unemployment benefit
  • Work between four and 10 hours in a week and earn no more than $504, you will receive 75% of your unemployment benefit
  • Work between 10 and 20 hours in a week and earn no more than $504, you will receive 50% of your unemployment benefit
  • Work between 20 and 30 hours in a week and earn no more than $504, you will receive 25% of your unemployment benefit
  • Work more than 30 hours in a week, regardless of earnings, you are not eligible

We got a lot more questions about part-time workers and partial unemployment benefits. Heres what we found out:

How Many Weeks Of Unemployment Do I Get In New York

The New York State Department of Labor provides Unemployment Insurance to state residents and Untied States citizens out of work or facing reduced employment opportunities through no fault of their own. The state provides these benefits, in the form of weekly payments, for a limited time. The number of weeks an individual receives benefits for depends on the circumstances of each benefits recipient and choices recipients make regarding their benefits.

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How Long Can You Stay On Unemployment In Ny

Under New York law, you can receive benefits for 26 weeks. Under the federal bill, this has been extended to 39 weeks.

Keeping this in consideration, Do you have to work for unemployment during Covid 19 NY?

Most New Yorkers are required to search for work while collecting unemployment or pandemic benefits. Currently, people who are collecting unemployment because they were laid off due to COVID-19 and were told by their employers they would be rehired when the economy improved are not required to search for work.

Secondly What is the maximum unemployment benefit in NY for 2020? In New York, the current maximum weekly benefit rate is $504. The minimum PUA benefit rate is 50% of the average weekly benefit amount in New York. For January 27, 2020 March 31, 2020, the minimum benefit rate is $172. For April 1, 2020 June 30, 2020, the minimum benefit rate is $182.

How much does unemployment pay in NY?

Currently, all New Yorkers who claim unemployment benefits from state or federal programs can receive an additional $300 per week. So a New Yorker receiving full benefits would receive $804 weekly in compensation.

How Much Will You Be Paid By Unemployment Each Week When Will Your New York Unemployment Claim Be Processed And Paid

New York Gig Worker Unemployment Insurance Filing help ...

To calculate the amount of the benefit you are entitled to, the state of New York unemployment process uses one of two possible base periods. Base periods are divided into calendar quarters and the quarter you were paid the highest amount of wages determines the amount of your New York unemployment weekly claims. While you can determine ahead of time how much New York unemployment compensation you receive, you will be formally notified before your benefits begin.

New Yorks Basic Base Period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters prior to the beginning date of the UI claim. If you have earned enough wages in your Basic Base Period, those wages will be used to calculate your benefit amount.

If you do not have enough wages in the Basic Base Period to establish a claim, you may be able to use an Alternate Base Period. It is the last four completed calendar quarters prior to the beginning of the claim.

If you have enough wages in the Basic Base Period, the state will not automatically check to see if your benefit amount would be higher in the Alternate Base Period. If you think your New York unemployment amount would be higher, you can request that the state use your Alternate Base Period instead.

To qualify for NY unemployment benefits, you must meet the following earnings requirements during one of your base periods:

Benefits are paid for up to 26 weeks and will range from $104 to $504 for 2020.

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To Speak With Telephone Claims Center Staff

If you are a hearing impaired individual who is being assisted by another person, call the Telephone Claims Center at 783-1370 however, if you use TTY/TDD, call a relay operator first at 662-1220, and ask the operator to call the Telephone Claims Center at 783-1370.

In person:

You can visit a New York unemployment office at one of many locations.

If the Frequently Asked Questions section doesnt answer your question, you can send a secure message. Sign in with your NY.GOV ID and then click on Messages.

New York State Department of Labor, P.O. Box 15130, Albany, NY 12212-5130

Send faxes to 457-9378. Write your Social Security number at the top right-hand corner on all pages and save your fax confirmation.

How Do I Get Paid Edd

Receive Your Benefit Payments

It takes at least three weeks to process a claim for unemployment benefits and issue payment to most eligible workers. When your first benefit payment is available, you will receive a debit card in the mail. Once you activate the card you can track, use, and transfer your benefit payments.

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New York Unemployment Tips

Alert: In New York, where the State has neither agreed nor outright rejected the possibility of extending benefits, our Union has raised this issue with the Governor and the State Legislature. While theyve promised to look into it, as of right now, these benefits are ending. As part of our efforts, we need to show elected officials how the upcoming loss of benefits will impact thousands of hardworking New Yorkers. Take action and sign our petition to extend unemployment here.

1 Q: Where do I apply for unemployment?A: In general, you should apply for unemployment in the same state in which you work. So even if you live in New Jersey, if you work in New York, you should apply in New York.

How to Apply:

You can apply for unemployment either online or by phone. Please note the Department of Labor is encouraging everyone who can, to apply online.

  • Applying Online:

    • If you have not already attempted to file, go to the New York State Unemployment login page.
    • If you have successfully filed a claim, continue to go to to make weekly certifications or to view your claim information.
  • Applying by Phone:
    • If you have to call the telephone claims center regarding your claim, call from Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

4 Q: What information do I need to have when I apply for unemployment?A: Make sure you have the following information when you apply :

How many days were you owed vacation pay, or did you receive vacation pay?

Will The Holidays Delay My Claim

Coronavirus Update: New Yorkers Struggling To File Unemployment Claims

It’s Easter weekend, but with so many outstanding claims, the state is working through the holiday.

All representatives will be working their standard hours through the holiday, Cohen said.

“Our representatives will be working their standard hours throughout the weekend. The holiday will not impact that,” she said.

