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Applying For Unemployment In Ct

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How Much Will I Be Paid

Unemployment Benefits Connecticut ($900/Week or $18,000) How To Apply

After you submit a new claim, it will be reviewed, and a Monetary Determination Letter will be mailed to you. This will state the benefit amount you may qualify for, as well as showing you how that amount was calculated. Your amount is heavily dependent on how much wages you earned during your base period.

The 52 weeks after your claim becomes effective is your Benefit Year. This is the period that you can collect your maximum benefits, which is 26 weeks out of the Benefit Year.

The 12-month period from which wages are used to calculate how much your benefits will be is called your Base Period. The Base Period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters. An Alternate Base Period may be used only if you do not qualify for benefits during your regular Base Period.

The amount of benefits you will receive each week will be calculated based on 1/26 of the average total wages paid during the two highest quarters in your Base Period. If you have less than $600 in your total Base Period earnings, then the Alternate Base Period may be calculated.

Here is an example:

Highest quarter of earnings: $4,000

Second highest quarter of earnings: $3,800

Total wages divided by two: $3,900

Average total wages in two high quarters: $3,900

Divided by 26: $150.

Your weekly benefit amount would be $150.

Which Demographic Groups Are Impacted The Most

We looked at UI applicants age, race, and education to understand which subgroups got impacted the most. We divided the number of claims in each subgroup by the respective labor force size to calculate what percentage of that demographics got impacted. Conclusion: the young, the ones with fewer years of education, and workers of color were more likely to apply for UI benefits.

We used 2018 ACS 1-year data for Connecticut to estimate % of labor force that got impacted.

Will California Extend Unemployment Benefits

  • The Federal-State Extended Duration benefits program , which offers an extension known as the Federal-State Extended Duration benefits program , is now available to residents of California.
  • This extension normally provides 13 additional weeks of benefits during times of high or prolonged unemployment.
  • However, the state of California has thrown an additional seven weeks on top of that.

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How To File An Appeal For Unemployment In Connecticut

You will be informed in writing if your initial application for unemployment benefits is rejected. The choice will be fully explained in the letter. You can appeal the judgment if you disagree with it.

You have 21 days from the judgment letters postmark date to file an appeal request in writing. Also, you can appeal using any of the following processes:

  • Send your appeal by mail or fax to any American Job Center with complete services.
  • Send in your online appeal request.
  • Visit any American Job Center with a complete range of services to make your appeal in person.

Learn How To Apply For An Unemployment Extension In Connecticut

Ct Dept Of Labor Unemployment
Find Out How to Apply for Connecticut Unemployment Extensions

You may find yourself wondering how to get an unemployment extension in Connecticut when your benefit period runs out. Average weekly benefit periods typically last 26 weeks. However, in some cases, you may need additional support after those 26 weeks have come to an end. You may need to apply for a federal unemployment extension in the event you still require compensation aid. An unemployment benefits extension can help you in situations where you have actively been seeking employment but still have not been able to find a new job. They also help when an injury or illness has occurred which temporarily prevents you from being able to return to work.

For more information about Connecticut unemployment compensation extensions, including the necessary steps to apply for an extension, read the details in the sections below:

  • How can I extend unemployment in Connecticut?
  • Unemployment extension programs in Connecticut

Find Connecticut Unemployment Resources

Find Out How to Appeal Denied Benefits

What is wrongful termination?

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What Information Do I Need To File A Claim

Before you file a claim, you will need to have several pieces of information in hand to support it:

  • Social Security number
  • The reason why you lost your last job
  • Alien registration number if you are not a US citizen
  • A DD Form 214 if you were on active military for any part of the past 18 months
  • A Standard Form 8 and Standard Form 50 if you worked for the federal government at any time in the past 18 months
  • All employment information for the past 18 months, including contact information and dates worked
  • Additional wages you have received from vacation, severance, or other sources
  • Other states where you have worked in the past 18 months
  • If you choose to have your payments made by direct deposit, you will also need to supply appropriate information for that option .

What If I Quit My Job Because I Am Generally Concerned Over The Covid

An individual who leaves work voluntarily generally cannot receive UI. Your eligibility in this situation will depend on whether you can demonstrate you had a good reason for quitting, and that the reason was because of your employer. You generally must make a reasonable effort to work with your employer to resolve whatever issues made you consider quitting.