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How Long Can You Stay On Unemployment Benefits

In the state of New York, unemployment benefits are available for up to 26 weeks. However, if you´re still unemployed at the end of this time period, you may be able to apply for Emergency Unemployment Compensation . During periods of economic recession or high unemployment, additional assistance through EUC or state extended benefits may be available.

Follow Along With Your Work Search Plan For Best Results

Every person that qualifies for unemployment benefits will be provided with a Work Search Plan. This special plan details what you will do to find a new job in the most efficient way possible. This plan is key to helping you get a new job, and its also a key to helping you remain compliant with the program and keep getting your benefits.

The plan outlines the type of work youre going to look for, how many applications and other work search activities youll complete each week, and what your goals are throughout your time looking for jobs.

You should get very familiar with this plan and also talk with your representative about any changes you would like to make to your plan or other strategies you plan to use to find work other than what is laid out in the plan itself.

Ignoring your Work Search plan will make it more difficult for you to meet the requirements of your unemployment program and keep the benefits coming in. Not only that but ignoring the plan could make it more difficult for you to find a high-quality job and get you earning money once again.

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How To Collect Unemployment

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Losing a job might stress your finances, but the government provides unemployment benefits to cushion the blow. You can apply for unemployment by contacting your states unemployment office and providing requested information. If approved, you will need to request benefits every week that you are unemployed. As of 2017, unemployment benefits in most states last for a maximum of 26 weeks.XResearch source

What Happens When Claim Balance Runs Out

NYS Unemployment Login

If you run out of benefits within the benefit year, we will automatically file your PEUC extension on your regular unemployment claim. We will file the additional weeks of the PEUC extension after you use all FED-ED benefits.28 juil. 2021

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To Claim Weekly New York Unemployment Benefits


Its best to claim weekly benefits or obtain benefit payment information online with your NY.GOV ID. Go to

Hearing impaired claimants who have TTY/TDD equipment can call 662-1220.

You may claim your weekly benefits Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until midnight and from 12:01 a.m. on Saturday until midnight on Sunday.

Have a question about unemployment debit cards? Call KeyBank Customer Service at 295-2955.

If you have a Chase Direct Payment Card that has a balance and you have a question about that account, call Chase Customer Services at 221-1634.

To Request A Hearing Before An Administrative Law Judge

New York State Department of Labor, P.O. Box 15131, Albany, NY 12212-5131.

Your written request must be received within 30 days of the determination. Be sure your Social Security number appears at the top right-hand corner on all pages.

The State of New York maintains a Claimant Advocate Office to assist people in all stages of their claims process. For more information, call 528-5618, MF, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

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Am I Eligible For The Extended Federal Benefits

The general rule is that anyone who lost their job or was furloughed for reasons related to the pandemic is now able to collect weekly unemployment benefits under the CARES Act. So, if you currently qualify for unemployment benefits, you are automatically eligible for the extended benefits under the stimulus package.

What Happens When Peuc Runs Out

NY state is extending unemployment benefits

When you run out of weeks on a PEUC extension, you might be eligible for another 20 week extension under the Federal- State Extended Duration 5 program. Did you run out of PEUC weeks? Certify every two weeks to receive benefit payments.

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How The Unemployment System Works In New York

The New York State unemployment rate is slightly higher than the national average, which means its important for NY citizens to understand how to use NY unemployment insurance that their employers are paying toward every single month.

Each full-time employee in the state is entitled to unemployment benefits in NY. These benefits give the employees access to paid benefits every week for around up to 6 months after losing their job.

New applicants working with the Department of Labor in Brooklyn NY or other areas of the state have questions like How long does it take for unemployment to kick in? and How do I know if my unemployment claim was approved? These questions are simple to answer and most applicants will hear back from their local office quickly after applying.

The first step to claiming unemployment benefits is learning how to apply for unemployment in NY. Its simple and fast for anyone with a phone or internet access. Simply dial the NYS unemployment phone number to talk to a person and submit an application that way. Applicants can also visit and fill out an online application to apply that way.

Applying for unemployment takes an hour or less for most people and is a quick and easy process that can bring benefits and state help rapidly. Down below we look more closely at the requirements of the system and the application process itself.

What You Need To Know

  • Update 12/29/20: The federal government has extended the federal unemployment benefit programs available through the CARES Act for an additional 11 weeks. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation will be available through March 14, 2021, with qualified claimants benefits fully phasing out by April 5, 2021. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefits will resume with $300 weekly payments until March 14, 2021.

  • To receive these extended federal benefits, continue to certify weekly while unemployed. To allow your fellow New Yorkers to reach NYS DOL representatives about regular matters, please do not call to inquire about the federal program extensions at this time. As we receive additional guidance on the federal programs from US DOL, we will provide updates on our website, social media platforms, and directly via emails and texts.

  • Waiting weeks for unemployment benefits have been waived during this crisis. If youve seen the term waiting week on your payment history, it is a relic of our existing system and does NOT impact your benefits.
  • To collect regular unemployment insurance benefits, you must be ready, willing, and able to work. We understand that many of you are unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of NYS on PAUSE. If you would otherwise be able to work, you should answer ‘YES’ in order to receive your benefits.

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When Do My Benefits End

If youre eligible to receive unemployment benefits in New York, you can typically get them for up to 26 weeks during a one-year period, though its possible benefits may be extended because of crisis economic conditions.

That said, you can lose your benefits if you stop meeting all of the eligibility requirements. To continue receiving benefits, youll need to certify your benefits by requesting payment through the state website or phone system every week. Youre basically confirming for the state that you were still unemployed during the past week.

Youll also need to meet the states requirements for job-hunting and document your efforts if the department of labor asks for confirmation.

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