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Unemployment Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Unemployment Insurance?Unemployment Insurance is temporary income for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are either looking for new jobs, in approved training, or awaiting recall or text to employment. The funding for unemployment insurance benefits comes from taxes paid by employers. Workers do not pay any of the costs. To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must have earned sufficient wages during a specified time . To collect benefits, you must meet certain legal eligibility requirements. 2. What are the basic eligibility requirements to apply for unemployment?

  • Be fully or partially unemployed
  • Be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • Be physicall or texty and mentally able to work full time*
  • Be available for full-time work*
  • Be registered with the American Job Center
  • Be actively seeking work by making reasonable efforts to find employment each week
  • Participate in selected reemployment services if you are identified as a dislocated worker by the profiling system
  • File your weekly claims as directed.

*Individuals who cannot work because of a physical or mental impairment that is chronic or expected to be long-term or permanent may qualify for benefits if they are available for suitable part-time work.

3. How do I file a new or reopened unemployment claim?A claim should be filed as soon as possible after you are separated from employment.

Unemployment Benefits In Connecticut

System aims to simplify unemployment filing in CT

The Connecticut Department of Labor administers unemployment insurance benefits for workers in the state who are either partially or fully unemployed and who are either looking for new jobs, in training, or waiting to be recalled back to their jobs. The states CT Direct Benefits is the system that is used to administer and process benefit requests.

Funding for benefits is paid completely by taxes on employers in Connecticut. Workers do not pay any of the costs. To qualify for benefits, workers must meet all eligibility requirements.

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How To Apply Apply For Unemployment Benefits


To file a claim online, you must create an account on the UI Online portal. Please follow the steps below to create your UI Online account. For additional tutorials, please

  • When prompted, you will be asked to enter your Social Security number twice.
  • Proceed with the application by following the computer prompts.
  • You will eventually be prompted to set up a password as well as a security verification question in case you forget your password. You will use the password you created every time you log in to UI Online.
  • If you have previously filed for unemployment benefits and forgot your password:

    Do You Qualify For Unemployment

    You can collect unemployment benefits if you have been laidoff and you are eligible to continue working. Usually, you would only beeligible if you are actively looking for work. However, that requirement hasbeen waived during the coronavirus outbreak.

    If you have been furloughed, you can collect unemployment. Even those who were self-employed or were an independent contractor are recommended to apply for benefits if they lost a job during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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    Do I Qualify For Unemployment Benefits

    Oct. 1, 2013 Unemployment Benefits &  Federal Shutdown

    To qualify for unemployment benefits in Connecticut, you need to meet these requirements:

    • Be either fully or partially unemployed
    • Be unemployed through no fault of your own
    • Be available to work, and willing to work
    • Be registered with the American Job Center
    • Be engaged in a job search
    • Have enough earnings from your base period. If you’re applying for benefits in March 2020, your base period is October 2018 through September 2019, and you’ll need to have earned $6,080 or more during that time to qualify.

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    You Must Be Actively Looking For A Job

    You should be competent to work, available to take a job, and actively seeking employment to retain your unemployment benefits qualification.

    Also, you must accept a job offer if it is appropriate. The level of training and skill required, the similarity of the job to your prior employment, the pay rate, whether the job poses a risk to ones health and safety, and the proximity between the job site and ones home all play a part in determining whether a role is suitable for the original unemployment period.

    However, as time passes, you will be asked to reduce your expectations and take into account taking employment that is less skilled or compensates less.

    You must make a rational effort to get employment. Keep track of your job-hunting activities, including the companies youve contacted, the occasions you did so, and the results.

    To confirm your efforts, the DOL could contact you or someone from your workplace.

    How To Qualify For Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

    Individual decisions are made on an individual basis. If the following requirements are satisfied, a Connecticut citizen may be deemed eligible for unemployment benefits:

    • You earned enough money throughout the review period, as defined by Connecticut law.
    • You have been laid off due to no fault of your own. You are physically and psychologically capable of working.
    • As defined by Connecticut law, you are available for work.
    • Youve applied for a job with the American Job Center.
    • Youre actively looking for a new job.

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    How To Apply For Ui Benefits In Connecticut

    The following documents are required to apply for benefits in the state of Connecticut:

    The state of Connecticut has the Unemployment Insurance CT Direct Benefits online system to help you with filing new and continuing claims. There is also a Telebenefits line to help you file weekly claims and clear your doubts regarding UI.

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    How Do I Apply For Unemployment Benefits

    Video: CT labor department reports 430,000 unemployment claims, launches new system for

    You can apply for unemployment benefits online via the Connecticut Department of Labor.

    You’ll need to provide information that includes:

    • Your Social Security number
    • Your separation packet provided by your employer, if one was provided
    • Form DD-214 if you’re separating from the military
    • Form SF-8 if you’re a former federal employee

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    Unemployment Insurance Relief During Covid


    The CARES Act gives states the option of extending unemployment compensation to independent contractors and other workers who are ordinarily ineligible for unemployment benefits. Please contact your states unemployment insurance office at the website or phone number provided below to learn more about the availability of these benefits where you live.

    How Do You Apply For Connecticut Unemployment Benefits

    You can file an initial claim or reopen an existing claim online through the CT Direct Benefits portal. Follow the on-screen prompts to create an account, or use your credentials to log in if you already have one. It’s essential to file for Connecticut unemployment benefits as soon as you lose your job because you can’t claim payments retroactively.

    After the department approves your application, you’ll need to file a weekly claim to request your payment. You can submit weekly claims online through your CT Direct Benefits account or by calling your local Telebenefits line.

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    How To Apply For Unemployment In Connecticut

    by Maurie Backman |Updated July 17, 2021 – First published on March 26, 2020

    Image source: Getty Images

    Lost your job during the COVID-19 crisis? This is what you need to know before you claim unemployment in Connecticut.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has already impacted millions of Americans’ paychecks. If you’ve lost your job or have seen your hours cut, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. If you live in Connecticut, this is what you need to know.

    How Long Can You Receive Unemployment

    Connecticut Unemployment Benefits: Filing, Eligibility Requirements ...

    Unemployment insurance benefits can be allocated for up to26 weeks. That is the current rule set by the federal government.

    If your employer is still paying you even though you are notworking, you cannot collect unemployment.

    Anyone who is eligible should go to the Connecticut Department of Labor website. On the website, there are specific responses each applicant needs to enter based on their specific employment situation.

    When you are ready to file, you will also need your socialsecurity number and the social security numbers and birth dates for any of yourdependents.

    If you received a separation packet from your employer, youwill need that to file as well.

    if you are deemed eligible for unemployment, it isrecommended that you select the direct deposit option to expedite yourpayments.

    The state Department of Labor is asking applicants to be patient, as eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. With so many people filing at once, there may be backlog that could delay the processing of your claim.

    If you are trying to file for unemployment and you have run into trouble or have a COVID-19 consumer-related problem, contact NBC Connecticut Responds at 844-303-RESP or submit your story by clicking here.

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    Amount And Duration Of Unemployment Benefits In Connecticut

    The DOL determines your weekly benefit amount by averaging your wages from the two highest quarters in your base period and dividing that number by 26, up to a maximum of $698 . For example, if you earned an average of $17,000 in the two highest quarters, your weekly benefit amount would be $594 . Benefits are typically available for up to 26 weeks, although this may increase in times of high unemployment.

    California Unemployment: Edd Reveals New Data Dashboard Information On Extension Of Benefits

    EDD reveals new data dashboard, info on benefit extensions

    RELATED: EDD website down: California residents unable to access unemployment siteRELATED: California Unemployment: EDD phone lines still jammed as department hires more call center staffRELATED: EDD misclassifies Bay Area woman struggling to get benefits for 15 monthsTake a look at more stories and videos by Michael Finney and 7 On Your Side.Have a question for Michael and the 7 On Your Side team? Fill out the form HERE!7OYSs consumer hotline is a free consumer mediation service for those in the San Francisco Bay Area. We assist individuals with consumer-related issues we cannot assist on cases between businesses, or cases involving family law, criminal matters, landlord/tenant disputes, labor issues, or medical issues. Please review our FAQ here. As a part of our process in assisting you, it is necessary that we contact the company / agency you are writing about. If you do not wish us to contact them, please let us know right away, as it will affect our ability to work on your case. Due to the high volume of emails we receive, please allow 3-5 business days for a response.

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    How Much Will I Get

    Since October 6, 2019, the maximum weekly benefit rate in Connecticut is set at $649. Your actual entitlement will vary according to what you earned during your base period. To calculate your likely entitlement, add your income over your 2 highest earning quarters in the base period. Divide by 26, then round down to the nearest dollar to give your weekly benefits total. If you have dependents, youll be entitled to claim an additional $15 per dependent, up to a maximum of $75 per week. In addition to your state benefits, youll also be eligible to receive a supplementary flat payment of $600 per week under the CARES act, effective until the end of July.

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